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TNT Call notes 7-August-2017

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RayRen:  Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  Today is Marvelous Monday, August 7, 2017, with yours truly RayRen98 here.  When we were last together on Wednesday’s call, with an update on Thursday and no call on Friday.  The weekend was very quiet for most of us.  There are plenty of people who can give you other information, but when you still wake up with empty pockets, that doesn’t help.  There is a lot of intel floating around;  I give you the information that I feel is true and pertinent, and you blend that with other things in a way that is good for you.

I didn’t expect anything much over the weekend.  Now we are getting news and rumors that it will go on 21. August.  Then just today I am seeing good events;  Kurds are on their way to Baghdad to discuss their issues and Article 140 to be activated.  It’s believed that will take place within two days.  The appeal to the Budget has supposedly been rescinded;  that was to be addressed on 21. August as well, and it might have held things up, but if it has been rescinded that’s no longer an issue.   Regarding back pay, there is a question of whether it is 1:1, and rumor/intel says July’s payments will be made 7-8 for some, 9-10 for others, and some are now saying those payments are going through today.  Somebody will be right;  I’m only interested in my part of the process.

If Article 140 is activated, that might be the signal for the ATMs to function and dispense the lower denominations.  That will be a great sign of progress.

We need to look at some other currencies, because there are things going on in that arena as well.  I have been getting some information but waiting for it to firm up.  Keep an eye on that whole sector, because there are always opportunities.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q:  Now an insurance requirement needs to be achieved by the GOI; months ago, you responded to a question about possibility of RV in Sept. and firmly suggested “NO” – September is now weeks away, are we now headed to 2018, a possibility that seemed remote?  Apparently more needs to be done to qualify for IMF approval!  A:  The information from last week and from today indicates a NO for September because it looks like this will pop before then, and NO for 2018 as well.

Q:  Can you please explain the TNT “give back day” after the RV?  A:  When Tony was still in charge of TNT, he suggested that ten days after the RV, we should all go out and do something significant to pay it forward:  give a wonderful tip at a restaurant, or pay for everyone’s groceries at the supermarket, or something of that nature.  We could write ‘superfantastic’ on the bill, so that when it was reported, WE would know it was someone in this group.  Of course, when the time comes, we will announce the official Day 1 up to Day 10, and we would see the official results across the United States.

Q:  Any speculation as to WHAT or WHY this is still being held up?  It seems like everything has been done, and we are “CLOSER” than we have ever been, but why not full release?  A:   Sure, someone is still fighting to get what they want out of this deal.  Yes, we are closer than ever, but closer is not ‘the end’, which is what we need for the release.

Q:  it is now beginning to look as though Abadi beats to a different drum, with all of the timelines being ignored, the lies being told to the Iraqi people such as the coming days, weeks end, accelerated reforms etc. That being said as the world waits is there any way that the IMF other countries or any other entity can circumvent this RV without waiting on Iraq any longer?  A:  I think that if they could do it without Iraq, they would be doing so.  I’m sure any time they feel froggy, they would jump… so why haven’t they?  I have to assume that they cannot, or they would have by now.  That’s my thought.

Q:  Post RV, will the volatile rates on ForEx for the currencies we hold, be reflected at the banks and have an impact on the rates the banks quote us on the day of our exchanges??  A:  I assume so, but if not, we can still participate with those rate changes in the market place, if not at the bank.  I am asking those familiar with these issues to find out how to do that, if it possible.

Q:  is it possible have this RV could sneak up on us all without any preliminary warning and surprise even you?  A:  No way it could sneak up and surprise me, and I think there are too many people watching this 24/7, looking for these changes.

Q:  Articles keep coming out about the salaries being paid to the people last week and this week.  Do you know if they have been paid and at what rate?  A:  That has been the big issue:  what rate?  We have articles saying the back-pay and retirees are being paid today, and the scuttlebutt is that they are being paid 1:1 or at the new rate – also for the contractors.  I am trying to pin down where they are in that process, to give us some type of time-frame or thought process when we can take advantage of the situation.

Q:  I have heard you say to make sure our currency is verified before giving it up to the exchanger.  What I haven’t heard is how do we do that if all they are doing is following a book on how to verify it?  I’m concerned they will still send the currency off to some location to verify it.  Wouldn’t it be better to only exchange at a facility that has a De La Rue machine?  A:  If they are following a book to verify the currency and then say, “this is it, this is the correct currency and amount”, and they give you a receipt, than that is it.  They used their verification process, and they need to stand behind it.  If not, go elsewhere.  It doesn’t matter if it is a machine or a magnifying glass, so long as they verify it in front of me and give me a receipt.  After that, it’s on them, no longer on me to prove what I have is valid.

Q:  Can you please expound on your information in beginning that the action before the Supreme Court  regarding the budget has been rescinded?  A:

Live questions

470/865/404 caller:  Anything you can share from the mosques

RayRen:  Nothing from the mosques lately.

Caller:  Articles in print don’t always square with what Iraqi television puts out.  What is happening with the Kurds – is that being reported?

RayRen:  They are not bringing that up in our conversations.

Caller:  Anything showing up in the Gazette?

RayRen:  There are not expectations of anything in the Gazette.

232 caller:  It seems rare to hear new people on the phone – is this a policy?  I have tried to get on in the past…

RayRen:  Did you try a different number?  This line is the only one open to questions, and I try to go straight down the line.

Caller:  We are considering an ‘eastern’ civilization from a western mentality, and I think that this adds to the frustration, especially on timing issues.  I thought maybe Iraq would issue new money/currency and let the older notes go… what do you think?

RayRen:  If they hadn’t already started, maybe they would go that route.  Look at Zimbabwe, they have declared the old currency defunct and are starting afresh.  However, in Iraq, everything is to far along to go with that approach.  Many have been investing in the Iraqi currency, AND various things have taken place that we are not aware of or don’t have control over.

We do have a few elements of control:  who we listen to and when, and also which banks we use to exchange our currencies. Your feelings make a difference to what you hear and how you receive it.  I woke up refreshed and ready to go;  some people woke up frustrated, and go through their day all agitated.  That’s under our control!  We need to be ready to go, and then we can jump on it when it falls out of the tree.

Caller:  Yes.  You can worry all day about this, if you choose, but if you worry briefly and then move on, there are miracles everywhere.  You have to train yourself NOT to worry or focus on the negative, and things don’t turn out that way.  Be done with the worry and find the nugget out there in the day.  [more of the same]

610 caller:  If you are financially able, please donate by mail, sending your check or money order to Ray Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City, NC 27822.

Next caller:  Did I hear you say that some people can exchange now??

RayRen:  Sure, they can… but only at the ugly rate.  The availability is there;  we are exercising the control NOT to go.

707 caller:  Where is that birthday song that you play?

RayRen:  Go to YouTube and search for ‘reggae birthday song’.

Next caller:  You don’t think this will go into 2018?

RayRen:  Anything is possible, but if everything goes according to the information I have been listening to, then it should be done before the end of this month, so September and 2018 are irrelevant.

386 caller:  What you said earlier about Zim being a dead currency;  what are the odds of Zimbabwe writing that off?

RayRen:  Technically, it’s already worthless.  Remember there was a US currency at one time called ‘green banks’;  that is now a collector’s item, but you cannot exchange it at the bank. That’s how I view the Zim we bought:  it’s a collector’s item that may have value in the future.  You cannot go to Zimbabwe and ask to exchange it in the banks in that country.  However, there are so things going on with that superseded currency that I don’t totally understand, but if things change such that the bank will give me three cents on the dollar, I won’t ask why, I’ll just exchange.  If the banks say “the currency is obsolete”, well, I knew that when I bought it.  Your question was whether that older currency can go back to Zimbabwe in current conditions.  I do think this will change.

Caller:  I bought Zim but I’m very limited on dinar because I can’t find any more at the official rates.

Closing Statement

We are still trying to say sane as we wait and watch.  In the meantime, if you have any kind of retirement, do yourself a favor and set up a self-directed Roth IRA with suitable guardians for that program.  If you have 10K in your retirement fund, bringing in less than 1% interest, if you took just $1,000 and moved it into a s/d Roth IRA and used that to buy currency or other tangible assets, you will do so much better.  Most of us came to this community because we bought dinar;  $1,000 could get one million dinar, easily.  So your s/d Roth IRA has one million dinar, and at $3.00 rate (which is conservative), that’s three million dollars… from an investment of $1,000, plus you still have $9,000 in your other retirement account.  So now the tax-free account has three million, and your ordinary taxable retirement account has $9,000!  Do these deals while you can, so that when the dust settles, you will have much more to play with.  This is a way to get your money to work, compared to what you are doing right now.  I don’t say to take the whole 10K and risk it on currencies, just a portion. Stop operating on emotion;  do the math and let that make the decision for you.  It’s a whole different world out there, and we’re dealing with money on an entirely different level. We’re going into the future, and you ah veto decide if you are as well.

Good things could pop out this week, in Iraq.  If the other countries feel froggy, why don’t they jump?  I don’t know.  From the information I’ve received, it looks like Iraq should be moving in the next couple of days, and we might see something exciting take place with the left hand.  Meantime, don’t forget about your right hand, with those other currencies.  One of them almost did something today, and that means there is no telling what it might do tomorrow.  If we see an opportunity, I will put the information out there so that you can optimize the opportunity, if that is appropriate.  Even as new things develop in the financial arena, we will make sure you know of it.  You will have no excuse not to be successful.

In the meantime… I’m excited.

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