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Crumb Followers

For several months I’ve been on the sidelines lurking, watching and researching. What I find amazing is how different the picture looks when you view things from a 10,000 foot perspective as opposed to playing in the fire.

So here are my observations; the majority of Intel providers are still spewing out an “any day, any minute” scenario, but nothing seems to change other than the date.

Like most Intel providers I also have a core group of sources / resources who I’ve amassed during my 8+ year journey. These contacts work hard to provide the latest and greatest information available at any given moment, but like most Intel providers resources, the information seems to change quicker than a newborns diaper.

I can’t speak for other Intel providers, but my personal contacts are all across the globe in many different segments, i.e., political, geo-political, law enforcement and military.

So here’s what typically happens with the majority of Intel providers; they’ll receive “hot” Intel from just one of their sources stating the RV will occur at XX:XX time because someone is in a backdoor meeting signing important documents.

Now that sounds great, but we Dinarian’s have no way to validate the information and truthfully that’s just one tiny piece of the massive RV/GCR puzzle.

So IMO Currency Holders need to do their best to stay grounded no matter what info is being spewed or posted. Now couple that with these thoughts; do you really think the NPTB will allow any real Intel (info) to leak out?

Just think about that for a moment . . . . there are well over 30 million Currency investors in the U.S. alone, so that means at the very least there would be 15 million prepared Currency Holders ready to pounce when the RV/GCR trigger is finally pulled.

I’m sorry folks, but I just don’t see it happening that way! In fact, I could see it being released the evening after negative information gets spewed throughout Dinar Land. That IMO makes the most sense.

So my advice to all Currency Holders is to spend your valuable time with your loved ones. The time you waste trying to stare the RV into existence, can never be brought back! Trust me you won’t miss the RV, we will all know the second it occurs!

Keep praying!

We ALL need to give thanks to our veterans.

God bless America!