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tman23: This is specific……and take note that it comes immediately after the G20 held Friday and Saturday…… IRBIL, July 5 (KUNA) — Iraq’s Cabinet Secretary General Mahdi Al-Allaq announced Wednesday that an international conference is to be held in Washington DC, USA next week on reconstructing the liberated Iraqi cities from the so-called Islamic State (IS).

The conference will be held with participation of World Bank, representatives of the international coalition against IS, and Iraqi planning ministry, Al-Allaq said in a press conference on the sidelines of opening Al-Khazar bridge that connects Irbil with Mosul.

The estimated costs for reconstructing the liberated Iraqi cities are between USD 50 billion and USD 100 billion, he noted, affirming that restoring water and electricity, in addition to educational and health services are currently some of the Iraqi government’s top priorities. (end

​America55: Hello. My first time on the chat. What do you usually talk about here?
America55: I have a question.
America55: When they do the exchange for the Dinar or any currency will it be exchange dollar for dollar or per thousand or million?

America55: So if I have 500,000 in Dinar I would get back 500,000 in USN?

Romello: @America55 It depends on the rate that it come out at. If 1 to 1, it would be 500k USD. But if 3 to 1 it would be 1.5 mil USD

America55: Thank you Romello
Romello: @America55 No problem friend. I asked the same question 9 years ago. lmaoff

Romello: #Iraq’s President says #Qatar’s $500. mil ransom money held in the Central Bank, is now for Iraqis


Romello: Keywords «morning»: our economy overcome the difficult phase 07/03/2017 0:00 It revealed that the central bank reserves exceeded the expectations of the IMF $ 10 billion

BlackGold: Qatar has the best cargo transport in the world nut they are gonna get blamed for shipping 20 tons of our weapons to the Arab states amd sad part is they will turn around and use them on Qatar

TheOptimist: Well tomorrow will be the last day of the more recent, “liberation in 48 hours”. Don’t hold your breath. If Friday morning rolls around and no formal announcement from Abadi, then once AGAIN we were lied to. Abadi congratulated forces on the liberation, but has made no formal public announcement.

Meatball: @TheOptimist don’t think anyone is holding there breath

TheOptimist: @Meatball Yepper

chattels: @TheOptimist I do not view so much as a lie but a optimistic narrative for political propaganda purposes

chattels: @TheOptimist It is the difference between the typical Iraqi rhetoric and reality

Meatball: it will be done when its done

chattels: Mosul will be liberated, DAESH will be ousted from control of any Iraqi territory, but ………………………. there is work to be done there and elsewhere.

TheOptimist: It was reported today that by Friday the USA will be giving Iraq 150 million for ” projects in education, water, electricity and health, as well as to assist Iraqi youth and rehabilitate areas.” Some have replied in posts that it is a good sign. How??

I think it is bad in regards to an rv. America wouldn’t need to give them any money if Iraq were going to revalue. Right??

Meatball: and god only knows what springs up in the interm

chattels: I am more concerned with the political infighting to follow and who is going to pay for the new infrastructure.

Meatball: @chattels … i am sure the money will pour in
Meatball: if it already has not been pledged

TheOptimist: Knowing Iraq, I really doubt the money gets to the intended recipients.

chattels: @Meatball Maybe, but there is no ” plan ” as yet and then we have to wonder how much of the money will be grafted by corrupt entities.

Meatball: @TheOptimist if its the GOI s pockets then yes it does

chattels: @TheOptimist Agreed !

TheOptimist: Maliki is already drooling for the money, lol.

chattels: Who’s idea was it to ” invest ” in the IQD anyway ? LOL

Meatball: @chattels i do believe some countries have promised funds for the rebuilding

TheOptimist: @Meatball Yes, they have. Japan, England, USA…

chattels: @Meatball If those promises pan out like the pledges made to the UN relief fund for Iraq then we can count about on 20%.

chattels: @Meatball ” on about ” that should read

Meatball: @chattels … sounds like you got the math right lol

chattels: @Meatball I was looking for the news article / authority that reported the actual percentage.

chattels: ” Shew Buddy “, most everyone has a theory about this ” 1.2 ” phenomenon, eh ?

chattels: Parliament to reconvene tomorrow – Be still my heart – LOL

chattels: There were more advances in the Old City in west Mosul by the Iraqi forces (ISF). The Golden Division seized Ras al-Koor in the center of the district, the Federal Police took Bab al-Sarai, and was advancing on Khalid Ibn al-Waleed and Nujafi, while the Rapid Reaction Division reached Khalid Bin al-Waleed Street. Katunya was attacked by the 16th Division and a garage was taken in Sargkhana although both were supposedly freed.

Depending upon the source the ISF has 200-250 meters to reach the Tigris River. A general from the Golden Division predicted that the fighting would be over in a week.

On the other hand, Federal Police chief General Raed Shakir Jawadat claimed his units had finished their mission and were waiting for Prime Minister Haider Abadi to announce victory over the Islamic State.

The Joint Operations Command corrected him saying that the Federal Police were still in combat and had not taken all their objectives. Roughly 40% of the Old City remains in Islamic State control. The end is near however, which means Iraqi releases are over anxious to proclaim victory.

chattels: ” Roughly 40% of the Old City remains in Islamic State control. The end is near however, which means Iraqi releases are over anxious to proclaim victory.”

chattels: The foregoing is Joel Wing’s post today for July 4.

chattels: ” A general from the Golden Division predicted that the fighting would be over in a week. ” – I put more faith in the assessment of the Golden Division than most any other.

chattels: Baghdad / Iraqi National News Agency / nina / MP for the National Coalition Hassan al – Hamdani Chuird coalition sought to pass important laws during the remainder of the life of the Parliament.

chattels: said al – Hamdani told the National Iraqi News Agency / Nina / that important laws require an agreement between the political blocs in order to pass through the vote in the House of Representatives,

pointing out , “he is supposed to call for the Presidency of the Council of Representatives heads of political blocs in the parliament to an urgent meeting to talk to be with the utmost clarity and transparency regarding important laws. ”


chattels: We read about the intention of Parliament to pass the important laws at the beginning of each session.

chattels: ” …………….. important laws require an agreement between the political blocs in order to pass through the vote in the House of Representatives, ……..”

chattels: Sometimes we are told that there is a political consensus to pass various laws, but here we sit.

chattels: Baghdad / Iraqi National News Agency / nina / committee parliamentary experts said it would give the names of the new commissioners officially before the end of the work of the current Board of Commissioners in September next.

chattels: This is the Electoral Commission. We are still waiting for Abadi’s list of replacement Cabinet Ministers I think.

chattels: It appears that my posting has had a chilling effect upon conversation this evening.

BlackGold: you can wait for Abadi all you want and the GOI but nothing will happen until Christopher Lagaurde and the IMF,UN and Federal Reserve ,say so

​tman23: G20 meeting Friday…… Then Coalition in Washington after for reconstruction of Iraq…… They need to get started asap…….to many displaced and children mentally screwed up……

Pizzaman: Good evening peps. Whats the latest?

Pizzaman: Anyone notice the CBI website was acting strange today

Pizzaman: It wasnt working normal. Couldnt translate to english etc
Pizzaman: It had errors messages on it

Pizzaman: Definitely weird
TWW: @Pizzaman im trying to open it now…

Pizzaman: Its still scrambled
TWW: @Pizzaman one says 1180 and the other 1.2

Pizzaman: Does it let you translate to English

TWW: @Pizzaman is everyone sure both site are together with the 1.2 still there??

TWW: @Pizzaman yes in english

Pizzaman: Send me your link
TWW: @Pizzaman wait it is actin weird…
Pizzaman: Ive tried all day on 2 different computers. No luck 4 me