In Truthseeker 


So here we are, another Tuesday morning in Dinarland which appears to be just another Tuesday, but is it?? IMO it is not just another Tuesday, and based on the information/Intel that we have been receiving for the past week+, we know things are progressing behind the scenes at a rapid pace.

So with that being said, I urge all investors to take a deep breath and do the best you can to remain calm. The NPTB (along with many collaborated forces) are working hard behind the scenes to release America from corruption, i.e., The Cabal.

I know it’s frustrating to continuously read Intel (and updates) stating things are going on behind the scenes, especially when nothing can be visibly verified. All I want to say is things are truly happening and we need to remain calm and positive while the “corruption cleanup” is taking place.

So let’s break down the cleanup so we all have a better understanding of what’s truly going on and why it’s being done in such a Houdini-ish fashion.

First off, IMO there are well over 40 million currency holders invested in the IQD alone, and of these investors I would have to say 30 million follow the investment (news and Intel) on a daily basis.

So let’s say for a moment the NPTB decided to announce and release the RV, IMO there would be an avalanche of investors charging the banks and exchange centers which I believe would cause the process to come to an abrupt halt.

So do I believe the RV will someday take place, yes, but I doubt it will surface the way many are being led to believe.

IMO if the NPTB release the RV via an announcement, this is how I would envision that to take place; I would expect 800’s to surface along with a few disclaimers.

Disclaimer #1 ALL currency exchanges for the IQD (and possibly other currencies) must be done via 800 number through redemption centers by appointment only (I doubt they will allow any exchanges to take place at any national, regional or local banking facilities. This IMO would eliminate “renegades” or bus loads of “renegades” from charging the banking facilities demanding their currency exchanges).

Disclaimer #2 ALL three zero notes (outside the country of the country of Iraq) must be exchanged within a certain timeline (anywhere from 2-weeks up to a month). I would also expect the RV to surface somewhere between .10 and .30. IMO by placing a timeline on exchanging the three zero notes, most if not all exchanges (outside the country of Iraq) would be completed by the expiration date of the three zero notes.

I would also expect Iraq to revalue a 2nd time (after the three zero note expiration date has passed ) placing the IQD on par (value wise) with its neighbor Kuwait.

By doing this it would allow the NPTB to pay all currency holders, eliminate the possibility of riots due to “no tier 4 exchanges being allowed”, and reduce Iraq and the CBI’s exposure, i.e., the amount they have to payout to currency holders.

That is my common sense outlook for the IQD revaluation. Although anything can happen at any time, I doubt they will allow any high-dollar revaluations to take place for the invested masses, there are just way too many investors!

So with all that being said there is absolutely nothing we Dinaian’s can do except remain positive, alert and keep the faith. But I do have one piece of advice for all currency investors; NO MATTER WHAT YOU HEAR, DO NOT PART-WITH ANY OF YOUR CURRENCY!

Let’s all hope and pray something happens soon!