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chattels: good morning all

chattels: Iraqi provincial elections postponed until 2018 Political blocs have quietly agreed to combine provincial elections with national elections slated for next April.

Iraqi provincial elections postponed until 2018

chattels: Despite repeated assertions to the contrary by many Iraqi politicians, including Abadi, …………………….. postponed.

chattels: BAGHDAD – Iraq’s most powerful political parties have agreed to delay provincial elections and hold them along with national parliamentary elections next spring. The government has not officially announced the postponement of the provincial vote, which it had planned to hold on Sept. 16.

But more than a dozen politicians – including members of Parliament and various provincial councils – confirmed that the provincial and national elections will be merged.

[pm]Doug_W: GM “C”

chattels: If for no other reason, and there are many, my sense is that the postponement is related to the referendum in Kurdistan.

chattels: @Doug_W gm sir

[pm]Doug_W: I tend to agree

chattels: @Doug_W Baghdad can now assert with conviction that the timing, security, etc. are not right. Such would be difficult to do if provincial elections could / would go forward, eh

chattels: ISIS controls its final few meters in Mosul By Hunar Ahmed

chattels: The Iraqi forces are so close to each other that friendly fire remains a concern. They are all attacking an area of about 300 square-meters. The federal police say there are about 100 ISIS militants in the Jewish district of western Mosul.

A decision was made to minimize the bombardments because there is no significant distance between the Iraqi forces and ISIS militants.

chattels: Tensions rise between Iraqi forces and civilians in Mosul By Rudaw

chattels: Coalition announces meeting in Washington to accelerate anti-ISIS efforts By Rudaw

chattels: ” ISIS still maintains pockets of resistance — notably in Hawija, Tal Afar, central provinces and western border areas. In addition to Raqqa in Syria, ISIS controls much territory in the eastern deserts and Deir ez-Zor. ”

[pm]Doug_W: again I agree

chattels: The start of the parliamentary session, headed by al-Jubouri

chattels: Parliament will vote on the wording of the decision as the murder of the sons of the clan and the extermination of the Po tiger hand Euphrates disaster area crimes

chattels: The House of Representatives voted in principle to the draft law of the State Council

chattels: Parliament postpones vote on the proposal of the Second Amendment to the Law of the Electoral Commission Act

chattels: Postpone the vote on the draft reform of inmates and depositors law

chattels: Parliament to raise its next Saturday


chattels: Another banner day of productivity in the Iraqi Parliement, eh ?

chattels: The gurus will be telling us how Parliament is progressing at a ” lightning pace “. Watching paint dry is more like it.

chattels: Second Amendment to the Law of the Electoral Commission Act and depositors law strike me as significant …………………… postponed.

Doug_W: its crazy how they “do”

chattels: Oh, but they are working behind the scenes, in committee …………

chattels: If the first two days of this parliamentary session are any indication of the ” work ” done during Ramadan, well, ………….

chattels: Justice: execution of 14 convicted last month and continue to implement :: 2017/7/6 14:02 • [Oan- Baghdad] confirmed the Iraqi Ministry of Justice, the continuation of the implementation of death sentences, according to the law against the convicted.

Whitelions: A global company launches a commercial guide to dealing with taxes in Iraq….….

Deloitte, the world’s largest professional services firm based in the United States, has launched a business guide to understand the tax situation in Iraq, noting that the Iraqi authorities have not fully implemented the self-assessment system for taxes…..

Deloitte has issued a new report on Iraq’s tax environment under the title “Iraq’s Commercial Guide – Understanding the Tax Situation in Iraq” to guide companies and support their clients and stakeholders in Iraq.

The report aims to shed light on the key areas requiring consideration, both for companies that are looking to invest in Iraq for the first time, and those with experience and currently working in Iraq.

The General Authority for Taxation, following the appointment of a new general manager, that one of its main goals quickly dealing with tax assessments and collection of tax revenues in most ways.

“The Iraqi authorities have not fully implemented the self-assessment system for taxes, and the process is still affected by the Commission’s review of the tax return requests,” said Jane Stokes, director of tax at Deloitte Middle East in Iraq.

“However, there is a perception in the Commission that taxpayers are not doing enough to participate effectively in the discussion with the IRS.”……

Whitelions: The Deloitte report provides companies with significant tax considerations for doing business in Iraq and highlights the most important factors affecting their operations, such as regulatory, economic, and market developments.

The guide also addresses the sectors that attract investment and rich opportunities and considerations to enter the market, in addition to the procedures necessary to establish companies in Iraq……..

The partner in charge of international tax services in Deloitte Middle East Alex Lo said that Iraq “despite the complexities in this area, still provides investment opportunities for foreign companies

​But in the light of the approach adopted by the General Authority for Taxation, it is important for taxpayers, both new Or those with sophisticated business activities in Iraq, to take proactive steps from the outset to ensure their compliance with the obligations of tax filing in Iraq. ”

The Crisco Kid: @chattels No Offence Intended, But I Don’t Know What Ramadan Is And Don’t Crae ….

chattels: @The Crisco Kid None taken. We all have our threshold of indifference.

The Crisco Kid: @chattels Tanks…

MichelleL: @chattels how are you doing? and thank you for the articles!

chattels: It calls for the establishment of an economic fund under UN supervision for the reconstruction of the liberated areas 05/07/2017 9:48 Baghdad / Iraqi National News Agency / nina / called a specialist in economic affairs Dergham Mohammed Ali, the government to establish a sovereign fund under UN supervision for the reconstruction of the liberated areas and not to entrust money to local sources management.



chattels: ” ……………. not to entrust money to local sources management.” …………. a good idea, eh ?

Whitelions: Joint operations show the date of victory on the preacher and whoever announces it

The Joint Operations Command explained the timing of the declaration of victory over the terrorist gangs. “The joint operations deny any date for this announcement and confirm that our heroine units are continuing to advance until the liberation of the remaining part of the old Mosul,” a statement from the media information center said.

“The complete liberation of Mosul will be announced by the commander-in-chief of the armed forces [Prime Minister Haider Abadi],” the statement said.

The commander of the Nineveh operations, Maj. Gen. Najem Abdullah al-Jubouri, said yesterday that Thursday will be the maximum date for the declaration of full liberation of the city of Mosul. SOURCE

MichelleL: @chattels don’t you feel that way about the IRS and the federal government? lol

chattels: @MichelleL 🙂

chattels: @MichelleL Still waiting to see what comes of the referral for perjury on John Koskinen.

MichelleL: @chattels my community gets concrete garbage cans on the seawall for around 20k each – I get beautiful stainless at Sam’s Club for 49.95 – do I trust local or federal governments with money?

chattels: @MichelleL Harder to steal concrete I suppose.
MichelleL: chattels, how old is that? they still haven’t finished the case? lol

MichelleL: its also harder to empty chattels lol

chattels: @MichelleL The current Justice Department is apparently business as usual in some matters.
MichelleL: @chattels I’m afraid so

Whitelions: Memorandum of Understanding to link Iraq and Armenia via optical cable×330.jpg Minister of Communications Hassan Kazem Al-Rashed and Armenian Ambassador in Baghdad Karin Krikorian agreed to sign a memorandum of understanding linking the two countries via Iran via optical cable and keeping pace with developments in the region and the world.

Al-Rashed’s office said in a statement on Wednesday that the two sides discussed ways of joint cooperation and exchange of experiences in the field of communications and information technology. The two sides agreed to sign a memorandum of understanding and link Iraq to Armenia via Iran via optical cable.

In the region and the world. ” During the meeting, Al-Rashed praised the role of Armenia in supporting Iraq in all fields and supporting it in its fight against terrorism. He added that linking Iraq, Iran and Armenia will serve Iraq and the region and constitute an important strategic line for the telecommunications sector.

For his part, the Armenian ambassador praised the role of Iraq in the fight against terrorism on behalf of the world and the price of the great victories achieved by the security forces, the popular crowd and the Iraqi people on the terrorist gangs, welcomed the joint cooperation between Iraq and Armenia.

He expressed his country’s readiness to open horizons of communication at various levels, especially in the field of communications because of its great importance, stressing the support of Armenia to the Iraqi government and people. SOURCE

chattels: Market rate reported from the various stock exchanges in Iraq shows the dinar at 1255 – 1259

chattels: ” Dollar jumps 126 thousand dinars in Erbil Stock Exchange and 125 thousand dinars in other bourses. ” Value of the dinar is going the wrong way according to the stock market reports.

LJ: Good morning all, I appreciate the articles, but over the years they mounted to nothing to what we been waiting on

chattels: Hobby Lobby fined $3 million over smuggled Iraqi artifacts OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Hobby Lobby Stores has agreed to pay a $3 million federal fine and forfeit thousands of ancient Iraqi artifacts smuggled from the Middle East that the government alleges were intentionally mislabeled, federal prosecutors said.
spanki: yeah – whole bunch of rhetoric —

chattels: Can anyone find the ” ER ” in this photo ? Iraqi Forces Re-take Mosul’s Main Hospital Iraqi forces were seen amongst the battered remains of Mosul’s main hospital on Tuesday, after re-taking the complex from Islamic State group militants the day before.

chattels: I do agree that there is a disconnect between the rhetoric and reality and that we will not find reliable news in advance of the liquidity event that we all hope for.

LJ: @chattels agreed
LJ: Anyone called the bank and ask about the BANK MEMOS. …LOL

Zig: @Whitelions : Great to have you back contributing!!….Whitelions is Kimberly from “The IQD Team”….she posts lots of articles there every day….Google it…easy to find… :yes:

MichelleL: Just on with my broker, he says my IQD fund is loaded with dinars and no dollars….hmmmm
chattels: Parliament report today ( expanded )

chattels: [Oan- Baghdad] House of Representatives voted in its regular Thursday , which was held under the chairmanship of Salim al – Jubouri , President of the Council and in the presence of 219 deputies, to consider crimes of terrorist gangs Daesh crimes against the Iraqi people genocide and end the first reading of the draft law.

larrykn: @chattels I see they put off the election laws again


chattels: @larrykn An amendment thereto specifically
larrykn: @chattels right, but again put off
chattels: @larrykn Yes, and the provincial elections likely postponed as well.

larrykn: @chattels I agree

chattels: Duty calls, i am off to save my part of the world.
JmanATtheH: @chattels laterz

chattels: Godspeed the completion of the Iraqi banking sector reform project.

Romello: Dr.. On behalf of the Patriarchs after victories over the remnants of the Daesh terrorist God willing must evoke all possible energies began the second phase of victory a construction and reconstruction of the liberated areas of the stage, and this stage , no less important than the editing stage and in this context

Baxter: WOW… the auction was 979 Million today……. never saw one that high…

spanki: wow baxta
spanki: and they are not suppose to use usd?

Romello: Former governor calls for declaring state of emergency in Mosul Last Modified: 07 06 2017 11:36 AM

Whitelions: @spanki They can use USD but Iraq would like the to use Dinar big difference but they are working to get the 25000 notes off the streets .

Baxter: Never seen an auction that high before….. unless its a misprint

ElmerFudd: Morning all, what’s going on?
Spectra: you have any news?

ElmerFudd: No, been looking for updated maps on Mosul, but nothing.

Spectra: i hear that!

larrykn: just found out they have 50 meters left, the size of a football field

ElmerFudd: I heard something similar.
Spectra: good news!

ElmerFudd: Anything more on the $1.2 thing?
Spectra: nope .I was wondering myself!

larrykn: @ElmerFudd I don’t think anyone will know what the rate will be until they release it, any of those numbers are just a test

ElmerFudd: But why use a test that would potentially give away the new rate?

larrykn: @ElmerFudd how do you know that would be the rate

larrykn: @ElmerFudd they test the sites to make sure all is working the way its suppose to

ElmerFudd: I don’t. But even if it’s a wrong rate, that could be considered false advertising.

larrykn: @ElmerFudd I don’t think they were advertising , just testing an I’m not sure they really wanted you to see it

ElmerFudd: They probably didn’t but if not, it was pretty sloppy since some genius would find it giving a little digging.

larrykn: @ElmerFudd never said Iraq was the smartest people in the world lol
ElmerFudd: True.