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It’s been weeks since my last post, and all I can say is “take a deep breath”! The one thing that seems to never change with the RV/GCR is the weekly expectant window that comes and goes like a fast-moving storm. I’ve been saying this for a long time but it just makes no sense for the NPTB to provide any sort of “heads up” just prior to pulling the RV/GCR trigger.

Think about this for one moment, there are over 30 million investors (probably way more than that) and I would guess at least 50% of them are tracking the progress this event daily. If the NPTB were to allow information to leak out there would me a minimum of 15 million people (in the U.S. alone) ready to pounce at any given moment. I just don’t see that happening.

Heck, there weren’t a lot people invested in the Kuwaiti dinar and they went as far as publishing a full-page newspaper ad/article stating it wouldn’t revalue for a very long time, then the next day they released it. My point is, I wouldn’t expect the RV/GCR to occur when the Intel providers are all expectant, it just doesn’t make sense.

SunKissed: Hey there Hoosier Girl!!!

Here’s my take (I’m certainly not as qualified to answer you as some… but maybe it’s good to get a response from someone who doesn’t know it all… and is just a common dinar holder).

When Alak said We Are READY! I think he was saying that Iraq was set and ready for the Implementation PHASE of going international. I don’t think it was ever intended that he was announcing that he was ready for the IQD to be tradable on Forex.

Can you imagine the chaos if that were an announcement of “Flipping a switch” so-to-speak? And I know you’re not thinking that – you’re a very smart girl.. I’ve learned that about you over the past few months.

IMHO we have seen so many moving parts to this and it appears that Iraq is the pivotal hub for the international economy. I think Iraq is being used to bring countries together for a common goal: Rebuilding Iraq!

As a layman currency holder of a currency, I see our problem like this:

We are overly focused on when we can exchange!!

We see every single word we read and hear through Green Glasses that narrow our view.
I have learned, (just over the past couple of months actually) that what Iraq is doing, what Trump is doing, what many other countries are doing, and what investors are doing, as it relates to the RI of the Iraqi Dinar is complex and much more of a GLOBAL process than the Turnmenistan RV (that we were to use exclusively as a blueprint/guide for the dinar RI process) — but… this “process of reinstating the dinar internationally” has been exposed to be so much more than our microcosm of when we can go to the bank to exchange.

Hence, why I think watching the steps taken week by week, day by day, moment by moment, can get a little taxing if we only look for when we can go to the bank.

I just want to say my sister, take heart. Pray for patience and faith DURING this process. Frank and Walkingstick remind us that we don’t see everything, and that there are security clearances that prevent us from knowing everything.

Samson:  International Monetary Fund supports Iran’s move to unify the exchange rate of the riyal

4th May, 2018

The Iranian government will need to speed up economic reforms, including plans to reform its entire banking system, if US President Donald Trump withdraws from the international nuclear deal Iran signed with international powers 2015

“The prospect of a US withdrawal from the nuclear deal will increase uncertainty, and uncertainty will require some measures to ensure market stability,” said Jihad Azour, director of the Middle East and Central Asia Department at the International Monetary Fund in an interview with Bloomberg. More recently, speculation about the US withdrawal from the nuclear deal has added mounting pressure on Iran’s economy, which has pushed the price of the Iranian riyal to record lows

According to Azour, policy makers in Iran need to solve the problems of the banking system in the country, which imposes difficulties on loans to small and medium enterprises. The fund consistently urges the Iranian authorities to recapitalize and structure Iranian banks

Azour said earlier that Iran’s decision last month to unify the currency exchange rate in both the official and free markets to support the riyal was “a step in the right direction.”

The riyal has lost almost half of its value since September, partly because of fears that the United States will emerge from the nuclear deal

Iranian authorities said last month they were consolidating the official exchange rate of the riyal and its price in the free market for a flat rate of 42 thousand riyals against the US dollar.

Azour believes that this unification “helps to eliminate distortion and improve the competitiveness of the economy  LINK