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TNT Call 1-August-2018

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RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  This is Wednesday, August 1, 2018, with yours truly RayRen98 here along with Tony.

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!   We’re here where we don’t want to be but while we’re here let’s find something to celebrate!

RayRen:  We didn’t send out any updates because we tried to get confirmation before sending out anything.  We did here from that $20 = 22 dinar in Iraq.  I did contact some sources, and two reported ‘no, they didn’t see anything on that’.  Then we did some more confirmation today from a very good source saying that some people are getting 1:1. Official sources state that “it’s supposed to start today”.

Tony:  We also got a text from Iraq;  this person is leaving and his Iraqi counterpart said that $20 = 22 dinar;  that was on Monday, while we were on the call.  He was telling us things going on on-base, and this was off-base.  He is calling around the country to get more information.  The other one that Ray mentioned, that higher source, attended a meeting today;  they said the vote recounting is complete and they’re all in a meeting right now.  He did get confirmation from that level that the citizens are now receiving 1:1.  We are trying to find out if that is in Kurdistan or anywhere else.

The committee member did comment that it was supposed to go into effect today.  We are still waiting for that to be stated officially.  We are waiting for the international button to be pushed, with the ATMs activated and the in-country rate at 1:1.  Things are moving along.  Hopefully we will get more information during the call today.  Most of our sources were expecting this to already be happening.

Articles that are now out:

  • Sadr is talking about what he wants in a PM or government.  They aren’t looking for a religious or sectarian government;  they want technocrats regardless of background.  They don’t want Iran or the US to tell them what to do.
  • The US is now demanding Abadi be PM (rather than requesting).  Iraq naturally wants to choose its own Prime Minister.
  • Abadi has come to agreement with Barzani and Article 140.

Now, in US news, Facebook has been finding that Russia is attempting to influence our mid-term elections, and I agree, that is a bad idea.  So how can it be okay for the US to demand Iraq have Abadi as PM, and potentially levy sanctions on individuals if they don’t?  If they make the announcement today, that will dissolve that particular problem.  Do we need to wait for them to announce the PM before this goes?  I don’t know.  It is on Iraqi television that they will have one unified country and they don’t have to fight the Kurds.  That’s a good thing.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q:  If you have less than 2 million Dinar and you wish to apply for the contract rate what percentage of the funds obtained at the higher rate must be designated for humanitarian projects in order to qualify?  A:  You don’t have to dedicate ANY specific amount for dinar contract rates.  We don’t know how this will work.

Q:  What kind of business activity can you do with a trust?  I went to the internet and it was not at all clear.  Please give us a brief summary as to what we can do.  I, myself, am interested in real estate.  A:  A trust is an entity like a partnership, corporation, or whatever.  It operates just like a person or company, so you’ll have no problems with real estate or other investments.

Q:  My understanding is the Zim will not have a contract rate. I know there are no guarantees but do you expect it to increase in value like dinar or just remain the same or decrease?  A:  You must have missed the recent calls.  We said that Zim MIGHT have contract rate, and the international rate might go up to 72 cents over the next 18 months, if you can stand to wait that long. To get the contract rate for Zim, you will have to give 80% to approved nonprofits based in Zimbabwe, and a humanitarian plan.

Q:  we are still only allowed to currency exchange a maximum of 10 – 100 Triillion Dolllar ZIM Notes?  A:  Nothing has changed on that.  The committee said that will be the cap;  meanwhile, the banks haven’t been briefed on any limits.

Q:  On one of your calls last week you said the tax that would have to be paid on money earned from our exchange would be 17%, if that is true, should our exchange be put in a separate account from the rest of our portfolio at our current investment firm.  I think that 17% would be less that what we are now paying.  A:  You will have to ask your banker or tax professional about that.  Anything you make from your exchange funds should be taxed at 17%.  Somehow trump is trying to come up with a 100 billion dollar tax plan that is only going to apply to the rich, which will be you.  So pay attention!  There may be a plan where you end up paying no tax.  However, he’s trying to get this through without passing it by Congress.  Look it up!

Q:  I have placed my currency into a trust.  Does the anticipated 17% tax on future earnings apply to a trust as well or will the earnings from the trust remain taxable at almost 40%?  A:  Check with your tax person.

Q:  Could Tony post the link to the article about Lebanon asking for their contractors to be paid and noting the higher value of the Iraqi currency?  A:  Yes, we covered this in the last call.  It’s in the sixth paragraph, last sentence, and it says the value of the Iraqi dinar has now changed.  I’ll ask someone to post it in the forum.

Q:  Do you have any confirmation that Iraq is Article 8 compliant?  No.

Q:  Do you know if all restrictions have been lifted?  A:  Yes, so I understand.

Q:  How difficult is it to open our own bank?  Is there a minimum of funds required?  A:  It’s not difficult;  there are bank brokers, and you can buy a bank for 3-11 million dollars.  All across the country there are banks for sale.  Your question is:  do you know how to run a bank?  Do you know how to pick a bank board?  Most people want influential people on their boards.  It’s not difficult at all to buy a bank.

Q:  I am unable to access from my iPad and a book. I know I have the correct password etc.   What can I do?  A:  Try using a real computer, and also make sure to put www. in front of the site address.  If you’re on the internet, you should be able to get in, so there may be some other issue.  Obviously this person was able to get on the sit to ask this question!

Q:  What are your thoughts on the article stating the Lebanon spilled the beans about the value of the dinar changing?  A:  I saw this first on Sunday and at first I thought it was a mistake, because we already got the $1.80 rate as people left Iraq.  Then my friend with the card said his rate changed to over $3.50.  Then our other contacts said it will be done today. So it just felt like more confirmation for me.

Q:  Do you think that this article Tony was talking about today where US is threatening sanctions could just be a Maliki based newspaper just trying to cause issues?  A:  Well, someone is spilling it, because there are two different articles.  They could be Maliki minions, or just politicians tired of the US pushing Iraq around.  We have government in Parliament and in the CBI;  I don’t’ know why they would want to create this problem.  They are letting everyone know they are being forced to do something they would probably have done anyway, but now there is all this pressure and threats.  This is nothing new for the US, if you’ve read Confessions of an Economic Hitman.

Live Callers

865/404 caller:  You said Sadr has posted his criteria for the next PM;  how does that match up with Abadi?

Tony:  It’s a perfect fit;  that’s why Abadi and Sadr work well together.

Caller:  Anything in the Gazette today?

Tony:  We have not information on the Gazette today.  The UN operational rates are supposed to be the same, and the only date I’m hearing about is 5. August.  Technically it could start today but it could be 2-3 days before we see it.  The information from the meeting was sent to us at 5am PST this morning.

610 caller:  if you are financially able to donate, please send your checks and money orders to Ray Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City, NC 27822.  The address can be found at;  click on the Donate button and send your check today.

631 caller:  If dinar is 1:1 in-country, how can people be getting $3.71?

Caller:  The $3.71 rate is our guy in the US, with his international card.  The people leaving the country were getting 88 cents, then 1.80, and possibly $3.51 or higher.  They are getting people used to an improved rate, and it could higher after the RV.  I don’t dong going up as much as dinar, because their economy is in a different place.  We think that the hedge funds and Forex will drive up dinar over the course of a few weeks.  The dong may go up, but their economy is not changing at the same rate as in Iraq.  But if you want to wait a couple of days, both dong and dinar will probably go up.

510 caller:  [Appreciation]  How can I find out about Forex?

Tony:  There are many apps that you can download on your phone and you can follow the rates as they go up and down.  Yahoo has a currency tracker as well.  On Monday’s call, I mentioned the site the banks use for their official rates:  Ray has told us about this before. ‘

Caller:  I was in the bank in a long line, and I wondered if anyone else was buying dong, and I got into a conversation with the next person who (it turns out) also listens to TNT. The other day I was in WF after purchasing two million dong, and I asked for the going price, and she said that the exchange rate was 7900 so I sold her my two million.  We went out and celebrated, and then the next day they took it all back because she put in two many zeros.  Our high just went straight out the window!  But the excitement was fun. Of course, I went into the bank and they apologized for the mistake, but the excitement of that $14,000 was very good.

Tony:  This happened to another member in another state, and they got a visit from the Secret Service – the bank didn’t acknowledge they made a mistake, they said the member was trying to scam them!

707 caller:  You clarified the three mouse strategy, but if you want contract rates…

Tony:  In that case you need to get to the bank as quickly as possible.  You have 15 mission dinar?  If there is a limit of 10 million dinar, then the only question is what they will give you for the other five million.  You can also negotiate rates on the other currencies, depending on how much you leave in that bank and for how long.  However, if you get the dinar contract on dinar, you will not get anything like as high for the other currencies.  The dinar rate = $28.50, and that is fixed.  I just don’t think the other contract rates will be in that range.

509 caller:  Is the UN site back up?

Tony:  Yes.

[I had to leave at this point; I think all the news has been reported.]

Closing Statements (Sunny)

Tony . . . A bunch of information out there. We’re waiting. Our inside guy says the count is over. We’re still waiting for the announcement.  Total numbers.  So, hopefully, if they didn’t come out with it today, like they said they would, hopefully it will come out tomorrow.

Articles are saying once again that the largest block is being formed.  Then they will be ready to put the GOI thru kind of fast.

Rates are still on the boards at the banks and still say pending.

Still getting information they have gone to 1:1 in Iraq in certain locations. At least 88:1 is actually hitting the streets of the citizens!

We should see more of that in the next couple of days if we don’t see it tomorrow.  We now have at least three people saying,’ Yes, it is going on!’

I’m sure I will get information throughout the day because I’ve been getting it while on the call.  Got a couple of calls to make.

Anything really exciting we will tweet it out or put on the board.  If not I’ll see you guys on Friday.

Ray . . . Enjoy your hump day Wednesday.  Keep believing. (played “I Believe”).

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