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RayRen:  Good afternoon, TNT family!  Today is Friday, December 4, 2015.  This is RayRen98 and with Already Blessed we will get this show on the road. It’s RayRen98 here, and we’re going to get right into the business of receiving information – as we hear it. That’s what this site is about, a team of individuals who want to hear the information and then we can put the pieces together. This information is nothing we control or mandate, just what we hear and what we believe based on what we’re hearing. It’s not about what we believe, but what you believe.

Housekeeping first:  we are an information site sharing information from our various sources, and then you apply it to however it affects your life as you go forward.  Some individuals … it’s like walking into a dark room and when you turn on the light, you see roaches scatter everywhere.  They like to work in the dark, sight unseen, and some people do that as well.  They hide under internet names, not letting you know who they are – they work in the darkness, going about what moves them. They are targeting myself and Already Blessed, with their allegations and accusations, jjust throwing stuff out there firuging it won’t come back at them because they are hiding out in the dark.  The light will come on sooner or later!  No matter what they throw out about me and Pam, about Tony or DC, whatever you hear or read, ask this: How does it affect me and what I will do?  They say Tony is a liar, or I am lying, but how does that affect you?  Your aim is to exchange your currency and move on with your life.  How does our information affect that?  Look at what you have been told or have read, over the past weeks or months… did it not come to pass? The striking thing is that it’s not something we created or that we plan to do, but what others told us, and we shared it.  Does it make sense?  If so, believe it and do what you need to do accordingly.  Otherwise, kick it to the curb!  As for the roaches, sooner or later the l ight will be turned on and they will be exposed.

There is a new site, because there is a new sheriff in town and so things have changed.  Go to, or go to and click on the  link.  Everything will be the same, and you just have to get used to me – but not for too much longer.

Let’s get into today’s information that we are happy to share with you.  From my sources in Iraq, they say the RV has begun and is in the system.  The lower denominations are being distributed in some regions, especially Kurdistan. That excites me!

In Canada, people saw information on the screens yesterday and people are making appointments to take advantage of that.  Banks are starting to call people in, so Canadians have something to look forward to.  We are moving along together, probably at about the same speed.

In the US, members are talking to managers, and they are being received graciously and being told they can exchange their various currencies when the time is right. Several members are experiencing that first-hand.  Other members went to their banks this morning and noticed lots more security at the front entrance.  When they ask what is going on, the security folks just say they are ‘hanging around’, but what banks are spending money to have new security hang around?  The writing is on the wall, and it’s evident that things are moving.  Other banks are making appointments for people for the first part of next week – I know what I think that’s for.  We have heard that private exchanges have been happening this week, and I believe that.

The most exciting information to date is a memo that we heard went out the banks with specific instructions. We did some research, and YES that memo hit some banks yesterday evening.  Some people saw that it came in but couldn’t read it, and some people could read it.  The information we were told was:

“The Fed, FDIC and the UST released the dinar to be exchanged immediately.”

That’s the intel I have to share with you today from abroad, from up North and from the US. The green light is on everywhere, and everyone is upbeat and excited.  We are in that time and season;  are you ready to walk in that season?

Let’s do a few Q and A that will assist you further on the journey to true financial freedom…

617 caller: We’re very grateful for all you are doing for us, and those who don’t like it can stay the hell off this line.  I have one question.  There were questions on the forum about who pays taxes on gifts of currency.  The person with the currency pays the tax, right?  [The whole point of giving currency BEFORE the RV is so that the giver doesn’t have to pay gift tax on over $14,000.  After the RV, the currency will be worth more!]

RayRen:  The person who makes the exchange pays the tax.  We can find out for sure by calling 1-800-829-1040.  When you call them, they will answer the phone saying, “Welcome to the IRS; can I help you?”  Ask your question and we’ll get the answer staright from the horse’s mouth.  Ask their employee number so you can refer back to them if you run into a disagreement down the road.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

432 caller:  Was Tony close to the violence in San Bernardino?

RayRen:  No.  We are praying for the victims, their families and survivors.

410 caller:  A question that keeps coming is “Will there be an 800 number?”  I find it a challenge finding any 800 numbers right now – you get trapped in their voicemail system.  If we have a special number, that would be very good.  I hope it will, so that we can get through easily, quickly and be done with this, which I think they want.

RayRen:  If those banks give us an 800 number to give to you, we will send it out in the most expedient ways possible:  tweets, forum posts, whatever we can do.  The banks will be glad to receive you.  In your area, check the banks that exchange foreign currency. That will be your base to start from if we don’t have numbers to give you.  If we send out that the RV is here, you will already be ready to go, if you have those numbers ahead of time.  [All the banks list their 800 numbers AND which branches do foreign exchange.  Check their websites – the info is there and it’s very straightforward.]

Caller:  I called one bank, and the guy said they will exchange at all banks, but I don’t believe that.  Ask which is the main bank that exchanges foreign currency in your area. [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

312 caller:  I’m fantabulous, too.  [This is one of the OM ladies.]  So the IMF and UST are releasing the dinar – at the new rate?

RayRen:  Yes, I agree with that assumption – at the new rate.

Caller:  I was on certain news sites and then Abadi sent a tweet saying that they are not asking for any ground troops.  I assume that the US isn’t sending troops, so who does want to send troops? And will this affect the process?

RayRen:  If this memo holds true that the banks received yesterday evening, and it says ‘immediately’, I don’t think that will affect the banks here. Of course, this went to the US banks, and I don’t think the Canadian banks will have received it.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

941 caller:  When you’re the sheriff and there are so many cockroaches, have you called for backup?  Sometimes it is beneficial to let them be aware of what’s going on so they can be ready with the bug spray.

RayRen:  No backup needed;  we just turn the lights on and they scatter.

Caller:  How is it looking for us  right now?

RayRen:  It’s looking GREAT.  I’m waiting to see what the banks are doing with that memo;  just sit back and enjoy the ride.  You be ready for your drive!

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

352 caller:  I was reading Randy K, and he said this would come out 1;1, and it won’t go up to $3+ for over a hundred days.  He blames President Obama for everything, and says  the President is controlling the Iraqis. He’s also says that if anyone says they have exchanged, they are lying.

RayRen: That’s his choice as to what he believes or doesn’t believe.  If he chooses not to believe anyone has done an exchange, that’s his choice.  I have talked to people who have exchanged, and they have no reason not to tell me the truth. They have told me their rates, and we’ve heard that more than once. Various people have let us know that they have exchanged, and it’s okay if others choose not to believe that.

Caller:  You don’t have to explain where you are coming from. If they don’t agree with what you say, they don’t have to listen to the call!

RayRen:  My message wasn’t to them, it was to the those listening to them.  They will scream and shout from wherever they can get attention.  I don’t care who has anything to say;  you the listener has to determine how that is affecting what you are trying to do.  If not, you can decide you don’t have time for them.  I don’t in any case, I’m just trying to talk to those who might listen to those people.  When it doesn’t make sense, people won’t listen to it.

Caller:  [garbled, something about groups]

RayRen: When envy, spite and jealousy are to the fore, they will continue to bleat whether we talk about groups or not.  It’s bigger than the issue of groups.

423:  Ray, welcome to the spotlight.  I want to comment on the guy on the last call who sent in 2K to Sterling and got nothing back.  Well, I received one-fourth of my order through the mail.  It was dinar I’d paid for beforehand, not reserves.  If one is going to get an irrevocable trust, without kids, how do you seek out someone to use as a trustee?

RayRen:  Choose whomever you trust to work with you for the rest of your life.  The trust will be based on the Indenture – the instructions – and those will prevail for as long as you live, or the trustee lives.  You don’t have to have a younger person, it’s what the Board decides, including who they decided Successor Trustee will be.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

954 caller:  Anything else on caps or taxes?

RayRen:  We haven’t heard anything new on caps or official about taxes.

716 caller:  You’ve already answered about the 800 numbers.  Please relay my good wishes to Tony. Will you send out a tweet when it’s time?

Caller:  I don’t get tweets but my niece does and she will be the phone tree. [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

707 caller: Thanks for being there;  most of my questions have been answered.  I take it you haven’t received any instructions yet?

RayRen:  We anxiously await those instructions.

Caller:  My local WF does exchange foreign currency, and I have enough to get their attention, I think, if I can get a foot in the door. Any suggestions?

RayRen:  Just go in and ask to speak whomever is handling these things.

Caller:  I spoke to someone a few weeks ago and he gave me the  name of his boss in the main office, so I’ll give that a shot.  It’s comforting to know that you and Pam and the team are continuing this program. [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

808 caller:  This is my first time on the call!  [Appreciation]  My questions were all answered, thanks to your team.  Merry Christmas and Aloha!

601 caller:  Exciting to hear about that memo to the banks – that’s significant! What about Maliki?  Have you heard anything?

RayRen:  I haven’t heard anything, so we’ll have to wait and see about his future.

281 caller:  I’m blessed – and you?  Quick question as everything is falling into place – timeframe?  Within the next 3-7 days for this to come through?

RayRen:  If this memo is true and accurately, then ‘immediately’ is significant to me.  Immediately to me doesn’t mean a week down the road!  To me it means NOW.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Blessings on you guys… and Hawaii!

301 caller:  Any other news from Iraq about timing?

RayRen:  I’m happy it’s in the system, lower denoms being distributed, and coupled with that memo, it’s HALLELUJAH DAY!

Caller:  I’m packed and waiting like everyone else.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

954 caller:  I’m concerned about background checks.  I was arrested 30 years ago…

RAyRen:  If you are connected with gangs or terrorists, they will not be happy,  Otherwise, you will pass their background checks with flying colors.   Are you still wanted?  If not, you served your time, you’re an asset to the community, and it’s all in the past, so don’t worry.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  I’m here and waiting on you all!

RayRen:  I was in Vegas last weekend – I would have had you buy me dinner!  I look forward to meeting you next time.

951 caller:  I don’t want to sound negative but this sounds a lot like last year.

RayRen:  When you listen to the information and see what’s taken place, if you believe in what you’ve heard in the last 12 months, we are definitely not where we were last year!

Caller:  I received an email saying Okie has landed – know anything about that?

RayRen:  He has his own sources, so I’m excited about that.

Caller:  According to everything, it sounds like the window is still open.  Any timeline?

RayRen:  Nothing specific, they won’t disclose that information, but we are in the process and just need more patience.

Speaking of Vegas, it’s more than an opportunity for us to meet each other in person.  The things we are looking for, we can ask others to provide that, whether information or other support.  You want CPAs, wealth managers, investment counselors, and everyone asks me for those contacts. What better place than to get together and let them find us, see what they have to offer. We don’t have to buy anything.  It will be like a business expo with lots of resources. Vegas is not about gambling or whatever, it’s about a golden opportunity to receive great content.  That might give you a different perspective.

We are out of time and I don’t want to overwork the transcribers.  Pam?

Pam:  Thanks, Ray, for putting on another hat and stepping up for the TNT family.  I know we will all cross that finish line together.  Thanks to mods, guest mods, transcribers and members;  we will remain TNT strong.

RayRen:  Thank you all for being here with us, hanging out and learning.  No matter what you hear or read – about me, Pam, Tony, DC, anybody – always ask, “What does that have to do with what I’m trying to do in my life?”  If the answer is ‘nothing’, that’s all the weight you need to put on it.

Thank you everyone – enjoy your weekend and Fantabulous Friday!  I’m waiting to hear what exciting things we are waiting for this weekend.   We wish you well!   Thanks and have a good day!