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Ray: . . .No updates . . .

Friday Update, April 5, 2019:

Updates received shortly after the call concluded…..

Iraqi TV broadcasting April 25 to be a launch date for the financial inclusion to the private sector.

Iraqi TV is also broadcasting travel bans have been initiated against select government officials not allowing them to leave the country. Maliki is ASSUMED to be on house arrest. Time Will Tell…it all. #wearethepeople

TNT Tony Tweet, Friday, April 5, 2019: 

The 25th has nothing to do with the RV. Tish found the info.  TNT Tony #wearethepeople

Tony:   Goooooooooood Morning, TNT!  We are still here unfortunately.   We know what we were looking for over the weekend and saw none of it.  Looking for the Gazette, seeing the rate posted to make it official and for the lower denominations.  The Gazette did not happen on Saturday.  Have not heard from anyone over there yet today about the LD’s.

Rates at the banks have not changed.  They still have the release codes.  Still waiting for the Go.

Said when Mahdi came back from Iraq, which he did, the Ministers would be named.  Kurdistan finally agreed on the name for Minister of the Interior.

While it is not on the Parliament meeting for Wednesday we may see it then.  Other than that we are waiting for news – the Gazette and the LD’s to come out.

The 25th (of April) is a banking seminar.  Encourage the people to use the banks – leave their money in the banks instead of under their mattress.  Nothing that concerns us or the RV.

If they put them (LD’s) out today and then it could happen (release of the 800 #’).  I don’t see them doing it that way.  If they start putting the LD’s out and advertising it on TV which one of you guys wouldn’t do everything possible to start buying them right now?  They are not going to give us that kind of opportunity.  I really don’t see it happening unless it all happens together.

The rate was to have come out Saturday and the LD’s come out today.   When it goes live, we will put out the 800 numbers so you can go to the bank.

CURRENT WINDOW:  Tony:  We are waiting for the Gazette (to publish the new rate) and the lower denominations to be released.  . . this is my focal point right now.

Text at 90 minutes into the call:  Tony:  My guy over there said the lower denom’s are going to be released today.                                    . . . I asked the question, “Are they out?” and he simply said “Yes!” 

I like the fact he’s still telling me it is going to happen.  As far as Wednesday, I just don’t know. 

Tony:  Tomorrow is a holiday only for the Kurd’s and only certain provinces are celebrating.

I had a call from a woman who has cancer, it’s spread through her body and I want to say a prayer for her.  She said something was going on in the world – she got her mortgage from Well Fargo and it had been paid in full.  She had not paid on it in seven years and said it was recorded at the court house, “paid in full.”  This is the third person I’ve heard about this.  All paid in full from Wells Fargo.  This has been over years.  I do know it was supposed to be part of the GCR package to get their mortgages paid in full. Some by the government. She’s been in this long enough and she knew about that.  Whether they (USG) are doing it or WF . . . it’s part of a blessing she received.  Please say a prayer for Nancy.


Budget was opened at the program rate through March of 2019.  Heard there was supplemental budget.  Tony:  Wouldn’t need one if the first one was not even open yet.   I heard over the weekend they open it and close it, open it again and close it.  Who does that make sense to?  No country does that.

Lower Denom’s:  Tony:  My American contact over there said the LD’s were to come out today.  The first thing that has to happen is the Gazette come out.

Parliament:  Tony thought we might see something about the Ministers on Wednesday even though it is not on the agenda for the meeting.

Bank Inclusion Law has nothing to do with the timing of the RV.  Tony said he did not know of any other laws that have to be passed for it to go live.  Tony:  They said they are done!

HCL is done and agreed upon.  Was supposed to have been paid out last month but the rate hasn’t changed so nobody has been paid on the HCL yet.

Gazette is published typically Saturday and Wednesday.  Tony:  They could have a special edition just to throw us off.

Mahdi in Iran:  Tony said he thought he went there to secure their relationship since they still get water and electricity supplied to them from Iran and to stress they cannot meddle in the government of Iran.



GCR:  Global currency reset where over 190 countries will reset their currency values.  It was first planned over 50 years ago.  The Irag diner is the foundation and nobody else’s numbers will work unless the Dinar is used.

Iran was flooding Iraq with counterfeit notes.  Tony:  That was why they closed the border to stop them from bringing in the counterfeit and to bring the lower denom’s out.  We were told last week that was the actual hold up.

Brexit, Venezuela, Syria has nothing to do with our borders.

FOREX – Tony asked that you look at the FOREX for the Euro rate today, right now and then call WF or any bank and see if they are the same number. Tony:   Might be off a little.  Not going to be a huge variance.



Banks: Banks still have the release codes and waiting for the “GO” signal from the US Treasury.

Taxes:   Tony:  Nobody has had to pay taxes.  Nobody!  Not in the last 8 years on their exchanges.  None of them so far have paid taxes on the exchange itself!  It was Dinar and Dong in the beginning and the last person exchanged all three, the Dinar, the Dong and the ZIM.

800 #’s:  No release of the numbers or information regarding their release.

EXCHANGING:   If there is a language barrier the person can take another individual to translate and help them.  No Wells Fargo in your banking district?  Call the 800# and ask them what they want you to do.

ZIM Information:   Last item on the call:  Tony:  Bank people saying the hold up right now is the ZIM.  In meetings right now to make a decision if doing the ZIM or not.  After that maybe something will happen.  They are having discussions right now and that is what’s holding it up.

Q & A: Callers

  1. In the market there is the term “smart money” meaning those with money and then where they put it.  Do you know if any smart money is in this?  Tony:  I know there is this whole big group in Hollywood who have all gotten in; a bunch of new politicians that have all gotten in; bunch of people with money who have gotten in that don’t want anybody to know about it because it’s so crazy.  There are people with money in it, not just dreamers.  It was supposed to have been for them anyway, to make the rich richer.  Not us, but we’re in it anyway.
  2. What are the major things I need to know to do the exchange?  Verbage?   Tony:  If your calling the 800 # and going in for your appointment they know why you are there.  If your going to the teller window, say your there to exchange your currency, not that your going to cash in your investment.  There might be different paper work.

Going to look at Forex first and see what the rate is.  You can call any banks foreign currency department and see what the rate at that bank is for the day.  That is what you should know before you even walk into the bank.  Contract rate is $28.50.  If you can’t get that, check back on the website to see what people are reporting back about the rates they received and negotiations.

  1. How much longer do you think they can keep hiding this new rate? Tony:  They keep bragging about how they are going to be the richest country in the world, leaders in the world.  I am sure there are good people in Iraq, trying to do the best they can and fighting the corruption and thievery in Iraq and that is a hard fight.
  2. Is tomorrow a holiday in Iraq.   Tony: Tomorrow is a holiday only for the Kurd’s and only certain provinces are celebrating.
  3. 2nd basket?   Ray:  Haven’t heard about a 2nd basket.
  4. It’s almost 11 pm in Iraq.  If the LD’s are going to be released so it would have to be overnight.  Tony:  I asked the question, “Are they out?” and he simply said “Yes!”  He’s in an area where they are being seen.  Tony: Another example is we get new bills all the time. Everybody doesn’t get new 100’s, 20 or new 10 on the same day, but they were still out.  Just because you haven’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not true.


Tony . . . Okay guys.    Hot off the press:  Bank people saying the hold up right now is the ZIM.  In meetings right now to make a decision if doing the ZIM or not.  After that maybe something will happen.  They are having discussions right now and that is what’s holding it up.

Let’s see if it comes out in the Gazette.  Hopefully by Friday, it is over.  You guys better be ready.  Because the next ride is a rocket ship straight up!  It’s going to fly fast, with this amount of money like you’ve never seen.  I hope your ready for it.

Ray . . .  Let’s see what happens between now and Wednesday.  Keep believing because we sure do.  (played “I Believe.”)