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“Economic Collapse Confirmed” by Truthseeker – 9.24.18

Entry Submitted by Truthseeker at 1:39 AM EDT on September 24, 2018

Economic Collapse Is Confirmed! $63 Trillion Dollar Dark Cloud Of Emerging Market Debt – 2018 Stock Market CRASH! BY TRUTHSEEKER 9/23/18

We Currency Holders have no guarantee with regards to the RV/GCR other than this; if we never see the GCR there will be a crash like nothing any of us have ever lived through! Please watch the video above and take the time to do some prepping.

Everyone should have some food, water, medical supplies, personal hygiene supplies, emergency equipment, gold & silver (if possible) and a means to protect yourself and your family.

If the crash occurs without the GCR, the non-prepared masses will do whatever-they-need-to in order to survive. Please protect yourselves and your family. If nothing happens you’ll have a little extra food, water and supplies, but if this major crash does occur, you’ll have a way better chance of survival.

Please understand this post is not meant to scare anyone, but the corruption has gotten way out-of-control! NO ONE can guarantee any of the us outcome, until we’re living it!

Take the time to protect yourself, once the crash begins, its way too late!

Let’s hope and pray things turn out the way we want.