TNT SHOWTIME CC (Highlight notes by Sunny)

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Replay 605.562.3179, PIN CODE 409029#

Highlights of TNT conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.    SHORT CALL

Ray:  It’s Marvelous Monday.  Still, did not think we would be here.  You would think the intel would be pouring out left to right, but it isn’t.  Friday, nothing new, so we waited.  We are still in an anticipatory mode.  Any hour, any day. 

Weekend Activity: In Iraq broadcast on their TV screens that the lower denoms were going to all the citizens.  They did not say “in the coming days.”  Ray:  Rupiah . . . did some fluctuating . . . happened this weekend.   

Ray: Strangely quiet right now.  Really don’t have a pulse on what’s going on over there right now.  Three days since I’ve heard from contact I have regularly heard from.  Ray said it maybe the quiet before the storm.

CURRENT WINDOW:    Ray:  Still expecting it any minute, any hour, any day.  That is the best information we have.   Some of us were looking for it this morning.  We were ready.  It didn’t happen. 

Ray:  Some of us have been down this road before.   Remember back when

Caller: Do you think it’s a possibility go to end of January or February? Ray: No, I don’t think we are going to the end of January based on people that have appointments . . . on what’s going on with the banks.

IRAQ:    The 15th:  Tariffs take affect.  

  • CBI  has not made any announcement on the Lower Denom’s.  Ray: Some information maybe more forthcoming later in the day


  • Currencies:  Rupiah fluctuated over the weekend and some people profited by that.  Good idea to keep an eye on it.


  • Banks:  Reports of people have bank appointments scheduled for this week. Some were told to bring their currencies, just in case. Some went in last week for consultation and planning. Sometimes given a rate but then could not exchange.  Rates shared with different members on different currencies they wish to exchange with instructions to come back next week.
  • Concerns of Market Crash:  Ray:  Some bleak outlooks we can do nothing about.  All we can do is make plans in case it happens. . . Be ready so it doesn’t affect you the way it would someone who isn’t ready.  All I can do is . . . I can control what happens to me after the fact, IF THAT ACTUALLY TAKES PLACE.     A caller pointed out that “fear” sells and that could be all the “crash scenario’s” are about. Selling a newsletter, financial advice, etc.

EXCHANGING:   Are you ready?  Means have a bank location and be prepared in case we do not get the anticipated information from TNT and we maybe on our own.  If traveling have alternate plans, perhaps private plane information, if you want to get home quickly.  Ray:  If playing the 1st, 2nd, 3rd mouse scene, time is not of the essence and you are waiting for it to play out.


PAM:  (out shopping according to Ray)

RAY: Time to pack it up and bring it in. The last caller should have put you in the right perspective. Not a question of if, but when. With that being said, magic four letter word . . . WAIT.  Let’s just sit back and wait on it coming. Can’t rush it, speed it up, slow it down or turn it sideways.  Can do a whole lot once we have it in our hands. Hopefully, we will have a reason to convene you again, if not today, tomorrow, if not then, back with the regular Wednesday call. . . . Really I am taking it hour by hour. We have some currency fluctuating. . . We’ll just wait on that and see what happens. Have a good day.