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Canada plans to deploy more troops in Iraq


The President of the Canadian government, Justin Trudeau, Tuesday, that Canada will deploy more military in Iraq for the rehabilitation of the Iraqi army and police, reaffirming his intention to end the air strikes against terrorist Daash gangs in Syria and Iraq.

He said Trudeau, in remarks transported Canadians journalists accompanying him on the plane to Manila Balfilipan to participate in the Asia-Pacific Summit (APEC) that the elements of the Canadian special forces of 69 who take since the rehabilitation of Kurdish forces in northern Iraq is not a Capra.

“We want more of rehabilitation and this requires more than 69 soldiers. We are currently studying the situation in order to determine the number that Snrzle. But I stressed to our allies that we will do more. There is no doubt that this deployment will be for a short period. ”

On the sidelines of the APEC summit, Trudeau will discuss Canada’s contribution in the war against “Daash” During the first bilateral talks with the US President, Barack Obama, Thursday, explaining that “these talks will not determine what we will do but I am eager to hear his approach, and especially to emphasize to him that Canada will remain firm In its commitment with the coalition composed of 60 other countries. ”

“We will continue to do more for our part, including the military commitment, especially in the field of rehabilitation and not in the field of air strikes.”

The Canadian Ministry of Defense Monday that fighter jets raided the Daash sites near Haditha in western Iraq city Sunday.

The ministry said that the strikes within the international coalition operations, came in support of ground operations carried out by Iraqi forces in Almntqh.anthy 4

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