In Truth Call 

Chat Room – News Excerpts & Highlights

chattels: @JmanAttheH In the early days there was an atmosphere of imminence to our liquidity event and I was seduced into buying reserves, but I fault no one but myself for that.

chattels: The biggest mistake I made was buying ” naked reserves “. I got nothing for my money.

Mark123: Do you still buy reserves?
chattels: @Mark123 No sir.

Meatball: don’t think any dealer is doing them
Meatball: after the Sterling and dinar corp incidents

Donnie: @tman23 i remember poppy & BGG posting in the chat room they were going to buy more dinar because things looked so close and added “i’m not telling any of you to do what I do”…

chattels: I had a lot of dinar in hand already and I was looking to hit it out of the park.
BlackGold: i heard there are still some knuckle heads doing it and they have buyers

Mark123: I bought quite a bit of reserves from Sterling before they went out of business

BlackGold: cut your loses

Meatball: did you receive them?

Mark123: I sold all of my Dong

Mark123: I got some but I lost a lot of money too

RickeyT: @Hutch I had 75 million at one time with 60 million on reserve

BlackGold: 75m what?

Mark123: 75 million dinar?

RickeyT: @Hutch dinar

Meatball: i think tonys contract rates put the dealers over the top

Mark123: That about $75,000

Mark123: geez

RickeyT: @Mark123 I had 100k in it

LJ: DeAkers has made a killing off of us
LJ: *dealers

Meatball: the smart ones got out fast

BlackGold: i would have kept atleast 0ne mill in Dong, your only talk $50. what if it happens first?

Mark123: $100K my goodness!

RickeyT: so I do hold a grudge
Mark123: The dong will not hit before the dinar
Mark123: It would have hit already

BlackGold: you don’t know that the Dong is a currency it could go up .10 tomorrow and I’m in

BlackGold: 100,000 at $0.50 = $50,000 100,000 at $0.25 = $25,000 100,000 at $0.12 = $12,000 100,000 at $0.10 = $10,000 100,000 at $0.05 = $5000

Mark123: I think the buying of currency has slowed down if at all!
Meatball: the dong may have potential down the road

BlackGold: people need to stop buying it and it will happen
BlackGold: everytime we buy more we are kicking the can down the road

Mark123: That craze is no longer here as people have more experience and sense now

Mark123: I think
Mark123: I don’t buy anymore

Mark123: It is now the waiting game

BlackGold: true

Donnie: Even now, I can sell my Dinar on ebay at current prices and make a small profit.

Mark123: I tried to sell my dinar and was offered a 40 percent loss
Mark123: I just kept it all
Mark123: I really don’t have that much. Only about 25 million
Mark123: That’s a lot to me

BlackGold: me too

RickeyT: I sold most of mine at a 15% loss

Mark123: dinar?

Donnie: @RickeyT sold it where? ebay or a dealer

Meatball: Mosul air strike…


RickeyT: I sold local to people I know

BlackGold: Boy the federal reserve just loves you guys. sell it back at a lost. the cabal must be laughing everytime they buy and sell it again

RickeyT: They already had some and knew the odds

chattels: @Meatball The concern for collateral damage with munitions appears to be less in the closing days.

Donnie: seems someone ran out of patience and said “bomb it”

Meatball: There saying Iraq forces are calling in air strikes for 2 or 3 isis members….. causing civilian casualties
chattels: @Donnie People are starving. At the end of the day it makes little difference what kills you.

BlackGold: nothing new for us

Mark123: The Iraqi army is tired. They are calling in airstrikes by the minute!

RVMAN: I have been in this for about 6 years and have listened to the lies of the best. From JohnnyWG to mark Mearsmen and many more. I have one question for everyone. Out of all we hear and see about the Dinar…. What do you know without a doubt is true???



Mark123: They want to make sure Abadi gets that money and the sanctions dropped as this should have happened June 30th.

LJ: No hardcore evidence…just opinions
Mark123: The sanctions should have been released by June 30th upon the end of the fighting in Mosul/

wdave1: @RickeyT you going to be able to write that investment loss off?

Mark123: Mosul is not done so it is being played by ear now.

RVMAN: Most places I have been, I always felt I had to be so careful not to say anything to offend anyone.

LJ: Stuff just made up to keep u strung along

Brow: Mosul not over it’s not over until completely over- They are Still Fighting ISIS there

BlackGold: RVMAN– i know it has to RV or RI sooner or later. I know the US Federal Reserve along with the IMF,World Bank and UN keep the dinar at an artificial rate while they sneak Iraqi oil out of Kurdistan and other countries. Iraq pumps 364 million barrels a day along with Dimond mines and Gold Mines, now tell me how they are broke

wdave1: @RickeyT unfortunately I took a $40,000 loss Friday but I will be able to write it off against gains if I gain.

Mark123: Well if stuff is made up to keep us strung along your opinion is then Iraq is doomed and has no chance right LJ?

BlackGold: Tell me
BlackGold: anybody

LJ: It won’t R.V. until there is a half moon on the 3rd day of next month, and when 3 citizens try thr Atm machines

chattels: @Brow And the ouster of DAESH from Mosul is not the end of them in Iraq nor does it equate to security, IMO.

BlackGold: lol @lj

Meatball: they will never be 100 percent eliminated

Brow: @chattels – True

Mark123: When we got into this investment it was a toss up at best.

Meatball: still is

Mark123: All we can do is have a little faith read and accept or not accept.

LJ: Then if there cards don’t work, they got to order more or fix the Arm machines

Meatball: live life… if it happens great… if not oh well

BlackGold: Its a toss up because we are being rob by our own country

chattels: ” Thou shalt not whine. ” No risk, no reward, eh ?

RickeyT: @Mark123 nope, when I got in Checkmate guaranteed a RV

BlackGold: lol

​Mark123: Tony was plugging this thing as it happening tomorrow. I could hardly sleep!

Mark123: I was watching the internet like a junkie! lol

LJ: Of I forgot, they are waiting on 1 bank to receive a ping and return that ping successfully
Mark123: I know better now
Meatball: the one thing i go by is the companies waiting to invest over there…. only thing i stand by

RVMAN: Does anyone remember JohnnyWG’s scuff codes??

BlackGold: It was going to happen then, but the people I just mentioned stopped it

Mark123: LJ hahaha I forgot about the pinging

Meatball: L J… forgot about the pings lol
RickeyT: If you could find the recorded call from 12/31/2009 and listened to it, Dan guaranteed a RV
Brow: @Meatball – That will be your Ping

chattels: I bought IQD not because I was smart, but semi-desparate and hoped to get lucky. It ain’t over ’till it is over and I am in it for the long term.

Meatball: Brow…. love the ping lol
Mark123: The pinging that was funny
Brow: @Meatball – Me Too

BlackGold: @chattels me too

LJ: Yes it was

Meatball: chattels… fat lady aint sung yet lol