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Map: The last remaining to Daesh in Mosul

It declared war media cell, on Sunday, for the last remaining in the province of Nineveh , from areas under the control of the terrorist organization Daesh.
According to a map issued by the cell , “Tomorrow Press received” a copy of which, ” The Iraqi army, federal police and counterterrorism, locked in battles in the city center of Mosul.”

The map showed, ” The indicator is green is the liberated areas, while the color gray is still under the control of the terrorist organization, and the color red are areas of confrontation.”

The cell media military announced on Sunday, the start of the security forces to storm the old area to liberate the rest of its territory.
The joint forces are engaged in freeing the right side of Mosul battles since last February, amid the decline of the terrorist organization and the loss of most of the areas he controlled in Mosul.