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tman23: Kurdistan to hold referendum Sept 25th………. AND AS I POSTED IN THE PAST…HERE IT COMES……ANBAR — Local officials and tribal leaders in Anbar threatened to declare the province an autonomous region, as a protest against what they call “humiliation” of civilians at checkpoints set up on the borders with Baghdad.

According to Hamid al-Dulaimi, a member of Anbar provincial council, the continuing closure of al-Soqur checkpoint on the borders with Baghdad will prompt the council to declare the province of Anbar as an autonomous region.

Dulaimi further added that the political and economic circumstances in Anbar are threatening the security situation in the region, due to the closure of al-Soqur checkpoint resulted from the changing prices of food, medicine and building materials.

The tribal leaders believe that the excessive security restrictions on Anbar’s borders with Baghdad encourage an establishment of a Sunni region, which would isolate the region……….


Elilali: I agree tman
Elilali: Either we’re on the very verge of this happening, or it’s our worst nightmare
Elilali: I lean towards the first point, we have to

Noname: @Elilali agree


An Iraqi military spokesman announced on 3 July that victory in Mosul was “very near”. According to an IHS Markit assessment on the same day, the Islamic State controlled approximately 0.4 km 2 of the old city.

Once Mosul has been fully cleared of Islamic State fighters, Iraqi government forces are likely to turn their attention to the largest remaining pocket of Islamic State control in Iraq, around the town of Hawija in Kirkuk province.

Hawija currently acts as a buffer zone between the Iraqi government and Kurdish Peshmerga forces, which control the oil-rich areas around Kirkuk, on territory that is disputed between the Baghdad government and the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG). ……..


Elilali: right
Elilali: Iraq is totally capable of making this all fall apart
Elilali: but we can’t think liike that Tman

Elilali: If more months rolls around, and no action, then we should probably all sell our dinar… BUT, right now, we’re in the best position ever

Romello: Iraqi military to wrest full control over Mosul: Commander July 05 2017 04:18 PM

tman23: @Elilali …..The G20 is meeting Friday and Saturday……. After this meeting we can go up to the 15th…..if nothing transpires by the 15th or shows a move to educate citizens etc….. or remotely in that direction…..Forget July…….. Hello 2018…..NOT GOOD !!

Elilali: not good at all Tman. We need this to pop right now, or we’re all screwed. Time to move on with our lives, if that’s the case.

Romello: Danaii fled: Maliki’s government surprised the fall of Mosul, the wrong words to warn us 6 months ago 2017/7/5 13:30

Romello: US orders Abadi to cleanse Iraq from Iran’s IMIS puppets Last Modified: 07 05 2017 02:49 AM

Elilali: Iran is a big problem for us… and it could be the death of our investment

Arianna: @tman23… why is that date significant of a cut off for this year?

Zig: LOL…I an still a member of “TNT” Forum…have not been there in ages…just went there and posted the link to this chat in their chat…someone replied with: “luvwulfs wrote moments ago…. Zig Gm, don’t post that in here. Get you a nap….

Iqdnewbie: Latest Mosul Map – very little red left Read more at:
Iqdnewbie: I like this map

Elilali: Newbie those maps aren’t accurate, unfortunately. There are about 7 different maps floating around.
Elilali: But I’m hopeful

ElmerFudd: @Elilali It’s probably accurate since they’re planning on making the declaration of retaking Mosul to come out on Thursday.

Elilali: That’s not accurate. They’ve been saying for months that the declaration of mosul’s liberation is imminent. The thursday proclamation is no different than any other so far this year. We’re hopeful, but you have to take that with a jug of salt

Iqdnewbie: That’s good news. That on Thursday Friday or weekend RV. Bank on Monday

Whitelions: I have a question to anybody that wants to answer it …….Why on or before the 15th if not we go to 2018 where do you get any info that points to that ? I post and read the News everyday and I have not seen anything that tell me it can’t rv after the 15th NOW in my own opinion when we get Mosul party over it will follow after that .

ElmerFudd: I don’t know of any reason why it can’t.

Noname: @Whitelions I agree I’ve seen nothing that would lead to 18. As for the Kurds doesn’t it have to be voted on by all of Iraq?

Whitelions: @Noname yes and they would need the backing of the world too because if they try to really leave it will cause civil war and they can’t support a civil war and the world is telling them they won’t support it

RickeyT: they are also land locked

Noname: @Whitelions I thought so

[pm]Zig: @Whitelions : Can you float?…or RV?…. :IQDCalls_P

tman23: TEHRAN (FNA)- Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (ISCI) Ammar al-Hakim underlined the necessity for unity among all Iraqi groups and people, and said he sees a referendum for independence in the Kurdistan region as a harmful blow to the entire nation.

“I believe that Iraq’s unity is of vital importance because first it has been stated in the country’s Constitution and second, the Iraqis’ interests depend on this unity and the consequences of distorting this unity will not be limited to a specific region and will start a domino,” Hakim told FNA on Wednesday.

“In such conditions, we will endeavor to convince our partners in the Kurdistan region that this decision will harm Kurdistan and the entire Iraq because our power lies in our unity,” he added.

[pm]Doug_W: thanks Tman23


Noname: I agree Tman re valued currency would slice a lot of problems

Noname: Slove

Noname: Doug W what do you think will happen with NoKO war?
Noname: It sure looks like they want one

xyz: imho is either TEST OR ACCEPTANCE step – see below for further  info.,_testing,_acceptance_and_production

xyz: 99.9% of Software Developer/Programmer understand that has TEST DATA imho. I hope this clears the air.

Noname: @xyz what’s your opinion

larrykn: @xyz I agree they just forgot or don’t care of showing it to the rest of the world

[pm]Doug_W: @Noname I wish I had an answer to that its a very complex situation now!1 and dangerous

xyz: And yes, is production with lots of bugs and should not have deployed on 28th/29th imho

BlackGold: lol

xyz: Someone was under tight deadline imho
xyz: 1.2 is test data imho.

BlackGold: Test data or not, its no good to us

Noname: @xyz wonder why test 2 country’s and then correct on the others

xyz: cbi has been upgrading/testing since around 11am est.

xyz: english version is currently not working …
Noname: @xyz today? Cool

[pm]Doug_W: I believe that is a good thing they are tweeking it

xyz: english version:—–

xyz: php gurus would understand: <p>Message: fopen(/var/lib/php/sessions/banksess_rmm617938c754aa8e2a8ec6019ea56960ac78f939b9): failed to open stream: No space left on device</p> <p>Filename: drivers/Session_files_driver.php</p>

bunny: Well, I access CBI the easy way ~ and click on English old habit ~ 1:18 cdt still 1184

Cree: It is hard sometimes after all these years to know what is potentially real and what is Dinar Land Fantasy. So a question regarding the potential of the Dinar in exchanging.

​I read recently and heard in the past that the Dinar’s we exchange at the banks will then go to the Federal Reserve and the Reserve will exchange with the CBI. Now when the RV happens and some run to the bank (here I will MAKE UP NUMBERS) and exchange for $.25 or say $1.00 while others weight.

The banks will charge you an exchange rate fee and then the banks will sell the Dinar to the Federal Reserve. Now supposedly the Feds will sell the Dinar back to Iraq for oil at $32.00 a barrel.

If the price of oil is higher then $32.00 which is always is these days, there is more profit. So the banks buy your dinar for say $1.00 and hold the dinar until the rate is higher and make a profit both from your exchange fee and then for selling the Dinar back to the Feds at a higher rate = Banks make a nice profit.

The feds sell the Dinar back to Iraq and buy oil at $32.00 a barrel and then make a profit by selling the oil at the higher market price. OK, where do you feel what I am saying is wrong and who where do you disagree?

txbrand: right

JmanATtheH: you lost me at dinar exchanging

MichelleL: whats the question, Cree?

Doug_W: it may very well be “right on”

MichelleL: lol Jman

Cree: The question is, is what I am saying something you believe in, or what.

JmanATtheH: i dont think many here really care about where our dinar goes after we get what we exchange for

txbrand: well it would be nice if we could cut out the middle man….but that’s not going to happen…

MichelleL: @Cree I don’t know if “believe” makes sense – we’re used to dealing with many middle men in every phase of our lives. If I buy an apple for a quarter, the store is only paying a nickel, and I can sell it at my convenience store for 50 cents

Doug_W: unless U go to Iraq CBI personally

Cree: The reason am asking is as long as you do not financially need to sell your dinar or all of your dinar immediately, if what I am writing here makes sense, then there is a lot of upside to not selling all at a low rate….

MichelleL: just a fact of doing business, I expect everyone to get a piece, some bigger than others (the fed?)

Doug_W: we will just have to wait Nsee Cree

BlackGold: @Cree number might be off but the formula is just about right.

JmanATtheH: If the bank wants to give me $1 per dinar, I do not care if they make $3 on it somewhere down the line. I will only give them as much as I need to get out of my hole

txbrand: oh lots of people will hold on to some of it….

MichelleL: the only upside may be – or several upsides – 1) need for cash 2) fear of being unable to sell later on, of iraq canceling the bills 3) fear of facing larger taxes, etc

Cree: BG thanks – that is what I was looking for. IT is hard to tell reflecting on all that has been written in Dinarland over the years, what we can believe in and what is BS

MichelleL: there’s probably a myriad of reasons to sell sooner, one being that you can finally move on with your life and not have to wait to get started with your new found wealth

BlackGold: oil may be $50.00 a barrel by the time we
BlackGold: rv

MichelleL: Cree, its also about amount – if you only have a little, and don’t need cash right away, by all means take the gamble and hold on

MichelleL: If on the other hand, you have many millions, you could sell half and speculate on the remaining values, etc

Cree: Depends on how you feel about the Dinar. To me this is an investment not a gift. It is like buying stock in IBM or GE or Apple. As an investment, we learn that when the market goes down, we do not dump our stock, we buy more. The lowers toe average cost of what we own. When the market goes up we sell but keep an eye out for the potential high.

MichelleL: @Cree I on the other hand, have sold half, taken my cost and some profit out, and held onto the rest on spec – doesn’t make me less of an investor, just anxious to cover myself
MichelleL: and don’t by stock in IBM or GE now lol

Cree: @MichelleL Another thought, if you feel the Dinar will go a lot higher, then whether you have a lot or a little, one might consider selling a little and waiting for the value to go higher. I guess it is also ones investment strategy. For me (and my opinion only), Iraq has more oil then Saudi Arabia (ok it is shared with Kuwait). PLUS it has many other natural resources. So whatever the opening value, the chance the price will go down is slim and the upside is greater. – Well again my thoughts.

Cree: @MichelleL We all have our own investment strategy and all strategies are fine. There is no one way or best way.

MichelleL: cree, I believe you have to evaluate how much dinar you have, and what you want to achieve. Some of us are already in this very long term, and frankly just want to move on with our lives
MichelleL: no of course not, and I wish you all the luck in the world

Doug_W: Cree what you say is very true U alone can decide how U want to go

Whitelions: @Cree I agree with you the CBI said through Shabbs when he was in the general population will have up to 2 years to exchange they’re Dinar and the Banks will have 10 years BUT here in dinar land they have been conditioned that they have to run not walk to exchange and I believe that was and is to control them in the hopes they will profit off them .

Me I will cash in what I need to start what I have planned and I may take the whole 2 years to cash out but I will know what the rate is at all times so I can make the best choise for me

Cree: @MichelleL That makes sense. As you said part depends on how much you own and also what your current needs are.

txbrand: if your going to keep some…you might think about turning it into lower demons first

MichelleL: Also, I’m older, a lot of us are, and we don’t want to play this game till we die lol

MichelleL: tx turn it into silver/gold lol

Cree: Once you exchange you exchange at that rate…..

The Crisco Kid: I Have A Bunch Of Lower Zim’s

Doug_W: Remember anytiome U trade in a 10K or higher U have to fill out a Tax form 4 IRS

txbrand: @Doug_W :hh

JmanATtheH: @Doug_W that is all something I welcome….SOOOOOOON

MichelleL: lol Jman

Cree: I read somewhere that most Dinar investors have only a few million or less dinar…. Actually the less you have the more important the exchange rate as you will have less. But some need it now and I understand that.

MichelleL: yes Jman, millions

MichelleL: @txbrand I nearly threw mine away

Cree: If the RV were to happen today, the tax rate on the exchange will be a lot higher then say in 6 months if Trump gets tax reform.

JmanATtheH: how many people have authenticated their dinar? Forget about counting…. lol

Cree: @JmanATtheH Smart question. I assume many have not. I checked mine out including using a black light..

txbrand: like I said…if your going to keep some dinar…exchange for lower demons…if the spread is not to much

JmanATtheH: @txbrand wouldnt you have to go to a dealer to do that?

Cree: I have been in this for only a little over 4 years and feel the frustration.

Cree: @Tebow The country has a lot of wealth and natural resources so I disagree there, but the reason their currency is worthless is due to the way their government operates. In either case the zim that people buy is worthless – but dreamers will be dreamers

Tebow: They will never give the Zim any value withe the current notes. They don’t have the reserves to even cover one cent of value. People who think they are going to someday get a dollar per Zim are crazy. A 100 trillion Zim note worth 100 trillion dol Lars US. Nothing to cover it.

The Crisco Kid: @Tebow Your Right Zim Won’t Hit A Dollar, But It Will Hit .10 – .15 Cents Which Is Great Plenty …..

Tebow: Still not enough money in the world to cover .10-.15. Zimbawa can’t cover it.

JmanATtheH: @The Crisco Kid good. I hope youre right about your zim,but don’t think so
txbrand: I cant understand having to back it…. its already out there

JmanATtheH: Iran could be the next best bet. Currently worth less than the dinar
JmanATtheH: and they have similar resources

txbrand: dos the US back allllllllll the currency they have in another country ?…how do they do that ?

RickeyT: @txbrand fractional banking

txbrand: do they have to have enough Gold to back as much dinar they have out…I don’t understand how that works

The Crisco Kid: Iran Is A Country That’s 4,000 Years Old.. They Been Having Celebrations For 3,999 Years 11Mos. And 10 Days Just Useless.. How Can One Nation Of 208 Control It All…..

txbrand: @RickeyT so they just needs to print more…., lol ——> fractional banking
txbrand: @RickeyT ;idn;

txbrand: guys………really…listen to me…. when we exchange…we will be creating more Dollars NOT dinar…so how is they will have to back it ?

txbrand: I can not understand it

txbrand: @MichelleL explain it to meeeeeeeee…lol

txbrand: if the dang CNN would shut up we wouldn’t be hearing all this crap
txbrand: ok….guess nobody will answer me …. :ya

[pm]Doug_W: @txbrand WHAT?

MichelleL: @txbrand you had a question dear?
[pm]Zig: @txbrand : Repeat the ?

txbrand: hang ob ioll get it
txbrand: does the US back allllllllll the currency they have in another country ?…how do they do that ? do they have to have enough Gold to back as much dinar they have out…

I don’t understand how that works guys………really…listen to me…. when we exchange…we will be creating more Dollars NOT dinar…so how is they will have to back it ? I can not understand it

txbrand: clean as mud…mu questions …lol

MichelleL: howevva, for what its worth I don’t really care as long as we get ours and the buck is not so far devalued at the time that it actually means something

txbrand: well everyone is worried about Iraq being able to back the dinar we exchange…. BUT BUT we will be creating more DOLLARS….not dinar ———- does that make since ?

MichelleL: we won’t be – or shouldn’t be, we will be EXCHANGING dinar for dollars

Noname: I will try tx the us treasury will hold the dinar and purchase oil from Iraq and pay for the oil with the dinar we exchange. IMO
MichelleL: the recipients will get our dinar, we will get their dollars

txbrand: @Noname I realize that…but its not creating anymore dinar

JmanATtheH: we won’t have the acutual $$ amount in our hands, it will be electronic

JmanATtheH: which begs the question….why not exchange with a dealer wheere you will most likely get a better rate…..IF this happens

Noname: Remember years back Shabibi said Iraq could cover the dinar 2.5 times. I say they have more than they tell

JmanATtheH: @Noname I never remembered shabs saying such a thing.

JmanATtheH: @Noname In fact, the only thing is said about anything regarding an rv, at the press conference in DC(?) or NY(?) was something about propoganda

JmanATtheH: you can google the PC and listen for yourself

Noname: @JmanATtheH yes no one able to speculate on his cirrency

JmanATtheH: @Noname who told you Shabs said that?

Noname: @JmanATtheH I just read the artical again a few weeks ago someone posted it on recaps

Cree: People if what I wrote before in a question is correct, the backing of the dinar is in the ground. It is the future oil that will be pumped and exported. Further, you are not getting cash when you exchange but as was said it is electronic.

Cree: I do disagree with the person above (I could be wrong) that you will get a higher rate with an exchanger. We should check it out at the time but then also check the banks…

Tebow: @Cree yes

Meatball: how would someone get a higher rate?

txbrand: @Meatball I think they mean lower spread

​JmanATtheH: @Meatball I would assume a dealer would give more towards the cbi rate, whereas the banks would be dealing with spreads

Tebow: one rate then whatever the banks spread which in on you to work.
Meatball: spreads may or may not be negotiated

JmanATtheH: and a dealer is sending their dinar back to Iraq from what Ive uderstood

Tebow: MB yes up to the bank

Meatball: have you ever exchanged foreign currency?

Cree: @Meatball But getting a higher rate could depend on how much currency you have. Someone with 20 milllion Dinar could posslbe negotiate a higher rate then someone with 1 or 2 million dinar. Also there are ways to getting a higher rate then actually getting a higher rate. For example for those with larger amounts of Dinar, negotiating a lower exchange rate.

txbrand: is they want our money in their bank…. wont be a spread… you HAVE the money don’t forget

txbrand: if they want

Meatball: Cree…. my opinion and it is just that.. the spread would be the only thing neg
Meatball: if I go into a bank with 125 million ,I may have a little more stroke the someone with 3 mil
Meatball: nobody knows how banks will deal with this