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“Re: NYS on The Big Call Intel” by Truthseeker – 7.25.18

In regards to Bruce’s comment from Tuesday’s call stating over 15,000 customers in 73 states were contacted to come into U.S. banks to do exchanges on the Iraqi dinar. Although this Intel / information sounds great, I urge all Currency Holders to remain grounded.

Please remember this; Bruce also stated 3 to 4 years ago that prosperity packages went out. Just an FYI; if they truly went out they never made it to their end destination.

One of the major issues in Dinarland, is the amount of unvetted rumors that gets spread on a daily basis. I’m sure some of the Intel / information is true, but the majority of it isn’t even worth reading much less discussing. We Currency Holders need to use common sense.

What sense would it or does it make for the NPTB to allow any “true Intel” to leak out, ABSOLUTELY NONE! Why? Lets look at this with common sense, the RV was originally planned (attempted) back in 2006 allowing president Bush’s cronies (and some average Joe’s) to get a huge benefit.

There were many reasons why it didn’t happen, but security issues throughout the Middle East (Qaddafi, Syria, Libya, Isis, . . .) was one of the main issues.

Now since 2006 most countries across the globe have been suffering some sort of financial hardship as in most countries are now bankrupt (thanks to the corrupt fiat system and the Cabal). Because of that the NPTB had to readjust their plan from an Iraqi RV to a global GCR in order to save most countries from imploding and becoming third in world countries.

My point behind all of this; the RV/GCR is and will be one of biggest wealth transfers the world will ever see. With that said, do you think the NPTB will allow leaks to hit any Intel providers inbox??? I severely doubt it!

Now couple that with over 30 million Currency Holders in the U.S. alone, I doubt we Currency Holders will get any kind of heads up prior to the RV/GCR being released.

It just makes no sense for the NPTB to allow it to go any other way! With that said; I believe Intel providers are given or provided Intel (daily) for the sole purpose of keeping Dinarland calm and on the edge of their seats at all times.

So no matter who you’re listening to or what you’re hearing no one knows if, when or how the RV/GCR will occur, NO ONE!

IMO I do not believe the NPTB will not release the RV/GCR until they have completely crashed the current fiat system. Again using common sense, I just don’t see any way they for them to wipe out trillions and trillions of fiat debt without crashing and zeroing out the current system/debt.

So my advice for Currency Holders is to spend time getting prepared for whatever gets thrown our way. I advise all Currency Holders to have at the very least a one month supply of food, water and supplies (medical, personal and emergency). IMO they must crash the current system in order to implement the new one!

Never stop praying!