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Ray: . . .No updates went out so we are starting with a clean slate . . .

Tony:   Goooooooooood Morning, TNT!    It’s another fabulous day in Dinar land.  All we have in front of us is time.  In a couple of hours . . . it’s my birthday.  Want to thank all you guys for all the birthday cards and all the gifts!   Thank you for everything and all the cigars.  I really do appreciate them.

Our guy that did the exchange.  He told us what happened.  He had SKR’s and and when he got the SKR’s they were limited.   They were limited to 20 million dinar, 200 million dong and 500 trillion ZIM with 6 zero’s off.  The ZIM was at .03 and he got to exchange it and there is no claw back on the ZIM.  They will not be going back after the ZIM money.  It’s done!

He got to exchange those limits two weeks ago when he did his exchange.  Those are the amounts he got to exchange and he did exchange the ZIM notes and they took 6 zeros off.  We will wait and see what happens when we go to the bank.  I will be taking my ZIM to the bank.

Everybody I know (said in a sing song voice style) are saying this will be over or projected to be over by the end of the month or by the end of the week. That’s everybody I know is saying that!  Since there are only two days left in the week and four days left in the month, I don’t think guess can be that far off.  That’s their plan.  That’s what it’s set up for.  Just waiting to see if it actually happens.

Not a lot of news.  Not a lot to be worried about.  There is a delegation here for the US for four days.  . . .I just don’t know when the four days or up, Friday or Saturday.   Have said they will announce the new ministers when they return.  I guess we are in good shape.  Nothing we can do but wait.

CURRENT WINDOW:  Tony:  Everybody I know say’s this will be over by the end of the month or the end of the week. Everybody I know!  There are two days left to the end of the week and 4 days left in the month.

Tony:  We are just waiting to see if it actually goes through this time. . . They could surprise us and do it in the middle of the day. . .They wanted the rates to go an hour before the banks opened in Iraq was the goal at one time.  . . I still think it makes more sense for their early morning.

IRAQ:     Still waiting and expecting an announcement of who the four new cabinet ministers are.

Delegation in Washington for four days which is completed either Friday or Saturday of this week.

Lower Denom’s:  No update on their current status.  They were loaded in the ATM’s months or more ago.

Parliament:  Announcement of who the new cabinet ministers are is to be made when the Iraq delegation currently visiting Washington, DC returns to Iraq either Friday or Saturday.  Tony knows the minister names that were submitted.  Tony: I’m assuming like I’ve been told that it is done.  Just waiting for the announcement . . .then the whole world knows the currency will go up at that point.

Media:  No mention of articles or TV broadcasts content.

Contractors:  They have not received any updates on when to expect the rate change.


Panama:  Panama is on the USD in country.   Tony did not know if exchanges could be made in Panama.

Currencies:  Dinar:   Tony:  I was told there would be a “sucker rate” for the Dinar.  I don’t know what the Dong will do. . .  He (Tony’s contact) just said, ‘Don’t go the first day.’

Notifications went out again this week to traders, banks and all others who had a need to know.

UNITED STATES:    USD contract rate for Dinar is $28.50

UST:  Tony:  We’ve been told the codes have been signed off on and done. . . .  I had somebody in the room.  The release codes have been signed off, just not released to the banks yet.

Banks: Banks check the currency rates in the morning and use that rate for the day. 

The Plan is we are to be going to the banks sometime yet this week or before Sunday:  Tony:  I am still hearing that right now.  That’s the plan!  As of right now it has not been skuddled.  I don’t know what could happen at the last minute, but as of this morning that’s the plan!

Taxes:  If your a millionaire you will be doing at least quarterly taxes.  Tony:  Don’t plan on waiting till the end of the year to do anything.  Call the IRS if you have questions about when quarterly taxes or windfall amounts are due.

800 #’s:  No release of the numbers or information regarding their release.  Caller:  You don’t get a penalty if you pay at least what you paid the year before for that quarter.  It should not be a problem for most people.

EXCHANGING:   The person in the UST that told Tony to place the Dinar in a separate account from all other currencies for tax reasons is not longer there and the administration has changed so it’s an unknown if that action is still valid.

PERSON WHO EXCHANGED TWO WEEKS AGO:   He had his SKR’s for limits of 20 million dinar, 200 million dong and 500 trillion ZIM with 6 zero’s off.  His ZIM was exchanged ZIM .03.   Tony: . . . and there is no claw back on the ZIM. . .   he did exchange the ZIM notes and they took 6 zeros off.  We’ll see what we get.  I will be taking my ZIM to the bank.  . . . At the time he got the SKR’s (safe keeping receipts) those were the amounts (currency values) so those are the amounts he exchanged for.   We are not limited!

ZIM Information:  See above about person who exchanged ZIM two weeks ago.   Tony: . . .I will be taking my ZIM to the bank.

Q & A: Callers

Q. – Caller had suggestions about donations as related to Keisha’s kids.  Tony:  We have 140,000 people that follow us on Twitter.  Over a million who listen to this call.   We have less than 100 people who make donations.  Keisha’s kids is not a foundation yet.  It’s not up and running and no one is making donations to it.

Q. – Have you heard anything about Trump not signing the RV until the Mueller investigation was over?  Tony:  What would the Mueller investigation have to do with him signing the RV?  You telling me something good, bad or indifferent happens to him and it stops the world?  We have to wait for him to be impeached before this goes through?  Who does that make sense to?   It has been signed off on.  I had somebody in the room.  The release codes have been signed off, just not released to the banks yet.

Q. – Caller was told the bank would not accept is Dong.  Tony:  First of all they have not announced a new currency. . . and they are not going to do it 10 minutes after the RV and say we have new money over here that is not in circulation.  Secondly . . . they have to give a time frame for everyone to convert the currency over to the new currency.  Whoever told you that is clueless how this money works.


Tony . . . All right guys, we’re are still waiting cuz that’s all we can do.   The numbers look good. Everybody is still excited.  Still hearing by the end of the month.   

I do want you guys to know that traders were notified again this week.  Bank people were notified again this week.  People overseas, those people we want to get notifications did receive them once again this week.  Let’s see what happens this go around.  This is the third time.  Third time is a charm.

Enjoy the rest of your day. I’m getting ready to start the birthday party so by the time midnight gets here I’ll be well into it and I’ll see you guys tomorrow at the party.

Ray . . .Enjoy your hump day, Wednesday and if nothing develops we’ll be back Friday with our regularly scheduled call.  If something does develop, you’ll know it and we’ll know it.  Keep believing.  We sure do (played “I Believe.”)

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