TNT DINAR CC (Notes by Adept1)

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Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, October 21, 2015.  We are here again, where we should not be.  I really didn’t expect or want to be here now, but here I am.  This is One-Question Wednesday according to Pam, and she always gets her way, so make it a good question.

We didn’t expect to be here, had the option not to be here, but because we are here, we need to pay the bills. They are red, and Pam reminded me.  We always hope that this is the last one, and I was surely hoping this time…

When are we going to the bank??  Let’s get this money. Everyone was ready to go yesterday, and we were told were eligible to go on Monday at 3 o’clock. After 3 o’clock, everyone was ready to go.  We are waiting for actions, not words, and look for certain actions in the government offices, here and in Iraq as well as other countries.  Canada was telling their people that “this the time” and Puerto Rico was doing “that”, that notices were being given in the mosques in Iraq, and from different banks here as well.  We look at all that and it points us to the true time.  Some of the people giving us information are getting concerned that we don’t listen to their intel.  If we are getting something from one direction, and we get 7-8 similar pieces from different countries and sources, then I have to pay attention to all those sources (which agree with each other).  If eight people say the sky is blue and two say it’s pink, you are going to believe the eight!   Nine times out of ten, those eight people are going to be correct.  We do know that some sources are giving us bad information, and we know who they are and when they are going to give it to us.

I got a text this morning that said, “On today’s call, please address why it didn’t happen on the 20th as you said”.  I told you clearly that on the calls that the window is the 20th to the 25th.  I don’t know why it didn’t happen yesterday – it could happen today, tomorrow, any time up until the 25th.  You have to listen and understand that this is in somebody’s plan, that they are putting out this information to the banks, government offices and exchanges, not just in the USA but to the entire world.  So don’t take it personally – I don’t.  I clearly said that right next to the rate it says 20-25. October.  If you don’t like it or understand that, hang up now.

Not t=30 minutes ago, I heard the new dates are the 25.October to the 3.November.  That was before the call started.  I just got a text from another bank saying 20-25th is still on their schedule.  I now have to wait to find out if the other bank didn’t get the message or what.  I am waiting to talk to my trusted sources.  Meanwhile, many have said to me that this is still on the cards to happen any time.

In Iraq, they said in the mosques that the laws are complete to protect their money in the banks and they are urging people to put their money in the banks, that they are insured as with the equivalent of the FDIC.  If anyone takes their money, they will be prosecuted.  They need that so that when this money starts flowing, they won’t withdraw all their money.  The funds are on the cards, and they need to have that money on deposit so they can do their fractional banking in Iraq.  They want to build confidence in the banks now that it’s going international.

We are still in a good spot.  I told you what I heard just before the call started.  Everything has been accomplished and we truly don’t know what they are waiting for.  Yesterday the banks got a new date, and today they got told a window. That’s where we are at.  I really didn’t think we would be here today;  we should have gone over the weekend.  The date the banks got last night was still within our window, and then they got a new window this morning.  We have to wait and see what happens.

404 caller:  You said that you had the option of not being on this call – is that an option you could choose, or an option given to you by your sources?

Tony:  Did I say that??  I don’t recall saying anything like that. I would prefer not to be on this call and was hoping not to HAVE this call.  I didn’t think we would have this call today.  On Monday, everyone was so excited and ready to go, and we even had a time.  Every call could possibly be the last call, and our information keeps telling us we are within that time frame.  The people calling me are so excited because so many people are being notified, and then it doesn’t happen.  We are getting this information from around the world, so they are jerking everyone around now!

Caller:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  So we can celebrate the end of an era…

951 caller:  I’ve been trying to get on the call forever!  Do we need to have accounts set up ahead of time?

Tony:  My understanding is that some banks will only exchange their prior customers.  Other banks will accept anyone and give them the option to move their funds.

Caller:  Someone stole some of my dong, and I have receipts.  [my computer crashed]

Tony:  There is not much you can do about it, if they stole it now;  afterwards it would be a different question.  I would document the theft on my computer and notarize it, for your own peace of mind.

Caller:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

702 caller:  I’m on a day-by-day.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

559 caller:  I have my bags packed, in the car, waiting for the call!  We heard that Wells Fargo is doing some stuff today;  how does that affect everyone on the two different coasts, given that the East Coast will hear things first?  Will that be an issue?

Tony:  When you hear WF is going to do something, is that announcing the RV or early exchanges?

Caller:  Possibly to start scheduling appointments?

Tony:  There are a lot of rumors out there.  Most of the early exchanges that have taken place have been East Coast to the Midwest.  Last time there were exchanges, there were 20 locations, and not that many at each one.  The banks have their lists of people who purchased currency from them, and it makes sense that they call their loyal customers.  I think that when it really happens, everyone will get word at the same time. When it is announced in Iraq, I have at least ten people who will call me, so we will be notified. It’s not anything they can hide, so it will be announced to everyone at the same time, and everyone will have equal access to the contract rates.

Caller:  So this window, it sounds like they might be pushing it to the beginning of next month.  A lot of people will be on pins and needles, so can you possibly tweet when you hear at the end of the day?

Tony:  Take away their anticipation, you mean?  If I can get it from the right people, and confirmation from reliable people, yes, I can do that.  I don’t normally, but if all the actions  point to a later window, then I can let you all know so you can relax and enjoy your weekend.

Caller:  I still anticipate the 20th to the 25th, and I’m sending you a contribution, too.

Tony:  Remember, they still have this on their cards.  Shop-owners, merchants, ordinary citizens… even if they were lying to me, why would they lie to other countries who don’t have TNT calls?  I am looking at the big picture, and it’s on their cards, but they haven’t been paid this month.  They are doing this for a reason.  I am still looking for that time frame until it’s gone, because it makes sense.  I try to do what I can do.  I talk to my team and see where the pieces fit (or not) and then bring it to you.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  Here we come!

719 caller:  I was hoping to be more than super-fantastic, but I’m a lady in waiting.  For the guy who had his dong stolen, he can take the cost as a tax-deduction on his Schedule D, and offset his gains.  But he’d need a notarized statement that it was stolen.  He’d have to do that for what he paid for it, because he didn’t realize the gain.  He can get with a tax attorney and see what he can do, but if he wants to take the value after RV, he’d need a police report.  He has to have some kind of statement that gives the facts.

We’ve been hearing the lower denominations and the coins were coming out by the 20th.  What is happening in Iraq that this keeps being delayed??

Tony:  Okay.  The banks the said the window is the 20-25;  the guy in Iraq said that this would be released on the 20th, and it didn’t happen at that time.  They were also told the fils and the lower denoms would come out.  This means that other people are making PM Abadi look bad and causing people to lose confidence, because he keeps putting out the messages that the reform is complete.  So that is why people are losing confidence in him. I don’t think the president of any country would intentionally make himself look bad.  He is trying to put this out in the time frame and they are not allowing him to move that fast or on the dates he stated.  How many times can one cry wolf?  It’s up to the Iraqi people to decide when enough is enough.

Caller:  I’m surprised the agencies would do that to him. They keep saying all these laws have been passed, and the various gurus say that Iraq is moving forward. Is Parliament at odds with some of these laws?  Or is it outside sources holding them up?

Tony:  We have been watching this for years.  We always knew that there were battles going back and forth between Iraq, the PM, Parliament, etc.  We saw articles going back and forth, but now we see none of that.  There is a united front apart from how to handle Maliki, and even that is going on behind closed doors.  We see no controversy about HCL, etc., so there must be another issue holding this up, whether it’s about removing people from office, those in the banks or shops ripping people off..  Those are the things being accomplished now.  Do we need to have every T crossed before we see the RV?  No.  They do still need to grow, but this is holding up the world’s economy because that is all based on the foundation fo the dinar.  I think it’s an outside influence, because nobody intentionally makes themselves look bad. There is no benefit to them apart from keeping people from rioting in the streets, but that won’t last that long.

That goat and anyone who is telling you January, 2016 – can they tell you exactly why they think it is going to be that date?  I can tell you everything that says it IS going to happen;  can you tell me the information that supports it happening mid-January, or whenever?  We can show you right now is when the banks, the mosques and the government of Iraq is saying, so kindly give me the same information.

Caller:  People get upset about the Mtn Goat, but that person is not being forthright about who they are, where they are or even their gender.  Actually, I wonder if that person is being paid to encourage people to give up!  They are saying ‘it’s on, it’s off, it’s this date, no, it’s later’…

Tony:  There are people out there like that – people in groups and it’s clear that is their job. I understand that.  There are some idiots out there who call themselves gurus, and they are mad this hasn’t happened.  You can and should listen to what everyone says;  that is what I did when I first started looking into this.  I do have enough sense to stop listening to them when they stop making sense, even me!  If there is someone out there with better information, listen to them.  I don’t listen to those other people any more.

Caller:  The Goat is only posting from old articles that come out after the fact. Hopefully this will be done and we can move forward. We are not going to Vegas but we would like to attend one of Ray’s workshops, if you could post them on the site.

Tony:  Pam…?  There are concerns I got today about China becoming a reserve currency, like the US dollar is a reserve currency.  There is nothing wrong with that, and the IMF was supposed to announce it yesterday.  That is different from the NBC article saying China is asking for the yuan to be a GLOBAL reserve currency.  That is like the Euro, with a group of countries all using one currency when working with each other.  I don’t see that happening, personally, because who would dominate that?  The whole world would be affected when one country/currency went up or down.

770 caller:  We keep blowing past all these windows with erroneous reasons why.  What would be any incentive to do what needs to be done and move this on?  Someone must be benefiting from these delays, because the average citizen certainly doesn’t.  From what we understand, the Iraqis are struggling and their government looks bad.  How can you do that over and over again?  Someone has to be getting something out of this.  [saying the same thing over and over again]

Tony:  We know this, and all I can tell you is what they are telling their people and what they are getting prepped for.  The banks are going through the same thing, people coming in early, making lists, staying late last night, ready to go.  I heard that Canada was to go on Tuesday morning.  I can’t be concerned about how or when, all I can do is give you the information.  I have been told that we will not go until the average Iraqi citizen goes, and I’m rooting for them to go so that we can go.  We’re not going to exchange until the average Iraqi citizen has been paid.  A few people here and Iraq and in Canada have already exchanged as part of moving the process forward.  All we can do is to hope that whatever is holding this up let’s go and this goes forward.  Many people in the US are still on alert, and we won’t know what’s going on until later this afternoon.  All they can go is stay ready.

I don’t know that we are suffering just so that they can make money… or if we are waiting for the benefit from those other people who don’t’ have currency but may suffer if this is not prepared right.  At one point, we could have exchanged, but the dollar would have lost a lot of its value and everyone would have suffered.  “They” don’t’ have to hold this so they can make money – they have money, and they will get even more when this goes through.  The privileged will have even more privileges, and we will have some as well.  They are not doing lots of exchanges;  they are doing five here and ten there.  They are training new people because the ones from four years ago have moved on.  They are doing these few exchanges as a training exercise.  I don’t mind, because I know the rate and I know that we are going to get this.  Nothing we say can affect the decisions our government makes that relate to other countries and the global economy. That will not affect our rates or our participation, and there is no reason for us to be involved because we’re annoyed that someone got paid in front of us.

One day we’re going to get paid, at this rate.  They don’t care that you are annoyed and upset that others have been paid in front of us.  I want to get paid, too!  But I’ve been told four separate times that I have to wait.  So I’m doing everything I can while I can.  They are not going to change the schedule and goal because the internet people are angry.  All we can do is find out how close we are to that step.

Pam:  I’m here, just waiting for the caller to stop ranting and taking up all the time. I know there are others who feel that way, but this the most complex financial transaction in the history of mankind and it’s not about us.  It’s global!

Ray:  Continue to enjoy When am I going to see it Wednesday…

Tony:  I understand the frustration, but there is so much positive going on, and the last set of numbers was so much better.  It’s all good, and the timing is very much here, not just from what they are saying but the actions being taken.  The memos, the rates are all good.  Don’t worry about the timing, focus on getting ready and making sure you have a plan to create a legacy.  Put your emotional energy there. We are not going to fight the US government over something that we cannot change.

I probably won’t find out until this afternoon what everyone else is doing and saying.  We do have to pay the bills (though I didn’t think we’d have to).  Enjoy the rest of your day.  There is nothing pointing to January.  Every source I have is pointing to this month.  I heard the last day is the 3. November and I told you that right away… and that might be because I gave you the dates 20-25. October.  I truly hope we will not be here on Friday but if we have to, we will.