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RayRen:  Good afternoon, TNT family!  Today is Friday, December 18, 2015.  Welcome to the TNT call for this Fantabulous Friday, yours truly RayRen98 here.  We’ll take you through the little bit of information we have, so we can make some progress.

Frist and foremost, there is not a lot of NEW intel to go over. Some folks are questioning things they heard from other locations, and wondering why I say there is no new intel.  Sally Jane has a call with, say, 500 people, and then Robert has a site with a thousand people on the site.  They can say whatever they want because not that many people are receiving the information and they may not believe what they hear. When there are 20K or more on the call, and you send out a tweet or text message, that is a lot of people listening and sometimes the info has to be tapered in the best interest of those listening. I don’t have any new intel;  I may not be at  liberty to share everything at this point.  That doesn’t mean the other intel is a fabrication or misdirection, It’s more that when I say it that carries more weight then when Sally Anne or Robert may say, especially when they are hanging on every word we say.

The Iraqi Budget has been approved, and should be published in the Gazette on Saturday.  So that’s not ‘new’ intel. Over in Iraq, the information I can get up to now are that the lower denominations are out, and the citizens are saying it’s worthless as they wait for the value to change.  However, they are distributing them to the citizens – t hat process is working.  On the celebrated day, whenever that is, those fives and tens will be valuable, and there won’t be chaos because they are already in their possession.

Some people have ‘gone quiet’ for various reasons, and we cannot make them communicate unless and until they are ready to share.

What have you heard about the banks?  Some have had preparatory appointments and others are being told to bring their currency.  The banking personnel are being told there are no vacations until the New Year, but that is ongoing, not new information. It’s all progress.  I do believe we are very much in this process;  we were told that private exchanges would take place first, then the groups, then the public.  We fall into the group category because we are staying on top of this, we are part of that community.  We are in the midst of the process.

I will answer a few questions that some of you put in the forum, and then we’ll de a short Q and A.

Q:  Have all the people in Iraq been paid at the new rate?   A.  We are hearing more people being paid every week, but not everyone, so far as I know.

Q:  If tax on the currency is at a set rate, will be still need our receipts?  I lost my receipts when Sterling crashed.  A:  When you say a set rate, I assume you mean no capital gains and therefore no long-term or short-term applications.  If it’s a flat rate, then I don’t see any need for receipts because you don’t need to establish when you bought the currency.  Perhaps in your case you can contact Sterling and have them send a note of when you bought from them.

Q:  How many dinar have been sold in the US?  A:  I don’t know.  We are looking at maybe six million who hold it, but don’t know how accurate that is.

Q:  Are lower denomination dinar distributed in Baghdad?  A:   That one is tricky.  The last time I talked to contacts in Baghdad, they hadn’t seen the lower denoms yet, although we know they have been spread out in Kurdistan and other places.

Q:  Are the zim caps gone?  A:  We haven’t seen any new information about the caps and structured payouts.  Until we are told otherwise, we’ll assume the situation is the same.

928 caller:  Thanks for stepping forward and sharing information, Ray.  Please would people ask questions that help us learn new things.  Can you give us guidance on trust accounts?  What would be best to set up based on different amounts of currency?  Is it important to set them up before the currency exchange, even if we have to take out a loan to set it up?  Or would attorneys let you pay after the exchange?

RayRen: There are ‘trust accounts’ at the bank, and then there are trust entities that are outside the account.   A trust account might be set up for minors, with certain conditions, for example.  A trust entity is separate from the bank.  If you don’t already have something up and running, and especially if you don’t have the money to set one up, then I don’t see the need to rush to set one up.  It depends on what you want that entity to do, and only you can answer that.  Most will be perfectly okay setting up your asset protection post-RV, and I don’t see the wisdom of getting a loan to set up something you don’t need right away. Some have already set up trusts because they really needed to, and some have although they don’t really need to.  These tools can be far-reaching and they need to be done right, from the beginning.  Most of us really don’t need these entities and structures set up beforehand;  it’s usually good enough to set them up within a few weeks of the RV.  Litigation doesn’t kick in unless you do something to make it kick in.

Caller:  There are so many different types regarding taxes – can you talk about which might be more advantageous and which to avoid?

RayRen:  It’s better to let the tax situation develop as a result of the entity you prefer for other reasons, depending on what you want to accomplish.  Don’t make taxes the focus or you might end up where you don’t want to be.  Post-RV professional can give you strategies will be available for you afterwards. Cross that bridge when you need it.  If you create an entity at this time of the year, you can only do so much.  Just do what you need to do to get us through December.  I’d be inclined to wait … we’ve been broke all year, so what do we need millions to do before the New Year?  For some of these rates, it might make more sense to exchange after the first, and then you will have all year to take advice from professionals.

Caller: DC advised us NOT to bring in all our currency at once.  I wonder what that would look like.  Should we bring in a sampling and our receipts, and bring in the rest at a later appointment?  What do you think?

RayRen:  That is a personal decision.  I remember when DC said that.  Many don’t have that much currency anyway.  If you have wheelbarrows full, then you might want to divide it up, but if you are going for the contract rate, you might want to exchange it all at once to get a better rate.  Nobody knows I have all this currency, and nobody knows where and when I’m going to exchange, so I’m not worrying.  Take these factors into consideration.  Think of your security issues in terms of what you want to achieve.  If you are going for the contract rates, you will probably not have the opportunity to go to several banks.

Caller: Does the China rate still exist?  I’m talking about more than a year ago, the rate at which wealthy people cashed in, and then people were worried about contract rates not being available.  Is that still available on dong and dinar?

RayRen:  I understood that to be a higher contract rate.  I haven’t heard anything official on that, but I believe they have been fused into international rates and contract rates.  I will ask for the highest possible rates on all my currencies, because if I’m signing an NDA for one, it applies to all.  “Ask not, receive not.”

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

772 caller:  My understanding is that some still have reserves not with Sterling but with other firms. My company has said that they will bring my reserves to a city close to where I will exchange.  That brings in a timing issue.  I have substantial currency as well as reserves, and I’ve been discussing this with WF.  I have told them I need five days, but I’m assuming the reserve company will have to use some kind of transport.  Because we haven’t had specific instructions from the US Treasury, I haven’t heard anything direct about exchanging.  Any bank I have asked directly has denied the RV is happening.  Now I’m hearing about a Tuesday exchange;  do you have any advice in this regard?

RayRen:  It’s great that you have reserves, but you will have to transport the currency to you, or get there quickly and then go to the bank.  If you are focused on contract rates, I doubt you will have enough time to get that done.  You will have to be first in line, and if you are waiting for them to bring it to you, I would be surprised if the contract rates last an entire week.

Caller:  If this is a contract rate, it’s a contract that is protected under US law.

RayRen:  If you are talking about your reserve purchase, sure.  But I’m talking about the time frame of getting your reserve currency into your hands.

Caller:  If you get a better rate than the international rate, that is still a long way from what the US Treasury or China has offered in the past.  So the bank stands to gain a tremendous amount of wealth if they are picking up the difference between that higher rate and what they offer us.  Some people have been getting car loans on the basis of those anticipated rates.

RayRen:  If you can negotiate that kind of deal, great.

Caller: It is about negotiation.  If we cannot come to an agreement on the reserve currencies and when they can get there, then I will take my business elsewhere.  Tony said the banks have been instructed not to let us walk out especially when you have a lot of currency.

RayRen:  That’s right.  They want your currency.

516 caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

602 caller:  Their calendar and our calendar are different…s o when you say the first of the year, do you mean 1. January?  Does the RV have to take place before the Budget is implemented?

RayRen:  It could happen as we speak.  We are in the minute.

Caller:  Does it look positive for this weekend?

RayRen:  I’m always going to be optimistic because it all looks good.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

313 caller:  Another guru said that if Iraq doesn’t complete this by the end of this year, the US and the UN will take over.  Have you heard anything like that?

RayRen:  No, I haven’t heard anything like that.  I don’t see any reason for it NOT to take place this year, what with everything we have been hearing from various places.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

941 caller:  I talked to WF in Colorado yesterday, and they are denying anything to do with the dinar. On the dong, they did say they do SKRs, so if this doesn’t pop by Monday, I will take in half my dong and make a deal.  Of the two WF branches in my area, one just blows you off;  the other manager knows about the dinar but the word is that they are not going to do any exchanges.

RayRen:  If you can get an SKR for the dong, more power to you.  If what they present works for you, go for it;  if not, back off.

405 caller:  If DC still in your daily mix?  If so, what question would you ask him, and how would he respond?

RayRen: DC would say, “Just lay low;  it’s coming!”

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

352 caller:  I heard folks talking about stuff earlier, and on a different call I heard that a guy got a trust through a bank, and he said it was a nightmare – don’t ever get a trust through a bank.  In terms of contact rates, do we ask about those at the first appointment or wait until we talk to the wealth manager.

RayRen:  I will talk about it the first time I sit down in the chair.  If there are 800 numbers, I will mention it to them!  The first person I meet I will tell that I’m interested in contract rates.  Time is money, and if that is not the person who can make that happen, they need to put me in contact with someone who can.

Caller: What about the zim?  Is there a time limit on that?

RayRen:  I saw an article referencing April 2016, but that is just an article.  We’ll find out in good time if any of the currencies have a shelf life.

Caller:  I liked that song you played last time.  You can find it on YouTube:  “I Believe”.

303 caller:  Ten inches of snow here.  Come on out and let me take you skiing.

RayRen:  I’ll come out and watch YOU ski!

Caller:  Earlier you had tabs for 800 numbers and bank rates on the other sites, but now we are supposed to get that information at TNT Showtime.  I went to the Latest Blasts and Tweets, and it was early this morning but didn’t take me anywhere.

RayRen:  I think Pam just didn’t have time to update that.  I was talking to Pam in the car this morning, but she might have got stuck and didn’t have time to fix that.

Caller:  Information to me is reactive and active.  The first is a response to the active info that has been put out.  All this banking stuff is reactive, which shows progress being made, but can you give us any more debriefs on active information, such as who gets to push the button, who gives the instruction to go ahead, etc.?

RayRen:  One minute you hear the IMF is going to call it, then the UST, the Iraq.  I don’t know!  After it’s done, we will all know who and what is going on. Meanwhile it just gets bounced around with the banks saying they have live rates and they are waiting on the Treasury and the Treasury saying they have released it already.  It’s like roulette!

Caller:  Please can you put out a tweet saying “It’s happened and we’ll have a call at such and such a time”?  Just let us know, please.

RayRen: That has been the plan from Day 1.  That is why most of you get the tweets.  Of course we will let you know, and also give you as much information as we can to prepare you for the process:  call this number (if available), or call the number of the banks that deal with foreign currency if we don’t have the numbers available for you.  We will tweet it out, text it, put it on the website…

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

RayRen:  We’re at the top of the hour, and I only intended it to be a 30-minute call but some of the questions got interesting.  We had some good information on preparations.  We are still on any minute, any hour, any day status.  I hope we may be able to send out a tweet and maybe even do a call later today. Hang tight, hold on, and make sure that you are ready because we know not the hour or day that the call comes for you to do what you intend to do.  Make sure you have your ducks in a row, have your ID ready, make sure your currency is to hand, make your appointment, show up on time, and negotiate.  They don’t want you to walk out with millions of currency tucked under your arm.  Ask questions;  ask for what you want, and you might be surprised to get it.  If you don’t know what to ask for, go back into the forum so that when it is your turn you will get the job done the first time.

I’m looking over my notes.  I was never that involved in the administration of the TNT site, but now I am seeing more of the donation activity.  Thank you so much for keeping this going. One person contributed one dollar, saying that was all they had and they were willing to give it for the cause.  It’s not the amount, it’s the gesture and the thought that counts.  Thanks for keeping this going until it’s done.

Let’s enjoy Fantabulous Friday.  Are we finally going to see it?  Until then, let’s enjoy the day and fellowship with one another, and let’s enjoy our weekend. Have a good day!