TNT DINAR CC (Notes by Adept1)

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Replay 605.562.3179, PIN CODE 409029#

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Friday, October 23, 2015.  Today is a super-super-fantastic day – you have no idea.  Pam wants this to be First-caller Friday. I have 500 people on the line with their hand up.

Pam:  Dump them all!  Then we can have No-question Friday.

Tony:  In the chat room we lost Knight Hawk, one of our good members.  Pam started a thread for those who want to send condolences to his family.  Knight Hawk was very popular in the chat room, 42 years old, and he passed away in his sleep.  His brother is in the forum, too, so we want to send our condolences.

So much has happened this morning, and I want to tell you the strategy for the last 60-90 days.  I also want to tell you a bit about what to expect when this happens, and a scenario you can use to your benefit.

In Iraq, some of our sources are saying that they ARE expecting something to change over the weekend.  They have been told to look for something, a physical something, so I don’t know if it will happen or not. We’ve heard about lower denominations being given out, parties being planned, etc.  That was NOT announced in the mosques this morning, it’s coming from government officials and through parliament.

On this side, the green light was given from 3pm yesterday, and started this morning at 2am, and it didn’t happen.  There are two windows they like for the weekend for 3-4 hours each time, and if it doesn’t happen we go to the next one.  Some people were at the bank at 5am this morning because they thought it was happening.  People have been moved from branch locations to exchange locations because they thought it would happen today. They have been told not to plan anything for this weekend or next week because they  will be busy.  I was told certain notifications went out in the last hour, and I am trying to confirm that.  I can just tweet ‘verified’ if it is.

There is a possibility that dinar will come out at an unusually high rate, maybe even over $5-6 for a very short period of time, then fall back to where it should be ($3.41), show up on Forex, where it will probably rise and then fall again.  If you don’t know how to access Forex and watch it grow, I would probably jump on that early rate, which will be for a short period of time. That’s what I mean by “they moved the cheese”.  Once it comes back down,  you will have to wait and work to get that higher rate, and I don’t know if people have the expertise to do that.  It should settle above the Kuwaiti rate. Their goal is to get that completed within the first nine days, so they will probably want to start it a little higher than originally planned, to attract everyone within those nine days.

No bad news apart from a meeting yesterday when CL was highly pissed off that nobody could get this right and it hasn’t already happened. That’s actually a positive thing, because she let them have it during the meeting.

Every weekend for a while, everyone has said they are ready to go, and that is like the boy who cried wolf. They are not just getting us excited, but also bankers and govern-ments all around the world excited every time they do this. They are also frustrated and tired of working overtime, going in early, etc. Maybe that was the strategy the whole time, to get everyone so sick and tired of hearing that they won’t believe it when it does go. That could work to their advantage to keep out the bad guys, because they are just as frustrated as we are.  We’ll see.  We do know that one day it will actually happy.

If eight people say the sky is blue and two say it’s pink, the sky is probably blue.  I have a contact in Baghdad who says he doesn’t see ANY of what you are talking about!  People over here are frustrated and mad, and I don’t see any of what you are saying on the call.  This is just for that guy. I cannot exchange any currency because there is no dinar!  He gave me some other stuff that I cannot tell you because it might get him into trouble.  He’s doing things that are very different, and that just shows that they are not giving us all the information and we are not 100% right.  However, I still have to report the information they are giving me from other parts of the government.  They don’t know each other and they are giving me the same intel!  This guy is also right, telling me that his exchange rate from 1100 to 1200 and now he cannot exchange at all.  If they don’t have it to exchange, then they are pulling it off the streets, and that means they are getting ready to do something.  It’s not possible for Iraq to survive another 30, 60 or 90 days without any money??  If they are monitoring the 25K notes, there is a reason for that.

It’s a great day, everyone is prepared.  They don’t know when, but it’s wide open and let’s go do this. I’m hearing this from multiple levels and countries, from Puerto Rico, Iraq, the US and other countries, all in the last 24 hours.

Pam said First-caller Friday, but no one hung up.  Let’s go straight to 404:

404 caller:  Thanks, and may this be THE day!  You said rates could possibly go up to $5-6, I’m thinking that is the international rate, not contract rates, no NDA.  Will contract rates still be available?

Tony:  Yes, that’s right.

Caller:  Many reported that the RV was to come out on the 20th and it was stopped;  many think that has to do with whether it goes through the Swiss system or the new Chinese system.  Also, there is an article on Bloomberg saying that the IMF is blessing the yuan as the new reserve currency.  So there is the rumor that the RV will come out without the US being the lead.  Could this force the US to stop blocking the RV?  What impact would that have on US currency holders?

Tony:  There are a lot of things going on in the banking system. The new Swiss system was supposed to go live including Russia and China (on the 20th). Chinese yuan was supposed to be named A reserve currency, not THE reserve currency.  That gives everyone some options, and how this would devalue the US currency a bit because the world would not need to use dollars as much. The guys in Iraq thought they would see this on the 20th because so many things were happening on the 20th.  On the US banking screens, it said 20-25th.  Yes, it should have gone on the 20th, but something came up in the banking system that had to be resolved – not necessarily China.  The news today is that the problem has been resolved and the IMF has given the green light for this to go at any time. Some still believe it’s within that window, up to the 25th.  A few days ago a new date/window came up, but they have since removed that date from the screens.

Caller:  Is your bag packed and in the car?

Tony:  My bags are not at the door because DC and Pam have told me to have my bags ready for over a year, and I’m not going to do it until I get the call. When they call me, then I’ll pack my bags…

Caller:   [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  So Tony can go.  May this be the day!

Tony:  Dang,  #1 just hung up as I was getting ready to push his number;  he’s been on for 1500 minutes!  I’ll go to #2

707 caller:  I have a technical question.  I have a dear friend who is in St Louis for a murder trial for the next three weeks.  She gave me her zim and a power of attorney.  Will that work for her?

Tony: I don’t know.  Call your or her wealth manager, say that you have the currency and a  power of attorney, and ask if that will work.

Caller:  Yes, I have her ID, notarized power of attorney, bank details and all the rest.

Tony:  Find out if they will accept that.  If not, she can send her actual attorney, and you can go with the attorney to keep an eye on things.

Caller:   [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

828 caller:  Is there still a contract rate on the dong?  What is the rate?  Same for dinar?

Tony:  I’m not giving out the rates because Pam always gets a call afterwards.  The rates are still very good, and there are still contract rates.  The zim is still in the first basket.

301 caller:  Can you go over that platform a little bit more?

Tony:  Those platforms are great to be part of and returns can be good, but they can be dangerous, too.  You have to investigate and see the documents. It’s better if you go through a bank, but you need 100 million to do that.  The one I was doing in London was because I was invited.  The ones that really pay, you have to be invited.  They are not for the average citizen.  If you don’t have 100 million, there are ways to get together with friends and family members, using trusts or corporations, but you have to figure it out as a business and trust the people you are working with.  Having said all that, be very careful who are you are choosing, because on the internet someone will say they are putting one together, and trying to get you to join.  Don’t do that!  This is something you only want to do in person with people, with YOUR attorney, not their attorney who may be part of a scheme.

Caller:  Is there a limit on the dong?

Tony:  I don’t know, we haven’t talked about that in months.  I’m sure we’ll find that out.

Caller:   [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

410 caller:  There is so much exciting going on, it’s hard to know what to ask!  Have there been changes or notifications on how you guys are going to present or how we are getting this information?

Tony:  I have no idea whether we’ll have a status page, a 15-minute call, a longer call… but as soon as I find out, I’ll send out a tweet!  These higher rates should be available for a couple fo days to give people time to get in, and then it will show up on Forex where it will rise for a couple of days and then probably drop.

Caller:  This sort of feels like the last call.

Tony:  Things are all good, but we’ve been here before thinking this is the last call.  If we have to be here on Monday, we will be.

Caller:  Are the windows really only 3-4 hours?

Tony:  The windows are different days, and then THEY like certain hours within those days.  We will stay alert.  If I thought it was going to hurt the process, I wouldn’t be giving you this information.  I am not the only one who has this information;  I am just trying to help and hopefully it won’t even matter, so don’t get mad at me!  I am happy and feeling better with every text I get.

313 caller:  I was on a conference call that said we would never get the international rate, only the rate the banks set.

Tony: There is the international rate, the official exchange rate, then on Forex there will be a market rate and the contract rate.  We’ll be getting the market rate as shown on Forex.  This first rate will be a flat rate for a few days;  it will then fall back to international rates, and then it will go live and it will climb. That is the rate we will get.  The banks will set the rate, but they will be competitive because they want your business, so the rates will be similar.

Caller:  Iraq is not waiting on laws to be passed…

Tony:  They passed some more banking and protection laws on Wednesday to help convince people to use the banks – so they can feel protected.  These should be the absolute last laws to go.  I understand there was a banking issue on Wednesday that caused a delay but it has been fixed and agreed upon. It was not our banking system.  Other that than, the RV was scheduled to go.  It was scheduled for last night, but I’m still talking to you!

Caller:   [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

541 caller:  In earlier calls, you said there was a billion-dollar cap on the zim;  is that per person or per entity?  If I have an entity, that has a different tax number.  Can I put some zim in each entity and each have its individual cap?

Tony:  If you own or control five entities or trusts, the billion dollars is over all of them collectively.  The limit is per person that they think controls that money. Pam reminds you that we are talking about a billion US dollar.  We have 25,000 people listening to the call right now, and you want me to tell you how to circumvent the US Treasury on this call??

Caller:  I’ve only been in this three months, and I’m just asking the question.  I don’t want to do anything illegal.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  Then don’t do that!

773 caller:  You know this GCR is all about Tony and people are waiting to see your bag packed.  You are so like RayRen!  Re: the Bloomberg article, it says the vote to bring in the yuan as a reserve currency may be as early as next month.  That article is dated 23-Oct-15.

Tony:  That vote was supposed to happen on 20. October, and fi they  moved it, it was so this can move through the system.  It’s very likely to be approved. One of my contacts strongly suggested we all buy yuan/renminbi.  I told you that, but I have a number of currencies already.  I told you two years ago that there are nine currencies set up in the second basket, and yuan is one of those nine.  I don’t know if it’s been moved into the first basket.  The rules will change immediately after the RV, although you could buy it before, but there are so many other opportunities that we can get involved in right here.

“My group” in this context means my intel people.  It might be a good idea to buy yuan, but I’m not doing it.

Caller:   [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

813 caller:  You mentioned on the last call that some banks require existing bank accounts in order to exchange.  Is Wells Fargo one of them?

Tony:  My understanding is that WF is the only bank that HAS to take everyone, because they are the lead bank. However, they don’t want people who only have one 25K dinar note and who will spend it all rapidly.  They don’t want some people, but there are many other banks and investment companies who will gladly take your money, give you a checking account and a credit card just like a bank.  If you have a lot of money, there are a lot of foreign banks that will gladly  take your money.  So you do have options.

Caller:  Do the Iraqi people go first or do we go with them?

Tony:  I have been told that we should be notified and free to go as soon as the Iraqi people go en masse.  No one goes before they do.

636 caller:  Aren’t the Iraqi people still using the US dollar?

Tony:  Not so far as I know.  That guy I talked about earlier cannot even get dinar.  He also said that they are not to have more than 2,000 dinar on them because there are gangs going around robbing people of their dinar.

Caller:  I heard that the IMF just gave Iraq a new loan – is that US dollars or dinar?

Tony: They are giving them US dollars that they exchange for dinar to pay for whatever.  They don’t want Iraq to fall flat on their face, so they give them a little more until this GCR is in place.  They are barely limping along until the RV.  Our contact over there says that he cannot exchange dollars for dinar and that tells me something is about to change.

Caller:  I put my faith in what you put out rather than anyone else.  My frustration is that  some people think that we dinarians are being played for fools. [talking about a guru]

Tony:  I’ve heard about those guys, how they got people’s money and got them into network marketing.  We tell people about that, tell them why I don’t do that, and warn them about certain things.  People are adults;  they should look at whatever sources make sense to them.  If they are always asking for $300-400, invest in their trust or program, hand over their dinar, etc., then you should be wary.  There are going to be a lot of lawsuits after this happens.

Caller:  They keep saying “I have this information but I cannot tell you” – why would any one believe that?  They will be shocked about what happened to their money.

Tony:  People wait until after this call to do their call.  That’s what brings people to their site. They get paid per click, so if they can draw you over there with “Tony said this or that”, they do that even if they say Tony is wrong.  We have seen this happen across the years – they draw you in with something negative about Tony.  One site said that she was my mother, and she got a thousand people to sign up for $35 each – just for saying she was Tony’s mother! I’m not the only person who gets information and everyone has to put that information together as best they can.  Everyone has said “this is when it’s going to happen” and not one of us have been right. The ones who are telling you it’s not happening until next year… they don’t tell you why not!  If you know it’s not happening until then, tell me why and what can be done to bring it in. They are just a bunch of negative people and I don’t want to live with negative people.  If you can’t tell me WHY it’s not going to happen, then don’t tell me!

Caller:  How long will the banks keep up moving people before telling them to go fly a kite?

Tony:  Some banks did that two years ago… then they paid some more people and said “’we’re done” again.   But there is too much money to leave on the table for them to walk away forever.

Caller:   [Appreciation]  Bank, bank, bank!

Tony:  Pam said “time, time, time!”

Pam:  It was time ten minutes ago, but this is Tony’s call… I want to thank Daz for running the chat room and forum.  He’s our only full-time mod and he keeps it all rolling.  DavidM and PaperBoy are there as much as they can.  We thank the transcribers and guest mods, and also ZebraGirl for the verbatim transcripts.  It’s been tough and fun.  Thank you all.

RayRen:  I’m looking forward to getting this done.  Have a good Friday.

Tony:  We sincerely hope this is the last call.  We are frustrated and also excited as you are.  We are still within that window of the 20-25. October.  I am still expecting it;  if the banks can get through this, with their employees being tired of being called in early  and late ‘for nothing’, well, that’s what we’re being told as well. I look at it, but it still has to be worse for the Iraqi citizens. They are not only waiting for the money, they are also going through hell as they wait.  They have the rate on their cards, and they still haven’t been paid this month. If they don’t get it again, think what they are going through! They are going through it, they are surviving and not tearing their government apart.  It will be a life-changing moment, and that’s what gets me through this.  Every time I get a call saying “get ready, pack your bags, don’t go too far from home”, I say to myself that I could be living in Iraq. I’m pretty sure they are having it worse there.  I’m still blessed to be part of this.  Hopefully this is our last call before THE call.  I am super-fantastic and hope you are too.  Enjoy your weekend!