In Truthseeker 

It’s Monday February 12th 2018 and both Currency Holders and Intel providers seem to be more dazed and confused than ever before. So with that said, let’s review our status and try to figure out what we can and should expect moving forward.

For 5+ years I’ve been saying no one knows when the RV/GCR will occur, and now after going through another (exceptionally) hyped up holiday season, that statement couldn’t be truer!

This post is not meant to be negative, but after reading several week’s worth of posts filled with hype and more disinformation, I’ve decided to bring some common sense back into Dinarland.

I can’t speak for the majority Intel providers, but I do have a question for Currency Holders: why would you continue to follow any Intel provider who seems to do nothing but dump misinformation and hype daily, weekly or monthly?

If the Intel provider you’re following states each and every week, “we’re right on-top of this occurring”, and it’s now been 3+ years, it might be time to move on . . . . . just my common sense assessment, . . . . ANYWAY

So now let’s try to determine our actual status. There are several Intel providers who believe Iraq is the key holder for the RV/GCR, although I feel they are an intricate part, I do not feel they’re the key-holder.

So why do I say that?

There’s no doubt Iraq is an important element to the RV/GCR, but so are the 208 other countries that make up the RV/GCR. So putting aside the alignment of these countries, what could possibly be the RV/GCR trigger?

IMO it’s the expunging of worldwide corruption, at least the severing of the main arteries that pump corruption throughout the world (i.e., The Cabal).

So if the removal of worldwide corruption is the key that will release the RV/GCR, IMO there is no way for anyone to provide an accurate RV/GCR date!

With that said I urge all Dinarian’s to place your currencies in a safe spot and carry on with your lives. The one guarantee we have is we will all know the second RV/GCR gets released!

My advice to Currency Holders is to spend some creating a post-RV plan of action; one that incorporates low, medium and high rates. Remember, just like the RV date, no one knows the actual RV rate(s) and no one will until we’re sitting in our exchange/redemption appointments negotiating!

The good news is that everything is moving forward to what appears to be an eventual RV/GCR release, the bad or not so good news is, NO ONE KNOWS WHEN IT WILL OCCUR!

Stay positive, alert and keep praying!