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Ray: . . .

Tony:   Goooooooooood Morning, TNT!

(I missed the first few minutes of the call.  I will post it as soon as I can.

It’s still the end of the year.  January is only a couple of days away.  For the last 4 years they have tried to do the RV between the 1st and 14th of January.

CURRENT WINDOW:  Tony:  It’s a holiday.  Either they will go with this thing the end of the month or we will see it the first 15 days in January something will happen.  I actually don’t see it guys.  Nobody is doing anything. . . Between the 4th and the 8th is what I’m looking at.

Everybody is still saying ‘it’s done, just waiting for the announcement.’  We went through this last year with black Friday and then Christmas, banks saying it was ready.  Not getting any of that this year.  Not telling the people to get ready.  More than likely right back into Jan is what I see.  Between the 4th and the 8th is what I’m looking at.

IRAQ:    PM Mahdi is scheduled to visit the US January 4th.  It is to discuss the Iranian sanctions.  An announcement before or after his visit?   Tony:  They will never, ever, ever, ever let it look like the US made a decision for them!!! . . . They are not going to do that!  They will never want their citizens to know that!

  • International Status for Dinar:  1)  You can see it on Forex; 2) trading and paired with other currencies and other counries; 3)  paid on their Qe cards. Tony:  It’s done.  We are just waiting for the announcement.
  • Ministers:  Tony:  We think they have all been met.   Everyone has congratulated them on completing their Government.  Trump just did . . . yet we say they are not complete because they hae not voted on their ministers.   Are they still fighting over them?  Why do they submit the same names over and over again? We’ve been waiting for the Ministers to be voted on 6-8 weeks now and it’s still the same name.  What’s the purpose?  They are intentionally kicking it down the road until when?  Price of oil and they are waiting for an uptrend?  Everything situation I just went through stems from the US.
  • President Trump:  Did Trump meet with GOI? Articles says he did and did not.      Tony: Supposedly Trump did meet with Abadi.  Trump hasn’t gone a lot of places . . . because of an assassination attempt.  It was not the way a visit is usually made to a country.  He was invited and they could not agree on a location.  Trump did not want to go off the base.  They did have a phone call.  A bunch of them . . . Parliament members .  . . did feel disrespected.  Those who want the US out of Iraq, including Iran, are making a big deal out of it to use it to push the US out of Iraq as they have wanted for some time.
  • CBI:  Tony: Exchange locations are on corners.  It’s a holiday.  Either they will go with this thing the end of the month or we will see it the first 15 days in January something will happen.  I actually don’t see it guys.  Nobody is doing anything.

Parliament:  No talk of any new currency notes being released.  Next meeting and vote is scheduled for January 8th.  Tony:  They could change the (submitted minister) names anytime between now and the 8th and this thing would be over with.

Maliki still doing CYA and working with Iran to keep influence in the GOI.  He still needs a GOI position so he is not investigated.

Demonstrations.  Tony says the people know something we don’t know because they are not rioting.  In Basra they are rioting but it’s  about their local issues and not about Parliament’s non-activity.

Kurdistan is our biggest ally in Iraq.

US Military bases:  Two more near Syrian border that Iraqi’s did not know about and ready to put in two more bases.  Tony:  They look at it as an invasion.   . . any country we have gone to war with/fpr we have never left.   That was the agreement we had with Iraq when the war was over.


Currencies:   If oil is in the $40 – $46 range do you know how it will affect the Dinar rate?  Tony:  It will still be in the $3.71 range at $46.


Banks:   Banks not excited and not on alert status.  No change in the lead bank.  It is still Wells Fargo that is the lead bank and represents the U.S. Treasury.

Taxes:   No change in the previous information that it will be a non-taxable event.

800 #’s:  No release of the numbers or information regarding their release.


ZIM Information:  No update or change in previously given information this call.

Q & A: TNT Forum

  1. – You said Article 140 had been implemented.  I cannot find any information about it.  Wondering where you got the information?   Tony:  If I found it there had to be an article out about it.

Q & A: Callers

  1. –  What does the UST hae to do with Iraq and RV?  Tony:  Most of the laws in their country was set up by agreement during the war.  We set those requirements.  Includes their currency.  We have veto power over that.  While they have let them go all the way to the point of being International they have not let them RV their currency yet.
  2. –How is the GOI paying it’s bills? How are they living in Iraq?  Tony:  At the end of this call I am going to Tweet out something and show you just that.


Tony . . . Okay guys .  No good news and no bad news.  At a stalemate.   Why they put date out to the 8th.  Nobody excited.  Nothing on the boards in Iraq.  Just need to make an announcement.

Yes Madhi coming over the 8th, but about sanctions.  We know the vote scheduled for the 8th and it’s the same name . . . or no vote.  Something has to change between now and the 8th in order for the vote to happen.  Do they need it?  No, it’s not a written requirement  They could surprise me and do it tomorrow.  Right now, between now and the 15th of January.   Enjoy your weekend.

Ray . . . Are you ready.   There is the Utopian way or your way.  If you don’t know what the Utopian way is, then look it up and look out for family members.  Ownership or control?  Are you all in or partially?  I don’t know a way to partially be in on an owner versus controller situation?

Do you know the difference between an Operating and Non-operating foundations?

Debt Management?  Not just cutting up your credit cards.  Some of us will knowingly and voluntarily go into debt to let our money work for us and that working money will handle the debt management.  Using credit as a convenience rather than a necessity.

Some of these subjects, if you want to review will be on Sunday mornings “rap” session.

Those of you on your way to Wilson, NC the party kicks off at 7 pm.  Have your dancing shoes on.  Travel safely.  As far as the weekend if anything pops we will get it out to you.  If nothing happens we will be back on Jan 31st for our regular Monday session.  (played “I Believe.”)