TNT Call 6-August-2018 – delayed call


RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  This is the delayed call on Marvelous Monday, August 6, 2018, with yours truly RayRen98 here along with Tony.

Tony:  Good evening, TNT!   So… Ray is tired and down in the dumps.

RayRen:  We do want to get you the information as soon as we can.

Tony:  Last Thursday night, Iraq put out information about them going global.  The Arabic on the page spoke in the past tense;  I sent it to some Iraqis and they said it had already happened on Wednesday, and others said it would happen next Wednesday. Articles says that there is a big meeting with the UN next Wednesday, but this article just said Wednesday, meaning this/last Wednesday.

We didn’t do a call on Friday because Ray was traveling, and because I was trying to get that tweet translated, and it accidentally sent It out instead.  I was at the hospital because my son was in a car accident and in surgery.  I was there all Thursday night so we didn’t go a call on Friday.  We scheduled a call for today, and I had to take him back to the hospital while Ray was traveling, so that’s why the call is so late today.

What was important what Iraq put out?  First, it was GLOBAL, and gave you the rate against every other country.  If they are listing all those, don’t you think those would be the exchange rates?  Do you really think they would put out the real rates so that scoundrels could make a killing?  Those rates are what CitiBank are using right now!  Now everyone can see that it is actually exchanging around the world – dinar is not wall-paper but currency that is worth something.  Nobody said that has to do with the RV;  it is the site that the banks go to every morning to set their rates for the day.  So if you want to know the rate the bank is using, you can go directly to that site.  That’s all.

The good news is that Iraq let the world know their currency is back on board; all restrictuions are removed and they can change the currency at any moment.  This can’t go on for long because this exposes Iraq, and also expands their markets. I  was talking to some hedge fund guys who invest all around the world.  They said, “I can’t believe it”.  When I explained to them about the RV, they said it would never happen;  they also said it would take 20 years before the Iraqi economy would be worth anything.  I sent out that tweet, and now the hedge fund managers here and overseas are telling their clients to put their money into dinar.  The rest of the financial world will find out about it.  They didn’t want to create common millionaires?   Now they will help create hundred millionaires and billionaires if they buy at the price we bought dinar.  This is going out to money managers, and they are now looking for what’s going on. They will help push this trough for us. No country is going to let them buy in ten days what we’ve taken ten years to accumulate.  So this is a very, very good step.  Our list of banks dealing with dinar will grow exponentially because now we are seeing official action that has got the attention of the money mangers.

All they have to do now is to change the rates.  They’ve done the hard part:  making it global.  On Friday morning there was a guy at the meeting who sent a text to us, saying “Tony, you can tell people that everything is done.  All the vote counting has been completed everywhere;  it only needs to be announced.”  So we knew it, we just didn’t know what day they would announce it formally.  But it is all done!

We then got word it would come out on Sunday/Monday.  Now we are hearing Thursday, that they would announce the results Thursday, then a few hours later they said it will be announced on Wednesday.

We know the meeting last Friday was about Article 140 and who will be Prime Minister. They want the disputes to be over with.  So they were going to do this on Sunday and then everything ground to a halt, again, for security reasons (in Iraq).  However, guess what happens on Wednesday?  The UN is having a big meeting about Iraq’s security situation.  The recount is also being announced on Wednesday, and the Iraqi dinar goes global.  That is all happening on Wednesday.  From that point on, if everything goes right, we could see the RV any day, any time.  There is a reason they have been stalling.  The count was already done;  they just kept adding provinces to add TIME to the process.  They are now done with that part.

They went back and forth on Abadi having the votes, then abari, then Maliki, then people were upset at the idea that the US would decide the next Prime Minister.  On Wednesday we will hear about their new PM.  We need Abadi because he has already brought Iraq this far, and because he helped to create the plan.  Article 140 is significant to how this is going to be worked out, and that will also be announced.

Why is this important to us?  We have an embassy in Baghdad, and we are now building a larger one in Kurdistan.  Why would you need two embassies?  You know they talk about dividing California up into three different up into three different states?  There is a reason for all this, and many things have to be set up beforehand.  So we are getting prepared for future events.  Five or six years ago, there was a map printed that divided certain countries in half.  Why would the US back Kurdistan and the Peshmerga forces? They are not going anywhere because we may have use for them in the future.  Watch the chessboard being positioned now for greater glory afterwards.  They are putting things in place before these announcements are made.

The banks are still expecting something this week, and it could be after Wednesday.  All this is going on behind the scenes.  In theory the were doing the recount, but actually they have been maneuvering and negotiating in the background.  They also have been letting serious investors know this is all happening now.  They will start buying and inching it up, and the day the RV hits, they will be all in.  They have been put on notice that something is about the happen.

The people got paid in Iraq on their cards and the rate was over $2.  Our guy over here got over $3 on his card.  Our guy over there said that hundreds of people in Iraq are now getting the 1:1 rate.  Everythign happens in Kurdistan first, usually two days before we see it in Baghdad. We know people over here have already been paid, and higher than the in-country rate.  These are things we see and know, not just articles we are reading over here.  It was great news, great information, and I think we are ready to go.  The next marker is Wednesday;  they will announce, ratify, and get going.  At any point, the CBI can say “Okay, we are ready to go!”  They have stated they will not distance themselves from their international allies, and that would happen if anyone but Abadi becomes PM.  If they do anything but the ‘right thing’, they know what the consequences will be.

They went all around the houses to get back to the place they started immediately after the election:  with Abadi as Prime Minister.

Someone told us over the weekend that their identity was stolen. Here is a way to protect yourself from that.  Call up every credit agency and tell them to freeze your credit. You don’t need that credit yourself, and you don’t want anyone else to be using it.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q:  Any news about American soldiers bringing dollars into Iraq?  A:  The last we heard, soldiers are exchanging for $1.80 dollars to the dinar.

Q:  What is the highest rate I can ask for without signing an NDA?  A:  Whatever the international rate is, and that will change day by day.

Q:  When we call the 800 number and we make our appointment will the rate be locked at that time or will we get the rate that is current when we are at our appointment?   A:  No rates will be locked until you get to your appointment.

Q:  Supposedly the Admirals Group has a law firm in Las Vegas that is a paymaster. They have people coming in and depositing their currency for SKR’s. They claim they will get a much higher rate than the internet group (us). They are charging a 10% handling fee.  Have you heard anything about this? and your opinion?  A:  the group  was actually charging an 11% fee, but they stopped collecting people or currencies a long time ago.  At that time, their group rate was $28.  That’s the same as you will get at the bank, and you don’t’ have to pay the bank 10% to get it.

Q:  Due to the fact that Iran is now holding billions in Iraqi Dinar, and the fact that both Maliki and Abadi have Iranian entanglements which go against present US interests there; plus the fact that the Iranian Rial has taken a significant nose dive recently; don’t you think the Iranians are waiting for the Iraqi RV to help with their monetary woes, which is a situation the US clearly may not want.  A:  Iraq has already said it is cutting off banking transactions with Iran because of US sanctions.  They can still trade Iraqi dinars, but I don’t think they will get away with trading US dollars.

Q:  I was wondering if the limits discussed earlier that holders of smaller amounts would be prioritized and holders of large amounts will be restricted came from administration members held over from the Obama Years?  A:  Oh, so we’re still blaming Obama for everything?  No, it’s a new administration.  Furthermore, that restriction was NOT there during the last administration.  We know the committee wanted those restrictions but we don’t know if it was ever approved.

Q:  Regarding Trusts, can we personally put a down payment on a house and at settlement have the title in the Trust name?  A:  Yes, it’s called ‘buyer assigns’.

Q:  New window?  A:  Yes, possibly by this Wednesday.  Now that the money managers have found out about the RV, and the banks are able to exchange dinar freely, then I think this will happen quite rapidly.

Live Callers

312 caller: [chitchat]

Tony:  We lost the Vietnam war and we are still in Afghanistan because we don’t know who the enemy is.  They can tell the difference between Iraqis and Iranians, but I can’t.  That’s just the reality of the situation.

281 caller:  How many currencies are in this first basket?

Tony:  Seven, I think, and nine in the next basket.  The rial has been removed from the first basket because of sanctions.

Caller:  Does Iraq going global mean it is on NASDAQ?  Doe sthat mean we go straight to an RV?

Tony:  They say it will be fully global on Wednesday, so far as we can see.  As for the RV, Iraq said ‘these are the rates’ in the various countries where they are trading. It doesn’t need an RV to be international, but it does need to be international in order to RV.  Then they flip that switch, it will happen all around the world because they have said that all restrictions have been removed.  This is the next step that had to happen, and we should all be excited.

509 caller:  Have they released the lower denominations yet?  [No.]  Is the UN still there?

Tony:  I know they’ll be there on Wednesday at 10am.  There was a group there a week ago when they ran all the final tests with the banks.  This group is the one that goes in every quarter to assess if Iraq has done everything they are supposed to do.  They should also be meeting with all the investors who have promised Iraq money – that is sheduled for the 15th of August.  The recount and PM was supposed to be announced today, and then they moved it to Wednesday.  Who the heck knows for sure?

843 caller:  I told a person about the Zim, and he was talking about paymasters, if I had a quad, humanitarian projects, and so on.  Why would I participate in all that if I can just go to bank and exchange?

Tony:  I don’t know what to tell him either.  In Florida, there was a guy gathering everyone’s Zim because he could get a better rate.  People drove down there and gave him their Zim.  Three weeks ago, the whole building was empty and they never heard of the guy.  You will do whatever you do.  I’m not handing over my currency to anyone, especially some guy I’ve heard about over the Internet.  I’m going to exchange at the bank, because they will put the dollars right into my account.

209 caller:  I can’t see the banks stipoing this – it’s too big for that.

Tony:  The banks didn’t stop this.  Years ago the lead banks switched around a few times, as part of setting this up.  They kept demanding more and more out of Iraq, and at one point the banks got upset with paying people to get trained, so the government actually paid the banks.  The banks are now ready to go;  whatever stopped it over the weekend is above the banks.

Caller:  Do you think the 800 number system might crash under the load?

Tony:  They know how many people will be calling in, and it’s really the internet people that they want to get in to the banks in the first two weeks.  There might be a million people who are prepared for this exchange.  Everyone else might have to wait until they call the banks themselves, not with the 800 number system.

678 caller:  Maybe we’ll get the 800 numbers this week?

Tony:  That would be great.  Everything is still status quo, and looking good now the Iraqi dinar is global.  All they need to do is raise the rates, hopefully on Wednesday.

919 caller:  With millions of exchanging taking place, where’s the money coming from?

Tony:  Every country will foot their own bill, and exchange dinars for oil credits over the next 30 years.  For us, it’s all digits on a screen, not money we will actually handle. It’s created out of thin air.  The banking system is a Ponzi scheme that got caught.  The US government bailed them out, and no one went ot jail, although Bernie Madoff when to jail for decades. Our money is digits on the screen, and that is all.  SO long as they give you a debit or credit card, you can spend those digits on the screen.  The Obama administration did away with the bank’s ability to gamble with your money, and then this administration reversed those protections because President Obama did it!

They are saying humanitarian projects are involved with getting higher rates on the Zim;  there are no projects required to get contract rates on the dinar or dong.

951 caller:  These announcements are scheduled for 10am Baghdad time on Wednesday, so for us that will be Tuesday evening, right?  How will you handle that?

Tony:  We do a call on Wednesday morning, and should have the information by then.

Closing Statements

Tony:  I am happy and excited about announcements and events on Wednesday;  the banks still think it’s this week as well.  We’ll see.  Have a good night!

Ray: We’ll be back on Wednesday;  if anything exciting happens before then, we’ll let  you know.