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txbrand: Algeria Algerian dinar DZD Bahrain Bahraini dinar BHD Iraq Iraqi dinar IQD Jordan Jordanian dinar JOD Kuwait Kuwaiti dinar KWD Libya Libyan dinar LYD Macedonia Macedonian denar MKN (1992–1993) MKD (1993− ) Serbia Serbian dinar RSD Tunisia Tunisian dinar TND

txbrand: I didn’t know that many countries used dinar

Spectra: yes the middle east uses each others!

Spectra: ive been there and seen that in real life!

BlackGold: i didn’t know there were that many countries

txbrand: isis in an area of 5000 ft. Fox News just now
Noname: @txbrand yes 300 fighters left

BlackGold: at 5000 ft and 300 left all they would see of me is a cloud of smoke

txbrand: February 06, 2010

Doug_W: @txbrand THAT DIDN’T GO SO WELL eH?

txbrand: @Doug_W trying to figure out how they would do that …lol

txbrand: just make the 25,000 worth 25.00 ????? could they do that ???

Doug_W: yes

txbrand: I read that before…nothing New…
txbrand: this has been loading for 30 mins

DIGIman1: one thing y’all seem to be forgetting is, that this is a ‘artifically supressed’ currency at the moment… the UN……

larrykn: @Doug_W hows it going doug

Noname: Yes and it will come out high. Reasons 1. Iraq’s pride 2.iraqs resources 3. Surrounding country’s value 4. Because the CBI governor said the dinar would return to it’s former glory. 5 . I believe

DIGIman1: @Noname DITTO…….exactly that….

larrykn: deleting the zeros will raise the value of the dinar, a dinar is still a dinar but you’ll be able to buy more with it

txbrand: yeah the former glory could happen many ways I guess

JmanATtheH: @larrykn and since a dinar is always a dinar, and they have stated for years that 25k will equal 25, what can we surmise from that?

Noname: Iraq is a prideful people. When there currency was turned off do you realise how much money the average citizen lost? They will turn it back on and the citizens will get there wealth back.

txbrand: @Noname hope your right….time will tell

larrykn: did you see that Iraq oil resevers are up to 152 million barrels now, that’s a lot of oil

Noname: So do I rd. But I believe that

txbrand: @larrykn oh they do have the wealth…. but will they share lol

Noname: @txbrand they have no choice after it’s international

txbrand: ;angry show my the money aready

larrykn: @txbrand they want it so bad you can read it everyday, they want to open up commerce with the world , that will make them wealthier then ever

txbrand: @larrykn yeah BUT will they tell everyone that their 25,000 is worth 25.00
txbrand: @larrykn that is my biggest fear

Noname: @txbrand no
Noname: @txbrand a dinar is a dinar
txbrand: @Noname ok

larrykn: @txbrand they told us years ago an are still telling us they will not LOP period

txbrand: @larrykn oh really…I didn’t see it…or don’t remember

DIGIman1: no such thing as a lop…cant happen….
DIGIman1: serves no purpose whatsoever…

Doug_W: agreed Digi
Noname: I have read no LOP

DIGIman1: its pointless

DIGIman1: what would you accomplish??
DIGIman1: nada….

DIGIman1: apart from new bills…..again….

txbrand: ———> Salih pointed out that banks are having a hard time accepting cash savings and deposits, but by dropping the zeros it will make it easier for both the banks to deal with their customers and for the general public to carry money. He said some 80 percent of Iraq’s money supply is cash in circulation.

larrykn: @JmanATtheH I’ve done a lot or research on the dinar an I do believe not only are they going to do this but I believe it will happen soon

Noname: @JmanATtheH if a LOP was planned there would be no reason to lower the note count.

DIGIman1: if you did any research you would know. relying on others for info is a great way to drive yourself (and all of us) nuts…….

JmanATtheH: well some of us cant understand what we are researching

txbrand: @Noname good point…I
txbrand: @JmanATtheH amen

tman23: It’s all about the 3 zeros ….. it’s all about the 3 zeros…and nothing but the 3 zeros !!! AND the speculation is how will the 3 zero notes we hold be treated at the exchange window.

LOP …….as you research you will find 99.9% info on “LOP” in dinar forums and they are hardly monetary reform banking experts. That being said; Just saying they are not going to remove 3 zeros from the large notes doesn’t make it so…….

The only thing the have said is they are going to lift 3 zeros from the currency AND the existing currency will be along side of the new currency in the marketplace for an estimated 2 years (which they expect the timeline for it to be out of circulation) BUT it will be exchangeable for a period of 10 years…(which indicates you may have to go directly to the CBI) ….. This is the jest of what has been in print…..over and over again

tman23: LAW OF ONE PRICE (LOP): starting point for understanding ex-rates in the LR. Also called the “price equalization principle”: for homogeneous, identical goods, the price of the commodity should be the same (equalize) throughout the world, especially when barriers to trade, transactions costs and transportation costs are low.

Says that foreign prices (Pf ), domestic prices (Pd) and ex-rates (e) are linked through the Law of One Price which says: Pd ($) = e * Pf (£) , where e = $ / £. LOP says that similar products should sell for the same price in both countries, after converting the foreign price into dollars.

txbrand: well the only thing I got out of that long download was a picture of dinar on one side of a see saw and the dollar on the other…and it was level.

JmanATtheH: @txbrand where did you get that from

txbrand: @JmanATtheH CBI

JmanATtheH: @tman23 how do YOU think this wil play out?
JmanATtheH: @txbrand well that’s good for us….hopefully

txbrand: i will load on Facebook and see if ya’ll can see it


txbrand: see if you can see it

Noname: Iraq will not screw there citizens . If so the people that be would be screwing themselves. Will not happen

JmanATtheH: @txbrand yea it loads. Were you able to translate?

DIGIman1: i do…but its arabic…..
DIGIman1: my arabic sucks…..jus sayin….

txbrand: @JmanATtheH no i cant copy and paste it…it will not let me

JmanATtheH: @txbrand but were you able to read a translation
JmanATtheH: @txbrand and what did it say abut it if so

txbrand: @JmanATtheH no idea i cant read it
JmanATtheH: k’
txbrand: just thought the picture was good

txbrand: this is the link from CBI

txbrand: takes a long time to download

tman23: Iran is considering lopping three to four zeros off its currency, a top official said Monday, in an apparent effort to fight out-of-control inflation that many critics blame on the country’s hardline president.

The governor of the Central Bank of Iran, Tahmasb Mazaheri, told state-run radio that monetary experts are studying three options:

Cutting three zeros off the rial, cutting four zeros, or boosting each rial’s value to one-hundredth of a gram of gold, or about 2,500 rials at current rates. “We are studying all these three options,” Mazaheri said on state-run radio……. ARTICLE FROM USA TODAY 9/2008

txbrand: maybe someone can get a translation

JmanATtheH: @tman23 guess that makes the rial that I hold worthless lol
JmanATtheH: @tman23 but from 2008?

txbrand: @JmanATtheH me too…i don’t have much

DIGIman1: @tman23 thanks for that​

JmanATtheH: i only got 250k for 12 bucks

DIGIman1: @tman23 just shows their speed…..

DIGIman1: its only been 9 years and they arent there….

tman23: @JmanATtheH ….. Just showing the term LOP…. lopping…cutting….lifting…..removing…..

BUT hardly a monetary banking reform term used inside the industry to describe lifting 3 zeros from the currency…..

JmanATtheH: gotcha.

tman23: @JmanATtheH 2008….Iran…..In recent weeks, Iran has issued higher-denomination notes to try to ease transactions, which can be complicated and time-consuming with smaller-denominated bills.

The central bank issued 500,000 rial and one million rial notes that carry the figures 50 and 100 on their backs, prompting speculation that the rial might lose four zeros.

DIGIman1: @JmanATtheH …theres gonna be a test later…….
DIGIman1: @JmanATtheH 😀

JmanATtheH: @DIGIman1 lol
JmanATtheH: @DIGIman1 pass/fail? or percentage?
JmanATtheH: @DIGIman1 true false

DIGIman1: 51% = pass ofcourse…..

JmanATtheH: i will be 49%

txbrand: who could read that for us ?

tman23: @JmanATtheH …….lopping…..cutting…lifting….removing……And add one more….The troubled African nation of Zimbabwe drew attention to its chaotic economy this summer when it slashed 10 zeros from its currency.

Private financial institutions say Zimbabwe’s inflation rate was an astonishing 12.5 million percent in May and estimate it has climbed higher since……..SLASHING !! LOL !

txbrand: anyone read Arabic ?

JmanATtheH: @tman23 so one post says it means one thing, another says another thing ey

DIGIman1: then zim gave up and just cancelled the stupid thing…..

Baxter: Twelve Million Per Cent… how is that possible..

DIGIman1: money management, at its finest….

Baxter: Lets go buy some Zim…

DIGIman1: zim died couiple years ago now…..its just pretty paper now….

tman23: ERBIL— The peoples of Kurdistan refuse to be subordinate and depended on an Iraq whose successive governments violated the power-sharing principle, said Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani.

On Thursday Barzani also told a group of political sciences students and researchers from the Delegations for Dialogue that people of Kurdistan do not wish to stay any longer in the endless circle of violence, war and the failed experience of ruling Iraq in the past century. ………


ElmerFudd: Exclusive: ISIS’ remaining areas in Mosul explained on Map

ElmerFudd: Not much left, just two itty bitty sections.

txbrand: Watch LIVE as President Donald J. Trump delivers remarks to the people of Poland.

ElmerFudd: Old seems to love him.

clay: @ElmerFudd was only 5000 sq feet earlier

ElmerFudd: Poland
ElmerFudd: Another article says ISIS’s defines lines have crumbled…

ElmerFudd: If that’s the case, then I would expect the front to move fast.
clay: @ElmerFudd no isis in mosul 5000 sq feet

Noname: @ElmerFudd America is going to start selling Poland oil and natural gas so they do not have to depend on Russia.

tman23: ERBIL— As the potato product in the Kurdistan Region has surpassed the internal demand level, 500 tons of the product will be exported to Russia this year, said Kurdistan Region’s minister of agriculture.

Speaking at a press conference in the inauguration ceremony for launching a mega factory for producing fried potato chips, Abdulsattar Majid said currently Kurdistan farmers are capable of producing 243,000 tons of potato annually. He said eight years ago, the internal product level stood at only 1,000 tons a year.

The minister added earlier Kurdistan Region has sent a portion of potato surplus to Saudi Arabia and some neighboring countries. The minister also said installing plants like the Beirut-Erbil Factory for producing potato chips will help make potato the source of a new industry in Kurdistan.

SmokeyMtnDinar: Kurdistan The Idaho of Iraq

Baxter: WOW…. scroll up the screen… its 155 degrees in Iraq….

[pm]Zig: 107

tman23: @ElmerFudd ….. iT IS WELCOMED……. If he has an interest in answering what he expects to gain on a 25k note……..

If he is speaking of a float…..then a 1 cent increase makes the note work $250 usd more… And if the lower denoms are out….they have to have a value of at least 83 cents to 1 usd to start with…..

So you can’t have a 25k note starting from 1184 and floating……and a lower denom starting at ?????? WHAT 1184….it’s worthless…… And the IMF is not allowing 2 rates…2 currency values etc etc

ElmerFudd: The IMF isn’t allowing a two currency system either.

Noname: Kap.must have missed something in his internet economic class

pizzaman: boys I have a 2 currency system at home. One for me and one for my wife :laugh

Noname: @pizzaman lol I use to have that also.

DIGIman1: @pizzaman dont tell the IMF….you wont get billions in loans….

ElmerFudd: You have that problem as well?

BlackGold: don’t mean to cause trouble but the Chinese have a two rates for a long time. one in country and one out of country. thays why there are two names. Yuan and Renminbi.

BlackGold: one is the people’s money and one is used for business

BlackGold: don’t quite understand it myself

tman23: Doubt Kap is coming to answer the question…….. But I give him the benefit of doubt as the leading experts in economics and banking are traveling today in preparation for the G20 kick off tomorrow….

So he may be in transit or busy organizing cliff notes for educating the assembly on how the float works in Iraq monetary reform…..

BlackGold: lol

Zig: Back for a second…Kaperoni replied to my PM….hope he doesn’t mind my posting it here…lol…okay….will post below…he did not say if he would be coming in his PM….

[pm]Zig: ” Tman23 could save himself lots of time posting this crap if he just read a little bit..starting with my last post which was directed at him… If he read what I posted he would learn its a float, meaning the dinar gradually appreciates in value…

Based on CBI own statements, once they start, they expect this process to take up to 2 years to delete the zeros…meaning the dinar would not be equal to the dollar until that time, then allowing up to 10 years for full exchange of 3 zeros notes…

When this event starts, it is of my belief that we will open accounts with ECN’s (Google ECN’s) or market makers (which could end up being a currency dealer) not banks… Almost as if brokerage accounts…

When we cash out or sell our dinar is up to each indiviual which could be at 1 cent, 10 or even 30 cents or for some who choose to wait the entire process it could reach 1 to $1…

There will never be an overnight event and cash out at banks… That is nonsense… As I already posted, the IMF has several documents out on the transition”


tman23: I’m poking …..cause I know he’s here reading……LOL

BlackGold: Hey i give Peperoni the benefit of the doubt
6 Jul 17, 04:32 PM
BlackGold: @tman23 lol

txbrand: ask him to translate this

gtrees: OK guys, in support of Kaps, please read:

BlackGold: Oh that says
BlackGold: @txbrand ( The Maharaji he say Hello

Zig: ECN (From kaperoni’s post above) is: “An electronic communication network is a type of computerized forum or network that facilitates the trading of financial products outside traditional stock exchanges.”

Spectra: gtrees: HELLO!
tman23: WOW…… That explains it !! LOL
BlackGold: lol

gtrees: @Noname Your choice to keep your head in the sand, respectfully of course.
Zig: @tman23 : Hey it’s his opinion…has stuck to it….

Spectra: gtrees: im not a fan of My Ladies ! sorry!
gtrees: You don’t have to be a fan You just have to understand.

Spectra: have to understand what?
tman23: @Zig ….. He’s wrong…. LOL

gtrees: I could have written a similar post, but it had already been said. So why should I bother.

Noname: @gtrees thank you it is my choice. I do not like.or trust MLs

​BlackGold: Pepperoni just confirmed what i’ve been saying, we won’t get this until Christopher LaGarde and the IMF , UN and Federal Reserve say so

gtrees: So guys who do you trust?

Spectra: i Trust myself

gtrees: lol

BlackGold: They should have started the float 3 years ago

Spectra: my own research my own decernment

Noname: @Spectra best way

gtrees: Well, time will tell and there will be many disappointed Dinar holders.

BlackGold: look we are being robbed plain and simple

Noname: @gtrees your opinion

gtrees: @Noname It certainly is. And when the Dinar is traded internationally, market forces will dictate the rate. No overnight RV.

Spectra: gtrees, people will believe in their own way no matter what you say it is our purgative in life!

tman23: @gtrees …. Lots of big boys here with their big boy pants on …….. We knew coming into this that the idea of a 25k note that was worth $21.50 having a worth of 25,000 usd overnight was a ludicrous thought and speculation…….

That being said…..We big boys also follow world events and economics and seen that their is a potential for a large manipulation and this IQD or Iraq may be the venue that is planned on being used…… That being said: we dont know if we will be included and used as mules for deposits in banks…..


BlackGold: I don’t believe they will trade internationally without a good rate, they won’t be able to compete with their nieghbors

clay: BG I agree a good rate like before

Doug_W: @gtrees who has it right?

BlackGold: @clay thats what i see anyway

gtrees: @BlackGold Respectfully, what you believe and what happens are 2 different things.

clay: always seen it that way

Doug_W: @gtrees who has it right

BlackGold: @gtrees well we’ll see because i haven

Spectra: gtrees: you dont have all the answers either none of us do!

gtrees: Doug_W My Ladies is correct in that it will NOT RV overnight.

gtrees: In fact the rate will go up for a short period until market forces take over.

Noname: @gtrees I respect.your opinion but I disagree.

gtrees: I can see it getting to around $3 eventually but it will take a long time for that to happen.

clay: no way will come out what it was in the 80s close to kuwait

gtrees: @Noname As I said time will tell that we are right.

clay: much more resource wealth now

BlackGold: @gtrees we shall see because i haven’t seen a float eithe and its been 14 years

Spectra: gtrees: no one thought Trump would win but he did! so all you have is your theory until then thats all it is

clay: share oil fields and ports with kuwait as well

BlackGold: @Spectra thats true

Noname: Clay agree

gtrees: @Spectra What do you have to think it will RV overnight @ $??

gtrees: @Spectra Hopium

Spectra: BlackGold: sometimes you must expect the unexspected!

BlackGold: @Spectra true

tman23: @gtrees …. And so you are following the forums and dinar …….for what reason ? Seriously….what are you expecting…. future profit……no profit ?

Spectra: right so BlackGold: im not Hopi ive been in it 14 years guess what i knew about marshall plan 14 years ago too , i know than i share too! im letting out!

BlackGold: i hear ya

Noname: @gtrees what you just said makes no sense. If Iraq comes out at .10 or lower or a little higher. Everyone will hold and get every dinar they can expecting it to go ton3 plus.

Spectra: i will not tell you what i know because it makes no difference there will be many differences of opions thats people for you

clay: @Noname Iraqis will not use dinar at only 1 to 1 with USD

gtrees: @tman23 I hold Dong and just a few Dinars. But I need to educate myself in what is really going on. I’m a Brit.

clay: @gtrees :laugh

Spectra: Dong =no wont go!

txbrand: they are coming out with one after the other…but this one is really funny –>

clay: @Spectra I say eventually .05

Spectra: not for a while Dong someday!

Spectra: clay Dong at 5 sounds legit

gtrees: At least I am making some of you laugh. :Tup
BlackGold: lol
Spectra: lol oh yeh!
ElmerFudd: Dong at $.05

ElmerFudd: ?

clay: @Spectra thinkin so they are one of the fastest growing economies now
clay: @ElmerFudd yes

ElmerFudd: Yes, I would agree.
ElmerFudd: Sounds about right.

Spectra: I know clay but, there is china who doesnt want it

clay: @Spectra dont think they have a choice
Spectra: China would not like vietnam going too big!

gtrees: I bough Dong at 36,000 for £1 in 2014, currently its 29,600. Yep i’m smiling again.

clay: @Spectra agree but Chinas gonna have to change as well

ElmerFudd: $.05 is hardly big.

Spectra: well that would be good .I am not seeing it soon!
Spectra: Veitnam is shining your right

gtrees: Yep, follow the money.
clay: @gtrees lol Koonce

Doug_W: £1 = 1.30
clay: @Doug_W I would trade some in with that

ElmerFudd: So, when is the Dong going to go?

BlackGold: .5 ain’t small. people think too small. you have to pay attention

clay: @ElmerFudd thinkin 1-2 years

BlackGold: 100,000 at $0.50 = $50,000 100,000 at $0.25 = $25,000 100,000 at $0.12 = $12,000 100,000 at $0.10 = $10,000 100,000 at $0.05 = $5000

tman23: @gtrees ….. They said Britain would not leave the EU…….NO WAY !! All news and polls said there would be no Brexit….. There were 2 countries involved heavily in Iraq…..USA and England….

Poland also came in to support what they could….. Trump went to Poland……England out of the EU….. and there is a pattern here……. And Germany jumped into to help the Kurds and along came everyone else to share in the spoils of war…….

You bet something is going on…… And Trump is making sure USA gets the lions share along with England….

gtrees: Its going now. Read what i wrote earlier. No overnight RV for any currencies.

Noname: @gtrees what im.sayimg Iraq has to come out high enough to get people to exchange and not hold on to them or buy more. IMO

gtrees: Market forces

BlackGold: you only payed $50.00

clay: @tman23 agree

BlackGold: per million

BlackGold: .5 is a blessing
gtrees: @BlackGold correct

ElmerFudd: @Noname I agree. The IMF was very specific on no more dual currency stuff. You have to revalue at around par for the people to be willing to get rid of the dollars.

Spectra: .5 would cause serious inflation in IRAQ!
gtrees: Currently the Dong is £33.9 per Mill

Spectra: They are a exsporty vountry iraq!

tman23: @clay … this is much bigger and deeper then what most think….. and you are not going to read about it in an IMF circular or reciting some macro economics 1945 history professor

clay: @Spectra no for the dong not dinar

BlackGold: China is gong to invest in vietnam along with a bunch of other countries. you may be surprised

clay: @tman23 agree

Spectra: ok yes dong .5 reasonable !
BlackGold: .5 could happen easily

gtrees: Start thinking along these lines. IF the RV happens ( :laugh ) and it goes overnight to $3 who is going to pay for it???

clay: @gtrees its all wire
clay: @gtrees no ones gonna take out all that cash

gtrees: Whats ALL wire?

clay: @gtrees money transactions

Spectra: gtrees:you sound like David Smidt!

ElmerFudd: @gtrees A lot of countries will hold them in their vaults as an asset.

gtrees: Who is going to pay??

Spectra: gtrees: yes Dave Schmidt! yes yes he says the chinese elders will pay for it-lol
gtrees: @Spectra Ah! OK.
Spectra: lol