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  • Ray/Monday’s call: Ray/for folks looking to quit your jobs: (1) mo. income currently receiving, (2) dollar equivalent benefits on job.  Those 2 monthly dollar amounts, (3) cost of living now, and (4) projected cost of living based on the new house, the new cars, the traveling, how much you think that’s going to be.  That is going to equate to how much it will cost you to live.  Then take the currency you’re holding, and put a blank beside the amount you think you’re going to get for exchanging the currency, and then from that amount, how much of that money are you going to invest, and at what rate?  Use a 4% rate, a 10% rate, against that money and see what that comes out to annually.  Divide that by 12.  That will give you your monthly income.  Based on all of those factors, that will let you know how soon you can quit your job when this RV happens.  That is what you’re going to have in place to generate that lifestyle.  Now that’s before you start spending anything, because you have to look at what are going to invest with?  And see what type of monthly income that is going to bring you, then that will let you know how soon you can tell the boss I quit!  Don’t just assume you got 2 million dollars you can quit your job.  Work the numbers. Then let the numbers work for you!  Enjoy this Marvelous Monday.  If nothing happens we’ll be back in touch with you Wed.  But if something happens before then we’ll send you out a text message and keep you updated.  Keep believing, we sure do!
  • Tony/ I was going to give you info, but it’s Friday.  How many questions do we have?  Ray, 9.  We don’t have 800#’s so now you have 8 questions!  T/vote was taken yesterday, financial laws passed.  On Mon Iraq said they were going to give everybody below the poverty line, 100k Dinar.  Was this just to stop protests in the street or increase their economy and put everybody on the same playing field.  Right now, 100k is worth and won’t change your life.  In Fallujah they started doing this.  At 9pm tonight the people have been asked to be in the streets to show force so US and Iran won’t use Iraq as their war zone.  What we’re really at is 100k Dinar today, 83 dollars going to change their economy and country.  Or, at revaluated at 3.60+ would be 28k dollars!  If everybody received $28k would that change.  They started giving it out this morning at the “program rate”.  Also started giving out old lower denoms and fills from 1979 thru 1985.  Why would they pass the financial law and start giving out “old” currency?  Let’s them put those coins back out.  Why would they be educating people about the “fills” and lower denoms.  We’ve always know they had to put them on the streets and educate the people.  100k Dinar won’t change anybodys life.  Sometime over the weekend (plan was for tomorrow to be worth something).  Hold on to it until tomorrow when it will be worth something.  We’re saying from between tonight thru the weekend, could turn into a celebration!  The banks called.  HSBC replaced WF as the lead bank.  I’ve had contacts for 3 yrs. and they’ve always said they would be in charge and they will run this thing.  Bank people say it’s supposed to go tomorrow (Sat 5/25).  Probably won’t happen until after Mon because one bank wanted it delayed.  “A bank released the release schedule until after Monday holiday.  Whether tomorrow (Sat) or after Mon.  Fills and LD’s are being sold to people in Iraq.  Their law said someday they could use the Fills, etc.  They haven’t put out any new ones.  All week explaining to the banks how to use them.  Taking money out of their account to replace them with new denoms.  Simple exchange using a different terminology.  Everything we wanted is now happening.  Waiting for tomorrow morning, if not, then Tues.  Haven’t received 800#’s, NDA’s, Iraq says it will be live tomorrow.  Committee guy said 1 bank decided to delay it until Tuesday. OK, Ray, how many questions do we have now?  No answer from Ray.  Ray came back on line clear.  Noise from Ray’s line.  Tony: pls stop texting me! 
  • Board Questions:
  • Mamo3: Hi Ray, no? Just request, today is my husband Dave’s birthday. He really is a good man and walking miracle. I’d love it if you played Happy Birthday. We try not to bother you, but this is special. Thanks, Mamo 3 or (M.K.Keyster)?  Played reggae birthday song!
  • Mountrainview:  What’s the difference between Exchange fee and Spread fee?  Ans? Spread between buy and sell (that’s how the bank makes money).  Fee is a charge for doing exchange!
  • Tony/was told scheduled tomorrow (Sat) or after Monday. Banks have said they accepted this week.  Did say they exchanged their Zim.
  • Lena: Is there anything such as HCL, Article 140, or Article VII holding this process up?  Ans/ T/ doesn’t look like anything is holding this process up!  I don’t think $83 is going to change their economy, must be something else.  Told by people in Iraq would convert to the new rate.  Banks are saying it’s finally over.  Sat supposed to go.  Late last night, probably the lead bank wanted to hold until Tues.
  • RPMoore1086: Hope this doesn’t sound too dumb.  How do we get 2 appts so we can exchange at 2 different banks and still get contract rate?  Ans/ Tony: something you’re going to have to ask when you schedule your appointment.  No dumb questions (except like what somebody on another site said you have to have their trust to exchange).  Can I schedule two?  They are scheduling you with your wealth manager the following week.  Told to come and do the exchange for the rates ($3.68 Dinar, 47 cents Dong, 22 cents Zim) and negotiate on other things when you see the wealth manager.
  • BurbankLou: Parliamentary move to raise the price of the dinar by Omar Abdul Latif in Bagdad. Is this just talk or does it mean anything?  Tony/they did everything they needed to do get this done by Friday!
  • Jpayan: Thought the US Treasury was in charge. How can 1 bank stop this till Tuesday?
  • Live Callers:
  • 865/Good ? Lady!  C/exchanged actual money or SKR’s? Tony, money, not doing SKR’s anymore!  C/for family of 5 would that be 5 times 100k?  T/didn’t get that in depth (husband, wife, each kid, etc).  They did start today passing out to everybody in poverty, 100k.  C/if it doesn’t it occur Sat, don’t worry about Sun & Mon, and just wait for Tues?  T/if it does happen on Sat, I’m celebrating like I would on Tues!  C/NDA’s, only for Zim rumor.  T/I think anybody taking a contract rate is going to have to sign an NDA.  C/Ministerial positions filled?  T/just got text from Tish.  If your family is 5 people, would $28 change the economy?  It’s for each family.  Removed 4 ministers, and now need 8 people to be fulfilled.  Going to have to complete before June 1st.  They’ve simply used this as an excuse not to have the RV.  C/Sat or Tues then, if not Sat, Monday call?  T/no Mon call, going to be on a boat having a party!  Tony/wanted to talk about “paying it forward”.  A billionaire paid $40m to pay-off all student’s educational debt from a college.  We could all do this, give them a clean slate!  Think about your community colleges, etc.  Make a conscious contribution.  Unburden somebody to have a bright future.  Those who have a lot coming, pick a school and let’s do this.  Tony said I’m going to do that!
  • 312/Chicago, IL. C/Saddar wants the citizens in the streets.  T/could all that be a celebration for Iraq and a “smoke screen”.  C/by the time we get off this call we should know what happened.  T/We’ll know, they asked them to be in the streets.  C/100k Dinar won’t change anything. We’re going to celebrate.  T/We’ll tweet it out, so you guys can be ready!
  • 281/Houston, TX. bus lady!  C/HSBC leading.  T/They own WFB, but don’t have HSBC branches everywhere.  They are “overseeing” the process. C/will we hear it in the news?  T/nope.  It’s the weekend holiday.  Not a national announcement nor breaking news on CNN.  C/hope to hear from you over the weekend.
  • 978/Lowell, MA.  C/in Fl, anxious to get back to MA. Bank story from Chase: Teller told lady she would be rich because of her new Dong purchase.
  • Tony/we’re at the end.  Be careful.  Grow our money, secure our money. People are listening to the call.  Everybody is making their own decision.  Note somebody is putting out:  TNT said on Mon, May 20th, military general and others signed NDA…  other comments”.  Tony said nobody said that!  People put TNT/Tony/RayRen saying things.  They’re using our info to help them.  Hold on, my Iraq contact is calling me.  Ray/if you want to know what we said, listen to our call, you can listen 24 hours a day. Tony/they are using the terminology of “selling lower denoms”.  Exchanging for how much?  Nobody would take good money to buy worthless money, waiting for an answer back.
  • 865/Knoxville, TN. Question on Vegas. T/Not just Vegas, but all 40 events!  You guys go on vacation and I go to work. C/looking at 2-3 month’s out?  T/no, should be able to get someone quick for Vegas.  Within the first 2 months so I can enjoy life like yourself. C/military bases used for exchanges?  T/only active military when they come back.  C/going to miss these calls.  T/me too, about as much as a poke in the eye!  C/how do we communicate after the exchange?  R/we’ll post on the web-site. C/enjoy your holiday boys!
  • 302/Wilmington, DE. C/story of sports mogul who set-up scholarships yrs ago.
  • 713/Houston, TX. C/SKR’s liquid?  T/individual people who received cash up front, made whole, and money in their accounts.  C/listen to multiple sources and heard the Treasury said “NO” to that bank.  T/came from Committee member who was on the conference call. Text says: from FRB officer, release of tier 3 of 4 is pending, a certain bank delayed it’s release schedule.  Looks like we’re not going to do it until after the Monday Holiday.” C/are we still looking for it to go in the Gazette in Iraq?  T/yes. C/you made a statement the banks don’t want to negotiate.  Can we negotiate with wealth mgrs.?  T/yes, meet with their wealth manger.  Take the rate, then negotiate on interest rates, etc, where to put their money.  For the average person that’s going to work.  For those with multi-millions, they’re not going hold you to 15-20 min.  Hundreds of millions and billions will need to be negotiated with.  C/I plan on moving from his city immediately.  T/no problem. Say I’m moving tomorrow and need a list of people I can work with.
  • Tony: Today’s a great day.  Waiting for the starting gun so the party can begin.  We’ll look forward to Tuesday if not tomorrow. 
  • Ray/if you’re not taking the contract rate, wait. Take our time, then come back and report.  Enjoy your weekend.  Happy Memorial Day.
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