In Truth Call 

Chat Room – News Excerpts & Highlights

chattels: The start of the parliament session

Termination of a legal reading of Iraq’s accession to the Convention on Land Transport and modification of fines
and, wait for it……………….. parliamentary session to raise the next Thursday

MichelleL: they better hurry up, chattels, before NK blows us up

Doug_W: that last missle launch is scary
MichelleL: yup
chattels: Watching legislative ” progress ” in Iraq is akin to watching paint dry.
MichelleL: paint is faster chattels
Doug_W: or continents drift

ElmerFudd: Morning all, any updates on the $1.20 thing?

Doug_W: where did U hear that $1.20 thing Elmer?
ElmerFudd: Here yesterday.
Doug_W: I have seen 0 on that

MichelleL: I saw all that last night,

MichelleL: don’t “believe” any of it until you’re at the bank lol

Doug_W: I shut off at 7 PM so if it was after that ………
ElmerFudd: Hummm, I’l be at the bank later today. 🙂

MichelleL: it was on and off, Doug
MichelleL: lol EF – you notice they’re closed today?

foxmulder: i will believe it when i can exchange for 1.20

Doug_W: amen Foxxy

MichelleL: I know, but “not closed for you”
Noname: @ElmerFudd that would be sweet
ElmerFudd: Banks up here are open.

Doug_W: at a dollar I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO gone
MichelleL: @ElmerFudd 25 cents has me interested

Baxter: was reading the chat logs….. is there really something to this second CBI site being Real?
Baxter: SO ZIG….
Baxter: Is this second CBI Site for real? whats your opinion..??

Baxter: I read the chat logs….. maybe it is legit after all….

Zig: @Baxter : The people here who have looked into it seem to think that it is real…I have no opinion…

Baxter: Ok.. thx… if its linked… I would think it would have to be… how could someone get into the CBI site and do that?

chattels: House of Representatives opens his last year of the current session by reading five laws [expanded]

chattels: Then decide to adjourn the meeting to next Thursday. ……………………….( The only decisive action of the day’s ” work “.)

chattels: The typical interpretation from gurus would be that Iraq is ” on fire ” with legislative progress. !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ????????????????

chattels: They had a reading on five ostensibly menial matters.

Noname: Charles have you seen any news articles where Alak is talking in the last few days to resume the process of lifting the 3 zeros?

chattels: @Noname I have not. There may have been something posted at DinarAlert. I will check.

Noname: Frank 26 is saying he has been talking to the citizens

chattels: @Noname Keywords «morning»: our economy overcome the difficult phase

Noname: @chattels thank you
chattels: @Noname Not seeing anything.
Noname: @chattels ok thanks

Noname: @chattels im listening to his call and he is saying keywords is saying Iraq has over come the issue in January and ready to start the process again.

chattels: @Noname I see no mention of the three zeroes in the article itself, but i skimmed it.

chattels: The exchange rate of 1.2 i can no longer find on the CBI website.

Noname: On the alternate site Chattels?

JmanATtheH: @chattels but the cbi.3eyon page can be reached still
JmanATtheH: @chattels from

chattels: @Noname whatever site / access which allowed me to view it yesterday.
Baxter: CBI must be reading these chat logs… :laugh

chattels: Go to website ………. click on “English” at the top of the page first……scroll down and Click on ” statistics” which is on the same line opposite “Exchange Rates” ………….. then click on the blue ” click here” following “for the extended statistics please”…………..

JmanATtheH: @chattels yep i was following that path for the past 30 min trying to find the exchange rate, but with no luck
JmanATtheH: but at least it means that the cbi3eyon site is from the real cbi site, and not a farce

JmanATtheH: and that those different rates shown before ‘could’ actually mean something

Noname: It was up for over a week.
JmanATtheH: but since it came from the ‘statistics’ portion of, whos to say that it wasn’t just a ‘statistic’ from the past?

Noname: With it being a new site I would think someone had to put the numbers in before the site came up

JmanATtheH: @Noname is it actually a new site? Has anyone ever followed that path via ‘statistics’ before, and gotten just in the url without the 3eyon?

JmanATtheH: either way, im just glad it’s not a farce site from someone messing with us

Noname: Last week I went directly to the alternate site. I did not go through

[pm]Doug_W: @chattels after that what do I want to see …” click here” following “for the extended statistics please”…………..

JmanATtheH: I found where it says 1.2 again

JmanATtheH: when you are on the extended statistics page, after following chattels path, click on ‘home’ at the top

JmanATtheH: at it IS from 3eyeon

Romello: Is it just me or
Romello: Were there 3 more countries added to the site

Romello: Thought there was only 3at first but now 6

Doug_W: what site?

larrykn: @Romello what are you talking about lol

Romello: 3eyon

Doug_W: U lost me Pal

Romello: the extended site for the cbi

larrykn: @Romello I only believe in the one site the rest I don’t trust to be true

Romello: US Dollar USD 1.2 EURO EUR 1.08565 British pound GBP 1466.129 Canadian dollar CAD 876.741 Japanese yen JPY 11.156 Norwegian krone NOK 141.862

Doug_W: Larry what is that site?
Doug_W: I saw that too Rom

Romello: Thanks Doug did want to seem coo coo in dinar land. lol

Doug_W: that is teh CBI site didn’t know it by 3eyon

Elilali: The Us Dollar and Euro are the only two that would be accurately listed, in the case of an RV. The other prices are current

Elilali: For example, the GBP is 1466

larrykn: @Doug_W they are saying there are other seconds sites to the cbi, I just can’t trust any other site but

Elilali: I’m with Larry

Doug_W: ty

Romello: I understand that but it is linked to the site

Elilali: also true Romello
Elilali: $1.20 is fine, but $3.68 is better.

Romello: I get to it thru the site

larrykn: @Romello I’m not a computer genius but I think they can link anything to a different site

Romello: but the Like linking to FBI.

larrykn: why would they link two sites from their home page , make no sence

Romello: I would think.

Hutch: But they have done just that

Doug_W: it sure appears that way Hutch

Romello: It is under statistic on the cbiiq

larrykn: @Hutch gm , I know but that doesn’t mean I trust it lol

Romello: But who knows?…


Hutch: We dug thru it last night

Hutch: The calculations arent accurate

larrykn: @Hutch maybe, just maybe one is a false front while they are working on the other , who knows

Hutch: It’ll be interesting to watch

BlackGold: ok lets stop playing games, I went to a currency converter and IQD isn’t even there, because its not intrnational


​Hutch: @BlackGold correct

BlackGold: oh ok i thought i was going crazy

BlackGold: $1.20 could be in country only and they could keep that from us for a long time, lets hope not

Romello: Just noticed 3 or 4 more countries added to the cbi.3eyon in which I got to from the site which would seem to be like our FBI site. Hard to see anyone going into their system making all kinds of changes and they not correct them..

Hutch: @BlackGold I dont understand yor thinking… In iraq… a dinar is a dinar

Romello: Instead more countries added on through the cbi site

larrykn: I thought it was funny when Kap said the true rate was 1184,,, NOT

Spectra: BlackGold they will want to pull in our notes too! So not forever !

Hutch: @Romello Hi Romes, I agree with you!

BlackGold: Look little kids brake into the fbi all the time nothing new

Hutch: @BlackGold Possibly, for minutes or hours, but days?

BlackGold: @Spectra I hope soon

Spectra: BlackGold The site is real or it wouldnt be up for 1 week now! PERIOD! END OF discussion!

Romello: Hutch exactly

BlackGold: Its ral is it legit

BlackGold: real

Hutch: @BlackGold It is linked to the cbi,iq site

Spectra: if it was a fake it would have been tanked down by now! I am sure they are well aware of it if we are!-period!

Spectra: so we still wait Iraq is not done!

Romello: Wonder if someone can link to our US Treasury web site for days and make changes?

Spectra: NO, of course not!

Hutch: @Romello highly doubtful

Spectra: not for a full week!

Romello: And link for a fake site without being arrested by lunch time the same day. lmaoff

Elilali: Well you would also think that whoever is hosting the site would see that it’s getting a bajillion hits and take it off. That makes me a little weary.

Spectra: weary? why

Elilali: Well, if this was top secret stuff, they would see that someone found it, and a ton of visitors have gone to the site. That would make me think that they would then unlink it, or try to hide it. But, they don’t seem to care. Know what I mean Spectra?

Spectra: They are not hiding it obviously! IRAQ wants us to buy dinar!

Hutch: @Elilali Strikes me as it being a real site,

BlackGold: the real site still show 1184

Spectra: it must benifit iraq when we buy dinar!

Elilali: we just can’t be far away from this

BlackGold: banks don’t have to sites especially central banks

BlackGold: two

larrykn: whenever they buy or sell a currency they make a profit thru the spread

Romello: I would of dismissed the site UNTIL I found that anyone can get to it thru the There is no way that you can get around that fact.

BlackGold: IMF seems to be doing well at 1184

Spectra: @BlackGold ,IRAQ IS Special obviously 🙂 !

Elilali: that’s true Romello

Hutch: @BlackGold Most central banks have sites… google it

Elilali: BlackGold meant two sites

Elilali: He said most central banks don’t have multiple sites, just one

larrykn: but 1184 is not a real rate, its artificial, when they revalue their currency Iraq will be much better off

BlackGold: i googled it its 1184 to 1 US
BlackGold: @larrykn True that what we are waiting for

Spectra: This is not the first time we have seen numbers up! Remember the NEWS PAPER HAD 117 IN MARCH!

Brow: I have No problem getting to the Site

BlackGold: One site, mny pages

Spectra: They have told us all we need to know , now we can only wait!

BlackGold: one Main site, many pages

Spectra: How much more can they tell us? Really they are not ready !

Brow: What’s so special about 7-15-17 ?

larrykn: @Spectra they have not called Mosul liberated yet either, I believe we wait till they do that then watch to see what happens

Spectra: 7/7/17 is more significant to me!
Spectra: @larrykn ,absolutly!

Brow: Isn’t there suppose to be some kind of Meet with the Big Boys in Iraq ?

Brow: on 7-15-17 ?

BlackGold: 7/7/17 ? oh thats my cousins birthday
BlackGold: lol

lackGold: 7/15/17 is my uncle’s

BlackGold: i want this just as much as everyone else, but lets stop the hocus pocus

Hutch: @larrykn Great point Larry !

Hutch: @larrykn Alak said that he will continue after mosul is announced

BlackGold: look their selling oil and thats all that matters– Show me the money

larrykn: that’s right, the ? is how much longer after Adabi announces the liberation of Mosul do they do it, I’m praying a very short time afterwards 🙂

Brow: Safe – Secure & Stability is The Key for a RV – Maybe in 2018 ?

Hutch: @larrykn After reading Alaks interview yesterday, He is talking very openly

Brow: End of Year Too ?

BlackGold: They will never be safe and secure, no Arab country is. That like saying lets make Chicago safe and secure. its a joke

larrykn: @Brow Mosul is the Key , that will show the IMF, WB, UN , stability in the country, I don’t think they hurried up all this time to wait till next year , JMHO

BlackGold: wake up america

Hutch: @BlackGold Is America much safer?

ElmerFudd: @larrykn I agree Larry.

BlackGold: @Hutch no

BlackGold: Look at our news, our on president is treated third rate

Hutch: @larrykn Stability and security…. As spoken by shabibbi during the 3 amgo days. Could he mean in the banks? Instead?

Brow: More people are being Murder in the USA then Iraq Now

Hutch: @larrykn Has anyone noticed that the CBI has just recently taken over in kurd?

BlackGold: the US has the audacity the nerve to talk about other countries. Look at our news

larrykn: @Hutch I think they meant in country but the banks have passed the laws that will keep them inline, we see how they have handled th corruption already

BlackGold: @Brow thats true

Hutch: @larrykn It was CBK, and baghdad said shut them down. The CBI is now in Erbil and the other branch coming on line.

larrykn: @Hutch yes I think that a good sign for us

Hutch: @larrykn The CBK was not in line with the anti corruption laws.

Hutch: @larrykn The CBI just finished their hiring of new employees in kurdistan 2 days ago

larrykn: @Hutch the laws that Kap was talking about needing to get done , IMO won’t happen till they raise the value of the dinar, I believe most of those laws are on the bookshelf waiting to be put in

BlackGold: I remember when i loved to sing America and the Star spangled banner. After looking at the news it just doesn’t hold the feeling it use to

BlackGold: Amber waves of grain– Land of the free, home of the brave– what the heck happened

larrykn: @Hutch weren’t they doing Investments laws a while back they we haven’t heard anything more about them?

Hutch: @larrykn as you say, most are in place, just of not much use until investment comes in.

Hutch: @larrykn Securing the banks within the borders seems important to me

larrykn: @Hutch yes that is why we are waiting on Mosul

Hutch: @larrykn Hence, the Central banks in kurdistan being converted to CBI.

​larrykn: @Hutch you noticed most of the rest of the country is liberated already

Hutch: @larrykn Mosul banks are online already

larrykn: @Hutch IMO this is coming down soon, we see what they have done, its like everything is done an they are waiting for the button to get pushed

Hutch: @larrykn They sure are talking more recently, more than ever before. Alaks interview was all about currency

larrykn: @Hutch I know , I loved it 🙂
Hutch: @larrykn But… what do I know…. I got banned! LMAO !!

Iqdnewbie: Will the ZIM notes be worth anything besides a good conversation piece?

Hutch: @Iqdnewbie Not even woth that !

Doug_W: @Iqdnewbie never

larrykn: @Iqdnewbie I’m sorry you bought some of that paper weight

BlackGold: Look people they all ready started building Iraq without you. 6 years ago or longer

BlackGold: New train systems, electricity and plumming

Hutch: @BlackGold Amusement parks

BlackGold: don’t let them fool you. US is there, Britain is there, France and a host of others

Hutch: @BlackGold Tourism is very big there !

Romello: @Zig Kool. :Tup

Iqdnewbie: Once this ride is over. What r your plans.

Iqdnewbie: Party, invest in more currency, humanity projects?

Baxter: after almost 12 years… I am my own… Humanity Project… :Tup

Brow: @BlackGold – Just along in Texas Last year there was 640,000 Criminal acts By Illegals & They wonder Why We Don’t Want Them-Besides Robbing our SS & Medical at the Expense of Tax payers & In S.F. , Cal. 70+ Robberies a Day ?

Hutch: @Baxter LOL Agreed!

BlackGold: Iraq UrbanExpo 2014, welcomed 50 international companies from 7 different countries including Tukey, Iraq, Italy, Holand, Belgium in 10.000 sqm area and 14.550 people had the opportunity to visit UrbanExpo during 4 days.

The stability of the Kurdistan region has allowed it to achieve a higher level of development than other regions in Iraq. In 2004, the per capita income was 50% higher than in the rest of Iraq.

By 2009, this was 200% higher. The highest growth rates achieved was around 12.7% in 2005-2008 and again 11.5% in 2010-2012. Since 2012, the growth rate has stabilized between 7% and 8%.

BlackGold: @Brow wow thats crazy

Romello: Sadr’s demands to postpone the referendum for the secession of the Kurdistan region 2 hours ago

Iqdnewbie: What’s the new currency to purchase after this one. Iyo

Romello: Parliament to raise its next Thursday *2 hours ago

Baxter: S I L V E R….

Brow: @BlackGold – Seen it on Fox News about a Month ago

BlackGold: @Iqdnewbie When this happens, I’m going to abeach and disappear, you can hang around being greedy if you want. Just put a target on your back

Romello: The immediate lifting of barriers and restore life to Ayman al-Mosul 2017/7/4

Doug_W: I agree Bax Silver

Romello: Allawi’s coalition confirms the lack of any involvement of sectarian conference 1 hour ago

Brow: Good time to be buying silver
Baxter: Yep

LJ: So, the only currency that’s going to be worth something is Dinar? ?

Brow: Is That “ZIG” cracking a Smile Again ?

Iqdnewbie: Yeah u could be rich. I just want generational wealth. I don’t have millions of IQD’s. Remember hence the name. I just got into this. Only months ago

larrykn: @LJ the only currency that will make a huge differents anyway 🙂

Doug_W: I hope did not buy Zim newbie
LJ: Ok
LJ: So the whole GCR thing is junk?
Brgnde: Hello everyone I am new here. Blessings to all.

Iqdnewbie: I only bought one note. Nothing to break the bank

Zig: @Brgnde : :Welcome

Baxter: One Note??

Iqdnewbie: One hundred trillion bill

Brow: @Zig – Ole Man That’s The apple in My Eye’s-Where did you Find My Sweetpea Photo

BlackGold: People Iraq is not sitting around on its hands. Google Iraq international Trade shows or Expos. They already started building and are begging for more

larrykn: @LJ don’t know what GCR is

Brgnde: Thank you everyone

Doug_W: @Iqdnewbie well don’t get anymore
Baxter: In ZIM?… Burn it

LJ: So the people that claim the people have exchanged zim are not be truthful
LJ: @Baxter ok…lo

larrykn: @LJ how can someone exchange something that has no value lol

Iqdnewbie: Dong?

LJ: ExactlyLJ: So called early private exchange. ..LOL

Baxter: DONG…… Maybe in your lifetime… if you are 30 or so
Iqdnewbie: I am
Doug_W: they are currency minupilators Bax
LJ: I listen, but I don’t hear
LJ: U get me, I take everything with a grain of salt

larrykn: @LJ :Tup

Brgnde: Thanks again! How’s everyone holding up in crunch time

LJ: Been at it 5 yrs…I know

Hutch: @Brgnde crunch time?

MichelleL: Zig you’ve got newbies in here lol

LJ: @MichelleL yep and it 20

BlackGold: @larrykn GCR already happen right in front of our faces. IMF Created Bonds that all countries buy to do business. Bond are call SDRs Safe Drawing Rights. A country buys them and are put on an even playing field, so they say. We get cut out

LJ: @MichelleL heard everything under the son…read everything. ..just amazing

Brgnde: I’m sorry! Crunch time means hopefully final hours of God’s prosperity to the world

MichelleL: @LJ but do you remember all the personalities over the decades? I think not 😉

Brow: @Zig- Y’all should be paying Me Combat Pay Here !!!!

Doug_W: we all hope it ends soon

MichelleL: @Brow we’re all on volunteer workers pay

larrykn: @BlackGold ok, yes I remember when they first sold Bonds it went nowhere, no one wanted to buy, why?? because they weren’t inline with the IMF, WB, the second time they sould because they were

LJ: @MichelleL I have seen enough…trust me. dis interesting take long to figure out

BlackGold: Just google Iraq international Epo or Trade show and read what going on. stop being lazy

MichelleL: LJ nope
Hutch: @BlackGold Thats been going on for awhile now

BlackGold: @larrykn not Iraq bonds, IMF bonds

Hutch: @BlackGold RC brought that in a couple years ago

LJ: Crazy

LJ: Can someone please tell me the Creator or Author of the Sitrep Report …

LJ: I will.give u my zim

MichelleL: I do have around 25 bucks worth of iranian rial, not a dime on the zims

MichelleL: g’zillions of vnd – at least 12

MichelleL: thats 12 g’zillions to you

MichelleL: @Doug_W 😉 My husband wants to know how we can sneak our silver out of the country – I explained that no one was interested in our chocolate kisses but us

[pm]Doug_W: get a heavy duty truck and simply leave with it

MichelleL: I started buying 100 bucks worth of silver a month, made it 3 months and my husband thinks we’ve got millions – unfortunately the price went up and I went out of the market

Iqdnewbie: Why silver and not gold

MichelleL: @Iqdnewbie hi! silver is more usable and less expensive to buy

MichelleL: try buying 5 ounces of gold a month, we’re talking major moolah – silver on the other hand is only 100 bucks

Iqdnewbie: Hi Michelle. Thanks for the info. I am just a newbie asking questions to learn about investing.

MichelleL: @Iqdnewbie no one knows yet, but your negotiating power may be greater, fwiw
Doug_W: @Iqdnewbie the rate will be the rate where a diffenrence may occout ppl with Millions may get a smaller “spread”

Doug_W: @Iqdnewbie occour↑

Hutch: @Iqdnewbie The CBI has only one rate. You will negotiate the spread, however

Iqdnewbie: Interesting

Doug_W: @Iqdnewbie do U know what spread means?

Iqdnewbie: No

Doug_W: @Iqdnewbie what a bank charges you to exchange it for another currency maybe 10 % say ( that is arbitrary each transaction is negotiated on the spread)

Doug_W: @Iqdnewbie so if UR cashing in several Million U mayn be able to get a 9% sprea

Doug_W: @Iqdnewbie d^
Doug_W: @Iqdnewbie so think about it this way 1% of say ten million is how much?

Doug_W: @Iqdnewbie $100,000.00

Doug_W: @Iqdnewbie just from that little 1%
Doug_W: @Iqdnewbie do U inderstand nhow?

Iqdnewbie: Iyo would you exchange some to pay off some bills and wait for the I’d to rise more and then exchange the rest or just all at one time. @doug. Yes thanks

Doug_W: I think that is a smart thing to do Newbie
Doug_W: also the less U cange in a Yr the less taxes U pay

RickeyT: @Iqdnewbie greed will get you

Doug_W: its all very complicated

Doug_W: say U have one million and ite comes out at a dollar and U get a 10% sporead that is immediately .90 on a doiller U get

Iqdnewbie: @rickey. Not greed just trying to maximize my return on my investment

Doug_W: so now U have 900000 not a million figure out how much U need NEED!!1 to live on and set a budget

Doug_W: remember everything U exchage is subject to taxes so that has to be figure in as well

Romello: I’m all out at .90
Romello: lol
Doug_W: me too Rom
Romello: With 0 regrets

​Doug_W: I am 68 and I get 100% disability so if I have no BILLS i CAN LIVE ON 4.5k A MONTH

Iqdnewbie: Cu guys have millions. I have a couple hundred thousand. I need to maximize
Doug_W: SLOWLY get more if U have an extra 20 or 50 buy more

Iqdnewbie: I’m only 25
Doug_W: that is how I got mine little tid bits

Romello: @Iqdnewbie 25 years young. I remember those days. lol

BKTLA: Good Morning everyone! What are everyone’s thoughts about the host CBI website that Tman was talking about last night? For me, I don’t understand how someone could link something on the CBI’s website without their cyber security not being aware.
Iqdnewbie: @romello what branch

Zig: @BKTLA : No need to make that “Thank You” private…lol..
Romello: @BKTLA We been on that all morning. Back and forth. I am personally riding with it is a legit site.

Hutch: @BKTLA Totally agree
Romello: @Iqdnewbie Navy like you.
BKTLA: Thank you both Romello and Hutch!! Means a lot coming from you both!

Iqdnewbie: So a coming out rate of 1 to 1 is possible
Hutch: @Iqdnewbie Makes no sense not to be higher than that