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Ray:  Today is marvelous Monday. . . What constitutes a TNT member.  Anyone who says in their mind and heart, ‘I’m a TNT member.’  Some of you are active on the board . . .but all are TNT members if that who you claim to be. . . Whether you have back room access or not.

Weekend Review:  Give us an idea of where we were looking to be by today, even if we are not there.

Reports on Saturday parades in the street and all through the weekend right into Monday celebrating victory, end of Ramadan and EID holiday commencing.  . .Told EID was to commence on the 25th of June following the close of Ramadan.  Massive fireworks displays in Baghdad.  Iraq TV reporting GOUSA congratulating them on success of defeating ISIS.  Have not heard the official word on the liberation of Mosul and rest of Iraq.  CBI site going through changes.  Up and down, up and down reflecting different rates.

One of the best things coming across that TV screen was the broadcast, “significant impact to the purchasing power for all citizens of Iraq.”  I only know of two ways to have significant impact – do a major drop on all goods and services or  whatever you are using to make those purchases is revalued at a higher rate.

. . .There has been plenty of talk of the currency increasing.  Don’t have anything really exciting to share with you today intel wise.

CURRENT WINDOW:   Q. – Still expecting it this week or will it roll into next month?   Ray:  Yes we are and I doubt it.

IRAQ:    Major celebrations for victory, end of Ramadan and beginning of EID holiday took place over the weekend with huge fireworks displays.   Ray said there had been no “official” word on the liberation of Mosul.

CBI: 50K dinar bill is expected to be exchanged.  New website up and rates were observed fluctuating up and down.


TV broadcasting “in the coming days.”  No information on what is being said in the mosques.

TAXES:  Ray:  I’ve never heard of taxes being taken out for an exchange. . . require major restructuring of laws.

Task Force/Meetings:  is comprised of TNT members who have organized seminars, within days following exchanging, in 13 major cities.  Bank representatives will be present at these events to supply information on their investment products.

800 #’s:  Ray has not heard anything officially about 800 numbers.  Ray:  Unofficially I’ve not heard anything in the last week or so.

Bank database has grown to 53 banks that verify at their location.

Q & A: TNT Forum

  1. –   Still expecting it this week or will it roll into next month?   Ray:  Yes we are and I doubt it.
  2. –   Dinar overprinted a problem? Ray:  I don’t recall them saying they overprinted the dinar.
  3. –   Is there a limit on gifting to a non-profit.   Ray:  No limit on gifting to charitable organization but can only write off up to 50% in one given year.

Q & A: Callers

  1. –  Over the w/e PM Abadi posted on his web site.  We have been on the lookout for an announcement.  Is this being perceived that way?  Ray:  Nothing has come out over the weekend.  All quiet.
  2. – Travel ban includes Iraq.  Will that have an impact on the RV?  Ray:  I don’t think so.  Iraq goal . . . is to get back where they used to be. (accepted Internationally by other countries)

RAY’S Training:

I’m a believer in things happening for a reason.  We had the Sunday morning chat to do some training . . . I like to talk with people, not to people.  Now I’m going to talk to people.

We were not trying to have a venue where only select info went to select group of people.  Since I do have 20K of you here, we can do some excerpts from some of the things we do in training.  Going through an exercise.

I appreciate those who transcribe this call for whatever reason.  I assume you do it to help others.  I know that bits and pieces are left out.  I don’t expect you to get every single word.  For this training I’m going to do now I’m going to ask you to put in it for people to go listen to the recording.  The playback is available 24 hours a day so they can hear every word, every inclination.

Replay at:

Ray titled this segment, “Faith Empowers, Fear Disables”   He then went into teaching on the Parable of the three talents in Matthew, verses 24 and 25.

He also referred members to a Forum post article (below) and went over each item in the article.

“6 Ways To Give Family And Friends Financial Aid”

Updated Jan. 11, 2014 to reflect the latest gift-tax rates and limits on tax-free gifts.


Waiting for more information.   All we can do right now.  Mosul is a done deal, still have to wait for announcement.  Citizens are being told on TV, “in the coming days.”  It’s coming out.

EID officially ends tomorrow.  Some areas have extended it into Wednesday  We might see some things pop between now and the 30th.  Some folks those escrow accounts are to be terminated and Iraq receiving that money with the understanding they are Inter and the currency revalues.

In the meantime, in between time, I am going to keep on believing, not because of fear but because of fact.  (played “I Believe.”)   Ray:   I am excited to, with financial information we can map out our future.