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Chat Room – News Excerpts & Highlights

Romello: Great news was today

Zig: I’ll ban him if he comes here…LOL

Romello: Hoping for more tomm.

Romello: I really want to see if they are given the escrow tomm.

chattels: @Romello How much is the balance of funds to be released ?

Romello: I had the article and the figure. Giime a sec.
Romello: brb

chattels: @Romello $131 million ?

Romello: @Chattles. I’m back 163 million

chattels: @Romello What is the speculation about the release of such funds ?

Romello: From what I gathered is the it wouldn’t be given unless rate changed as well. But gain of salt.
Romello: No such articled that I had found, support that.

chattels: @Romello What is it being said that such release means ?

Romello: Theory of dinarian. I mainly just want to see movement of any sort.

chattels: @Romello I find no such language in the text of resolution 2335 (2016).

Duke77: 163 million or billion?

Romello: If they saw the article is best guesss but I did not.

Duke77: It’s in the billions

Romello: @Chattles Niether did I.

chattels: @Romello ” Paragraph 5 authorized the Secretary-General to ensure that up to $131 million of the Iraq Account were retained in the escrow account ………. ”

Romello: @ chattles is that the copy I sent you?
Romello: 131 million

chattels: @Romello Did you send me something ?

Romello: Back in other room.

chattels: @Romello Other room ? DU ?

Romello: yes

chattels: @Romello I saw a text for the first time just recently.
chattels: @Romello If you sent it to me before I do not recall it.

Romello: humm
Romello: ok
Romello: Deadline June 30 but why do soo many feel that it can’t be extended?

chattels: @Romello Good question.

chattels: @Romello Maybe such a conclusion conforms to their preferred narrative of ” RV soon ”

Romello: lol. Yeah, I think you’re right.

chattels: @Romello The balance of funds to be released is a relatively small amount.

Romello: Do you remember receiving Iraq Constitution papers by email?

bigstreamy: should i be acquiring zim right now in preparation for the exchange? I am confused.

Romello: Zim?

chattels: @Romello No, I have some familiarity with the Iraqi Constitution, but I use the PDF online.

Romello: @bigstreamy IMO the Zim is dead.

bigstreamy: any of the five major currencies* dinar perhaps.

bigstreamy: what should i be doing in preparation? do i need to acquire currency now? or is there nothing i need to do until the exchanges take place?

Romello: Dinar yes. Most of us are dinar holders

chattels: @bigstreamy Do not invest in any currency unless you are prepared to lose it is my approach.

bigstreamy: so precisely what should I be doing? going to a currency exchange and getting out dinar?

chattels: @bigstreamy Nobody knows or can tell you with any actionable certainty what to do.

Duke77: Zimbabwe has been slipping backwards for a long time

Romello: Heay there Duke77

Duke77: Iraq has the support of the US GOVERNMENT

Duke77: @Romello hey

bigstreamy: ok so just wait and watch for now?

Duke77: @bigstreamy yes and pray lol

bigstreamy: how much confidence do you guys have that the GCR will happen? and when?

Duke77: @bigstreamy eventually Iraq may revalue. They have enough backing assets if they chose to raise their currency rate

Romello: And please don’t buy more than you can afford to lose or sit on for periods of time.

chattels: @bigstreamy Are you holding any IQD ?

​bigstreamy: not at the moment, no. i don’t know what to do to be frank

bigstreamy: what do you think is going to happen duke?

chattels: @bigstreamy I have hope, but no confidence.

Romello: @ bigstreamy Don’t be me 9 years ago. lol

Duke77: @bigstreamy holding dinar won’t hurt you unless they l.o.p. it

Duke77: @chattels lol

​bigstreamy: what was you 9 years ago @romello lol

Romello: Duke77 stop cursing. l.o.p. lolo

Duke77: @chattels my hope is on Jesus. My gamble is on Iraq. That sounds so insane!!! Lol
Romello: lol
Duke77: @Romello lol

chattels: @bigstreamy If you have money to wager and lose then buy some.

Duke77: @Romello Adam Montana and his 10 cents would make me happy right now. lol

Romello: lmaoff. I understand.

Duke77: Hey Adam! I got some dinar I will take 10 cents for!

Romello: Aint that the truth
Romello: lol

chattels: @Duke77 Understood.

Romello: Sell enough to get the wolves away from the front door.

Duke77: @chattels I will sell you my dinar for $3 if you want to buy. I hear Bruce has a contact that will give you a contract for $32.45/dinar. Lol
chattels: @Duke77 You are a generous person 🙂
Duke77: @chattels I know! Lol

bigstreamy: i just want confirmation/guarantee lmao :((

Romello: @ big No guarantee
Romello: I just got prayers

Dullenih: @chattels do u think this escrows can lead us to rv on july?

chattels: @Duke77 We all could use some ” divine intervention ” in this ” investment “.

Duke77: We all have reasons for buying dinar.some want the high of hoping. Others want to be loved
Duke77: I want to be rich lol

bigstreamy: but why do you want to be rich haha
Duke77: @chattels amen!

Romello: @chattles. That was something similar to what I sent to someone earlier in the DU Facebook. Sorry for the confusion. Been a long day and reading too many articles. All starting to look the same and alike. lol

Romello: Tman or Kap been in today?

chattels: ” Iraqi advances in west Mosul have been steady, while a recent counter attack by the Islamic State in liberated areas of the city has slowed them down. ……………………

Progress has been on going, but slow. The IS pocket is collapsing, but it is still putting up a hefty fight. With victory around the corner however, Iraqi propaganda has gone into overdrive with constant stories of IS being done, the fight almost being over, and the constant shifting and contradictory reports on how much is left to be done.”

Romello: @chattles Mosul liberated according to Abadi. No more isis?

chattels: @Romello And you believe that ?
Romello: lmaoff
chattels: @Romello 🙂
Duke77: Lol mosul isn’t done then!

Romello: Well now that you put it that way…

Romello: lol

Duke77: Abadi is a Muslim. They all lie

chattels: @Romello
Romello: lolol

chattels: There is a victory narrative espoused by politicians in Iraq that does not comport with reality, IMO

tman23: Well I just got notice that I have been officially banned by Dinar Updates…… The consequences for chatting with Chattels…….rotflmao !!

Romello: @Chattles, u got me in tears laughing. You made me think about it for a second. lololol
Romello: Good point.
Romello: Tman23. lol

chattels: @tman23 You will be the better for it all 🙂

Romello: No way.

Duke77: @tman23 that’s funny!

Romello: lmaoff
Romello: Good one…

Duke77: @tman23 we shall beat them and their sites will only fade away and nobody will ever remember their names, but we shall continue to live. They are so egotistical and can’t handle being wrong! Lol

chattels: @Duke77 Malignant narcissism is not rational.

Dullenih: Just read kuwait was the first to congratulate A…so they not lie there

Romello: brb

Dullenih: Moslem are not lying
Dullenih: @Duke77 moslems are not a lier

Duke77: @chattels they have to be right and everyone else has to be under their feet. It’s just like the mentality the multi level marketing scammers have. They are arrogant and get mad when you disagree with them.

Duke77: @Dullenih the koran says you can lie. Liars go to hell

chattels: @Duke77 Self aggrandizement knows no bounds and books no dissent.

Duke77: @chattels that’s a long
Dullenih: U are holding moslem u must be think it is a scam

Duke77: @Dullenih nope. The USA is dictating what iraq is doing with it. We will make em RV it take their oil. Lol

Mark: How much money is coming back to Iraq?

Duke77: @Dullenih or take
Duke77: @Mark I think Chattels said 163 million usd

Mark: Oil will not worth in the future as it is today. Too much innovation.

Mark: Duke that’s it!
Duke77: @Mark yes it’s not very much
Duke77: @Mark why l the hype for that measly amount???

Duke77: @chattels according to BGG tomorrow’s money release isn’t the exit of CH7. That’s what guru has posted. What’s your take?

Mark: I don’t know? What about all of Husain’s frozen assets? Couple hundred billion? Now that’s some Ching, ching

chattels: @Duke77 I have no real insight about it. My visceral sense of it is that it is an event that gurus are selecting to add / fit their ” RV soon ” narrative.

Duke77: @chattels I can see that. In 2013 i watched Zebari make the announcement on UNICEF tv that Iraq was released from Sanctions. This is some confusing times

Duke77: @Mark yes it’s not very much
Duke77: @Mark why l the hype for that measly amount???

Duke77: @chattels according to BGG tomorrow’s money release isn’t the exit of CH7. That’s what guru has posted. What’s your take?

Mark: I don’t know? What about all of Husain’s frozen assets? Couple hundred billion? Now that’s some Ching, ching

chattels: @Duke77 I have no real insight about it. My visceral sense of it is that it is an event that gurus are selecting to add / fit their ” RV soon ” narrative.

Duke77: @chattels I can see that. In 2013 i watched Zebari make the announcement on UNICEF tv that Iraq was released from Sanctions. This is some confusing times
chattels: @Duke77 My belief is that there is no event or sequence of event that will enable one to anticipate a liquidity event like a revaluation with any reliable certainty.

chattels: @Duke77 I just hope to get lucky as you suggested earlier.

tman23: Everybody was on Chapter 7….. I was fed up with the misinformation and posted what UN Chapter 7 was about and include the direct link to the UN….. BGG picked up on that narrative…… His post on Chapter 7 is now correct

Duke77: Wow. Well that’s news to me. I don’t believe we should ever release Iraq. They are incompetent and can’t tell the truth. How many times has abadi made bold claims and they didn’t happen?

chattels: @tman23 I always argued with him about his belief / assertion that Iraq could cure their liquidity issues by unilaterally increasing the value of the IQD. He now says that a new rate on the IQD must be accepted / valued in the world marketplace.

Dullenih: @Duke77 asked usa then

chattels: Florian Neuhof‏ @FlorianNeuhof Jun 28 Florian Neuhof Retweeted مركز نينوى الاعلامي FedPol haven’t really moved, but otherwise decent progress by #Iraq|i forces in #Mosul’s old city. My guess it’ll be over in 10 days – 2 wks


tman23: @chattels …..Again a narrative that I posted over and over…… They can have a rate and go international…. But if no one accepts the rate or the currency…’s meaningless…. AND the US treasury has a division called Exchange Stabilization Fund…..known to be the architects of the world currency exchange……

They know what works……And Iraq will not be able to do anything without their stamp of approval…… AGAIN…..Iraq can make their currency $16 per dinar…… But nobody is going to accept it…….

chattels: @tman23 Exactly, agreed.

tman23: @chattels …. I appreciate your honesty…… I said to a friend numerous times…. Chattels is the only guy that comes out and says……I’m a micro/macro economic moron….. That is a fantastic statement …….

And the less educated than yourself…..who scan the internet and read on currency trading/ banking and economics….. and most likely never traveled internationally let alone exchanged currency in foreign countries……..They are advising people how it works and what to expect…… Utterly AMAZING !!

chattels: Montgomery, Ala. – On Monday, July 11, 2016, Husam Usama Tayeh, 36, of Oak Lawn, Illinois, pleaded guilty to committing wire fraud, announced United States Attorney George L. Beck, Jr and Joseph P. Borg, Director of the Alabama Securities Commission. Tayeh’s guilty plea resulted from his operation of a business that unlawfully sold Iraqi currency—dinars—over the internet to customers all over the country. A joint-federal and state investigation led to Tayeh’s guilty plea.


chattels: Hu” Sam ” Tayeh is awaiting sentencing.

Romello: Sad part is that we have to wait til after sentencing in order to receive funds.

chattels: @Romello Did you file for restitution ?

​Romello: We had to go to special victims unit with FBI
Romello: They had our info from DC database and contacted us.

Romello: I spoke with the agent in charge of thje case and stay in contact with him often.
Romello: Donald Vanhouse

chattels: @Romello I did not submit my proof of damages. What percentage do you think one will get back ?

Romello: He said that the ones with straight orders will be paid out first then the reserves.

tman23: Yea……Buy Dinar in Illinois……Payment processed in Indiana…… Reserve Dinar and match the amount of the reserve and set it aside…..and if there is a RV you get it at the price of the reserve……..

Who ties up their inventory for 90 days…..LOL !! Always was a problem with that picture…..Then you had to send them the money and then they would send you the dinar……

But dealers like safe dinar did not do reserves…… You ordered, it came by Fed Ex…and you handed over a cashiers check……. I just was never comfortable with Dinar Corp set up////// So I never ordered from them….

chattels: @tman23 I bought my first dinar from SafeDinar.

Romello: He had over seas bank accounts that they had to seize as well. The houses and planes are auctioned off to recover as much as possible.

Romello: Has to auctioned off.
Romello: Just a waiting thing now.
Romello: But nothing will be done til after sentencing.

Dovi: When I left home we were kinda sorta thinking Abadia would give a speech guess that hasn’t happen…
Dovi: Romello has Abadi said anything about Mosul?

Romello: Liberated today.
Romello: Announcements made

Dovi: do you believe is actually significant to our goal?

Dovi: well that’s not what I mean
Dovi: I know its significant but does it make things imminent
Dovi: in your opinion

Romello: I think it was a major piece.
Dovi: thanks

Romello: Hard to open the bank with Robbers outside waiting. lol

Dovi: like in chess sometimes there’s a gap between moves as though someone is thinking long and hard
Dovi: yep

Romello: But if so and there is security, what about the stable government?
Dovi: what about it?

Romello: I think too many empty seats. lol
Dovi: lol

Romello: But lets hope and pray
Dovi: yes
Dovi: I cannot imagine them ever being truly stable…but then who am I

Romello: I might stay up a little while to check on news articles for tomm.
Dovi: I’ll check back then

Romello: Well our presence will remain there to help stability.
Romello: 40,000 troops and setting up bases to remain.

Dovi: and IMO our presence will provide stability more reliably than in the last 8 plus years

Dovi: I didn’t realize that…IMO a great sign

Romello: Remember Obama pull US troops out.
Romello: *pulled
Dovi: Oh, yes, I remember.

Romello: Not this time.

Dovi: nope not this time

Romello: We gotta watch our oil. lol
Romello: lolol
Dovi: indeed nice having a business man involve

Romello: So true.

Dovi: I’ll read some FB but if I hear the click I’ll check back
Romello: Like he said America is a business

Dovi: yes.
Dovi: rather see it run like one than what we’ve had

Romello: Ok. I’m sleepy. See you all tommm morning

Dovi: nite
Romello: True

Dovi: yawn
Dovi: you’re getting very sweepy
Dovi: lol

Romello: I think we got the right one in there this time.
Dovi: hi five my man

tman23: You have to go back to 2014…… Remember Abadi said: All iIaqi’s were getting raises and back pay would be retroactive back to the first of the year……..

The question then was……were is this money coming from ??? And he was the Parliament finance committee chairman before sworn into the PM…….So he knew the balance sheets……. That was always a mystery !!

And now they have people receiving 1/2 their salary for austerity reasons….. Sure the price of oil is down……BUT even back in 2014 the numbers didn’t fit the promise to the people…….

tman23: @Dovi .. They are starting the second financial semester July1…….Bank in Erbil will be completely operated as CBI July 1……. So we are in the moment to find out if 3 zeros will be lifted…….and if not…….. IMO……we are looking at 2018 and 6 months of more Guru BS during that span

Dovi: so you don’t think they’ll do it now.

Dovi: it just doesn’t feel like it to me…I don’t really know enough to say “I think it won’t” but just don’t have that positive feeling so this is probably when they’ll do it

tman23: @Dovi ……. Fingers crossed !! Things falling into place and seem to be following a timeline of coincidences…….. What is planned we don’t know…….But next 3-4 days is really a time to keep eyes wide open……..IMO……

Dovi: thanks, always thought much of your opinion

​Dovi: how are things in your world?

tman23: @Dovi ……same ole – same ole……. But brighter outlook since Novembers election

Dovi: my words exactly

tman23: @Dovi …reading Congress skips town…..218 days off in 2017……. But heard Paul Ryan the other day…… Since Trump sworn in they have passed 158 different bills….. And what nobody talks about he said is the day Comey testified and people were all tuning in,,,,,,, Congress repealed the Dodd Frank act and repealed all the regulations……WHO KNEW ??

Dovi: who knew?

Dovi: folks thought they had America down and counted out….but they got Trumped.

Vic1TGK: Hello Mods seems like you all are having too much fun.
Vic1TGK: Ya’ll sleep’n?

Vic1TGK: Well then Good or for many Good morning. Should hear Abadi talking about the complete liberalization of Mosul. I had mentioned on my last two calls that June 30th would be extremely important day for Iraq.

Chapter Seven will also be resolved and most probably the Khalifat of Daaesh and Isil / ISIS the JV team will no longer be lead bye point guard Baghdadi… It does seem as if the Russian Airstrike did actually Kill him.

So, we shall see said the blind man too his deaf dog! Good Night and God Bless America, Our President all our Armed Forces and Policemen and Women, our Firemen and women and all of the People of the United States of America! See you some time soon.

Zig: @Vic1TGK : Welcome Vic!…I believe that this is Vic from Gatekeepers…Glad to see him finally come into the chat…Vic, please return earlier in the day so people will have a chance to chat with you…I will e-mail him about that and also verify that it was Vic…  🙂