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Economic: the finishing touches on the investment law for a vote next Sunday

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad, confirmed the economic and investment commission member of the parliamentary olive-Dulaimi, said Saturday that the Economic and Financial Committee and First Deputy to the House of Representatives Hammam Hmuda and Chairman of the National Investment Commission put the finishing touches on the investment law for the purpose of voting on it on Sunday.

Showed al-Dulaimi’s (Tomorrow Press) that “the investment law of the laws that have dragged the government to the parliament, but after the claims of the Presidium of the Parliament for approval and the approval of the government to keep it.”and stated that “the parliamentary committees in the House of Representatives worked for eight months to put the amendments to the investment law and approval”, and noted that “there are some actors working on the destruction of the Iraqi economy, including internal and external actors.”

al-Dulaimi, and explained that “the Economic and Financial Committee of parliamentary working through the parliamentary agenda to host some of the representatives of the Ministry of Commerce for the purpose of investigating corruption file in the ration card items.”

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