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RV/GCR 101″ by Truthseeker – 12.4.17

In today’s message I would like to address some recent posts of Currency Holders throwing in the towel.

IMO we Currency Holders need to take a few steps back and look at the RV/GCR big picture. To start with let’s understand the original plan the PTB created; back in 2006 (3 years after the Iraqi invasion) the intention of the PTB was to revalue the Iraqi Dinar, and only the Iraqi Dinar.

At that time the PTB were working diligently to bring Iraq back from a war-torn-nation to a major player on the global scale which would include placing their currency into the WTO (world trade organization).

This plan got delayed because of numerous issues, i.e., mainly security (incompetent and weak leadership in the United States that led to the formation of ISIS), the improper handling of most countries in the Middle East (causing issues with Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi, Syria’s leader Assad, etc. . . .)

There were numerous other issues but one of the bigger ones was the removal of corrupt leadership worldwide who wanted nothing more than to gain “Total Control” over the global masses for lifetime(s) to come!

This brought to life a new plan created by the “good guys” (i.e., the White Hats) to help bring Iraq back, eliminate corruption on a global scale, and somehow institute a complete financial reset from fiat based currency backed by nothing but a signature, to an asset backed system backed by the wealth of each countries assets, i.e., gold, oil, diamonds, etc.

At that time the “good guys” (the White Hats) began the creation of the RV/GCR, better known as the Global Currency Rest. Since that time most of the global communities (as in countries) have been struggling to stay afloat, their fix was to introduce (i.e., produce) additional fiat currency out of thin air, just to make interest payments on the never-ending-debt.

The GCR we are all waiting on has taken the NPTB 10+ years to create and has grown to 200+ countries, now add the removal of corruption on a worldwide level and the conversion from fiat to gold backed currency, you now have a massive worldwide jigsaw puzzle that’s impossible for anyone to put a date on!

So I’ve said all that to say this; I urge all worn-out currency holders to place your currencies in a safe spot and carry on with your lives. The GCR is so enormous and there are so many pieces to the puzzle, I cannot envision anyone anywhere (other than a the select few) knowing when the GCR will occur!

Please don’t let reality depress you, just do your best to make a difference in this world when the blessing finally surfaces!

GO RV!    Truthseeker