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Chat Room – News Excerpts & Highlights

Mark123: Does anybody know if they released the money from the UNSC?

Mark123: To Iraq

Hutch: @Mark123 That was agreed upon on mar 30th

Brow: @Pizzaman – Any info on the Sanction

Hutch: Mosul Map Link

Brow: Happy 4th of July Everybody & May Tomorrow Be Better Then Today for Y’all all- GN

Hutch: Update 4hrs ago of mosul map

subby: @Hutch thanks for the link up earlier… for mosul! my goodness not much at all!! they are so close hardly a red line on it…

subby: @Hutch Iraq will be so happy and relieved when mosul is completely liberated 100% 🙂 we all will be… 🙂

Hutch: Its just one agency reporting, there are others with different maps. The one we look at most is the one from nineveh. seems most accurate. I did see an art earlier today saying that they should be done by thursday… We wait…..

subby: @Zig yep thats right… I believe i saw that one too 🙂
subby: @Hutch oops LOL

Meatball: Last report I saw is there moving house to house on the ground with not much more ground to cover, plenty of civilian causalities unfortunality

subby: yes, I think they are super close to being done!!
Meatball: its a slow going process

Meatball: one thing I count on, and no one can dispute this…. is the countries potential
Meatball: how it plays out … we shall see

Pizzaman: Thats the only reason i keep hanging on

Meatball: it is the only valid reason to in my opinion

Pizzaman: Iraqs untapped natural resources is undeniable

Meatball: agreed
Meatball: and its position over there

Pizzaman: I look at it like a stock purchase

Meatball: smart way to

Pizzaman: Yes positioning is perfect
Pizzaman: You said you have contractor friends waiting in the wings?

Meatball: an over looked factor
Pizzaman: Or know folks over there

Meatball: @Pizzaman its what I do for a living….. spent 2 years over there…. looking at going back
Pizzaman: I think bush jr knew the world needed iraq

Meatball: @Pizzaman 3 companies I contract for are setting up over there … just waiting
Pizzaman: I also think he deliberately made it available to help our economy

Duke77: I seen the post on guru about the CBI sites. So is the site with the $1.2 rate legit??

Meatball: there was areason we went in there to begin with

chattels: Commander of Nineveh operations: Thursday maximum date for the liberation of Mosul fully [Oan- Baghdad] commander of Nineveh, Maj . Gen. Najim al – Jubouri said on Thursday is a deadline to announce the complete liberation of the city of Mosul Daesh terrorist gangs.

Jubouri said in a press statement , “two days and be announced fully liberalized the city of Mosul.” He added that “force equivalent to three military teams will be the task of keeping the ground after liberation either the rest of the military units will go for the Liberation of Tall Afar from the control Daesh terrorist.”

The military media cell of the Joint Operations Command today announced the completion of writing a statement to declare victory and the full liberation of the city of Mosul.

Pizzaman: Duke not official
Duke77: @Pizzaman as in a scam site or is it actually linked to the like they are claiming??

Pizzaman: I love chattels bam more information coming in. Youre on it brother

Hutch: @chattels Thanks…. Thats the one I spoke of earlier

Pizzaman: It appears its linked

Duke77: Wow! That looks great! Maybe an RV soon then. I hope mosul has been the holdup

Duke77: @Pizzaman thanks

chattels: I could not get to the ” 1.2 ” info thru the CBI site today, but I did yesterday.

Pizzaman: But nobody knows for sure

Duke77: @Pizzaman looks like we are finally in the end game!!!

Duke77: @Pizzaman that’s true but it sure is looking good for a change.

Pizzaman: We can only hope and pray

Meatball: I believe it will take more then Mosul… my opinion

Duke77: @chattels oh wow! Well we are about to be rich!

Meatball: hope I am wrong

Pizzaman: Meatball i agree but i worry about isis coming back in

chattels: @Duke77 How are we about to be rich ?

Duke77: Either way, Mosul had to be cleaned up prior to an RV, so at least that’s about to be in the rear view mirror

Meatball: they will never be 100 percent gone… just morph into something else

Pizzaman: Duke I’ll believe it when im at the bank

Duke77: @chattels if that site is linked, they must be planning to RV soon

Pizzaman: Meatball you’re correct

Meatball: @Duke77 … its part of the puzzle I believe
Pizzaman: Duke lets hope
Meatball: don’t count out that pos Maliki

Pizzaman: The 1.20 translates to about 83cents

chattels: @Duke77 It is not linked for me today and any conclusion that there is any favorable significance is pure speculation . IMO.

Duke77: @Pizzaman at this point, that’s all we can do. If I had a drone, Maliki would not be in existence and abadi would be told to RV or join him lol

Meatball: I believe he is just laying in wait to make his move
Meatball: @Duke77 … will go halves on the drone lol

Pizzaman: We dont want this to go into elections

chattels: I have survived on this journey by hoping in the reality of some betterment, but not developing expectations about a timeline or value.

Duke77: @Meatball Maliki will be pushing up Cactuses before long, hopefully…

Pizzaman: Chattels the new website says to me we’re close

Meatball: @Duke77 … I believe he will survive

Duke77: @chattels the date and rate game will drive one to madness and deep depression. It’s an intoxicating addiction that’s like poison to the mind…

Meatball: @Duke77 again… hope to be wrong

chattels: @Pizzaman I am glad of your encouragement. We will talk next month.

Pizzaman: Obama messed it all up by pulling out the troops

Pizzaman: Early

Meatball: were like junkies needing a fix at tiimes

Duke77: @Meatball i only hope for an RV. Maliki is a Muslim. That’s the reason they won’t touch him. He’s a parasite

Pizzaman: Iran has there fingers in the pie 2

Duke77: @Pizzaman you know you loved Obama. Lol he was ______… Fill in the blank.

Pizzaman: I liked bush jr for 13303

chattels: I have come to prefer the term ” Mohamedan ” which Winston Churchill used.

​Meatball: the damage Maliki did to that country to serve his own needs is unbelievable…. and understated by many gurus

Pizzaman: He got rich off the auctions

Meatball: Chatteles and I have had discussions on it years back…

Duke77: @Pizzaman I would like to see some real proof that EO13303 had anything to do with the RV. It has nothing to do with monetary reform I can see

Duke77: @Pizzaman well please enlighten me, but hurry because I’m about to fall asleep

Pizzaman: It gave us the opportunity to buy the iqd
Pizzaman: My wife still thinks im nuts :laugh

Duke77: @Pizzaman lol
Meatball: she wont if it hits lol

Duke77: @Pizzaman and see black planes land and Obama make an early cash out. Lol
Pizzaman: She gets NOTHING
Meatball: all a roll of the dice
Pizzaman: A good roll imo

chattels: ” The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property—either as a child, a wife, or a concubine—must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men. ” _ Winston Churchill

Pizzaman: Besides i need a new roof on my house
Pizzaman: Im smoking a cigar in honor of Winston

chattels: ” ………………the influence of the religion paralyzes the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith.”

Meatball: on the other hand…. I have not seen any evidence proving something positive will not happen….. just opinions and sites with frustrated dinar holders

Pizzaman: Meatball youve been over there what do hear from contractors

Meatball: for one….. its blasted back to the stone age
Meatball: total reconstruction

Pizzaman: Need money to fix it up
Pizzaman: Not at 1184

Meatball: its starting from the ground up
Pizzaman: Yup

chattels: America’s Thomas Jefferson, in his Notes on the State of Virginia, expressed an identical sentiment as Churchill later did, regarding the unjust and vile treatment of women by “the merciless Indian savages”:

The women are submitted to unjust drudgery. This I believe is the case with every barbarous people. With such, force is law. The stronger sex therefore imposes on the weaker.

It is civilization alone which replaces women in the enjoyment of their natural equality. That first teaches us to subdue the selfish passions, and to respect those rights in others which we value in ourselves.”

Meatball: like I was told in 04 over there… in 10 or 15 years we will be renting hotels over here

Meatball: the money is looking for a place to land over there
Meatball: they just have to get out of there own way
Meatball: and the younger generation wants change over there…… that is a big factor

chattels: ” Indeed it is evident that Christianity, however degraded and distorted by cruelty and intolerance, must always exert a modifying influence on men’s passions, and protect them from the more violent forms of fanatical fever, as we are protected from smallpox by vaccinations.

But the Mohammaden religion increases, instead of lessening, the fury of intolerance. It was originally propagated by the sword, and ever since its votaries have been subject, above all the peoples of all other creeds, to this form of madness.” – Here’s Churchill again on Islam, this time from The Story of the Malakand Field Force:

Meatball: lol… 800 pound gorilla

chattels: The notion that this administration is decidedly different from formed administrations in ant real way is fallacious in my view.

chattels: Jason Chaffetz Slams Donald Trump And Jeff Sessions As He Leaves Congress Outgoing lawmaker says Trump administration is “almost worse” than Obama.

Meatball: here is a question…. say the value changed tomorrow….. how would we exchange?

Pizzaman: Obama phones for everyone at the the G20
Pizzaman: The exchange is the 800 pound gorilla in the room

Meatball: @Pizzaman .. I am in Tennessee , about 2 hours from what’s know as little Kurdistan…. from talking to some of those residents, there just waiting to go back home

Meatball: @Pizzaman Tn has one of the largest Iraq population
Hutch: @Meatball WHat Area?

Meatball: @Pizzaman all have said the same thing….. waiting for Iraq to come into its own
Pizzaman: Lets getrdone

Meatball: @Hutch section of Nashville

Pizzaman: This investment is like watching grass grow
Meatball: grass is faster lol
Hutch: @Meatball Gotcha… im 30 min from columbia

tman23: @chattels …That headline is misleading…he is frustrated over….“The reality is, sadly, I don’t see much difference between the Trump administration and the (Barack) Obama administration,” the outgoing chairman of the House Oversight Committee told Sinclair Broadcast Group.

Chaffetz, who announced his resignation last month, said he thought the “floodgates” would open and his committee would obtain documents that the Obama administration never provided related to investigations into Hillary Clinton, Fast and Furious and the IRS. That didn’t happen. Chaffetz said:

Pizzaman: Hutch do you know starsky

Meatball: they have there own world out there…. banks , stores, restaurants

Hutch: @Pizzaman Yes, until he scratched the torino
Meatball: @Hutch all that sliding across the hood lol

Pizzaman: Tman trump needs to get rid of the obama holdovers first

Pizzaman: Theres rats everywhere

Hutch: @Meatball left a screwdriver in his back pocket !!

chattels: @tman23 Of course it is not my headline, but my sentiment is unchanged about the substance of the content.
Pizzaman: Lets see what he says tomorrow. The huffington post is notorious for spinning

Meatball: @Hutch I remember huggy bears pimp mobile

Hutch: @Meatball cool ride
Pizzaman: Hutch that car was off the hook.
Pizzaman: Ugly color
Hutch: @Pizzaman yep

Meatball: @chattels is parliament off there break?

Meatball: @chattels or is there another holiday this week lol

Pizzaman: North Korea is at it again
Pizzaman: Everyday is a holiday with parliament
Meatball: @Pizzaman getting serious with this last launch

Pizzaman: Somebody needs to take that piece of crap out

Meatball: @Pizzaman saying its a present for the US

chattels: @Meatball Parliament reconvened today, did very little and then adjourned until Thursday.

Pizzaman: Typical parliament

Meatball: they must of needed the break…. jeeze
Pizzaman: Nobody works over there

chattels: @Meatball

Meatball: hate to be a company over there and have to pay holiday pay

Pizzaman: All they do is disagree on everything.. like congress :laugh
Pizzaman: Chattels i cant read Arabic

Meatball: always wondered… after the shoe throwing do they just walk off or go back and sort through them?

BlackGold: Nukes are flying junk today. They keep us stupid by mentioning Korea. Do yu see Russia worried? They know they can stop anything flying in the air and so could we

Pizzaman: South Korea is why theyre being cautious

Meatball: @BlackGold I am more concerned with the guy who has a small device and not afraid to use it

Pizzaman: Yup

BlackGold: Nukes unless they are suitcase bombs and already here are pretty much useless

chattels: @Pizzaman I will tell you as Kirk Sowell once told me, ” You need to learn. ” 🙂

BlackGold: @Meatball true

Pizzaman: The only thing i learned today was cuban cigars are tasty

Meatball: strange times

Pizzaman: Yes indeed

BlackGold: I have a book on Satettlites amd it shows them taking out objects with lazer. That was 35 years ago. Imagine what they hve now
BlackGold: satellites

tman23: Most are unaware of this after the election…..This took place December 2016……Was a live Fox news broadcast in Arizona….. The issue is….Why present a FAKE Document…..Who is responsible…..

And this Document was posted on the White House website……. That said: Chaffez should have followed up on this……BUT THE ALL SHUT UP !! …

Meatball: its all good… rayren said were bucks up this week lol lol

BlackGold: look up Scalar wars

Pizzaman: Sounds like an rv diversion

Meatball: @BlackGold you ever see Tesla s design for a system back in the day?

BlackGold: He was way ahead of us

Meatball: @BlackGold wayyyyyyyyyy ahead

BlackGold: They had free energy 50 years ago, where is it.

Meatball: Have to ask Westenhouse or GE that question
BlackGold: lol
BlackGold: true

Pizzaman: Watch the series the men who built America

Meatball: very good series
Pizzaman: Tesla was way ahead of his time

Meatball: was robbed left and right
BlackGold: never saw that series but i’ll find it or buy it and watch. i google it

Pizzaman: Iraqi forces are 250 yards from the Tigris according to fox news

BlackGold: they were 250 2 weeks ago
BlackGold: late news

Pizzaman: Yards ? Is what it said

BlackGold: yep
Pizzaman: Fox is fair and balanced

Pizzaman: So maybe the new website 1184 rate is 2 weeks behind to
BlackGold: hope it is

Pizzaman: Sounds like the news is deliberately delaying the news to stall things

Pizzaman: Maybe theyre waiting for the G20
BlackGold: believe me i can use the ducats

Pizzaman: Thats a FACT
BlackGold: nice to have a little jing in your pocket
Pizzaman: Yup
BlackGold: Well hope we all wake up to RV
BlackGold: Have a bless night

Pizzaman: Fox ticker saying abadi congrates iraqi forces on big victory in mosul today
Pizzaman: U2 brother

Pizzaman: Abadi makes announcement and congratulates forces on victory in mosul :Tup

Pizzaman: I find it interesting just days before the G20
Pound4Pound: Any good conference calls tonight?



Pizzaman: Tman chattels have you seen this announcement
Pizzaman: It happened on our independence day. Interesting
Pizzaman: Houston we have taken Mosul

Pound4Pound: Any good conference calls tonight? I

Pizzaman: No idea brother
Pizzaman: Lots of good news though

Pizzaman: @Meatball