TNT DINAR CC (Notes by Adept1)

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Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Monday, October 26, 2015. How are you guys doing?  Hope you had a superfantastic weekend.  We were expecting to be in the bank this morning, and I’m not, but it’s still on the way.  The good news is that there was preparation all weekend for this to happen, with people called into the bank.  They had some additional training and explained how this is supposed to work.  Yes, they were given examples of the numbers, and being trained on what you might expect and want to see. They were told the criteria they should look at, and to adjust your rate.

So they were also told this is happening, and it could be today, tomorrow or next year – but I’m going to make you train this weekend in case this happens next year! That is a good business decision!  We know that’s not going to happen.  It’s an exciting thing and they are ready to go.

You guys saw the NBC article but I’m not concerned about that.  A long time ago, a guy involved in the process, and he told me what would happen. He said, “Don’t listen to what they say, notice what they do.”  That’s a different thing.

I know this hard on everyone, but it’s getting easier.  If you are a new person, we have been here for five years, and have heard it being announced a thousand times… but that is part of the process.  Nobody is going to tell us the exact time.  We have explained to you how many people and countries are involved, how many have manipulated the stock market and Forex market… you actually think they are going to say on Monday that this is going to happen on Wednesday at 9am??

New people might not know, but those who have been here for a while know that we get the dates and a window of opportunity. They are doing this all up and down, and only a few people know when it’s actually going to happen.  They use that as a way to trap smugglers, like the time they found those people coming up from Mexico with duffle bags of dinar.  Until it actually happens, you can go live your life, and then you can get the street rate, while we negotiate contract rates for ourselves.  There is one guy who sends me an email every day saying “It didn’t happen”. Don’t torture yourself!  This is not for everyone, but this is our best opportunity now.  The news over the weekend was just better and better.  Now the  people you are sitting across the desk from have now been given the parameters on which they can make a decision. That means this is very close.

Last week the banks were going through their system and listing the names of those who had bought from them in the past. If I wanted to exchange people and I’d already used up my government, high-dollar customer or friends-and-family lists, who would I give the first opportunity to while we’re waiting for that major announcement to be made?  This is just Tony talking.  If I run through this really quickly, what’s left?  Those on the street, those who bought from amazon, ebay, exchange dealers, etc.  So the bankers want to deal with those they already have a connection with, and then everyone else will be paid shortly afterwards.  That’s my theory, anyway.  So those who bought from the banks in the last ten years should be the next ones to celebrate, any day.  I don’t see these bankers bringing their people in on the weekend, paying them overtime, telling them how to negotiate, on something they will only use in 2016/2017.  As a business owner, I would want this to be fresh in their minds… not even for a month later, but now.  As a teller, I need to know the rules of engagement just before I need to use them.   They have been training people for years, for the 800 numbers to bring you in and take your money.  The people in the exchange centers were trained two years ago.  They didn’t train private bankers for what to do after your exchange until now.  We are talking about two different groups of people being trained.

So things are great. If you cannot handle the process day-to-day, the real information that changes all the time, meetings where people decide something else… then don’t do it!  Put your currency in a drawer and live your life as if you had never heard of it, then one day you will get the surprise of your life.  I know there are people losing houses, cars, jobs, but don’t  lose your currency.  That is your lifeline; it’s the only way you will get back to where you were, so don’t let go of that.

Someone texted me today saying they cannot do this any longer and they sold all their currency.  Life is better for that person.  But you will never get this opportunity again.  It will change your entire life if you hold onto it.  It’s one thing selling it back, but someone else said they took my advice, and ran their currency through a shredder.  I thought, “Are you out of your mind??”  Nobody is telling you to do that.  I hate to see anyone give it away, shred it or sell it back, when if you look at the history, you KNOW this currency will come back and pay for everything.  The GCR is based on the value of the dinar.  They haven’t put all this time into it, develop a strategy to affect all the countries of the world, and you’re going to throw it away?

Just put it in a drawer.  This is happening.  Some of you will be getting phone calls. I will not because I didn’t buy any currency from a bank, but the rest of us will be right in line behind you.  It could happen at the same time, a few hours later.  It’s something they are using to train their people more, and I’d rather they trained their people more slowly than with a line out the door.

It’s a great day in dinarland and a great weekend for them to do this.  I got calls from Iraq, and they said everything is finished and complete and they are just waiting.  I got that from three separate sources, that is’ done, over, and they are just waiting for them to make the announcement.  Over here, they are also just waiting.  It’s done and we are going to love the numbers;  just be patient.  I hear what they are saying and more importantly, I see what they are doing. It’s the 26th and Iraqis have still not been paid this month. They are taking this to the last possible day so as to only pay them once.  The  rate is still showing on their cards, right now.  I think it’s a great day!

210 caller:  [Appreciation]  When you go exchange, you are saying 50% for taxes, 25% to take care of bills, 25% to make money.  Can I buy currency from Columbia right away?  Or should I do that later?

Tony: They won’t want you to do that in the first appointment because they want you in and out.  You can do it later, probably.

Caller:  I am disabled and I have two kids to take care of, but I want to join you in giving money to programs you know will actually work.  I’m not computer-savvy;  I’ve been listening to you for three years, and I have taken in everything you have been saying.  Now when we go in, we have to say “exchange”, right?  Take my number because I cannot take this with me and I’d like to give it to people it will actually help.  I hate to give money to charities that just spend it on administration.

Tony:  Yes, you will be exchanging.  I will take your number, but you know that Bill Gates has a foundation to give money away, and he has a plan for that.  I think Pam is putting together a site for charities that she recommends for charities that actually spend the money on places/people that would benefit, not just buying cars and houses.  That is Pam’s ‘safe list’.  It’s

Caller:  [Appreciation ]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

941 caller:  Are you saying this will take longer now?  You said before it would be 20-25 and now it’s the 26th.  Our local WF is saying they don’t know anything about this.  I’ve been doing this about five years…

Tony:  Absolutely not.  I think it will be shorter now.  They are saying one thing in public and doing something else in the background.  In five years, I have discussed several times why they do that:  they are not going to commit to the public or their staff that they are doing this until it’s in public.

Caller:  In Florida, the banks all knew about it, especially Chase.  It’s just certain areas…

Tony:  So you went to one area and almost everyone knows about it.  You go to another area and they don’t know anything about it.  So what is your question?  You know it’s true because one bank already told you.

Caller:  It’s pretty confusing.  Some bank people are nasty, and that bank actually sold dong!  People are going to be mad at the banks because they were so unhelpful.

Tony:  You’re right.  But if the banks had told their people five years ago about this RV, all their staff would buy currency, make millions and quit their jobs. The banks are working with the government, but they are not going to be held responsible when it doesn’t get released when we expect it.  It’s still happening, we just have to wait our turn.

Caller:  It’s not fair that the banks won’t cash it when the dealers will.

Tony:  Why would the dealer take that risk when he’s still trying to sell it to you?  They cannot take the general public until the US Treasury says Yes. Meanwhile, the banks can offer to their special clients, absolutely.

Caller:  [more of the same]

Tony: The banks got some people through.  I understand that people are upset.  I’m trying to explain the process.  You are about to get a bunch of money fi you understand this process.

831 caller:  Regarding exchanges in Europe, I have a friend with a lot of currency over there.  Will he be able to go after the contract rate?

Tony:  I think if we have the opportunity, they will as well.

Caller:  This is a huge opportunity.  We don’t have any control over what the government does, but we are in line, so buck up – it’s worth the effort.

Tony:  Stay in the game until it’s our turn, then go live your life.  If it’s taking a toll on your life, just put it in a safe place, walk away, and come back when it happens.  That way you still win. If you sell it back or shred it, you will lose more than you know.

Caller:  Absolutely.  My wife and I started a nonprofit.  The gentleman in the wheelchair who wants to make sure that his money doesn’t just go into admin, we have discussed this a lot and we have lined it up so  that all the overhead costs are covered by a for-profit so that all donations are going to that cause, which is providing housing for honorably discharged veterans.  We would love to be on Pam’s site.

Tony:  Well, talk to her about that.

Caller:  [Appreciation ]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

352 caller:  I was curious the first, second, third mouse.  All those who  are called in, are they considered the first mouse?

Tony:  A few years ago, some groups agreed to 50 cents/dinar, and that is what they will get.  The first, second, third mouse applies to when this goes to the general public.  The plan is ever-evolving.  At one point, it was to come out at $3, and many would go to the banks right away.  Then it would go to Forex at a higher rate, and those people would make more money.  Then it would come down again.  Now they are planning to bring it out at a much higher rate, so you really would be excited.  Then it will come down within five days, and this cycle would start over (with Forex, etc.)  If it comes out at 5, 6, 7 dollars, then it would probably be better to go to the bank unless you have experience in Forex.  The first mouse will get 5, 6, 7 dollars and it drops back down, then everyone will think it would be better to take it now.

Nothing beats a failure but a try. At least try it.  A closed mouth does not get fed.  I don’t know how else to say that without getting the world upset.

Caller:  Was there a reason it didn’t got between the 20th and the 25th?

Tony:  I don’t know that it as been stopped.  I expected to be in the bank and so did others.  They have been training the bank people, how to respond, and what the parameters will be for the meeting and negotiations. They would not be doing all that if we were not right at the edge.

Caller:  So is the window now up to the 3rd November?

Tony:  That date got taken off the screens.  There is NOT a window at the present time.

707 caller:  What do you think of the possibility of the delays and hold up have to do with the IRS?

Tony:  Nothing to do with the IRS that I know of.  Nobody has told me that, nobody seems to be arguing with the IRS.

Caller:  I have been told the IRS is member of the cabal and they cannot make up their minds how much of our money they will get.

Tony:  Not that I know of.  I don’t know how ‘cabal membership’ works.

Caller:   No one does, and that’s how they work.  [Appreciation ]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

773 caller:  Did you say you talked to your contacts in Iraq?  How are the people there?

Tony:  We didn’t talk about that.  Everyone we talked to said that Iraq and Kurdistan are aligned and they are all just waiting.

Caller:  That is very good news, combined with the bankers being trained this weekend.  You said something about the wealth managers doing our exchanges.  How will we  know if it’s a manager or an ordinary teller – or won’t it matter?

Tony:  I imagine will give me their business card.

Caller:  Maybe when we call the 800 number and tell them how much currency we have, that will point us in the right direction.  Hopefully we will still get the 800 numbers, and if now, we have a plan for that, too. [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  It’s better to be ready than to have to get ready.

772 caller:  Are the rates still on the screens?

Tony:  People are being trained and people are exchanging, so there must be rates somewhere.

Caller:  Thank Pam for  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

770 caller:  Are we still looking like where still in the loop?

Tony:  Yup, we are still here, just waiting our turn.  I’ve been talking good news since I started this call.  You were paying attention to the call?  That wasn’t good news??

Caller:  I’m looking for better news.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Other 770 caller:  There’s a lot going on in the world right now.  It seems like Russia and Putin are doing more for us than for anybody else.  What is your feeling on that?

Tony:  More for us??  What are they doing for us?

Caller:   They are going after ISIL while we are helping ISIL.

Tony: What are we helping ISIL do?  Here is the big picture, as I see it.  I see us dropping off weapons, and maybe they are getting into the wrong hands.  I don’t’ care who gets it done, just get it done.  Then we can take the next step.  [Note: my computer crashed here.]

If I am fighting three people, if I can knock one of them out, then fight the two.  Or people get behind me, and I have larger force.  If I am supporting ISIS, and Russia comes in, and they are bombing the guerillas.

Caller:  I thought they helping IRAQ more than we are.

Tony:  They are not in Iraq, they are in Syria bombing ISIS in Syria.   If they do retreat they will retreat to Iraq.

Tony:  If we are in Iraq helping them to be a democracy, why we want Russia coming in there showing them.  Russia is encroaching on us, how they helping us?

Caller:  It seems we riding down the trail to nowhere.

Tony:  Every week we are seeing more and more laws that stabilize the country.  We see rate in our own bank system;  we see laws passed, and as long as we see exchanges being done, we know it will happen.  Laws are no longer an issue and timing isn’t an issue.  I have time because I know it be the end of the rainbow.

I am trying to keep you happy.  I understand their feeling, too, and that is what makes it hard. I have to look at both sides.  I have discussion after the call about this person or that being an a—hole.   I can’t give out all I do have.  I try to explain all that I can without upsetting the apple cart.

Caller:  How are they feeling in Iraq?

Tony:  Last we heard they upset and frustrated.  I haven’t heard about any huge riots, but I am sure people upset because they are hungry.  They want watch television, enjoy air conditioning, they want to live normal lives.  I would be frustrated.  They are hanging on.  We know that this is going to run out and hopes it gets done before it runs out.  If it explodes it will be another ten years to get this done.

Caller: [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  Pam is saying it’s time!  What does that mean, Pam?

Pam:  It’s time to get on with other things.  “Beautiful things happen in your life when you distance yourself from the negative.”  Focusing on the negative just adds to its power.  It’s really good when we do follow that.  I’m getting tired with all the negative, so keep it positive!

RayRen:  Continue to enjoy your Magnificent Monday.  Be prepared with a goodbye message for today’s call.  That’s it – goodbye!

Tony:  Ray, you want to tell them about the car?  Years ago, we had someone who had an issue with their house. They explained to the bank about the dinar, and they were able to get an extension, because the bank thought it would be happening then.  Then this weekend a friend got a new car;  the dealer actually called him in and said that he would be able to afford it on X day, and I’m not going to give you the date.  They knew that he would be able to afford the car this week because the guy who owns the dealership holds dinar and he knows the date they will exchange.  So the guy who owns the dealership called the man and gave him the car because he knew when he would be paid.

They worked over the weekend finalizing this deal.  They started on Thursday, and this weekend the banks trained their people in the questions we will probably ask and the answers they should give.  We heard the rates are higher than expected to encourage us to come in within nine days.  The IMF report mentioned deleting the zeros, and also something about summer 2016;  however, everyone who is doing things is doing something different.  Enjoy your day.  I truly know that every call could be the very last call.  Have a super-fantastic day!