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BKTLA: @BlackGold Agreed that is the real CBI site – BUT there is a link on that site that goes to the 1.2 – So please tell me how someone could put a link on the CBI website without them knowing? They wouldn’t just leave something up there that is fake. IMO. They have cyber security for that.

JmanATtheH: i did not want her to tell me it was real. I just wanted more of an answer than ‘if its not on cbi’

txbrand: @BKTLA I use to do website…I don’t know how they could….but things have changed

BKTLA: @txbrand It’s like saying someone hacked the US treasury and then them NOT knowing about it.

txbrand: @BKTLA right I agree with you

JmanATtheH: @BKTLA so who is saying cbi was hacked?
BlackGold: @JmanATtheH hpw is it linked to the real site

BKTLA: @txbrand 🙂

Spectra: @JmanATtheH They all are not sure why it is up there they are a afaraid to answer!

JmanATtheH: @BlackGold the path to get to that page is through the cbi

BKTLA: @BlackGold How is it not would be a better question.
Spectra: @BKTLA right

BKTLA: @BlackGold Have you tried to go there?

Spectra: its linked!

JmanATtheH: @BlackGold you can get to that page by starting at s

BlackGold: Look i’ve linking sites for 30 years its no big deal. my friends and i did it for fun

Noname: My ladies did not know it could be access the CBI.IQ
BKTLA: @BlackGold lol – OK 🙂

txbrand: @BKTLA but as myladies said ——> remember Dr. Shabbibi spent 2 hours talking about this in 2009 at the chamber of commerce and he was very clear that in their banking system the zeros are disregarded so when you see these spread sheets with no zeros that is what is expected…when you do the conversion from billions to millions it all washes

BlackGold: @JmanATtheH i want to go in rverse
BlackGold: @JmanATtheH don’t see it

Cree: @RickeyT Sorry to hear about your health and work issues. The rates are posted on the different dinar currency sites. Going to a site you trust to buy is the best way to go. One thought though.

Some people have been here for 14+ years so not sure if you want to gamble more money on something that is not guaranteed to happen or at least not in the foreseeable future. I have seen too many people buy out of desperation and then have to sell at a loss when the RV does not happen…. Good Luck…

BlackGold: @JmanATtheH I have both sites side by side

JmanATtheH: @BlackGold—-statistics at the bottom—–extended statistics—-then english and home button twice

BKTLA: @BlackGold go to – select English. Then I select the home button. Go down to the exchange rates there is a button that says statistics, select that. Then there will be a button for extended statistics. Select that – it will transfer you to the new page. From there you will have to select home again. scroll down and you should see the different rates.

BlackGold: ok

JmanATtheH: @BKTLA sometimtes you have to hit home twice

BKTLA: @JmanATtheH Yes you do 🙂

Cree: @JmanATtheH I am no GURU – but from what others have said (many untrustworthy) the rate is just a placeholder for a future rate. IF the rate you see is a placeholder, then it has no basis in reality.

Spectra: @Cree placeholder for a future rate has reality !!

JmanATtheH: @Cree lol careful. Those exact words could get you into dinar guru and labled as one lol

Cree: OK, I am really going now but actually have to leave as this is a great conversation. Thank you all and especially MYLADIES

Cree: @Spectra Reality that it is holding a place but no reality as to what the rate would be….

JmanATtheH: got a few min
Spectra: @Cree you dont just throw up a radom number !

shriner: now see.. I just came in from the lake and missed everything.
BKTLA: @shriner lol

Cree: @Spectra its a PLACEHOLDER so yes you do…… Hey i remember when the placeholders years back for $10.00 or higher. They were not real and never happened. Just trying to be realistic…

Spectra: placeholder for a future rate as a RANDOM, BOY I would think thats illegal!

JmanATtheH: @Cree i do not remember anything showing that much before
JmanATtheH: or anything other than 1184 lol

Cree: @shriner you missed a great conversation but still no RV or RI or R anything….

Cree: @Spectra not looking to argue but if it is not active why would it be illegal? and in what country would it be illegal and what is the law that would make it illegal…. A rate on a back screen would be used to make sure the currency is tied into the international system for when it goes public. They need to put something there…..

BlackGold: wonder what year the extended statistics are referring to
BlackGold: no da

txbrand: @BKTLA I followed but NOPE cant see it ———-> go to – select English. Then I select the home button. Go down to the exchange rates there is a button that says statistics, select that. Then there will be a button for extended statistics. Select that – it will transfer you to the new page. From there you will have to select home again. scroll down and you should see the different rates.

BlackGold: Well anyway until we see it on the forex and Iraq is formly decleared international we have nothing

txbrand: @BKTLA there is no exchange rate after you go to home page

BlackGold: no matter home many site we see

BKTLA: @txbrand Maybe try selecting home again? Some people were having issues. It should be at the bottom on the page.

BKTLA: @txbrand It did take you to the other site, correct?
BKTLA: @txbrand I just tried… worked fine for me.

BlackGold: It works but its still just a statistic

txbrand: @BKTLA this is what I get when I go to home page ———–> error_404 Not Found
txbrand: @BKTLA there is a statistic at the very bottom Strategic Plan (2016-2020)

BKTLA: @txbrand close it down and try all over. I had the same problem earlier.

txbrand: @BKTLA is this you link ? ——->

BKTLA: You may have to hit the home button a second time

txbrand: @BKTLA still getting an error

BlackGold: It worked for me

BKTLA: OK, I’ll walk you through – Go to that link you just sent me – then select English at the top.

BKTLA: Once you get there – it shows an error page. go to the top and hit the home button.

txbrand: @BKTLA

BKTLA: hit the home button from there
BKTLA: scroll down and you should see it.

BKTLA: @BlackGold Glad I did not give bad directions. lol 🙂

txbrand: @BKTLA I did it but I don’t know HOW,,,lol

txbrand: @BKTLA

xbrand: @BKTLA US Dollar USD 1.2
BKTLA: @txbrand I’m glad you found it 🙂

Iqdnewbie: I’ve heard some people talk bad about the ZIM and others say good things. I’d like your thoughts?

BlackGold: Zim ? hold on to it and pray
BlackGold: I just know zimbawe has new currency now

BKTLA: I thought the Zim was a dead currency?

txbrand: ok I found it again…but you have to go back to home page once again

BKTLA: @txbrand yep 🙂

BlackGold: they have a new currency
BlackGold: Zimbabwe is running out of cash and needs to print more money—so its central bank will print a new currency pegged to the U.S. dollar

txbrand: but this one cant be right ——-> British pound GBP 1466.129

BKTLA: @Iqdnewbie This is what I found – The use of foreign currencies was legalised in January 2009, causing general consumer prices to stabilise again after years of hyperinflation and price speculation.

The move led to a sharp drop in the usage of the Zimbabwean dollar, as hyperinflation rendered even the highest denominations worthless.

The Zimbabwean dollar was effectively abandoned as an official currency on 12 April 2009, when the Economic Planning Minister Elton Mangoma confirmed the suspension of the national currency for at least a year.

On 29 January 2014, the Zimbabwe central bank announced that the US dollar, South African rand, Botswana pula, Pound sterling, Euro, Australian dollar, Chinese yuan (renminbi), Indian rupee, and Japanese yen would all be accepted as legal currency within the country.

In June 2015, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe began to formally demonetise the Zimbabwean dollar, to officially value the fiat currency at zero, in order to complete a switch to the US dollar by the end of September 2015.

The Zimbabwean government stated that it would credit 5 US dollars to domestic bank accounts, with balances of up to 175 quadrillion Zimbabwean dollars, and that it would exchange Zimbabwean dollars for US dollars at a rate of 1 USD to 35 quadrillion Zimbabwean dollars to accounts with balances above 175 quadrillion Zimbabwean dollars.

This move was meant to stabilise the economy and establish a credible nominal anchor under low inflation conditions. The exercise brought closure to the outstanding issue on the Zimbabwe dollar, further confirming the government’s position that the local unit will not return anytime soon.

The Government has maintained that the return of the Zimbabwe dollar would only be considered when key economic fundamentals, such productivity in key sectors, have been achieved.

BlackGold: way too much info

BlackGold: Zimbabwean woman shows off a new bond note outside a bank in the country’s capital Harare, November 28. The Zimbabwean government has introduced bond notes in a bid to solve the national cash shortage.

BlackGold: very simple

BKTLA: @BlackGold Reading is good for people 🙂
BKTLA: @txbrand Seemed like they only messed with the Euro and USD.

txbrand: @BKTLA that’s what I was thinking

BKTLA: @txbrand more reason to stay levelheaded 🙂

BlackGold: i know but sometimes to much reading and info can confuse people

BKTLA: @BlackGold lol – I would kindly disagree. I think the biggest problem with this investment is to many people listening to what others say, instead of researching info themselves. 🙂

BlackGold: I didn’t say not to research. i said too much info

BKTLA: @BlackGold It’s a paragraph. lol

BlackGold: See what happens when you get too much info lol

BKTLA: @BlackGold Then you should probably read more 🙂

BlackGold: peace

BlackGold: This is the garbage that is holding us up

Noname: When whitelions comes back in. Ask her about the artical that came out in March 2015 where the IMF gave Iraq the green light to lift the 3 zeros. My Ladies said that was guru gerberious and no such artical.

BlackGold: Many international payment companies are American or have major American shareholders and we cannot work with them because of primary sanctions,” Davoud Mohammad Beigi had previously told IRNA.

BlackGold: n order to bypass these sanctions and work with other nations in spite of them, CBI has established case-by-case ties with various countries, especially neighboring countries in the Middle East, instead of directly trying to reconnect with global entities.

Noname: Please someone if I’m not here
foxmulder: @Noname wish i had it but saw it
TWW: @BlackGold What garbage?
BlackGold: Its the US holding this up

foxmulder: @Noname it is not BS more than 1 news agency carried it

Noname: @foxmulder yes I remember reading and seeing it many times
Noname: Needless to say but there went MLs credibility with me. Like she had any

Hutch: @Noname It was not gibberish
Hutch: @Noname You can google it and the article comes up

Noname: @Hutch thank you I new it wasn’t but there were a lot of new people here and I wanted them ro.see it. Thanks

Hutch: @Noname It was march 3rd 2015

Noname: @Hutch many pages back you will find her here and what she had to say
Noname: @Hutch thank you

Spectra: The rise will most likely happen when the National Bank of Iraq lifts the artificially low value placed on the nation’s currency in 2003.


Tebow: CBI

Spectra: OK
Spectra: Looks like the Mosul ANOUNCMENT is coming tonight!
Spectra: its about time for sure!

chattels: @ElmerFudd Just getting home. I will check for other news now.

BlackGold: looking for the guy who wants me to cash it his rial

chattels: Joel Wing‏ @JoelWing2 7h7 hours ago Scattered reports of Mosul being liberated yesterday proved false Still fighting over last 5 areas


chattels: Joel Wing‏ @JoelWing2 7h7 hours ago IS still holds a town in Qayara district southeast of Mosul for 2nd day Appears serious Def Minister went to oversee recapture

chattels: Friday, July 7, 2017 Mosul Campaign Day 263 Jul 6 2017 The fighting in west Mosul was down to the last five neighborhoods and areas. Bab al-Tob, which was declared freed yesterday, was now cut off and surrounded.

It is one of the southern entrances to the Old City district. The other areas still under Islamic State control were all along the Tigris River.

That included Qurnish, Shahwan, Najafi Street, and Maidan. There were a few reports that claimed the entire city was freed, but that seemed to be propaganda.

Various military and political leaders said that July 6 was the day victory was to be declared in the campaign, but that appeared to be a date set by politics not the situation on the ground.

chattels: francesca mannocchi‏Verified account @mannocchia Mosul massive destruction.

Video ….

LJ: Everyone waiting on Mosul to be liberated. Well, let me be the first to break the bad news

chattels: @LJ You are preaching to the choir here 🙂

txbrand: nothing has triggered it lol

BlackGold: i’m waiting for International status and rate on forex

LJ: Let me forcast this for those who are bling. After Mosul liberated, they will pull out thr old ” WAITING FOR A LAW” to be passed trick

LJ: @chattels lol
The Crisco Kid: @LJ Yuppers…….

foxmulder: @LJ what does security and stability mean to you

chattels: The ouster of DAESH from Mosul does not equate to the kind of security and stability needed in Iraq, IMO

foxmulder: @LJ well thats another story

txbrand: @chattels well they wont have them stealing the dinar i guess

LJ: It means just that secure.

foxmulder: @chattels it is a start or re start if you will

foxmulder: @chattels

LJ: And stable

chattels: DAESH recaptured a town in Qayara district, near the U.S. base, just yesterday and are still in possession.

chattels: @foxmulder I agree. It is a very big deal, but………………….

BlackGold: DAESH is the US wake up

LJ: @chattels yes u need to be secure and stable…BUT…that will not get us what we waiting on..I PROMISE U THAT

BlackGold: secure and stable like Chicago

LJ: @foxmulder
foxmulder: 2 main points ! as stated by many . are we close nope !

LJ: @foxmulder nope

foxmulder: @BlackGold i aint bought any currency that is printed in or by the city of Chicago
foxmulder: @BlackGold

BlackGold: You can’t be sure of that
foxmulder: yep i am !

chattels: The ultimate victory of ISF in Mosul is comparable to the Russians at Stalingrad in WWII on many levels and all while being hamstrung with the need to minimize civilians casualties which was not an operational element at Stalingrad.

BlackGold: I like rial myself

chattels: The Iraqis have acquited themselves admirably in the military theatre.

chattels: And I have the hope that those who have fought and bled side by side can put aside their differences and focus on what they have in common post- DAESH.

chattels: This is an interesting read. The World, the Kurds and the Evolving Trump Doctrine By Paul DavisThe World, the Kurds and the Evolving Trump Doctrine By Paul Davis,

chattels: Sorry about the redundancy in the title.
chattels: Parliament scheduled to return to session tomorrow.

The Crisco Kid: Well Whats New …

tman23: MOSUL — All streets in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul have been cleared of Islamic State (IS) militants, a reliable source inside the city said on Friday.

According to the source, the Iraqi Federal Police together with the army are preparing themselves for a victory parade in Mosul, as the Prime Minister of Iraq, Haider al-Abadi, is about to declare the complete liberation of the city.

Military commanders said earlier on Friday that they expect the Iraqi PM’s statement on end of the operation of Mosul to be read in the upcoming hours.

ElmerFudd: Let’s hope so.
The Crisco Kid: I’ll Second That ……

tman23: Coincidentally the announcement may be aligned with the conclusion of the G20…… Is it planned timing or just the way it worked out ? We have been calling this scenario….. So now we shall see

ElmerFudd: I’m more interested in seeing the UN state that Iraq is out of article 7.

The Crisco Kid: @tman23 I Have To Say You Bring In Some Great Info ……

Spectra: Coincidentally

spanki: tman-GO!

tman23: @ElmerFudd Chapter 7 has many articles…… UN Chapter 7 deals with security and peacekeeping….. The peace keeping portion of the UN Budget is around 8 billion usd plus per year…..which the budget year ended June 30th……

That being said, new Budget numbers formulated and the USA pays close to 29% …..but the U.S. in addition provides much more in “voluntary contributions” to a range of U.N. agencies…… With Shia control in Baghdad and an uncertainty over Abadi’s control over military factions……IMO Chapter 7 will remain for the time being……

Abadi has said that Iraq military will not cross borders…… Yet we see Shia militia calling for entry to Syria… Chapter 7 gives the UN an arsenal to use against Iraq should things get out of hand….. The USA is not going to allow the lifting of 7 yet IMO……

And because of what was described in the peacekeeping budget as priority which started July 1…… If Chapter 7 was going to be lifted I don’t believe they would have spent time on listing priorities to be concentrated on in Iraq

RickeyT: So, put it on the back burner for a while longer?
RickeyT: 2…..3 more years?

tman23: @RickeyT .. Not on back burner because of Chapter 7…….

chattels: There will be rumors of an ” RV ” until we have one.
chattels: Hayder al-Khoei‏Verified account @Hayder_alKhoei 3h3 hours ago Hashd leader Abu Mehdi Mohandis: Hashd won’t be disbanded, even if the PM says so. If if we are disbanded officially, we’ll regroup. #Iraq


tman23: Looking for the lifting of the 3 zeros…… and then how they treat the 3 zero notes at the exchange window… That is our investment in a nutshell……. Unfortunately at the expense of the speculators sanity, the simple nutshell has been dissected and then resurrected into a pile of BS that just keeps growing