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larrykn: Urgent joint operations completes a statement declaring victory. Tarikh التحریر:: 2017/7/4 19:05 • 53 times its read [In Baghdad] The source said JSOC/cell war media statement completed victory with full editing right side near the city of Mosul terrorist gangs of ISIS. Follow

Spectra: My son was shopping at sprouts yesterday with red,white and blue plaid shorts on,with a red :biggrin: t shirt .The total for his shopping spree was —-1776 …what are the chances of that?

Noname: @Spectra cool

Spectra: GOOD OMEN!

BKTLA: Just wanted to share what I found out – That host website is connected to the website and to – one man has technical and Administrative control on the website. Amir Shaher – He is the Deputy D.G at Central Bank of Iraq -Iraq Computer & Network Security. I have looked him up and he is legit. So, seems this website. Hope this helps. 🙂

Noname: BKTLA thank you
BKTLA: @Noname You’re welcome 🙂
Noname: Kid it’s not fake news

The Crisco Kid: Cool….

Blossom7454: Hi everyone. I believe our blessing will be here this month. I could be wrong so will see. Happy 4th of July ya all. Thanks for info re: –CBI website

RickeyT: @Blossom7454 I hope you are correct
Noname: Blossom7454 happy 4th to you

Blossom7454: Frank said they lifted the last zero. An All made announcement yesterday thru a call to media for the ppl of Iraq.

Blossom7454: @RickeyT well he could be right
Brow: @Blossom7454 -I’ve Away Loved the Word Blossom Because It always Blooms into Something Beautiful

Baxter: There is a post on Recaps… that Mountain Goat said that the second web site address is there.. and seems legit…. so Mtn Goat admitted her mistake..

Zig: I just listened to the DU call from 6/27…MadScout (Pat) said the other site is fake…said he has a ton of experience designing websites, etc…very technically astute…I suggest listening to what he had to say about how easy it is to copy a site…and that whoever did it did so to get a million hits…etc….

Romello: @Zig I respectfully disagree. This is not some ordinary site. The has a link that goes directly to that site. That is just like saying our US Treasury site can be hacked any no one sees it but the public.

Plus there has been 3 to 4 more countries added to the site. And all this is done without the cbi noticing? Still remains the fact that that site can be reached through the No way I can see that possible.

We are not talking about a regular site, we are talking about the cbi site with a link to that sit, for weeks now. Can you really see that happening to the US Treasury site?

[pm]Zig: @Romello : I have no idea…just telling everyone what MadScout said on that call…he claims to be an expert on such matters….

Doug_W: some of the PPl from Du are in here now under way our far names which I yack to on hangouts said they were glad to see U

Doug_W: I can not say who they were in DU they are in fear of being banned there

Romello: No disrespect to MadScout. Just my own personal opinion.

Doug_W: @Romello they say Opinions are like ;badb we ALL have one
Romello: @Doug_W This is true. lol

Noname: Didn’t someone say this morning it could be access from If so how could it be fake?

larrykn: @Romello I went to that site an looked around I pray what I saw will be the start of all this 🙂

Zig: Love to have MadScout visit and discuss it but I do not think he will…I did invite him at one time…

Romello: @Noname That’s the point I’ve been making all morning.
Romello: @Noname lolol

Doug_W: that is exactly how I got there Name

ElmerFudd: It only makes sense that people pop back and forth into different sites, that’s called doing good research.

ElmerFudd: So, when they are saying that more nations are popping up on this new CBI web site, does that presume that they are being included for trade purposes?

MichelleL: IQD is jumping all over the place on XE


Zig: Well I think this chat’s activity is close to being where we long-time members always hoped it would be…it was pretty dead in here for quite a while…but with its exposure at Recaps, etc….and with many former DU Chat people coming over, it has recently exploded…and it will even get busier soon IMO as more people discover it…and by word-of-mouth…it is far more interesting to have a lot of activity than very little…hope many more of you lurkers join us, and enjoy the freedom that you will have here once you register…. 🙂

LJ: Whats the hot news for today in currency land

LJ: Not everyone at one time. …lol

MichelleL: nothing for us, but up and down a couple of hundred pips at a time

ElmerFudd: Oh?
MichelleL: from 1171 something to 1168something
LJ: Ok

MichelleL: each number represents 100 pts
MichelleL: or pips
LJ: Ok

chattels: good afternoon all

MichelleL: 1,166.65 lots of movement

MichelleL: hi Chattels! are you getting ready to celebrate your bday? 🙂

foxmulder: michellel whats al this about pips and fluctuations !! lol

MichelleL: lol Fox – I’ve been noticing the movement in the IQD snail scale, for several weeks now
MichelleL: its back at it

MichelleL: now its back to 1172, someone is playing around

chattels: @MichelleL I have to work, but I am happy to be amongst the living.

foxmulder: hey chattels is it your birthday tomorrow ?!how about a dry blanket in exchange for the wet one

MichelleL: and the rest of us are most happy to see you here chattels 🙂
foxmulder: the voice of reason !!!

MichelleL: 1175 now, its a very unexciting slow roller coaster 😉

Baxter: when it gets down to about 1….. let me know
foxmulder: @Baxter lol

MichelleL: @Baxter wake me when it happens 😉
MichelleL: @Baxter this movement puts me to sleep, its like a cradle
Baxter: me too

Baxter: I did see today where Mountain Goat said that the second CBI web site is actually legit…. on recaps….

MichelleL: less wrong means more right, chattels hahaha
LJ: It’s only legit when I’m going to the
Baxter: I agree LJ
LJ: Yep

MichelleL: @LJ I expect they will just put the bank on a truck and move it to me – one giant atm right?

LJ: I’m still waiting for someone to tell me who creates these SITREP reports
LJ: @MichelleL lol

MichelleL: I can’t believe its still daytime, have to hurry up and rest before the fireworks wakes me up!
MichelleL: though I could sleep through this forex – glad I’m not doing this anymore for real

MichelleL: forex, not iqds of course lol
LJ: Lol

MichelleL: maybe our friend in the bering sea can take us on a slow boat to china? It will be way faster than waiting here

LJ: My friends tell me I’m crazy for following this currency market, starting to wonder…are they right?

Doug_W: with out Hawkeye we would have WON the Korean conflict

LJ: Anyone here ever listened to Facts and Opinions call
Doug_W: not Me LJ
MichelleL: i dont do calls anymore
LJ: Oh ok
LJ: They stopped them now, was just wondering

Whitelions: @Doug_W My Dad came back a broken man from the Korean conflict that’s before they recognized PTDO

chattels: BAGHDAD, Iraq – Influential Iraqi Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr has called on President Masoud Barzani to “postpone” and eventually “cancel” the planned Kurdistan referendum on independence scheduled for September 25.

foxmulder: @chattels and the kurdish saga continues !!

chattels: President Barzani told Iraq’s parliament speaker in late June that “the Kurdish referendum is a decision there will be no turning back from.”

Spectra: Whitelions: Sorry to hear that LION!

chattels: Though they disagree on the referendum, Sadr and President Barzani are united in their opposition to Maliki making a return to Iraqi politics and governance.

Whitelions: @Spectra thanks but it happen to a lot of men and women .
Spectra: Yes unfortunately!

foxmulder: @chattels if M remains an influence, going to be a sticky situation again etc etc

Whitelions: @MichelleL no it’s not true no leader of any country has that kind of power

​RickeyT: less than 6 months to 2018, then we can start posting the same story’s again
MichelleL: @RickeyT post it now, why wait
MichelleL: @RickeyT any minute now and pre/post ramadan, and lets not forget EID 😉
RickeyT: When is Ramadan? E; Fid?

MichelleL: @RickeyT when the moon is blue, strawberry moon, moon over miami or in the 7th house
MichelleL: @RickeyT next year
MichelleL: @RickeyT when jupiter aligns with mars 😉

RickeyT: Isn’t there a couple of songs about that? Aquarius?
MichelleL: this is the dawning of the age of aquarius lol

MichelleL: from Hair in fact
MichelleL: incidentally, the moon travels through the seventh house once a day

Spectra: The 5th Dimension Age of Aquarius 1969

Doug_W: ur showing ur age Spec
MichelleL: @Spectra :Tup

Spectra: lol im 54! too young for this!
Spectra: my moms favorite song!
MichelleL: @Spectra 54 in deeenar years is like 84 in any other years

LJ: The RV will.happen tomorrow because I found a envelope on the ground with the letter RV on it….Lol
MichelleL: @LJ you may be punished if you are wrong lol

LJ: Lmao

Spectra: really i had a dream 5 months ago with this set of numbers194

Spectra: now watch Franks call from monday and he shows my numbers.? watch you think of thaT????

MichelleL: @LJ what does that mean Spectra, 194 per d, highway 194, 194 pounds, just keep us in tune 😉


LJ: Yea, tell us
LJ: Oh I forgot, when I woke up this morning, the show going RVING was on

MichelleL: must be highway 194 lol
Spectra: IS THERE A HIGHWAY 194 ?

LJ: That was before I stumbled upon the envelope with the letters RV on it
MichelleL: i’m getting all revved up hahaha

Spectra: Where is it?
foxmulder: @Spectra there is I – 94 in mich runs to chicago
MichelleL: california colorado and north carolina

MichelleL: or something like that
foxmulder: ok not the same as 194…. duh

Spectra: North Carolina Highway 194 ( its north carolina ih my goodness i was just talking about moving there?
Spectra: wow thank you
MichelleL: and colorado

Spectra: no west done with the west

MichelleL: @Spectra don’t worry about it, I’m looking for the sign for 194 here in TX – maybe its an address of the bank??

MichelleL: meanwhile, the time is a wasting, which is why I stopped with the chats – just went into wealthwatch to check it out, didn’t realize it was virtually closed down

Noname: I did something I have not done in a few years
Noname: I listened to Frank 26 CC. OMG

Noname: Because of all the hoopla about the new CBI site. I read on recaps early last week where he was talking about it

Meatball: there is some talk going around about it

Noname: So I wanted to hear what be has to say about it on his call. He is saying they have dropped the third zero in country now.

Meatball: he has been making claims about the zeros. nothing verified
Meatball: I am still looking for verification of the host cbi site….

Noname: I know. He is also saying keywords gave a interview saying the project to delete the zeros have begun. He said the artical in his final artical post but since I’m not a member I can’t see it.

Meatball: a lot of bs going round out there

Noname: I ask Chattels this morning and he had nothing

Pizzaman: Whats mind blowing is the shadow website showing 1.20 to 1

Meatball: @woodseye …. is there a difference between?

Noname: @Pizzaman yes that is strange something new and we have never seen

Pizzaman: We all hope this insanity is worth it in the end

Meatball: a bogus site was put up years back

Noname: @Pizzaman I truly believe it will be

Meatball: believe it was 2013

Pizzaman: The best information is right here. Tman, chattels, hutch etc. They know there stuff

Noname: @Meatball I did not see that site.
Noname: What has tman said about it

Meatball: @Noname ,, someone set up a fake site indicating a fake rate…. they traced the ip address… was not the CBI

Noname: Doug W told me today he. Would access it from the CBI.IQ site

Noname: Could

Pizzaman: He’s like the rest of us, perplexed

Meatball: point is until proven .. there is all kinds of nonsense
Pizzaman: Go to cbi site and see for yourself

Meatball: I have been on it and seen this site the day it came out

Noname: There is a lot of steps you have to do and I did not catch all of them
Noname: I have also from that site but not from CBI.IQ

Noname: I have also from that site but not from CBI.IQ

Meatball: Zig and I were discussing this host site on here hours after it came out
Noname: Yes I remember

Noname: Seems like early last week

Meatball: think it was about 2 weeks ago,,, been wrapped up on this job and lost track

Noname: Maybe one day we will know. Later supper.time

Pizzaman: Everyone thought it was bogus. Turns out its a legit hosting company

Meatball: how has it been proven?

Noname: That’s what is odd

Pizzaman: Meatball google the hosting company .

Meatball: who is the hosting company … have the name off hand?

Pizzaman: Hang on ill be back going to find link

Meatball: ty

BJBJ: That 1.20 website can be reached through the English side of the CIB site.

Hoss: Please delete if posting this is a nono but I saw thos on another site

Hoss: 7-4-2017 Newshound Guest Guru RickJames2 I just found evidence that the and link also is linked to Click on “Statistical site” in the column on the left (when on and the website,,with its URL pops up.

In other words I have shown that site number 1 ( directly links to site number 2 ( to site number 3 ( I still believe that is their site where they are working things out..numbers/stats..etc Perhaps they have been caught with their pants down. The 1.2 number is still up by the way on

Pizzaman: noname i sparred you the headache click link scroll down to currency

Pizzaman: Youll see the 1.2 to 1

BJBJ: Can’t be reached thru the Arabic side.

Zig: MadScout….on BGG 6/27 call….said it was a fake…said he is very experienced creating websites…said he is very savvy…who knows

Hoss: @Meatball yw .. I think most have seen it anyway
Hutch: @Zig Look for a possible retraction…

Pizzaman: meatball there out of bagdad

[pm]Zig: Said websites are easy to copy if you know what you are doing….
[pm]Zig: @BJBJ : :Welcome

larrykn: I wonder how MadScout could tell if it was or wasn’t fake

Pizzaman: Bgg wrong. Its link to more then one cbi site

BJBJ: thanks

Hutch: @Zig I listened to it as well LOL
[pm]Zig: Listen to the call…he talks a lot about it

BJBJ: I heard that call from BGG. So how does it explain a link from an actual CBI site?
Pizzaman: Its also linked to the cbi statistical website

Hutch: @larrykn I think that he may have spoken prematurely

Meatball: so the only evidence is its from Bagdad?

Hutch: @Meatball Its linked to CBI.IQ

larrykn: I think they were upset thur that day an spoke out of frustration lol

Hoss: things can change fast …. except in the ME that is

Meatball: lol… an understatement

Hutch: @Hoss Change fast there too

Hoss: 11 years Hutch … I know
Hoss: just get tired
larrykn: @Hoss its a coming 🙂

Meatball: it will end one way or another

Hutch: We have had better news this last month than we have had in 10 yrs
Hutch: Hang in there, We all tired

larrykn: @Hutch the news is just crazy lately , I love it 🙂

Hoss: @Hutch I could wait a few more years if I knew for a fact this would go in our favor. But we really don’t 100% know what will come of our 3 zero notes

Hutch: @larrykn Yes it has
Hutch: @Hoss We dont know… what we dont know

Hoss: I have high hopes though 🙂
Meatball: heard that before

larrykn: @Hoss look up the IMF LOI an read that , it tells you what they are doing an when
Hutch: Alak just said what they are doing…

larrykn: Rcookie put that in my brain a long time ago lol
Hutch: Great interview this week

Hoss: @larrykn what does it say about our 3 zero notes

larrykn: they will delete the 3 zero in country but they have to honor our notes if that what you are asking

Hutch: @Hoss Its a great read, you should try it
Hoss: I agree 100 % they will change the monetary policy … just don’t know 100% about our notes

Hutch: @Hoss They have said …. just recently, that our notes will remain for 10 yrs
Hoss: @larrykn yes that’s exactly what my concern is

RickeyT: Remember what they did with the Saddam notes

larrykn: @Hutch yes they did

Meatball: so what would stop the from re denominating?

RickeyT: they have told many storys

Hutch: @Meatball They have already said that it wont happen and a float is not on the table either

Hoss: @larrykn is it a fact they have to honor our notes at face value?

larrykn: @Meatball because that is not what they are saying

Hutch: @RickeyT Hi Rickey, Chipper as usual… I see

RickeyT: current value

BKTLA: @Hutch exactly!

Meatball: @larrykn … so they have stated such?

larrykn: @Hoss yes they will honor our notes, believe me they don’t care that much about what we have, its all in the big plan of things so to speak

RickeyT: i will be quiet

Pizzaman: Honor your partner honor your corner everybody dosie doe your partner :laugh
Meatball: lol

Pizzaman: Who remembers square dancing 45 years ago?
Meatball: lol…. showing our age
Pizzaman: Yup

Meatball: I remember when line dancing was all the rage
Pizzaman: Meatball great name.. thats what i call my cousin Tony

Hoss: met many many chicks square dancing in my early teens … of course we couldn’t say anything at school .. they would’ve beat up me and my bud Brent lol

Pizzaman: Im having a stogie and a cocktail to celebrate the 4th

Meatball: @Pizzaman … you a cigar man?
Pizzaman: Yup
Pizzaman: U?

Meatball: @Pizzaman always will be…lol
Meatball: @Pizzaman … love my Cohibas

chattels: Tuesday, July 4, 2017 Mosul Campaign Day 260 Jul 3 2017 Iraqi government is not coordinating their media releases. Ninewa Media Center (bottom) shows much more of the Old City in west Mosul to be cleared compared to the War Media Cell (top)

chattels: There were more advances in the Old City in west Mosul by the Iraqi forces (ISF). The Golden Division seized Ras al-Koor in the center of the district, the Federal Police took Bab al-Sarai, and was advancing on Khalid Ibn al-Waleed and Nujafi, while the Rapid Reaction Division reached Khalid Bin al-Waleed Street.

Katunya was attacked by the 16th Division and a garage was taken in Sargkhana although both were supposedly freed. Depending upon the source the ISF has 200-250 meters to reach the Tigris River. A general from the Golden Division predicted that the fighting would be over in a week.

On the other hand, Federal Police chief General Raed Shakir Jawadat claimed his units had finished their mission and were waiting for Prime Minister Haider Abadi to announce victory over the Islamic State.

The Joint Operations Command corrected him saying that the Federal Police were still in combat and had not taken all their objectives. Roughly 40% of the Old City remains in Islamic State control. The end is near however, which means Iraqi releases are over anxious to proclaim victory.


Hutch: @chattels I saw one release stating Thursday
Hutch: @chattels Based on the most recent map… is possible

chattels: @Hutch The victory narrative is increasingly ” semantical “.

larrykn: @chattels ge, depends on who they are talking to the area left changes lol

Pizzaman: If my uncle tony were over there he’d be breaking legs

chattels: I expect that given the size of Mosul that mopping up and resurgent actions may take weeks, but the news will move on.

Hutch: @chattels Yes

Hutch: @Pizzaman We need a couple dozen Uncle tonys
Hutch: @Pizzaman fagitaboutit

Pizzaman: And uncle vinnys
Noname: There thier just un leash them

Brow: Go to CBI site “click” English Go down to statistics & ” click” go down to extended statistics “click’ Then go back to Top of Page & “click’ English again Then “click” Home Page at the Top & Go down & There It Is ! 1.20

MichelleL: HWGA hi Brow
txbrand: @Brow link
Pizzaman: Brow your an expert now

txbrand: I don’t have the website


Pizzaman: Tx it aint real till we’re at the banks
Meatball: agreed
MichelleL: I see 1194, sorry
MichelleL: 1184

Brow: @Pizzaman – Just giving the Long way to it so people can Find it Their self Too

Brow: @MichelleL – Might have to hit home page twice

txbrand: I did something wrong…lol
txbrand: this one ————–?Strategic Plan (2016-2020)

MichelleL: I see it, but it looks bogus to me, like all those number are just place holders

MichelleL: try this one Tx

Brow: @MichelleL – Did you get to it from the cbi site

txbrand: ic it US Dollar USD 1.2

MichelleL: note that brit pound, canadian etc are all bogus, its not going across the board

Hutch: I got it from
Mark123: That site is fake

MichelleL: @Hutch thats where I started
MichelleL: @Mark123 looks wrong to me too

Mark123: Do you really think they would have a rate sitting there telegraphing it to the world?
Mark123: People would make billions!

Hutch: @Mark123 Seems that if it were fake, Someone in Baghdad would have had it removed by now

ElmerFudd: Maybe working through some bugs?

Pizzaman: Its not fake. Its the hosting companies site which is linked to the actual cbi site

Hutch: @Mark123 Dont think that thats the rate

ElmerFudd: No, $20 is the real rate! 🙂

Mark123: If the world new and saw it people could make millions of dollars speculating

MichelleL: lol ElmerFudd

​Pizzaman: Hutch u would be correct. But its definitely the hosting site out of Bagdad

Hutch: @ElmerFudd Did you get that from minister of planning ? LOL

txbrand: when I click on English I get this————> error_404 Not Found

Mark123: I doubt very much if the CBI would allow that to happen

ElmerFudd: @Mark123 I agree.

Mark123: They may move slow but they are not stupid

Mark123: They know how to deceive and juggle money around all to well including stealing

BKTLA: @Mark123 I don’t think that the CBI would allow someone to link anything to there website. They have cyber security for a reason.

BKTLA: @Mark123 their**

Mark123: BKTLA There / Their
Mark123: ok thanks for the english lesson
Mark123: hahaha

BKTLA: @Mark123 I was correcting myself 🙂
BKTLA: @Mark123 you are a peach. 🙂

Hutch: @Mark123 None of the calculations are accurate at this time on that site, Check out the euro and other currencies

Mark123: That’s what I am saying. Those rates are just numbers
Mark123: Until it’s official it ain’t nothing just yet

Pizzaman: U are correct Mark
Hutch: @Mark123 Yes… at this time. The real news is that the site it there

Hutch: @Mark123 Its not the rate, its that they are doing something

BKTLA: @Mark123 agreed
subby: @Hutch right!!!
BKTLA: @Hutch you are correct Sir. 🙂