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Rumor is, the information below, was reported to have been on Franks CC. I take no responsibility if the information is attributed to the wrong person. – Sunny

FRANK26 Update, June 25, 2018, “Re-Instatement on Cusp NOW. . .”

All is in Frank’s opinion. PCC = Partial convertible currency

Walkingstick called yesterday. He has a new word. “Very Shortly.”  WS said, “They are accelerating the pace to do it NOW.” Central Bank of Iraq has taken the Iraq Dinar INSIDE IRAQ to a new level. They are using every IMF tool to educate the citizens: cell, TV, ATM machines.

1-1 inside Iraq has gained more purchasing power.  Partial convertible currency ( PCC) outside of Iraq will introduce the Iraqi Dinar to global markets.  Inside Iraq they are using E Dinars (electronic dinars).  They are testing the global markets: “Bird is leaving the nest….”

Walkingstick and I would like to tell you it is 1 to 1 inside and outside Iraq.  It will be done by a “low volume” trading on Forex currency market!

Tested OUTSIDE BORDERS:  SOLD, TRADED, INTERNATIONAL LEVEL.  Used to purchase services via MasterCard’s outside borders on a on a “different platform.”

The Iraqi citizens will use their cards on Amazon.  The “RI was successful inside Iraq.”  It’s traded now on Forex at a programmed rate and in very low volume.

The value needs to be raised for trading to be successful.  A new rate is much more attractive to investors.

The Dinar notes cannot exceed  a certain amount at onset of Reinstatement.  They need to control the currency note count to curb inflation.

“Shortly,” they will change rate from the program rate.  30 trillion Dinars have still not been brought into the banks.   They are very close to completion as the PCC is a fact.

Next phase is to BRING OUT the small notes (lower denom’s). Low volume will begin this PCC with an increase in exchange rate.  It will be the trigger to come out to the citizens.

The roll out is following  the Turkmenistan plan (if true, points to July 1). CBI  is planning currency to leave borders without restrictions.

Frank26:  “Believe we are toward the End of the Time Line.”  Walkingstick, walked me to the edge of the cliff.  Very shortly” if we walk into July.  You know very well where we’re at.  The CBI is following the first quarter orders given to them by the IMF, UST, CBI and POTUS.  There should be no one doubting their currency is being re-instated.  We share carefully with you.

The currency will be used electronically outside Iraq borders.  They are lighting the RI fuse for the RV, for Investors/world markets to buy, sell and trade with it.  This forces an increase in value of Iraqi Dinars.

CBI will introduce small notes electronically at the start of the reinstatement.  By limiting the supply electronically and then move the decimal point.  This will set up for “physical” delivery of small notes.  This is brilliant!

CBI will pre-load cards based on “official rate” of CBI.  The lower demons are at the banks first electronically.  Then physically.  There are many ways the CBI will use to deliver small notes to citizens.  (disbursement through the merchants when they get “cash back” on a purchase is another).  This keeps Iraq as a “cashless” society.

You can’t move the decimal point on a zero balance account.  At any moment we can see a rate change.  Iraq is hiding the RI.  “We may see actual change around the FIRST WEEK July.  It should END AROUND THE END OF JUNE.”

Once THE IQD hits the FOREX Currency Market (currency trading platform) It will be a convertible currency outside of Iraq.  Once Parliament is seated by July 1 we should see a lot more.  We should see E Dinars by the end of June.  The PCC has to go hand in hand by a rate change.

During the Eid holiday (time of gifting) they gave citizens digital cards to loaded with Dinars.

Every citizen was advanced 5 to 10 million Dinars.  They are flooding the citizens will small Dinars in their accounts because with every swipe of their cards, CBI makes money.  Also, many cell phones were given out during Eid.

We’ve seen purchasing power in the market before.  For example:  Volkswagen selling for 8700 Dinars.  The real price is $14,800 if $2+.  They want to see impact on a low volume.  Iraq looks strong on global markets.

Forget the elections.  The recount is BS.  The only sanction’s Iraq still has is they cannot buy weapons so we give Iraq free jets and tanks.

Thursday, June 21 Article: Accelerating pace to push RI through.  “On the cusp of doing this.”  Hinting there is a rate change coming.

We are pressed up to the  final stage of the wall.  Control will be electronic as that removes fraud and inflation.  The small notes are soon to be dispensed!  PCC proves what they have done in country.  A convertible currency with low volumes.  IT’S BRILLIANT!  All citizens will be on par in Iraq “very shortly.”

Walkingstick and Frank:

THE RATE CANNOT BE ANY HIGHER THAN THE AAD (Arab Accounting Dinar) CURRENCY NUMBERS OF THE IMF = 2.5 X SDR NUMBERS (You can find this on the IMF website.  Frank did not give a specific location)


SDR rate as of today is $1.41.  If you multiply by 2.5 you get a max of 3.52.  SDR is $1.42 and the AAD is 2.5 times that amount, so the AAD is $3.55, IMO.  (can change daily as you see above)

When it’s on the FOREX it will sell at a low volume, not the program rate.  Iraq in the ME is a trade hub and needs different value for the world Global Markets.  The key is it’s now going to be tested at a different value globally.  The RV WILL SHINE LIKE THE SUN!

Walkingstick is with us right now and will to answer questions in chat right now.  No rate or date information.

WS: PCC, by definition is a currency sold with low volumes on the FOREX.  Rate now on Forex is maybe around $1.80. A country that does a PCC is Article 14 before going to Article 8.  Testing stress of the Iraqi dinar outside of their borders.

PCC= Partial convertible currency

Countries you can refer to, to see how a PCC was applied are India Rupee and China’s Yuan.  All emerging economies use a PCC to go from Article 14 to Article 8.  It means they have to convert.  Protects their reserves and contracts.

How long can a PCC go on?  Started two months ago, with jumps on the FOREX, just before 2% compliance.  $1.70- $2.00 PCC testing.  Trying to hit 3+?  That would be an RV.  We don’t know exactly where we are.

Talibani’s son wants to return 86 billion dinars to the GOI to remove his name from an arrest warrant.  (His father died last year).  More arrest warrants have been issued to remove corruption from the GOI.

This Parliament will be very important, once it is seated.  There is an urgent need for the banks to move forward.  We all want this blessing.

Watch CBI, then watch the FOREX.  Iraqi Dinar is traded on Forex with no profit.


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