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tman23: This is from Guru…not me…..but yea !!! I found that there is a direct link between and cbi.3eyon-host…go to website and Click on Statistics [You can click “English” at the top of the page first]..then click on “for extended statistics”. comes up as a URL address. They are linked it is a real site evidently.


TWW: @tman23 wow something to check out

TWW: @tman23 I thought the domain was out of norway
TWW: @tman23 when i checked out the IP address

Spectra: Norway or not they still can a part or linked! Right! am i right?

BlackGold: unfortunately the freedom this site has also makes way for gurus to come in and bring in the same junk but only in sneaky ways. they can even come in and turn someone against another person

TWW: @Spectra honestly, not sure but i can check, my cuzn owns a SEO/SEM company

Spectra: Please do and let us know!

TWW: @BlackGold cant ZIG compare IP#

BlackGold: As far as pages go, you can link anything and have hidden code

Spectra: yes , ZIG ZIG ZIG COME OUT COME OUT whereever you are!

BlackGold: we use to do it all the time as a joke

pizzaman: I just checked it out. Tman is right I found that there is a direct link between and cbi.3eyon-host…go to website and Click on Statistics… hmmm what does this mean that the 1.20 we saw 2 weeks ago might be from the hosting site which was a mistake to reveal???? others have said it was a fake site???

pizzaman: now we know someone is messing with our heads 4 sure

Spectra: OH’ guess what no mistake ! i DO NOT THINK SO!

BlackGold: doesn’t matter if it was real or not , its not there now

Spectra: Are they screwing with our heads?

pizzaman: whats not there?

BlackGold: maybe they were just testing
BlackGold: but i doubt it

Spectra: BlackGold: Well they better be cause i am getting angry!-lol

pizzaman: blackgold absolutely they were testing

pizzaman: and screwed up

BlackGold: @Spectra lol

Spectra: Testing with a radom number ? doughtfully!

BlackGold: if it was testing it wasn’t random, could be whats in Iraq

TWW: @Spectra Hang on, may let u know when it come up on my lap top

BlackGold: I’ll have to ask my friend to make sure

Spectra: OK 🙂

tman23: When Basnews had the 1 dinar – 3.64 dolar….. that was not a widget……that was direct to a server in redwood California…… days after it switched to Virginia…… But the exchange link address was to major us bank…..

pizzaman: okay do as tman suggested go to the cbi website and click on statistics english you will see the other hosting url …then click home and you will still the 1.20. go do it now

Spectra: its like everyone knows but us!

BlackGold: good programers and code writers can do anything on the net

Spectra: hOLY tOLEDO!

pizzaman: black gold i started at the new official cbi site. then i made my way to statistics which had the hosting url then i clicked home and scrolled down and found 1.20



BlackGold: @pizzaman sounds ligit to me

Romello: Hmm

TWW: @Spectra CBI.IQ Site Status Status Active Server Type Apache/2.4.18 (Ubuntu) Registrant Contact Information: Name Suhaib Al-Fahdawi Organization Address baghdad City baghdad State / Province baghdad Postal Code 00964 Country IQ Phone +964.7713911909×7811634389 Email

Spectra: cALL THEM -LOL

pizzaman: maybe the value has changed but the only way you can exchange is by being sherlock freaking holmes.. haha

BlackGold: @pizzaman it a few days ago and it seemed good but i’m still not sure

Spectra: pizzaman: gOOD POINT

pizzaman: so whos going to be the ginny pig and walk into a bank and demand 1.20. :laugh

tman23: Like we keep saying……What a bunch of coincidences !!!

BlackGold: No you need to take a plane out of our country and exchange, if they let you out with it

Spectra: too many coincidences

BlackGold: @pizzaman I aaaaaaa beat you to it

pizzaman: if they say no that’s incorrect then you say well on your double secret probation website it says the value is 1.20
pizzaman: somethings not right


TWW: @Spectra Mayb Canada: 1 CAD =902.448IQD Canadian Dollar1 CAD = 902.448 IQD ↔ Iraqi Dinar1 IQD = 0.00110810 CAD

pizzaman: notice the date on the hosting site is April 2017
BlackGold: It can be 1.20 in country and never change here

tman23: I want the 3.64……. not the 1.20 …… And I will demand my 3.64, I will cause a scene …….and either they give it to me or throw me out !!

pizzaman: tman what do you make of this

Spectra: so lets take a flight to IRAQ!

BlackGold: better make sure you have bail money
Spectra: jeez

TWW: 2017.07.03

Spectra: ill walk there at this point and swim

tman23: @pizzaman …….Keep saying……we are in the time if its going to be…….and if not by the 15th at the latest……were off to 2018……and might not be what we want or expected……but thats just IMO

Spectra: tman23 and what do you mean not what we exspected?

pizzaman: tman but why havent they fixed the 1.20 value?? thats a huge mistake
pizzaman: and its still up at the site indirectly

Spectra: Right pizzaman:

BlackGold: Like I said they can have 1.20 in house and we will never see it in the US

pizzaman: blackgold i dont think thats possible

Spectra: Well is this true?what BlackGold: says?

BlackGold: sure is possible the cbi can show anything, its our forex that counts in the US

Hutch: @BlackGold How is that possible. I thought that in country…. a dinar is a dinar.

Spectra: Give me a country that does that??Example
Hutch: @Spectra yes please
Spectra: BlackGold: name one country

pizzaman: hutch is correct. plus they would need lower denoms unless they’ve all become millionaires??

Hutch: @pizzaman It’ll still be a dinar
Spectra: They will still need lower D’S!

BlackGold: Show me a country that goes from 1 dinar = $3.37 to 1166 = $1.00
Brow: It will be 3 +

Hutch: @BlackGold Please rephrase

Spectra: BlackGold: No you show us a country thay has two exchange rates!

BlackGold: a dollar is always a dollar in the US but not so out of country
Hutch: @BlackGold Correct
Hutch: @BlackGold same with dinar in iraq

BlackGold: @Hutch thank you

Hutch: @BlackGold a dinar is a dinar in country, and out of country is whatever value that is placed on it as is the US D

pizzaman: so if people in iraq are using the same currency we hold at 1.20 per dinar that makes they’re 25k note worth. $25bucks??

BlackGold: Thats what i was told and thank you for confirming

Hutch: @pizzaman Thats its current value roughly
Hutch: @BlackGold In country, it will be about purchase power

Hutch: @BlackGold Imports will be less expensive

BlackGold: @Hutch I here ya, that is something most of us really don’t fully understand. Purchasing power

Hutch: @pizzaman In iraq …. a 25k note is worth 25k dinar
Hutch: @BlackGold We have studied it for quite some time, lost one friend while doing so.

BlackGold: @Hutch I here ya. I understand it a little, it like if gas goes to $1.00 a gallon a dollar is still a dollar but we cn buy more gas with it

hutch: @BlackGold same

pizzaman: Hutch so maybe they are doing this to get the 000 notes of the street first, then they raise the value and drop lower denoms at the same time????

3 Jul 17, 07:31 PM
BlackGold: @Hutch oh ok

Hutch: @BlackGold RC and I covered it on some of our calls awhile back

3 Jul 17, 07:31 PM
BlackGold: I missed that

Hutch: @BlackGold I remember when a McD hamburger was 50 cents and so was a gallon of gas

BlackGold: @Hutch lol I got you beat, I remember .10 lol
BlackGold: hamber that is .35 a gallon for me

Romello: @Hutch Heay there buddy
Hutch: @Romello Hey Romes !!!

Romello: I’m still looking for earth shattering news/articles… lol
Hutch: @Romello GEEZ Let me know when you find it!!

Romello: Long time my friend. How yah been?

BlackGold: never payed it but i remeber it
Hutch: @Romello Doing well and You >
Hutch: @Romello ?
Hutch: @BlackGold LOL

Romello: Same here. Just waiting. lol

Hutch: @BlackGold As a kid, I pumped gas for around 35-50 cents
Romello: bbiab

pizzaman: Hutch did you see this article I posted earlier

Spectra: That is a great read

Hutch: @Spectra I saw it earlier today and yes… great read !

LJ: Hello all, what’s the newes B
LJ: Newest bs for today
Spectra: There is no BS only good news!
LJ: Ok, what’s the so called good news

spectra: scroll up look at the past chats!

Spectra: click on that article!
Spectra: LJ: SORRY to disappoint you there is no BS !
Spectra: 🙂

LJ: @Spectra ok, let me go see what u talking about
LJ: I didn’t see anything

Hutch: @LJ

LJ: @Hutch ok

​BlackGold: I like the artical but it just sounds alot like the bs our government talks and never does anything.
BlackGold: hope i’m wrong
BlackGold: after all its been 14 years

LJ: Thanks for the article…
LJ: But have soo many Good News.article that didn’t mount to nothibg but talk…

LJ: Have read soo many, just numb to the fact that it means nothing

pizzaman: Hutch, Help me understand if its 1.20 in iraq??? and a 25K note is worth 25bucks that tells me they want to get the 000 notes of the streets so they can raise the value and drop the lower denoms. Is this correct???

LJ: @Hutch thanks for the article though
Spectra: the article

LJ: Ok, thanks pizzaman

pizzaman: Spectra were all on the same team no worries.. Is this LJ from IQD teams?
LJ: No, I’m not from any team

Hutch: @pizzaman In Iraq, 1 dinar is worth 1 dinar. If it were 1.20, it would mean that outside of iraq, 1 dinar is worth 1.20

LJ: I just joined the chat maybe yesterday

larrykn: @Hutch that’s right 🙂

pizzaman: Ok Hutch Thanks
BlackGold: @pizzaman like your attitude we are all on the same team

tman23: This is the headline…….Al-Furat Center discusses the exchange rate in Iraq as a pillar of stability or waste of the dollar ……… And it is a bunch of Iraqi economists, professors with PHD’s etc…… holding forum discussing the exchange rate and waste…….

They have nothing to do with the CBI or the GOI…… But what it does show is the public sector is ho;ding forum…..and the CBI along with the GOI are on the hot seat…….and election year is around the corner…

Hutch: @pizzaman at the current rate…. a 25k note is worth approx 25 bucks

pizzaman: Yes I know Thanks
Hutch: @tman23 pressure

LJ: Are they going to act, or is it more talk..
LJ: That’s the million dollar question

Romello: Anyone knows their next election?
LJ: Let’s hope for the best
Spectra: I Think this Matinee or show is coming to a end!

pizzaman: LJ I love your attitude. Believe me Im tired of all the same ole same ole

LJ: @pizzaman thanks ….beyond tired. .just ready to move on

Spectra: yes, we all are!
pizzaman: me2… yesterday

LJ: @pizzaman just hate the liars and deceivers

Romello: @LJ Amen,,,
LJ: @Romello AMEN!!!!!

Romello: Ready to move to next chapter

LJ: Yes indeed


LJ: @Spectra yes u right, they do

pizzaman: im still wondering whats going on with the cbi website. what we thought was a sham hosting site is actually link to the real cbi site showing 1.20

Spectra: I never thought it was a sham
pizzaman: spectra good vibes. hate sucks

Spectra: yes, its a waste of energy ! BUT i do have trouble with people who murder or hurt children!

pizzaman: me2
LJ: Me
LJ: Me3

Spectra: yes children are my high priority and protecting them is utmost important!
Spectra: We must eradicate the beasts who hurt them! you know what im refering too! right!

LJ: Agree spectra

Spectra: Thats what i want to do with my money when it gets here
Spectra: yes THOSE BEASTS

LJ: That need to be exposed ..


Spectra: MEE TOO!

ElmerFudd: @pizzaman Have we figured out what is going on with the CBI site?


ElmerFudd: @Spectra Oooooooh!

Spectra: ok, that settles that 3 people confimed it!
LJ: @Spectra so it’s just when they will update it to show us huh?
Spectra: right
LJ: Ok

Spectra: but it does still show 1.2
LJ: Ok
Spectra: exchange USA
ElmerFudd: Wow.
pizzaman: I checked its legit. but you have to be a private investigator to figure it out :laugh
LJ: Lol

Spectra: 7/7/17 maybe ???
Spectra: like LA Garde said!
Spectra: 3 7’s
ElmerFudd: Oh my, if this is legit, how long till they go public?

Spectra: no one knows settle down -lol
BlackGold: who knows, whenever the Feds IHF and UN say so
pizzaman: lots of smoke and mirrors in this investment

Spectra: numbers are important to them they use GEAMATRIA!
ElmerFudd: @Spectra Very true.

Spectra: EVERYTHING THEY DO is a secret set of numbers!
Spectra: it is just us that do not use them!

BlackGold: Yea when the see enough in their bank accounts, thats the magic number
Spectra: lol

Spectra: i actually had a dream and all i seen was this number about 6 months ago-194

Spectra: weirdest dream nothing but a number
Spectra: woke me up in the middle of the night too

pizzaman: BlackGold as long as they’re not looking in my bank account cause we would be here until eternity. :crybaby
Spectra: oh they look!

BlackGold: @pizzaman lol

Spectra: 7
ElmerFudd: Have there been any more delete the zeroes news reports come out today?

Spectra: yes scroll up
Spectra: pizzaman put a link


Spectra: you have to keep it fresh .people will appreciate 🙂 it.

ElmerFudd: Ahhh, thanks.

Spectra: its long but full of great stuff

pizzaman: Spectra i’m still surprised the hosting company didn’t go back and delete that rate? its mind blowing to me that they left it up on the board for us to continue to see???


ElmerFudd: So, this $1.20 thing has me wondering, when, when, when????

ElmerFudd: The CIA controls yours.
Spectra: I hear you just relax and watch

LJ: How long it’s been shosing 1.20…since last week right?

chattels: good evening all
ElmerFudd: @LJ I think so.
chattels: @Spectra Hello
ElmerFudd: Chattels, what’s going on?

chattels: MOSUL, Iraq (AP) — With the fight for Mosul in its final stage Monday, Islamic State militants sent female suicide bombers hidden among fleeing civilians, while Iraqi forces and the U.S.-led coalition unleashed punishing airstrikes and artillery fire that set dozens of buildings ablaze.

Read more at,-militants-strike-back

LJ: @ElmerFudd oh ok

chattels: Mosul (Iraq) (AFP) – Iraqi forces are facing increasingly difficult fighting and a rising number of suicide attacks, including some by female bombers, in the final stages of the battle for Mosul, commanders said Monday.


chattels: War is an ugly business, eh ?

LJ: Yep chat

chattels: Watch: Drone footage of war-torn Mosul

Spectra: i do not watch the war footage , no offence! i Am against war!

Zig: “BlackGold: unfortunately the freedom this site has also makes way for gurus to come in and bring in the same junk but only in sneaky ways.”………LOL…We do not filter out any “junk”…People are free to bring anything in here including rumors….so just don’t read it!….Simple…..

Spectra: LOL

chattels: @Spectra Understood. Perhaps I am too focused on it at times.

Spectra: It brings me down!I cannot do it! 🙁

chattels: @Spectra Trying to keep up with all the news reported from various sources helps me distinguish between guru garbage and reality.

Spectra: whatever works for you!

ElmerFudd: @chattels So, what’s your opinion of this $1.20 thing?
Noname: @chattels thank you for all the news
Spectra: 1.2 is real!

Spectra: but they are not ready for us yet!

chattels: @Spectra I will change the subject of the news.

Spectra: chattels:do whatever you want
chattels: @Noname Alway my pleasure. I am addicted to it.

Noname: So has it been decided the extra CBI site showing 1.2 is not Frank’s doings or what?

ElmerFudd: Apparently not.
Noname: @ElmerFudd thanks

Zig: @MichelleL : Thanks for the laugh….Very funny!!

Spectra: no but he was the first one to tell people about it! 1.2

chattels: «Central»: put brokerage firms on the blacklist Monday, July 3, 2017, Shawwal 081 438 A few days from the inclusion of the US Treasury Department local Iraqi banking companies within the black list without offering any explanation on the reasons for this behavior after, the Central Bank of Iraq , the other is the listing of companies on the local banking blacklist.

Spectra: Frank told everyone but no one believed!

chattels: …………………………The central bank said in a press statement that the US Treasury has praised the actions taken by the Iraqi authorities to impede the dealings of financial Daesh in Iraq, and it is implementing an elaborate system of anti – money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism, which has helped to strengthen Iraq ‘s ability to protect its financial system from exploitation by terrorist groups Kdaash.

chattels: Courtesy of DinarAlert

Spectra: SO I SAY GIVE frank the credit ! WHATS THE BIG DEAL!

chattels: @ElmerFudd Been away all day. What is the $ 1.20 ?

Zig: It finally RVd…but I can’t remember where I put my Dinar….

ElmerFudd: People finding a $1.20 exchange rate on some part of the CBI site. Someone else can give you the details, cause I’m not sure where to find it.
Spectra: scroll up

ElmerFudd: I figured you would know more so I wanted your opinion.

chattels: @ElmerFudd Frank’s guy Delta, who supposed speaks / reads Arabic, often reports anomalies from the Arabic CBI website.

tman23: from guru post…. I found that there is a direct link between and cbi.3eyon-host…go to website and Click on Statistics [You can click “English” at the top of the page first]..then click on “for extended statistics”. comes up as a URL address. They are linked it is a real site evidently.

ElmerFudd: If it’s a mistake, it’s a pretty big one and it’s been up for three days.

BlackGold: Its not a question of if the site is real, its real, is it legit

chattels: Hammoudi: cooperation ministries with national companies step to strengthen the national product Since 03/07/2017 16:42 am (Baghdad time) BAGHDAD –

The balance of News First Deputy Speaker of Parliament Hamoudi, on Monday, said the signing of contracts between national companies, and the various ministries an important step to move the wheel of the national industry and the operation of labor and the strengthening of the national product.


Romello: @Chattles Hello friend…
chattels: @Romello Hello friend.

Blossom7454: Doin well. Very blessed. Hope it happens now. What birthday present that will make for me tomorrow. Lol

Romello: Happy early B-Day

chattels: Mosul liberated, KRG sets date for referendum, What’s next?


ElmerFudd: RV, RV, RV!

​chattels: Monday, July 3, 2017 Did The Pentagon Adequately Prepare For Postwar Iraq? Interview With RAND’s James Dobbins

Blossom7454: Ty huney

Romello: Blossum B-Day on 4th of July. Way kool… :Tup

chattels: In January 2003 President Bush gave the Pentagon control of postwar Iraq. Douglas Feith the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy was put in charge of planning. Before the invasion, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld called in a group of outside experts to review what had been drawn up.

One of those was James Dobbins from the RAND Corporation. This is an interview with Dobbins about what he thought about the Pentagon’s plans for Iraq.


Blossom7454: Hey chattels you think we have a rate?
chattels: @Blossom7454 Not that I know of.

chattels: But, even if there is a rate, is there a bank who will exchange, etc. ?
chattels: I am not going to Baghdad.

ElmerFudd: They may have to, if that’s an official rate.

Blossom7454: Me neither

chattels: I might be persuaded to go to the CBI branch in Erbil, Kurdistan.

Spectra: chattels: perhaps we should!

pizzaman: Heres the direct link between and cbi.3eyon-host…go to website and Click on Statistics [You can click “English” at the top of the page first]..then click on “for extended statistics”. comes up as a URL address. They are linked it is a real site evidently…

I think they have been running statistics and crunching the numbers on the cbi.3eyon site …therefore by logic..if is legit… cbi.3eyon-host is legit. from there then click the home page and scroll down and you will see the 1.2 to 1 is still in the box.

LJ: @pizzaman good work

BlackGold: No bank in the US will exchage at that rate it is in country only. until you see it on the Forex you are wasting your time

chattels: @pizzaman where does one find ” for extended statistics ” ?

chattels: @pizzaman found it

MichelleL: Happy Birthday again, Blossom and Chattels! hope you both have a wonderful year 🙂 Time for a tisane and a good night’s rest 🙂 Till tomorrow!~

chattels: @MichelleL gn

BlackGold: Buy Iranian Rial and some how get out of the country and put it in a bank

BlackGold: As of April 2014, the maximum interest rate for deposits of 90 days or less is set at 10 percent, the maximum rate for deposits of more than 1 year is set at 22 percent, and for other maturities the cap is set at 14 to 18 percent. In April 2015, the Central Bank of Iran reduced the maximum interest rate to 20 percent.

chattels: @pizzaman Still 1184 on the ” main ” page ?

pizzaman: chattels where it says exchange rates to the far right column it says statistics. click on statistics. then you’ll see extended statistics click on that. you may have to click english again? then click home

chattels: @pizzaman I found it, thanks.

pizzaman: you will see the 1.2 rate when you scroll down

BlackGold: i’m sure our friends in washington and their friends aren’t wasting any time

pizzaman: did you find the rate?

chattels: @BlackGold I bought some rial on the internet

pizzaman: so the host site is legit.. now all we need is the rate to become legit???

chattels: @pizzaman So, what is being said about the meaning of the 1.2 ?

BlackGold: @chattels hopefully it was a good buy

ElmerFudd: @pizzaman That’s our theory.

chattels: @BlackGold It was inexpensive as I recall.

pizzaman: chattels nothing. but the fact that we thought originally the host site was a fake and now we know its not

chattels: @pizzaman What about the 1184 exchange rate on the main page ?

pizzaman: thats the real rate as of right now until we hear otherwise. did you see the 1.2 on the host site?

chattels: @pizzaman ok, thanks.
chattels: @pizzaman Yes.

pizzaman: i found it hard to believe a legit hosting company would make such an error for all to see

Blossom7454: @chattels happy birthday baby!

ElmerFudd: @pizzaman Especially for 3 days.

chattels: @Blossom7454 ty

chattels: @pizzaman Would not be the first ” error ” on the CBI website, eh ?

chattels: @pizzaman But, ………………………. I do not know.

Spectra: Not for 3 days

pizzaman: yes your correct but its still there and they haven’t deleted it. maybe they’re just messing with us :crybaby

Noname: It has been up for.a.week

Spectra: Sometimes when faced with the truth it is easy to see it as a lie!

pizzaman: so true

Spectra: Especially after waiting this long!

Mark123: Mountain Goat said the other CBI site was fake

pizzaman: goat is wrong unless someone hacked into the cbi site

Spectra: Mountain Goat ! does not know everything !

Mark123: goat said it was a mirror image
Mark123: Well that is true too

Mark123: Why would they put up a rate my mistake

Spectra: Ok so they have now been hacked for over 1 week I dought that!

Mark123: Is that rate still up there

Spectra: Don’t you think they would have fixed it by now if it was hacked ?

Mark123: Is that rate still showing on the site

TWW: @Mark123 yes, 10 min ago

Mark123: hmmmmmm

pizzaman: the hosting company is a real company

Spectra: Pizza man seen it recently today!

pizzaman: Mark not directly no. but on the hosting site

Spectra: Ok so it’s the real deal alright

Mark123: A rate change is usually a big deal especially as it relate to Iraq
Mark123: I thought it would be done in the middle of the night

LJ: It’s just not on the Main Site
LJ: The one we need it to be on

Spectra: I guess not now we wait still ?????

pizzaman: its not done until they make it official

TWW: @Mark123 but it is on the link just posted by pizzaman, i went there

Spectra: True I’m sure they still need to finish up!

Mark123: Very odd

pizzaman: who the heck knows what is real anymore

TWW: @pizzaman ???????????????????????????

LJ: @pizzaman got that right

chattels: The calculator / conversion feature works.

Spectra: Life is a illusion lol the

Mark123: Until it’s official it’s only number on a web page!

Spectra: like the twilight zone alright

Mark123: We will find out soon enough

TWW: @Spectra lolololol & outer limits

Mark123: First things first
Mark123: Mosul fighting over

pizzaman: i know one thing for sure I am so done with this.. 7 years is to long.. give me a dime and Im gone

Mark123: Kuwait being paid off

Mark123: Sanctions lifted

chattels: Not the same or as many countries listed.

Spectra: Yes the magic piece of the puzzle sanctions !!!

Mark123: Until the sanctions are lifted ain’t nothing happening

Spectra: Seems like they anticipate it !putting up that rate?

Noname: That being said the twilight meritron starts at midnight

pizzaman: if they really want to piss me off they’ll change the number from 1.20 to 1 to 4.20 to 1. haha

Mark123: I thought June 30th was the magic date for the sanctions to be lifted and the escrow money paid to Iraq

pizzaman: exactly spectra

Mark123: June 30th has come and gone and silence

LJ: @Mark123 just like every other date

Spectra: Well ? We don’t know in other words if they lifted sanctions?

Mark123: That date was shown to us from the UNSC website
Mark123: it was not made up

Mark123: No we don’t know
Mark123: And that is very important

pizzaman: look at the bright side at least TNT Tonys in jail where he belongs with his 3 letter agencies

chattels: There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call ” dinarland “. 🙂

Spectra: The fact we don’t know makes me think they did like ft sanctions?

Mark123: Is he still in Jail Tony?

Baxter: Pizzaman… Tony isnt in Jail….
Baxter: He got out last November

pizzaman: wow maybe he’s running the cbi site

Noname: @chattels LOL

Baxter: He only served about 10 months

​Mark123: I would like to know if the sanctions are lifted. That is the question. Everything else follows

chattels: ” ……………… as timeless as infinity.”

Spectra: Yes Mark we need to know about the sanctions

Baxter: Go figure…. Tony gets less than a year… and the dinar dealer could get 20…..

pizzaman: i think they need a international rate first before sanctions. tman chattels help ??

Romello: @Chattles lol

chattels: @pizzaman No idea friend.

Mark123: Currency365 said that Alak has a meeting with IMF in August and the Monetary policy has to be approved and passed for Iraq to get money

Spectra: Ok so rate before sanctions well you have a rate 1.2

Mark123: Iraq is being held over a barrel
Mark123: Which is good kind of


Mark123: If they got money and loans and grants without changing their currency why should they do it

pizzaman: watch this video its perfect

pizzaman: chattels you’ll love this video
pizzaman: its a classic

Sergio: The only restriction on the IQD is it’s not open for trade speculation. That being said, the CBI and or Iraq can raise or lower the value or even do away with the Dinar at anytime. The IQD has never been allowed to be open for trade speculation but that never stop it from reaching a value at $2.80 USD per Dinar

Mark123: It not being open is an important factor

Mark123: They cannot raise it with sanctions on their country
Mark123: It’s locked

Mark123: Who or what country is it of value to right now?

Sergio: @Mark123 the whole history of the life of the IQD is it has never been traded for bank speculation

Mark123: That is true

Mark123: We gave Iraq a loan.
Mark123: Anybody who bought the dinar bought shares in a company

pizzaman: mark exactly

Mark123: Speculation is not really the thing here

foxmulder: @Sergio correct ! the IQD is a de-facto currency

Mark123: All we are looking for is pay back with interest

BlackGold: I went to the CBI and just like IMF forced them it at 1184

Sergio: We the USA give a lot of money away for free even to countries who currency value is on par with the USD

Mark123: This is not really a bank speculation

Sergio: @BlackGold was never forced they chose to abide to that rate for stability

foxmulder: @Sergio your right it is a currency speculation

BlackGold: @Sergio we give nothing away if we are there we are taking something you can believe that
BlackGold: They agreed or be invaded again

pizzaman: Mark some tech stocks are 1000 per share, why cant a country with so many natural resources be worth a 1000 to 1

Sergio: i think we the Dinar holders are the only ones speculating on the currency but companies are speculating on investments

pizzaman: Sergio you are correct

Sergio: Some companies are already making a 17% return on their investment

BlackGold: raq’s deputy oil minister Fayadh al-Nema said on Sunday total oil production, including output in the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) area, stood at 4.774 million barrels per day (bpd).

pizzaman: black gold show me the money

BlackGold: @pizzaman I Hear ya

BlackGold: Somebody is pocketing alot of money
BlackGold: It ain’t us
pizzaman: yup
BlackGold: American people just can’t be that stupid. I’m a mathematical idiot bu I can see those numbers

Sergio: The most recent thing that I have came across is that until private investment in the banks where people trust in the banks to deposit their money in and open up in country businesses and banks loaning money to the people it will be a slow come back

pizzaman: we’ve got a whole new generation of stupid just entering the work force

BlackGold: 4 million barrels a day for 365 days a year for the 4 years i’ve been in this. You do the math

pizzaman: thats a lot of Black Gold

BlackGold: Why are they borrowing anything
BlackGold: @pizzaman lol

BlackGold: @pizzaman I Hear ya

pizzaman: they borrow because they know they have the world by the*****

BlackGold: @pizzaman you said show me the money?

LJ: Seems like, everytime someone comes up with a date…that date come on go…deadline rather….now the new deadline seems like that must do something by Aug….then Aug get here aND Nothing. …AND THE CYCLE goes on

pizzaman: most wealthy people use other peoples money

Sergio: One other thing I left out. The lower the value of their currency allows them to put more money into their coffers for rebuilding that is not to say peeps incontrol are not pocketing from it

BlackGold: @pizzaman say it with feeling brother let them know you mean it

pizzaman: LJ u r correct
pizzaman: BlackGold u know its true

BlackGold: @pizzaman come on this ain’t nap time yell that mess

LJ: Now Alak said by Aug. They must do something. ….what’s next after that…cause that deadline will.come and go…then we will get another article that say, by Sept 15th

LJ: I tell u
pizzaman: LJ is fed up
LJ: Absolutely
LJ: Whenever there is a deadline, bet money it’s no good

RickeyT: gotta pay Kuwait in 2020

pizzaman: tired of yelling. want my money and yes it will be nap time on a beach somewhere

Sergio: @RickeyT yup right on that too
BlackGold: lol

LJ: Lol

BlackGold: hope soon

LJ: Welp
LJ: 2021, here we come

RickeyT: what happened to the golden dinar, supposed yto come out in 2015

Sergio: @RickeyT all talk about it but no action but for dash making their own

BlackGold: We got robbed by the IMF , UN and the FED R

Spectra: That is a scared thought
Sergio: @Spectra hello dear

Spectra: Or scarey
Spectra: Hi sergio

Spectra: How’s business?

Sergio: @Spectra how have you been
Spectra: I’m ok,thinking if this RV don’t come I’ll need to sell the house lol
LJ: And the car
LJ: Lol

Spectra: No sell the house to buy a new car

BlackGold: @Spectra Its gonna happen, just after they make sure you can’t take it out of the country without them knowing.


Pizzaman: Im mad as ******* and im not gonna take it anymore :laugh

Pizzaman: Pink Floyd.. Is there anybody out there..???

chattels: @Pizzaman
Pizzaman: Have a Great 4th Chattels

woodseye: Mountain Goat says anyone that stays firm and holds out will get rich. It spoke of $9-32 in todays lie.

chattels: @Pizzaman You also. Happy Birthday America. May we have many more, eh ?

chattels: @woodseye good evening

Pizzaman: Yes Sir. Lets pray this thing comes to a end very soon.

chattels: @Pizzaman Indeed, we are all very tired and tired of it.

chattels: New political alliance unites Iraqi religious and secular parties BAGHDAD — Amid the search for suitable alliances among political parties, the Sadrist movement surprised its popular base June 22 by announcing an agreement with the Al-Wataniya coalition (National Coalition) led by Ayad Allawi.

The two parties will form a new political bilateral alliance by unifying political stances regarding pending issues, expediting the legislation of suspended laws and finding solutions to the country’s problems before the 2018 parliamentary elections.

Read more:

chattels: “We will revisit all laws passed in parliament such as the terrorism law and the de-Baathification law, and we will reform the judiciary and achieve real national reconciliation.”

chattels: “We will try to reform the judicial, legislative and executive authorities and reach noncentralized administration in unstable areas in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region. We will also dismiss the electoral commission and form a new UN-compliant commission.”

Iraqi political forces are currently busy uniting political stances and seeking new electoral coalitions to participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections in 2018. The electoral race is expected to be heated.

chattels: Agenda of the session No. (1) Tuesday (4) July 2017 The session begins at 11 am.


​Courtesy of DinarAlert

chattels: The Exchange rate of 1.2 does not appear to be posted at the CBI website any longer.

chattels: Go to website ………. click on “English” at the top of the page first……scroll down and Click on ” statistics” which is on the same line opposite “Exchange Rates” ………….. then click on the blue ” click here” following “for the extended statistics please”…………..

chattels: I found and saw it earlier. Perhaps I am not doing it correctly now which is why I posted my methodology herein above.

chattels: @Pizzaman Any ideas ?

​chattels: Monday, July 3, 2017 Mosul Campaign Day 259 Jul 2 2017

chattels: Iraqi police units held a parade in west Mosul to celebrate their recent victories. Larger celebrations planned for when the entire city is liberated (Al Ghad Press) The Iraqi forces (ISF) continued their advance down the middle of the Old City and along the south.

The Golden Division took Makawi in the center. It and the Federal Police were also in several other areas fighting over mosques, squares, and markets.

The Golden Division claimed there was just 400 meters to reaching the Tigris River and the full liberation of the city. While different Iraqi maps are showing divergent areas under government control roughly half of the Old City remains to be freed.

chattels: Surprisingly the ISF actually took a step back on announcing the imminent end to the Mosul battle. Federal Police chief General Raed Shakir Jawadat denied that he said Mosul would be freed by July 3.

There was more to do, and Prime Minister Haidar Abadi would be the one that would ultimately announce that the campaign was over. At the same time, the Federal Police and Rapid Reaction Division were already preparing for a parade in west Mosul.

Flags and banners were being put up, and the police put on a little ceremony already. The end is in sight, and the various Iraqi units are ready to celebrate. The fall of Mosul will not mark the end of the Islamic State, but it will be a huge symbolic defeat.


chattels: ” If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,…………………..: If you can dream – and not make dreams your master; If you can think – and not make thoughts your aim; If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster And treat those two impostors just the same; ……….
Yours is the earth and everything that’s in it…….” – R. Kipling