In Truth Call 

Chat Room – News Excerpts & Highlights

Nexus7: When they say the Paymasters have been funded, who has funded them or where does the money come from?

Doug_W: @Nexus7 GM are U new here?

Baxter: Paymaster??

Nexus7: Yes I am new.
Doug_W: @Nexus7 :Welcome
Nexus7: Thanks Doug

Nexus7: Is this group for talking about th eDinar?
MichelleL: @Nexus7 yup

Doug_W: Among other thingsd YES

Nexus7: Good, thought I might be lost for a minute

MichelleL: @Nexus7 I rarely talk dinar, let everyone else do it lol
Baxter: we talk about Dinar here once in a while…. when a good rumor pops up..

Nexus7: Questions more than rumours
MichelleL: doesn’t stop most of them Bax

chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – British MPs from across the political spectrum expressed their support for the Kurdish right to self-determination in the UK House of Commons first debate on the Kurdistan Region in three years. …………………..

“Iraqi federalism has sadly failed and cannot be revived, because the Shia majority has no appetite for federalism or minority rights,” Lopresti argued. “In effect, Iraq has severed itself from Kurdistan,” he declared. ……………….

JmanATtheH: GM all. So what’s the latest feeling on that back site showing different rates on cbi?

MichelleL: @JmanATtheH Pretty early for you

Iqdnewbie: Good morning IQD family. My wife calls me crazy for investing in dinars but I know once this RV happens. She won’t have any problem spending the money

JmanATtheH: Nah, always up earlier than this

MichelleL: @JmanATtheH I cry bull lol

JmanATtheH: @MichelleL but it IS on the cbi back page…statistics

MichelleL: @Iqdnewbie I don’t know how much your in for, but crazy is relative – if you can afford to play with a few bucks, why not

Iqdnewbie: Only 4 months in

MichelleL: @JmanATtheH I found it, but the other numbers didn’t jive, so it didn’t make sense to me at all

JmanATtheH: wish i was in your shoes…

MichelleL: lol Jman

JmanATtheH: @MichelleL was talking to iqd with that lol

MichelleL: i was laughing at it Jman lol

JmanATtheH: @MichelleL but that’s why im asking if there’s any latest info/feelings for it.

JmanATtheH: @MichelleL why dont it jive for u

MichelleL: my feeling is, its not across the board, its not real – i.e. more bull

JmanATtheH: @MichelleL what would be the reason for it being there

MichelleL: con the masses, i.e. us

JmanATtheH: @MichelleL why would they be bulling it?

JmanATtheH: @MichelleL i dont believe that

MichelleL: Jman, BEST case scenario to me is they’re just using it as a place keeper – the numbers are bogus, they don’t go down the line

JmanATtheH: @MichelleL firstly… have to do alot of clicking to get to that page. If it were on the main page, I would be more inclined to believe conning us.

MichelleL: only numbers reflecting what we want to see is dollar and euro, the rest simply don’t line up along those same levels – AT ALL

JmanATtheH: true…the other numbers on that page dont jive with a rate change. ie brittish pound etc

MichelleL: so even if its what it winds up as, the numbers are not set at all

MichelleL: but if wishing made it so, we’d all be cashing out today, and I’d go to the vet tomorrow instead 😉

JmanATtheH: I just want to believe that ‘something is happening’ for that to be different. May not be current, but something….?

JmanATtheH: Wish chattels was in here to get his intake

MichelleL: @JmanATtheH for your sake, and the sake of your sweet little calico who needs to go to the vet too, I hope so 😉


JmanATtheH: @MichelleL but I also wonder if those numbers have always been there the past year, and someone just finally happened upon them

JmanATtheH: @Zig Im just waiting to see 3 pages of Amens

Zig: LOL

MichelleL: @Zig I aint no DU Peep hahaha

JmanATtheH: not being sacrilegious by any means, it just gets really hard to have a convo with someone if youre always having to scroll up to see what they said lol

MichelleL: @JmanATtheH that could well be, nevertheless, its pretty bogus to me

JmanATtheH: @MichelleL well YOU just peed in my cheerios this morning :crybaby

chattels: @JmanATtheH What is the question please ?
JmanATtheH: ah chattels nice…

JmanATtheH: what are your current feelings about that different rate on the back page in the cbi?

JmanATtheH: be it in the statistics side

JmanATtheH: :::::when EF Hutton(Chattels) talks, everyone listens::::::::

chattels: @JmanATtheH I just have questions and little feelings and no insights.

JmanATtheH: I remember you saying yesterday(?) or the day before that you cold find the page, but no rate anymore. I found how to find that rate again.

Iqdnewbie: What will be the next rollercoaster ride to go after this one ends. Dong, Zim, Egyptian Pound or another. Thoughts?

JmanATtheH: @Iqdnewbie I think they will tear down all rollercoasters

Iqdnewbie: @jman why they r fun

​chattels: @JmanATtheH I have never believed that there would be events preceeding or attendant to our liquidity event upon which we could rely with any certainty.

JmanATtheH: fun…..I guess only if you’re not hurting


chattels: @JmanATtheH How does that link go through the CBI ?
JmanATtheH: @chattels when you accesss it via the statistics

MichelleL: @chattels thats where I wind up, going through the process of the reg site, english, statistics, home page, english again

MichelleL: @chattels something like that lol

JmanATtheH: @chattels ‘home’ last for me lol

chattels: @JmanATtheH I suppose that I am just too dense.

JmanATtheH: @chattels nah, its your ‘density’ that keeps alot of us grounded

JmanATtheH: I feel myself getting very anticipatory(is that a word) about something BECAUSE that rate comes off the cbi site

chattels: In any event it is all an intellectual puzzle until i can go to the bank and exchange.

JmanATtheH: trudat

LJ: Good morning all

MichelleL: okay! have a great morning everyone, I’m off to count my deenars :laugh

JmanATtheH: so the reason for my question to you is because i want to gain all knowledge and feelings about any further insight to it

JmanATtheH: as to why it would be on the cbi page? Michelle thinks they are just messing with us dinar holders lol

LJ: This whole thing went wrong for alot of folks when it went from SPECULATION to a DEFINITE. ….I,was fine with SPECULATION

JmanATtheH: i say it is too hidden to be messing with us

JmanATtheH: or it ‘was’ too hidden

JmanATtheH: and I also was wondering if that different rate page in statistics was always there, and someone finally just happened upon it

MichelleL: oooh, Jman, husband techhead says its typical arab coding laziness/sloppiness – hope that helps lol, later dudes

JmanATtheH: that makes more sense than anyhing lol

JmanATtheH: because it wouldn’t make sense why only the usd and euro were different, but the brittish pound was the same

MichelleL: ;c-work; bye

JmanATtheH: adios muchacha

JmanATtheH: @larrykn GM. We have a could 1 2 punch of a pitching staff don’t we!!

JmanATtheH: good not could

JmanATtheH: hopefully 1 2 3 with Mcarthy once he gets off DL

chattels: [Oan- Baghdad] federal police forces took control of the architecture building [Shawwaf] the old city on the right side of the connector. A police team leader Raed Shakir Jawdat said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the “special federal police units took control of the building [Shawwaf] published Guenastha on the roof of the building to secure progress sectors central al-Najafi, the last area stronghold of terrorist groups in the police axis Federal. ”

chattels: It is building by building now in Mosul.

Elilali: Chattels it seems like that’s the millionth time they’r referring to an area as the last stronghold of ISIS. Their updates are extremely unreliable. We’re very in the dark.

Noname: The CBI.3eyon seems to be blank this morning
JmanATtheH: @Noname how are you getting there? I can still find that 1.2 page

Noname: Look up top Michelle put the li k uo
Noname: Link up

JmanATtheH: @Noname I can find it, but wondering why you cannot?

Noname: I found the link but no numbers

JmanATtheH: @Noname go>>>>>Statistics>>>>>Extended Statistics>>>>>>HOME(might have to click HOME twice if doesnt come up first time

Noname: Ok thanks

Elilali: it’s not blank noname

Elilali: it’s the same as it was yesterday


larrykn: gm everyone
larrykn: just heard of fox news that Adabi announced the liberation of Mosul last night, I have not seen any articles on that but it was reported

Brow: GM all – Go to Cbi site click -English-go down to Statistics-click- go down to-extended statistics-click-go back to top of page & Click on English again-Then -Click on Home Page at the Top of Page & go Down & there it is

Noname: @larrykn thats good news

larrykn: @Noname yes it is, if this is true I’m looking for good things to start happening

Noname: @larrykn me too good morning brow

Noname: @RickeyT I bet it’s about 68 here this morning

lay: @Noname have no clue where that is lol

clay: @Noname I’m in Asheville western part

Noname: 90 miles west of Asheville

Noname: 30 from Tenn and 1 from Georgia

clay: @Noname oh ok

clay: @Noname just got back from the beach

clay: @Noname where r ya from

Noname: @clay did you enjoy it
Noname: @clay temple.texas but raised in NC

clay: @Noname oh ok

clay: @Noname loved the beach not the driving

Noname: @clay yes I bet traffic was ruff

BlackGold: move to the Hatteras ,then no drive. just a thought

BlackGold: 2%

Noname: My brother flew back to Dallas yesterday and said when he got outside the airport he breath was taken away it was so hot.

clay: @Noname yes

clay: @Noname wow I’m sure

clay: @Noname BG maybe one day

Noname: BKTLA: Just wanted to share what I found out – That host website is connected to the website and to – one man has technical and Administrative control on the website. Amir Shaher – He is the Deputy D.G at Central Bank of Iraq -Iraq Computer & Network Security. I have looked him up and he is legit. So, seems this website. Hope this helps. 🙂

Noname: BKTLA brought that in here yesterday

MichelleL: @Noname still doesn’t account for a messy page, doesn’t look like anything to the likes of me, but then again, I remember a few aberrations on forex over the years that meant nothing also – longevity adds to skepticism

clay: hey sis

Noname: Somethings cooking.

MichelleL: hi Clay! How was Pawley’s island? love that place
clay: it was far lolo

MichelleL: @Noname no consistency in the numbers, can be as simple as a misplaced decimal point

clay: beach and water was nice

MichelleL: you didn’t like it clay?
clay: yes needed more time I’m exhausted by the drive

MichelleL: too far from the action? lol the party atmosphere is all on myrtle beach
MichelleL: how long was the drive?

clay: yes but south Myrtle has become a very dangerous place to go

MichelleL: I don’t do myrtle beach lol
clay: supposed to be 5 took 7 1/2

Noname: @MichelleL could be a mistake but for them to leave such a thing up for almost 2 weeks now is odd

MichelleL: @Noname need I repeat our old saying “but its IRAQ” hahaha

Noname: @MichelleL got to believe sometime. LOL
MichelleL: @Noname ok, you believe, I’m not shopping yet

Noname: @MichelleL deal


MichelleL: I’ve been looking for the money to look for the place in the heart of the country for a long long time, but the older I get, the more demanding I get too 😉
The Crisco Kid: U Too ????

MichelleL: @The Crisco Kid lol

Noname: The simpler the better and less demanding
The Crisco Kid: Nope In MY House I’m The Boss …..

MichelleL: @Noname simple is fine, but I want enough land to sit on my porch and see nothing but beauty, and enough local people around to do the work, not me, not my husband – we’re not going to do much puttering lol

MichelleL: I don’t want another place I can be the domestic goddess of, thanks – that would make 2
MichelleL: @Noname I’m waiting 9 years for my husband to put up the second medicine cabinet – staff is good

Noname: @MichelleL that’s great and I hope you have it. I had 22 years of bliss. A wonderful wife that I realise can never be replaced so I want simple and slow. No more looking just peace

MichelleL: I’d like to stop looking and start using myself. However, I know we can’t live without electricity, hot and cold running water, tv and inet – just not in the cards. Outgrew that many decades ago lol

MichelleL: Thank God we’re still vital enough to enjoy it, but we also need to be close enough to get medical attention, have supermarkets and so on – my camping days are over

Noname: @MichelleL yes enjoy everyday appreciate and valadat everyday

MichelleL: @Noname :Tup

Noname: @Arianna ask or talk about anything. It’s open and not much is off the table

Arianna: One thing I do not understand is the auctions..

Arianna: I have been on this train only 2.10 years… so my knowledge has gaps.. I will look at archived materials asap

Noname: @Arianna auctions. Hard for me also bug the way I understand it is they need US dollars to operate the country on

Arianna: Thank you Zig! Will do..

Arianna: They auction their currency.. yes? To whom, please?

Duke77: So Frank says they’ve deleted the 3 zeros and it will soon show. He’s making predictions as “fact”. I hope he’s right. It could be possible for an RV to show soon, but I don’t think they’ve been deleting zeros 1 at a time. We would see the proof if that was true. Just another crazy wild story to pump site traffic and dinar sales…

Noname: @Arianna last week I read they were having double auctions and I have no clue as to why

Duke77: I would like to see the proof from where he gathers his “Intel”. He talks about spreadsheets, but I haven’t seen them posted online with a real link. If anyone has proof of these, please post them here. Otherwise it’s just another guru fable…

Duke77: @Noname was that an article or on KTFA where they make these Statements?

mod: Mod Doug_W requested larger font how is it now? Refresh

Arianna: Cool… thx… I thought I missed a revelation… ;c-work;

Noname: @Duke77 I listened to his last call for the first time in many years because if I’m not mistaken Delta was the one that discovered the new CBI site

Arianna: F26… he does pump… sometimes his info is good… but timelines are a bid warped

Duke77: @Noname yes and they claim it’s in Iraq which is FALSE. the real site is based out of Norway/Scandanavia and the new fakes site is based out of Germany

Zig: @mod : Great…now I can read Doug’s posts much easier which is the only downside…LOL

Brow: I have a Feeling that on the cbi site where it shows $ 1.20 when & if The 3 zero’s is lifted could be more or Less ? Need to be Chapter 8 & Sanction Need To Be Lifted & Iraq Needs to be Safe & Secured

Duke77: They claim Delta has family in parliament. That means nothing to me. President Trump has more knowledge of their intent than any of those shoe throwing Muslims in their political system lol

Noname: @Duke77 what artical?
Duke77: @Brow chapter 8 is not a real term

Arianna: Contacts and operatives .. how can that be… Just ppl fluent in Arabic..

Duke77: @Brow that’s more guru garbage

Duke77: @Brow article 8 is what we look for. Chapter 8 is not a real term for Iraq. When CH7 is lifted, they aren’t under another chapter of Sanctions. That’s just redneck morons pumping dinar

Duke77: @Noname I was asking did you see that information in an article or is that some more Intel from Frank

Noname: @Duke77 what information? About the new CBI site?

Duke77: People need to stop with the lies. The truth is Iraq is undervalued and will need to revalue when they get their affairs in order, but the 1 zero ever month for 3 months, pay scale changing to match 1000/1 and all the other crap that flows like lava out of hells mouth under the name of Frank26 needs to stop! We want truth. He wants internet traffic and dinar sales. That’s the only reason for his Intel. period!

Arianna: ^^^ Truthin

Duke77: I was referring to your comment: Noname: @Arianna last week I read they were having double auctions and I have no clue as to why

Noname: Yes that came from F26 on recaps

Duke77: @Noname where did you see “double auctions”??? Out of both sides of Frank’s lying mouth??

Duke77: @Noname ok

Duke77: I figure we will bomb North Korea and the RV will happen

Iqdnewbie: Washington announces a new Iraq assistance grant worth 150 million dollars Read more at:

Iqdnewbie: Investors

RickeyT: @Iqdnewbie key word, “grant”

Iqdnewbie: @rickey. Explain please

RickeyT: @Arianna a grant you do not have to pay back

RickeyT: @Arianna a gift

Doug_W: freebie

Zig: @Arianna : Wow!…LOL…You’re going to be a nice addition to this chat room…

Iqdnewbie: Do you think the government would do that unless things are secure and safe of isis

RickeyT: @Iqdnewbie we have dropped billions there, Maliki has most of it

Noname: @Iqdnewbie yes there will.always be pockets of Isis

RickeyT: @Duke77 working it from all 3 sides

Iqdnewbie: I think this month is good for all of us

Noname: @Iqdnewbie I’m with you.

clay: @RickeyT now lets get this to RV

Noname: @clay break tome?

Iqdnewbie: Everything happens for a reason and God brought this information to me. I won’t be crazy rich but enough to help my family and others out and never work for anyone else. Just my self.

Duke77: @Iqdnewbie that’s the American Dream!

Iqdnewbie: All the time
Arianna: @Duke77.. ah, so!

Arianna: I don’t bring God into this, tho I don’t mind if others do… biz transaction is what it is to me.

RickeyT: @Arianna as Zig Ziggler says, when someone brings God into a business transaction, RUN!!!!

RickeyT: @Arianna Frank Bettger is good also

Arianna: Zig: Confidence is going after Moby Dick in a row boat and taking the tartar sauce with you.

ElmerFudd: Hummm, Baghdad Post is reporting that the declaration of retaking Mosul will come out on Thursday.


txbrand: In the next two days. Iraq receives $150 million in money from America.

Noname: @txbrand fake news?

txbrand: ok

Noname: @txbrand a question

txbrand: so stay away from ???

Noname: @txbrand why would we give them a other 150 M when they oh us so much?

Noname: Sorry