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Ray: . . .No Tuesday update for yesterday.  It was all quiet . . .

Tony:   Goooooooooood Morning, TNT!   Sometimes we get news.  Sometimes we don’t.  Sometimes just a quiet, quiet day.  On Monday’s call we talked about what would happen if they voted on Sunday . . .

Two things from our call was great.  One, a member came on and reminded us they say they will do it on Sunday but doesn’t mean it won’t happen Tues, Wed., Thursday.  That is always a possibility.  We know for years they sent out something and do it two days before, for their own security.  Out comes today Parliament is to meet on Sunday. Saying waiting to see if Mahdi shows up today and they will vote on any ministers he puts in front of them.  If not today they will vote tomorrow on any ministers he submits.

Here’s the great news.  My guys told me on Monday that all 8 ministers had been selected and would be voted on on Sunday!  People saying they are only going to vote on 4, 6, etc.

GREAT NEWS on Iraq news today all 8 ministers will be seated – “Next week will show the completion of all final cabinet members.”  How did he (Tony’s contact) know that on Monday.  He knows cause he knows.

Right now Parliament is putting out articles saying if he shows up today, we will do it . . . we are ready to get this done.  That is what we want to hear.  Not delays, delays.

Still educating the people . . . at the banks, the schools, etc.  Reassuring the people they are getting ready to drop the three zero’s.  Some people thought it would not be done or going to 2019.  Now those same people are saying they are getting ready to go 1:1 and ready to go NOW!

Banks had live rate yesterday up to 6 pm waiting for authority to go.  Same as two weeks ago when it was supposed to go.  Rates right now are on a hold.  They think it will possibly go between now and Sunday.  I don’t know what they are.  Just know they are on hold right now.  Live on hold!  Waiting for the authority to release, which they think they will get between now and Sunday.

CURRENT WINDOW:  Tony:  They (banks) think it will possibly go between now and Sunday.  Rates . . . live on hold!

Waiting for the authority to release, which they think they will get between now and Sunday.

Tony:  I can only give you a window that is given to me. . . this latest window was given to me this morning.   For all you guys going on cruises, visiting grandma or going to France, when it happens you need to get to the nearest airport and get home if you want the contract rate.  They are trying to get all this done within 10 days.

Election is over.  They have a stable government.  Again, I don’t feel they need the 8 ministers.  No constitutional requirement for that.   Now today, two weeks ago said “Nothing hold back the Dinar.  Nothing!”   Today there is a clear lane to do it.  No one saying we have to wait on the 8 ministers.  Contractors telling them it’s going to happen after the 8 ministers seated.  That is what they say they are being told by the CBI.  My contacts saying it’s done and going to see in the “coming days.”  He said nothing about the 8 ministers. . . he usually says “coming days” is 5-7 days.  Well it’s been 7 days. . . I think he’s as excited as everybody else is when we think we are about to see this.  He did not say 2019.


CBI:  Tony’s CBI contact says, “Don’t worry.” Tony: Said we should see it in the “coming days,” whatever the comings days is.  CBI is still educating all the citizens at schools, banks, etc. and have informed them they will delete the three zero’s.  Tony:  They want to RV to move all those other currencies out of their country.  More reasons to do this than not to do it. . . . Iran wants it to be done. . . Maliki may not want it.  Once they have the 8 ministers, he has nowhere to go.  He has not authority (except) to disrupt the country.  . . He has no legal authority to tell CBI what to do.

ATM’s:  No reports of the lower denom’s being used or removed from the ATM’s

Parliament:  putting out articles that they are ready to move forward today, tomorrow, whenever Mahdi submits his cabinet names for ministers.

TV broadcasting: “Next week will show the completion of all final cabinet members.”  TV is saying all 8 ministers will be seated.

Maliki:  Tony:  They could arrest him at any moment but it would cause an uproar of those who support him. If they prove he did something and go after him then they know he did something and he is exposed.  Iran is fully using Maliki and Amir so they can stay in Iraq and have an influence in their government.

Iran:   Tony:  Iran wins if Iraq RV’s the Dinar.  Unknown the date for Iraq to pay their electricity debt.

Chine buys their oil from Iraq.  They do not produce any on their own.   They want Dinar to purchase oil from Iraq at a cheaper rate.


Currencies:  No update on the rates showing on the bank screens.

UNITED STATES:   US will use the dinar to buy oil at a cheaper rate from Iraq.

Banks: had live rates yesterday up until 6 pm.  Rates are now live and on hold.  Banks expect to get authority to release between now and Sunday.   Tony: Have not spoken to any banks this morning to know if they are on alert or not.

Taxes:   No change in the previous information that it will be a non-taxable event.

800 #’s:  No release of the numbers or information regarding their release.

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ZIM Information:  Banks to exchange the ZIM are Wells Fargo, HSBC.  Tony:  My person at Chase is telling me they are going take the ZIM . . . right off the bat.

  1. Gold plated ZIM?  Tony:  There is a report from a committee guy that there is a note out there that could be 10 times it’s value but I don’t think it’s that one.
  2. – No banks that are going to exchange ZIM in our state. What should I do?  Tony:  Call the 800 number and see what they say.  They could say bank ABC is going to work with WF or HSBC in your state.  If they can only exchange one not, you can get in your limo, go to your plane and fly wherever you need to be.   They are supposed to be sending you to someone who can exchange your amount of currency and same thing offered to people with your kind of wealth.  They are not going to send you to an exchange location that cannot handle the amount of money you have.

Q & A: TNT Forum

  1. – All money from all banks get taken back?   Tony:  Only heard of one because of the volume of that branch.  As to higher ups, none of them have reported the money returned.
  2. –  Type of trust? Ray:   Best trust for me is a complex trust where the trustees have full control.
  3. –  Trump has said he will wipe out the national debt in his 2nd term. Tony:  All this money will be coming into the economy.
  4. –  Will they just flip a switch and we go to the bank or country by country?  Tony:   Iraq is going to RI or RV, 1:1 in country.  If it RI’s and goes back to the rate it was plus 20%, out of country it’s going to be $3.71 and RV at the very same time and we are going to go to the bank. . . if we had to wait an additional 90 days, 6 months after they RV the currency, don’t you think the banks would know there would be a window before we got to see it?


Tony . . . Okay guys good news out of Iraq.  Parliament saying they are ready to vote.  Don’t have to wait till Sunday.  Banks have a window.  Today through Sunday.  Did have holding rates with a hole next to them.

My inside guys says the GOI is right where they want it to be. Supposed to see this in the coming days.  If something superfantastic happens we will shoot it out . . .let you know.   Enjoy your day.  I’m going to enjoy mine.

Ray . . .  Enjoy this hump day Wednesday.  If anything happens, like Tony says we’ll be in touch.  (played “I Believe.”)