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chattels: good morning all

chattels: Canadian court authorizes seizure of ship carrying oil from Kurdistan

LJ: Another disappointed weekend. …lol

LJ: @Noname morning

chattels: @LJ One can only be disappointed if there is an expectation. Do not expect or anticipate, take every day as it comes and you will not be disappointed.

chattels: @LJ Our liquidity event is not to be anticipated or predicted. The sooner one accepts such the happier one will be in Dinarland, IMO

JmanAttheH: @chattels GM. Question-Because there are so many contradicting theories out there about how this will all go down, and what/how we will benefit from this….Do you feel that IF security issues were all taken care of, and they in fact DO raise the value of their dinar, do you truly believe that we will make out like we had all dreamed about? Meaning $25000 at a 1 to 1 basis for example?

JmanAttheH: @chattels for a 25k note

chattels: @JmanAttheH I am hoping for betterment upon what I paid. I have abandoned any expectations.

JmanAttheH: betterment can mean so many things. It could mean all of 2 or 3times what you and I paid

LJ: I’m good, I’m making a joke of all these fake Intel people
LJ: I’m happy, wether it happens or not

chattels: @LJ 🙂

JmanAttheH: @chattels what I am asking,I guess, is Do you think or believe in the windfall theory?

LJ: I’m just trying to figure out what are they getting out of spreading false so called Intel

JmanAttheH: @LJ what false intel is there now?

chattels: @JmanAttheH Maybe so. Anything else is ” mental masturbation ” and ” emotional titillation “.

LJ: What’s the mission, the goal, or the profit behind it

JmanAttheH: @LJ is there somethign specific going around dinarnia now?

LJ: @JmanAttheH u know the usual, this week, banks getting memos, or it started in another country

LJ: The usual

Zig: Please do not mentally masturbate in this room!!….Thank You!!…. :IQDCalls_P

JmanAttheH: I think they are mainly for the newbies now. Those of us that have been in this for years know better.

LJ: @JmanAttheH u right

LJ: @JmanAttheH 5 years for me now

JmanAttheH: I would think that a windfall theory would be where the mental masturbation starts

chattels: @JmanAttheH I ” thnk ” that it could ” come in ” at 10 cents. Hopefully it will rise from there.

Noname: LOL zig

JmanAttheH: @LJ 8 here

LJ: @JmanAttheH ok

JmanAttheH: @chattels but .10 times25000?

JmanAttheH: @chattels I guess I”m also trying to figure out how much credit you give to a so calledLOP

JmanAttheH: .10 would save my life right now!

chattels: @JmanAttheH It could lop and then we may get an increase or multiplier of three.

JmanAttheH: @chattels that is what I was wondering how much credence you put into

chattels: @JmanAttheH I invested heavily early on and I am not selling, but I do not know that I would invest as much again. My money is spent. If I lose it then I lose it.

JmanAttheH: my feelings to, albeit not as much invested as you I”m sure

JmanAttheH: If I sold back now, I would gain maybe another 2 months of life

Noname: Brietling put out another audio July 1 he is of the 4 to 12 cent range.
txbrand: well he has everyone else…knows nothing…they are just speculating as everyone

Zig: @Noname : Did you invite “Breitling” to visit the chat??
Noname: No zig

Zig: @Noname: I once invited him….he said he would look…but maybe if you and a few others invited him he would come….

Noname: How do we contact him zig
Noname: Can u put his link up
Zig: @Noname : [email protected]

txbrand: he called him out by name on the cc too

txbrand: even calledhim by his right name

Noname: Thanks I will send a invite

Zig: Anyone who likes “Tony Breitling” may invite him by sending him an email at [email protected] Be sure to include the link to the chat in your email….TY

txbrand: ohhhh now he is saying he removed poppy from his chat room…sooooo BGG lied tous

txbrand: lol…he is going off on everyone
Noname: Brietling is calling out some banker that is saying the dinar is a scam

Zig: I want to make one thing perfectly clear: This is not my chat room…I am just another member here who happens to help out a bit as a “Mod”…The owner of this chat posts as “mod” …. 🙂

Noname: Brietling report
txbrand: link


​ Noname: Zig throw his link up please

Noname: Thank you

txbrand: ty

Noname: Yw

Noname: Everyone have a great day gotta get started this morning. Check back later

chattels: @Noname Bye

chattels: A statement from the Prime Minister ‘s Office said Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi said in a telephone call received on Sunday from Jordan ‘s King Abdullah Bin Al Hussein, Iraq ‘s intention to secure the border.

chattels: Tal Afar and securing the Syrian border are reported to be next on the list and not Hawija. Misdirection, propaganda and strategy or reality ?

chattels: Army frees Katunah and Tualb in the old city

chattels: Good / clear map and if accurate, it appears that there are maybe four districts along the Tigris River remaining.

chattels: Reports of DAESH trying to get over the river and out this past week.
xbrand: love the map :good chattels

chattels: editing door completely old palace in Mosul

chattels: The background in the photos are revealing widespread destruction in the OLD CITY.
chattels: @txbrand 🙂

txbrand: yes…they might as well rebuild the whole city looks like

chattels: @txbrand Sadly, the character / integrity of thousand year old buildings will be lost

Romello: Governor of Baghdad: the capital needs to be one million housing units to solve the housing crisis 03.07.2017

chattels: Baghdad / Iraqi National News Agency / nina / denied federal police team leader Raed Shakir Jawdat is quoted that the official announcement of the liberation of Mosul would be on Monday.

chattels: @Romello 🙂

Zig: @Gilmour : :Welcome TO THE CHAT!!!

Romello: Iraq announces determine the payment of small amounts provided to citizens project loans 03.07.2017

LINKGilmour: Kaperoni forgets the concept of the petro-dollar. Our dinars will go back to the CBI and petro-dollars will be used for the exchange within Iraq. The exchanges will cost the CBI nothing.

Romello: The central bank reveals an important meeting with the International Monetary Fund Added 03.07.2017

Gilmour: Anthony Breitling is the only serious guru who has it right. He is an educated student of currencies and geo-politics.

Zig: Anyone who likes “Tony Breitling” may invite him by sending him an email at [email protected] Be sure to include the link to the chat in your email….TY

Gilmour: Tony Breitling DOES know what he is talking about.
Gilmour: KAPERONI has changed his position on the dinar 4 times over the years. FACT IS —– nothing has changed regarding the currency and its future.

Romello: The dollar exchange rate against the Iraqi dinar today morning Added 03.07.2017

chattels: @Gilmour What is the current posture / prediction of Breitling as to the IQD ?

ElmerFudd: Morning all.

mod: AGAIN, Zig does NOT own this Chat and he did not ask to be a mod we asked him to be a Moderator. He makes people smile and laugh. :IQDCalls-c:

Gilmour: BREITLING posted a great audio on July 1 explaining EXACTLY where we are and what lies ahead.

chattels: @Gilmour There are two / four posts captured on Dinarguru
chattels: @Gilmour Do you have a link ?
chattels: @Gilmour Please

Gilmour: Those posts are fragments of what Breitling said. His 28 min audio was VERY informative.


chattels: @Gilmour ty

Zig: Or

Gilmour: I traded currencies at the CME for 10 years. BREITLING knows his history and understands the Iraq situation very well.

chattels: @Gilmour Are you hopeful and optimistic about the prospects of a ROI for us ?

Gilmour: Absolutely.

Romello: @Zig 🙂
Zig: @Romello : :IQDCalls_P

chattels: @Gilmour In the near(er) term ?

Gilmour: With oil prices where they are, and Iraq derives 90% of its revenue from oil sales — Iraq cannot survive much longer without raising the value of its currency.

Gilmour: Not to mention Iraq now has a country to rebuild all over again.

Gilmour: If you take the time to listen to BREITLING’S 28 min audio — you will be very informed and will leave feeling MUCH better about this currency situation.

Zig: @Gilmour : Are you Tony in disguise?….lol

Gilmour: President Trump understands the importance of the dinar and EO 13303 from 2003 under Bush 43. We need the money to pay for war reparations. AS AGREED AND PLANNED back in 2003.

Gilmour: Many people have forgotten (or never learned) what occurred with EO 13303 in 2003, and why it was written.

chattels: @Gilmour Thanks. I will take a listen.

Gilmour: Bush and Cheney and Greenspan devised a way for the U.S. to be fully repaid for all war costs ($4 trillion) in Iraq — and for U.S. investors to be able and PROTECTED investing in Iraq.

Gilmour: EO 13303 is still in effect today. Even Obama renewed it every year.

Gilmour: Google EO 13303. It is short and very understandable. It explains how and why we are invested in Iraq now

Gilmour: Our UST holds many trillions of dinars. If it will never revalue (as Kaperoni contends) — WHY do they hold it? It will eventually be converted to petro-dollars and we will buy oil at the 2003 agreed price of $32 per barrel for a long time, as well as pay for the war and reduce the U.S. national debt.

[pm]Zig: @Gilmour : “Our UST holds many trillions of dinars.”…..Isn’t that just a rumor??

spanki: yeah – why–almost read it—
spanki: freedom of speech here–hmmm

chattels: @Gilmour I always found EO 13303 to be rather cryptic and not supportive of things that people said about it, but I readily confess that I am a macro-economic moron.

chattels: @Gilmour It has been quite some time since I read it.

txbrand: was the bogus———> The Exchange Rate of Foreign Currency in Economic Feasibility Studies

Gilmour: The relevant part of EO 13303 is that it gave U.S. citizens the legal right to invest in Iraq AND it also protected those investments from confiscation by foreign entities. VERY important, or no one would be invested in Iraq in any form.

chattels: @Gilmour Do you have it to paste / post here for us please.
chattels: @Gilmour I would like to re-read it.

Gilmour: Just Google “EO 13303” — it comes up immediately.


chattels: @Gilmour Thank you.

Gilmour: May 22, 2003 —- George W. Bush

BlackGold: 13303 was a good thing until our government and federal reserve decided to screw us

BlackGold: Come on its been 14 years

txbrand: there are lots of ways to invest in Iraq…

BlackGold: true but very few the average citizen could. All the wealthy government people and their friends can

txbrand: right

BlackGold: Its funny Iran has sanctions, but nestlie and hunt are their. Bet you can buy a coke their

Gilmour: Obama is said to have interfered with the GOI and CBI intentions. But those days are gone. The ONLY entity controlling the currency of Iraq is Iraq, now. The IMF and BIS and WB have all had their say. It is now in the hands of Iraq. Fortunately, President Trump understands all of this and is on our side.

txbrand: if you have not read this (Feasibility Studies ) in a long time ———–>

LeLe: Did Obama add or delete parts of 13303 in 2014?

Gilmour: No. It remains intact.

RickeyT: @Gilmour at the bare minimum Obama needs jailed as an enemy of the state

BlackGold: Thats th bull they tell us, nothing hapens without IMF UN and FED approval

LeLe: Thanks Gilmour

BlackGold: nothing
BlackGold: @LeLe don’t think so

chattels: Duties and the privilege of service to my fellow man require my presence and efforts elsewhere. Welcome to the chat Gilmour and to all have a fine day.

LeLe: Thanks BlackGold

[pm]Doug_W: be well C

BlackGold: @chattels peace
BlackGold: @LeLe welcome

Gilmour: The IMF, WB, Fed, BIS — have all had their say. They are done. If Iraq can clear the final tidbits of UN Chapter 7 (and they will) it then is entirely up to Iraq to do whatever they will do to their currency.

BlackGold: Who do you think controls the UN
Gilmour: The U.S. —– of course.
BlackGold: true

Gilmour: But Chapter 7 was created by the UNSC — and must be fully completed before Iraq is totally free.

BlackGold: also the IMF

Gilmour: Art 8 of the IMF is automatic, once Chapter 7 is closed.

[pm]Doug_W: UST and IMF = Rothchild

BlackGold: Its been 14 years, if they couldn’t get it together by now. come on whos fooling who
BlackGold: Rothchild = US federal reserve

[pm]Doug_W: yes

BlackGold: IRS too

[pm]Doug_W: yes

Gilmour: Please forget the cabal talk. Sure, they exist. But the dinar is not being controlled by the cabal any longer.

BlackGold: Americans have had their heads in the sand for so long, we don’t know who runs our country. Its scarey

[pm]Doug_W: mostly Sheeple BG

chattels: Godspeed the completion of the Iraqi banking sector reform project. God bless us everyone. Laterz.

[pm]Doug_W: gbe well “C”

Gilmour: The Fed’s role in our life has diminished greatly. The main goal of the Fed these days is to make certain we keep injecting digital funds into the system and to keep the federal debt rolled over around the world.

BlackGold: You can’t ever forget them. here read up on them. they have old money, will never run out


BlackGold: rad nd wake up
BlackGold: read
BlackGold: The fed’s role is here to stay with Obamacare and school loans to poor american kids they will never pay back. debtors and slaves to our government forever

Gilmour: That was written in 2004. Today we have a much newer world order. Russia, China, U.S. Japan —– things have changed.

​bobs: Zig should be happy that I’m making a one time post because this is interesting (subject)….google the black pope….should scare the pants right off of you.

[pm]Doug_W: hello Girl

BlackGold: Russia wants nothing to do with us nd the Chinese own us but don’t want to be blamed for our scew ups

bobs: our streets are owned by foreign countries, lots of land and buildings also.

BlackGold: @bobs I here ya

[pm]Doug_W: ohhh ZIGGY where are U?

bobs: hi doug….I see zig promoted you.

[pm]Doug_W: so it seems

[pm]Doug_W: I am still just ME tho

bobs: He is probably pooping his pants that I’m on here, but only for a few minutes because my day, as all, have become very busy.

Gilmour: I was a huge cynic for many years. But after trading currencies and futures at the CME for 10 years I softened my world view and realized it does no good for anyone to be so extreme.

BlackGold: @bobs Back east you can’t find a gas station thats not owned by Arabs- almost all hotels
BlackGold: America better wake up

bobs: I don’t know why everyone is so scared of people from other countries owning us NOW….they have for decades.

tman23: OKAY…… Back in September 27 2012 Abadi was the Chairman of the Parliament Finance Committee and on that day HE ANNOUNCED that Iraq was lifting the 3 zeros from the currency first of the year 2013……AND this was dependent upon having all the new currency without 3 zeros ready to go !!!!

Then a few days later he spoke on the same subject CONFIRMING 2013……

Shabibi went off to a “convention” in Japan….. while he was gone Maliki hadthe courts issue a warrant for his arrest…..Shabibi never returned…… During the post 2015 isdd summit which took place in September…..

THEY SPOKE OF THIS SHABIBI EVENT WHILE HE WAS IN JAPAN…… And the word convention is misleading….. IT was a meeting for Iraq monetary reform……

THIS IS ALL RESEARCHABLE BECAUSE IT WAS IN PRINT ALSO !! That being said; They were lifting the 3 zeros in 2013…… Now explain to me the Chapter 7 significance….. Article 8 ……. or any other numbers as reason for delay…….

bobs: Muslims were one of our first slaves.

BlackGold: Russia spans 13 or 14 time zones, you think they have time for us
BlackGold: @bobs True

bobs: I don’t understand why people are not spreading love instead of so much hate. We should be extending our hands to help others.

Iqdnewbie: Will the ZIM be worth anything besides a good conversation piece?

bobs: As the Iraqi dinar dealer told me years ago…..NO ONE…..NO ONE…..knows when and if the dinar will make a change in their currency and go international. When and if it does………EVERYONE will know at the same time. People will believe what they want to believe.

Gilmour: tman23: OBAMA HELD UP THE DR. SHABIBI AND ABADI ATTEMPT TO MOVE THE CURRENCY. He flat stopped it. THAT is the part that was not printed for all to read.

bobs: Obama Bush Trump has NOTHING to do with the change in the currencies.

Doug_W: @Iqdnewbie highly doubtful ever!

BlackGold: Russia’s retail e-commerce market soars 20% to $15.7 billion
bobs: It is up to each country to make the changes not another country.

Doug_W: there he is

bobs: Have a great week….I’m out of here…..Hi Zig…nice timing to watch me leave.

BlackGold: n 2016, Chinese online retailer Aliexpress became the most popular online store in Russia, with over 22 million unique visitors a month.

BlackGold: China and Russia aren’t playing

BlackGold: Russia’s second most popular e-commerce retailer,, is far behind with 9 million visitors a month. Third place goes to, an online retailer of consumer electronics, with an audience of 7.5 million unique visitors a month.

Zig: @bobs : Welcome back, To the chat where you once hung out… Welcome back, To that same old place that you knew about… Well new peeps are now here since you came around, But those RV dreams remain and the rumors still abound… We’re so glad to see ya… Back here where we love ya…

Yeah we missed you a lot cause you posted many thoughts, welcome back, Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back… Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back….

Baxter: IqdNewbie… If you would just google Zimbabwe… and read about their currency….. It is D E F U N C T… it is W O R T H L E S S…. B U R N IT..

Baxter: yep… Im ready

Zig: “bobs: He is probably pooping his pants that I’m on here”….I AM NOT!…. ;toliet

Iqdnewbie: Has PM Abadi publicly announced that Mosul is done

Doug_W: glad :Tup

Baxter: I dont think he has….. Iqdnewbie

Baxter: Not the official one….. he has made some comments… though
Baxter: I dont think Mosul is the final answer anyways…. wish I knew what was..

Elilali: Not yet Newbs, we’re still waiting

Doug_W: me too Bax
Baxter: after over 11 years… I really dont care anymore…

Elilali: I bet there will be another article that comes out today, saying he’ll announce it within the next 48 hours
Elilali: then 48 hours from now, it will happen again lol
Elilali: rinse and repeat, for 7 years
Elilali: morning Doug!
Elilali: we can’t be far from this thing popping

Elilali: although it’s never been as soon as we might like

Iqdnewbie: Sorry. Me only 4 months

Elilali: You’ve only been invested for 4 months?

txbrand: map of mosul

Iqdnewbie: Yes

Elilali: wowwww
Baxter: IQDnewbie… B U R N …. your ZIM….. its worthless as toilet paper…

Elilali: I am so freakin jealous
Elilali: Baxter why didn’t we wait until 4 months go to get involved?

BlackGold: For ponds they have Solar run pumps that work really well to keep water moving and weed free. all so find the right fish that eat algae

Baxter: GOD I WISH

Elilali: gawwwwd

Baxter: He doesnt know how lucky he is

Elilali: life would have been so much easier

Iqdnewbie: Just be thankful. We r close to the end of this ride

Baxter: over 11 years and six months of this crap

Elilali: lol says the newbie
Elilali: we hope so
Elilali: that’s fo SHO

Elilali: but for the one simple reason that they have a billion projects they want to do, I think they need real money to do it

Elilali: call me crazy
Elilali: come ON Iraq

LJ: Please. ..Please. …can anyone tell me who is behind the Sitrep reports. ..someone has too much time on their hands to conjure up that B.S…
LJ: They need to be in Hollywood

Elilali: I wouldn’t even worry about it LJ. Tht’s more like a cult thing

tman23: Why did Maliki throw a wrench in the plans to lift the 3 zeros at the start of 2013 ? Why did Turki (the acting governor) of the CBI resign in August 2014 and days before Abadi was sworn in the following weeks Maliki appointed Alak as CBI governor…… And by CBI by-laws…..

The deputy governor takes the position if the governor is OUT……So became the reason for Salehs arrest at the time Shabibi’s warrant was issued……. By all description it appears Maliki does not want 3 zeros lifted…..

And we have to assume that with all the trouble he went to to remove Shabibi and Saleh…. and get Alak appointed by manipulating the courts and using his chief corrupt judge to take power from Parliament and allow the COM to confirm the governor…… And so we sit and wait !!

Its the HCL were waiting for, no,no, its lifting Chapter 7, no no, its moving to article VIII and before it can do that it must do the Hula Dance for 90 days….. no no iwas Obama who was delaying but now Trump will push it through….no no…The IMF SAID…LOL !! ……….

LJ: They need to be Hollywood

Elilali: yes they do LJ, they’re very creative
Elilali: but what’s really messed up is that they do have a following
Elilali: it’s sick
LJ: Waste of talent
Elilali: lol tman I know, it’s a huge mess
LJ: Makes for a great movie

BlackGold: maliki works for us, wake up

Iqdnewbie: Then I would not be invested. Everything happens for a reason

Elilali: Tman, it’s okay. We’re going to get through this. Everyone just start drinking whiskey in the morning.
Elilali: Newbs what got you into this?

BlackGold: @Elilali lol

Iqdnewbie: A friend and a lot of research

Elilali: research, as in DinarGuru, DinarDetectives, and DinarRecaps? lol

[pm]Zig: @Doug_W : Thank You!!….Like pulling teeth….LOL…. :IQDCalls_P

txbrand: go down and read this ——–> ALLAK IS SAYING THAT BEFORE THE IMPORTANT MEETING

Elilali: txtbrand is that properly linked? I don’t trust the 365 fella

Iqdnewbie: Something like that. I talk to people more educated about the situation than me

txbrand: ok..i wont post it anymore

BlackGold: Abadi probably works for us too, now

Elilali: No it’s okay TXTBrand, that had a solid news article. he was just making an assumption
Elilali: you’re totally fine darlin 🙂

BlackGold: If Abadi gets on anyones bad side he’ll disappear too

Iqdnewbie: Is there anything wrong with those 3 sources

Elilali: well there’s no way around pissing SOMEBODY off in Iraq. There’s a million different factions and they all dislike each other. Poor Abadi. Toughest job in the world.

BlackGold: @Elilali Thats true lol

qdnewbie: @Elilali Is there anything wrong with those 3 sources

BlackGold: We keep saying that the country of Iraq is messed up, Stop and take a look at Ours for a moment

BlackGold: scarey

tman23: @BlackGold …..Maliki works for Iran…… And if you watch the 2013 Davos Summit you will hear a man on stage from the uS who was not affiliated with any agency……and sat there with leaders of countries… which was weird in itself……He said: Iraq will get worse before it gets better….

The Mosques will be under attack and Iran will send in militias to protect the Mosque…not the people…..and this is set up by the Iranian regime to expand the borders of Iran……

Everything he said has shown itself to happen and happening…… So if he could call it then….. They damn well knew ISIS was on the move and what was going down…….

BlackGold: We say the Mosques are under attack , but from who is the question. why would they blow up their own mosques. I know i know all the bs stories we here.

BlackGold: Just like Iraq gased its own people and then Syria a country we haven’t heard from in decades just out of the blue decides to gas its people. Yea right
BlackGold: where were the Has Mat suits i didn’t see any

tman23: @BlackGold … We are on the same page…..different paragraphs……

BlackGold: they hosed everyone down and they were fine
BlackGold: what the heck is going on
BlackGold: all i know is some funny stuff is going on and we are stuck in the middle

Brow: Chris Christie is a Great Example of Who & What our Government & Elites “IS” & Who They are & what they think of Us the Public- Chris Christie Closes Down The Beaches to The Public But Takes His Family Out for the Day for enjoyment & Fun on the Beach – No One on The Beach but Chris & his Family for a Day of Fun

BlackGold: @Brow welcome to the real world. that may be wrong but beaches are the least of our problems

Brow: Abadi said ” NO ” RV until Iraq is ” Safe & Secure ” = Stable No RV This Year For sure – Maybe in 2018
Brow: @BlackGold -I know

tman23: @BlackGold…. Tis what is disturbing the PTB and the media…….. Like never before, multi millions of people are not buying into the news they push or the stages they set up to enable them the ability to call for public support for their next agenda…….

Brow: @BlackGold – Trump is working very Hard to stop it Too

BlackGold: Poor man has a hard road ahead

Iqdnewbie: Why would he do that? Doesn’t he and the country stand make a lot of money if IQD’s RV?

Iqdnewbie: Trump (he)

Brow: @Iqdnewbie – It’s all about the One World Order – Period

BlackGold: @Iqdnewbie t so much about money but power. Who knows what wil happen once we have money

Iqdnewbie: Explain please.

Brow: @Iqdnewbie – Trump is for the People Not The Puppet Masters
qdnewbie: One World Order?

Brow: @Iqdnewbie – Sorry Meant Trump is trying To Stop The Criminals in our Government
Brow: @Iqdnewbie – BB

Iqdnewbie: ?????????

BlackGold: @Iqdnewbie Trump even if he is for us, has to deal with ObamaCare. Obama C is rooted so deep in our society its like a hook half way through your arm, only two ways to get it out–Cut it out or straighten it and push it out, both ways are still very painful. Obama C is so bad, even our Supreme Court Justices don’t and won’t read it. If they can’t understand it, what chance do we have

Brow: @Iqdnewbie – One World Order means you will lose your Constitutional Right & The USA will Not Be a Sovereign Country anymore
BlackGold: @Iqdnewbie peace