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txbrand: 50meters to final

Spectra: NICE very close!

clay: @txbrand whats a meter a yard?

txbrand: 3 1/2 i think
txbrand: 3.28 feet is a meter

clay: @txbrand thanks so its over

tman23: @txbrand …. tomorrow morning it will be 47 meters….. followed by only 250 isis members left……. and by evening it will be 100 meters with 300 isis fighters trapped……. That is all fluff……..

They are going to Washington Sunday…..for meetings next week for post isis construction along with other areas….. ISIS is done in Iraq….. Sunni is the issue if they don’t start to provide immediately…..

TheOptimist: Thats old news now. It’s after 1 am in Iraq. 50 meters is nothing….164 feet or 50 yards…a little over half a football field.

txbrand: @clay :yes:
clay: @txbrand :Tup

ElmerFudd: @tman23 Do we know if the UN is going to discuss removing them from Article 7?

txbrand: @tman23 prob….but they are showing the distance…watch

TheOptimist: The fact that it would be reported that have have a few feet to go should tell you that it’s not going to get done very quick. Who the******* makes claim of a few feet in a war? It’s absurd.

txbrand: 50 meters from the Tigris river

clay: @TheOptimist :laugh yep

BlackGold: I’m not looking for article 7 or 8, just make them international

TheOptimist: Abadi DID NOT formally announce full liberation today. So 50 yards was too much or they lied.

tman23: @ElmerFudd … IMO…..article VII isn’t an issue……

Elilali: TheOptimist they’ve been calling the liberation since February. He’ll announce it when he announces it. There won’t be a warning for it

Elilali: We just wait for the CBI to change. whether that be this year, next year, or never

TheOptimist: @Elilali I know very well. I am not the one saying it’s done or to expect it. I was responding to other posts.

Elilali: I know what you mean. I wasn’t countering anything you said. Just putting my 2 cents in

TheOptimist: Nowhere is it mentioned economic gains by currency reform. American is handing over, not lending, 150 million by end of the day Friday.

If Iraq would revalue they would not need anymore hand-outs or loans. I’ve been on this roller coaster for years and have always stayed with it no matter how frustrating and have seen people sell their dinar and give up.

I don’t plan on getting rid of my investment but I am stating to see that this looking like it is not going to happen folks. I can no longer defend the investment or debate its reality. I am starting to feel we’ve been duped. There is just no indications whatsoever that the dinar will rv, at this point.

TheOptimist: Like you said…wait on CBI
clay: @TheOptimist your too optimistic :laugh

Spectra: that is all we can do in the meantime everything is assumptions!

foxmulder: @TheOptimist so at NO point will the IQD be on par with their neighboring countries ? or a currency with real value !

ElmerFudd: From the richest country in the world?

BlackGold: @TheOptimist Cbi can’t do anything without the ok from IMF,UN and WB and our Federal Reserve

txbrand: @MichelleL did you see this

txbrand: @MichelleL I got it off CBI

BlackGold: Look we are raping Iraq and the only ones not benefiting are the Irqi citizens and dumb americans holding their currency. Its been 14 years come on

foxmulder: @BlackGold I hear ya

MichelleL: @txbrand how can you read that?

gtrees: Time for my bed guys. Good chatting with you all. Take care. As I said earlier i’m a Brit.

txbrand: @MichelleL i cant…im asking for a translation
txbrand: @MichelleL but the picture

MichelleL: @txbrand when they balance it all out, let me know
MichelleL: Tx, its all greek to me ROFLMAO!

txbrand: @MichelleL looks like its even to me

MichelleL: @txbrand there are more dinars on one side than $ signs on the other lol
txbrand: @MichelleL ,,,no look at the circle holding it
txbrand: @MichelleL its even

BlackGold: Iraq along with Kurdistand put out $400 miilion barrels of oil a day for 365 day a year for 4 years since I’ve been in this. $40 a barrel = do the math

BlackGold: we are being robbed
MichelleL: BG who robbed ya?
BlackGold: you mean us

BlackGold: IMF, UN, WB and our infamous Federal Reserve

MichelleL: @BlackGold so where is the surprise? lol

BlackGold: the surprise is they ain’t gonna give you an rv
BlackGold: us

MichelleL: @BlackGold I stopped holding my breath a decade ago lol
BlackGold: lol

BlackGold: The US is broke and countries are dumping our treasury bonds, its just a matter of time

BlackGold: @MichelleL lol I hear ya would be a shame if something happened and we rv’d tomorrow
MichelleL: lol yup BG

BlackGold: I’m in it for the long haul
MichelleL: the next gen will use for tp after they laugh their tushes off
BlackGold: lol

vic1tgk: Blackgold are you sure about that. The US is Broke?

BlackGold: It will revalue its just that it should have recalued already
BlackGold: believe me we are broke, just printing money. Saudi Arabia is pumping water
BlackGold: Our dollar depends on them

Zig: @vic1tgk : Hi…Vic from “Gatekeepers?”

Zig: @vic1tgk : Is this Vic from Gatekeepers??

vic1tgk: Ok, I see so why do all these Heavy Hitting Countries all buy our Bonds and T-Bills…
vic1tgk: Yes it is Vic from Gatekeepers

BlackGold: Chinese are just waiting for us to stop the fake gold price but because they hold our Treasuries, billions they happy buying cheap gold and building their cities. Soon they will dump them all and in Shanghi they will raise the Gold Price to 3-6000 an once.

MichelleL: 36000 an ounce? kool! I better buy some gold 😉

BlackGold: 3 to 6000
Doug_W: if gold goes that high what do U think is also gonna happen to Silver

Zig: Find Vic’s latest calls at

MichelleL: lol BG figured

BlackGold: silver 400 an once

MichelleL: Doug, I’m betting on silver as a more usable form of metal

Doug_W: me as well
Doug_W: U can spend small denoms like a dime or a quarter
Doug_W: PRE 1965 that is

vic1tgk: Well i saw you had Kaperoni here not long ago and Tman23 whom I believe is a student and Scholar of the Gatekeepers Call has very valid points. I do not rationalize with Kaperonis Ideas at all!

You all need to read why Countries DEvalue or Revalue there currency… then you all see why Iraq has passed Saudia in Supplying India in Oil. 50 $ a barrel will not be around for long. BG that is Petro Dollars… As in Black Gold Texas Tea…. Dollars.

Iqdnewbie: Had anyone heard anything about Egyptian Pound

​Iqdnewbie: This is all in my opinion, the provided information provided is my interpretation from current events, articles, and global websites: July 6: IRAQ will Announce Liberation & the International Rate in country.

The Federal Reserve will initiate the Iraq International Rate along with Egypt as listed on the Federal Reserve Calendar. July 9: CBI will show the Iraq International Rate. July 10: FOREX will list the IQD International Rate.

MichelleL: even a silver dollar, at 400 value, beats trying to cash in an ounce of gold at 3k or so – just more “do-able”

BlackGold: most people don’t no you can’t build TVs Smart phones and electronics without silver and China ran out a while back and stopped making Ipads

Zig: @Romello :

Doug_W: silver dollar does not have an Oz of silver
MichelleL: one troy ounce at .9999
MichelleL: new ones, Doug

Doug_W: @MichelleL Total Silver Weight Troy Ounces: 0.77345
Doug_W: @MichelleL yes they do

BlackGold: old ones ae close


vic1tgk: Thank you all for asking me to visit.

Noname: @vic1tgk kap.says the dinar will float from 1184. What is your opinion?

Iqdnewbie: Has anyone heard anything about Egyptian Pound

BlackGold: dinar is at 1184 now and still floating lol

Iqdnewbie: Egyptian Pound. Any thoughts

MichelleL: @Iqdnewbie lol no one is responding
MichelleL: I really know nothing about Egyptian pounds, or for that matter, Israeli Lira etc

vic1tgk: Alak Keywords… All these no bodies can add up to Mr. Shabibi’s pinky toe… with that said, Mr.Shabibi said, This will be a Managed Float 1.5 % + or -… He is Still the De Facto or The Man @ the CBI… So I’ll go with Mr.Shabibi
MichelleL: any word from Shabs in recent months? Just curious
Noname: @vic1tgk when will your next call be?

Romello: @MichelleL Hard to tell but hold on.
ic1tgk: Isreal’s currency is NOT Lira… it is Shekel

BlackGold: Shabibi is floating around somewhere its been 14 years

Spectra: Turkey is lira!

MichelleL: anyone think Greece will ever go back to the drachma?

Romello: @MichelleL Dr.. On behalf of the Patriarchs after victories over the remnants of the Daesh terrorist God willing must evoke all possible energies began the second phase of victory a construction and reconstruction of the liberated areas of the stage, and this stage , no less important than the editing stage and in this context Economic keys to victory more than it reported a possible , but it needs to mobilize the intellectual and economic should work on it early

vic1tgk: Will see after Brexit.

Romello: @MichelleL Economic keys to victory 06/07/2017 0:16

MichelleL: Thank you Rom – thats today

Romello: @MichelleL Yes

vic1tgk: The Greek government has some very interesting ideas as far as relieving their debt situation

vic1tgk: Orbiting Float I heard once on a call… and could’nt stop cracking up! The things and ideas some of these nuts come up with too act like they really now whats going on in Iraq.

Also as spoken here, Iran is NOT Revaluing their currency and No Central Banks are Not interested in Lending Iran money even at 24% interest. we all know whom Maddoff is you think the Bankers do not see Madoff in 24% rates…HA HA HA… So leave that Iranian Rial Bull out of this nice forum please!

Spectra: we dont usually talk about it!

Noname: @vic1tgk no way. I listened to you many times about it.

Spectra: @vic1tgk What is up with the new CBI AND the 1.2?

Noname: @Spectra great question

Spectra: @vic1tgk showing up whats your opinion?
Spectra: @vic1tgk you should known the questions might get tricky?-lol

Spectra: @vic1tgk just kidding you please tell us ! your opinion!

vic1tgk: Thank you all gotta go see all soon. I’ll try and put a call together here soon with my friend Hardball in regards to financial questions and possible direction one might take.

He is a CFP and No we are not Selling anything. Just advice from him and opinions from me. thank you all again and please be safe and enjoy your visit here.

BlackGold: In April 2015, the Central Bank of Iran reduced the maximum interest rate to 20 percent. In June 2016, bankers agreed to offer a maximum 15 percent interest on one-year deposits, down from the previous 18%. The rate for short-term deposits is set at 10 to 14 percent.

Spectra: @vic1tgk hey i want the truth is something wrong with that!\

Noname: @vic1tgk take care
Noname: Spectra he wouldn’t answer. He is stumped by it also.

BlackGold: what do we have here 1% lol we are dummies they are robbing us
BlackGold: then they tax you on the 1% lol

Spectra: i thought it was a easy question?

Cree: @vic1tgk When Obama, sent Iran that Ransom money, he had to steal away in the night and send them dollars as the world banking system does not work with Iranian banks or their currency. Until the day the the Iranian banks are allowed back into the world banking system their currency will be worthless.

With Trump as president, figure Iran’s currency is worthless for the next 4 to 8 years. If our currency VP follows and gets elected as president it could be 12-16 years before it is worth anything.

Romello: @Spectra He prob. just didn’t have time. Maybe on the call thoo.

BlackGold: Cree most people forget about the shaw of Iran and the billons we stole from that country. why do you think they hate us. We just gave them their money back without inerest mind you

Romello: @BlackGold Yep.

BlackGold: interest

Spectra: @BlackGold i dont forget , but i do forgive …i know all about it!

vic1tgk: You want to put your money in Iranian Banks Blackgold? I have a bank account in Iran since 1972 in Bank Markazi Ye Iran. Bank Melli, and Bank Keshavrz, I could assign or Nominate them to you…

However you would have to go to Iran to pick up your Interest in Person. I can give you a power of attorney with the seal of approval through the Pakistani Embassy and all proof of ownership.

I have over 150billion Rial in one account care to give me dollars and I’ll give you my account that brings 24% every 2 weeks.. However I would not do that to you…

Noname: Your talking Vics subject now.
Romello: @BlackGold But they should still love us. lol

ElMexican: Now that I’m conected I have a question. If the 3eyon site is fake or a mistake why is it still up there? And it can be easily accessed through the official site

MichelleL: @BlackGold We do remember the Shah of Iran, and the Ayatolla and how between them all, they took an Arab nation that was reasonably westernized back in the late 60’s through 70s and managed to drag it backwards hundreds of years
Noname: He was born in Iran

Spectra: @ElMexican its not fake

vic1tgk: Later all

BlackGold: Other places besides Iran have iranian banks and do busness with them, I’ll go there

Noname: @ElMexican that should.tell you it’s not fake

Cree: @BlackGold Potato or potato, we did not steal it, we froze it. Stealing is keeping, and as someone wondered, how much of that money did Iran use to help fund the North Korea missile program? North Korea does not have the money for it. Do you know seriously in North Korea, Grass is a vegetable

ElMexican: I know but many are saying it’s fake

BlackGold: If they did its still none of our business, they can do business with whomever they want

Spectra: now now lets not get overly ? uhh ! jeez i dont know what to say!

BlackGold: we don’t own the world although we think we do

Spectra: @BlackGold i see your points!

Hutch: Hello Everyone !
Spectra: HI HUTCH!
Hutch: Whats the word today?

Spectra: well not too much.samee old stuff waiting for MOSUL
Hutch: Saw some stuff earlier today on mosul, Looks closer. Maybe a couple days…..

Spectra: yes
Doug_W: we can certainly HOPE

JmanATtheH: @Hutch what are your feelings as to us seeing something happen once Mosul and/or IS is finally taken care of?

Meatball: been a couple of days for weeks
Spectra: lol true!

Hutch: @JmanATtheH Im hanging my hat on what Alak said…. He sadi that we will continue the delete the zeros program after the announcement of mosul
Spectra: @Hutch He did that is true!

Hutch: @JmanATtheH Theres really only one thing left for the dtz program to continue….

chattels: Iraqi Day @iraqi_day 7h7 hours ago More HUGE DAY #Iraqi forces are almost done with #Mosul Old city. Green= completely liberated. Red= clashes

chattels: Thursday, July 6, 2017 Mosul Campaign Day 262 Jul 5 2017 : The Iraqi forces (ISF) were cleaning up the south in the Old City as well as pushing to the Tigris River in west Mosul. Bab al-Tob, one of the southern entrances to the area was declared freed for the second time.

The Federal police took Sargkhana Street, Tawalib, Bab al-Saray again, and Katunya for the third time. Maidan, one neighborhood away from the Tigris, Nujafi, and Shahwan, which is on the Tigris were under siege as well.

Federal Police chief General Raed Shakir Jawadat claimed only four neighborhoods were left under Islamic State control, Nujafi, Bab al-Saray, Bab al-Lakash, and Bab al-Jadid.

Interestingly, all of those except Nujafi have been cleared before, and he did not include other areas which were still contested.

Spectra: Replying to @Currency365 received a tweet 3 minutes ago said it is DONE! MOSUL IS FULLY LIBERATED!! 0 replies 1 retweet 8 likes Reply Retweet 1 Liked 8 Direct message


Spectra: Mosul Eye  @MosulEye 2h2 hours ago More Mosul Eye  Retweeted Mosul Eye  It is confirmed, Mosul Eye is the first to be announcing the full liberation of Mosul, @HaiderAlAbadi will be the second. 🙂


chattels: Florian Neuhof‏ @FlorianNeuhof 7h7 hours ago Florian Neuhof Retweeted اThis map is probably a little optimistic, but still, nearly there. Almost 9 months of fighting for #Mosul will soon come to an end. #ISIS

Spectra: Mosul Eye  @MosulEye ‏ This account was set up to communicate what’s happening in Mosul to the rest of the world, minute by minute by an independent Mosuli historian Followed by ahmedalmadhaty Currency365 Retweeted Mosul Eye ‏ @MosulEye 2h2 hours ago More Mosul Eye  Retweeted Mosul Eye  It is confirmed, Mosul Eye is the first to be announcing the full liberation of Mosul, @HaiderAlAbadi will be the second. 🙂
Meatball: @The Crisco Kid …. we should be rv ing any minute now lol

chattels: Where is ‘Islamic State’ leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi? By Hassan Hassan

sandman: Hello all. New here but been in this about 12 years. Anyone see this yet? I found this on the site under Statistical Documents and then click on Foreign Trade ( 1990-2015 ).

When this document opens do a search for the phrase ” Party Value Of Iraqi Dinar By Dollar (3.2169) ” I think it should be “parity” but they spelled it wrong. ( Maybe ) I sure do hope it means something though.

Meatball: The Mosul issue is a large piece of the puzzle for that country’s well being
LJ: Yep
Meatball: who knows what will happen in the interm

Tebow: need to find my dinars and dust them off. LOL
Romello: @sandman Yes we have been discussing it for about a week or so.

sandman: @Romello Oh, I must have missed it.

Romello: @sandman Some say real some say fake but only time will tell.
Romello: Anyone know Iraq’s next election ?

Hoss: I think April
Hoss: last was end of April 3 2014 I think

Meatball: if not mistaken 2018
Hoss: April 29th? … can’t type 2nite lol


Romello: @Meatball Hmm wow
Hoss: Provincial … not PM etc

Romello: @Meatball RV before then or he’s out. lol

Meatball: has abadi made any mention of even going for re election?
Meatball: @Hoss .. my bad..

Hoss: @Meatball he already has an emergency govt picked out in case he needs it

Romello: I wish Sadr could run.

Romello: RV would of been years ago

Elilali: If Abadi is smart, he’ll just take his gazillions after the RV and just go on permanent vacation. After Iraq explodes with money, who would want to work 80 hours a week for them?
Meatball: @Romello I believe he has his own agenda

Romello: @Meatball Yeah. After rv. lol
Romello: @Meatball Scary guy thoo

Romello: @Meatball A murdering cleric
Meatball: I think Sadr has his own ideas of things

Romello: @Meatball He reminds me of El Chapo. lmaoff

slimshady: Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria was a Colombian drug lord and narco-terrorist. His cartel supplied an estimated 80% of the cocaine smuggled into the United States at the height of his career, turning over US $21.9 billion a year in personal income

Whitelions: Abadi is running but the election is not till next year he has done so much for Iraq and now he is on the brink of bringing all the tribes and almost all the surrounding country’s together with working agreements so after the big meeting on the 15th you will hear alot more on his run but for now it looks like he is bideing his time

Meatball: @Whitelions how do you know he is running?

larrykn: looks like Mosul is fully liberated now, just waiting on adabi announcement

Whitelions: because he said so
Meatball: @Whitelions when was this?

Whitelions: a few weeks ago he said it ina statement when he was at the front getting and giveing an up date I posted the article you can find it in the arcives on our site

slimshady: hopefully they aren’t waiting on Raqqa > US-backed forces say battle to retake Raqqa from Isis ‘will take months’ > > US-backed forces encircling Raqqa expect the fight to oust the remnants of Islamic State from its most symbolic Syrian stronghold to take at least three months, despite rapid advances towards the city centre this week

chattels: 50 METERS TO THE FINAL DESTINATION. First video shows #Iraq Counter Terrorism 50 meters from the Tigris river at the end of #Mosul Old city.

Elilali: 50 meters isn’t much…. there we go

slimshady: @Meatball well in a positive sense it has gotten me a strong sense of resolve… I know I can hang with a decision if I feel it is the right one//// in a negative sense it has shown me who would stand by me no matter what

Acerginnala: Earlier @Tman23 mentioned how manipulated the dinar is and wondered if we will be included in the rewards or simply used as pawns.

Sadly, the same can be said about precious metals. Demand has outstripped production for years but with the paper gold/silver in comex, they continue to manipulate the market as desired.

I cannot say for certainty with the dinar, but I can say that there will be a day of reckoning with precious metals and it certainly make sense that our day will come with the dinar, think of the taxes the government can collect and stimulus for the economy. We’ll see but I do have my hopium on.

BlackGold: Comex has no gold, only paper ,They never deliver gold, understand that

Acerginnala: Of course Comex has no gold, it is the just the vehicle the banksters use to manipulate the price of metals.

BlackGold: No one is but i’m not giving up yet
BlackGold: Some the Chinese in shanghi will dictate
BlackGold: soon

Acerginnala: They are as much part of the central bankster club as the FED is. It’s an illusion to keep the veneer of control in place. I just hope it doesn’t unwind before we can become dinarians.

Meatball: you do know how corrupt the Iraq GOI is?

Elilali: how corrupt are they?
Meatball: they are so corrupt….

BlackGold: @Elilali Iraq has to become international sooner or later and they can’t come back lower than the countries around it or they won’t survive
Elilali: that’s encouraging Blackgold, thank you
BlackGold: Oh by the way they are planning to RV after the G20 summit

BlackGold: just trying my hand at being a Guru
BlackGold: have a good night lol