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“Re: Imminent” by Truthseeker – 9.8.18

“If Not Now, then When?” by Imminent – 9.8.18

I don’t mean this to come across as being harsh, but in IMO there are no delays holding up the RV/GCR. First off we need to understand the enormity of the GCR.

We’re talking about the revaluation/devaluation/conversion of 209 countries currencies from a fiat based (corrupt) system to an asset backed (via gold, silver, oil, diamonds and other natural resources and assets).

It is a massive undertaking just to revalue one countries currency, and with the GCR we’re talking about 209 of them.

Now add the expunging of corruption associated to the fiat system, we’re talking about an event that is impossible to predict no matter who your Intel is coming from.

It kills me when Currency Holders complain that its taking too long, yes of course I wish it would just happen, but that’s not reality.

Reality is; we all need to be thankful just to be a part of this life changing event. Do you really think “we the people” have any say?? The PTB could have easily eliminated us Currency Holders from participating, and there wouldn’t be a damn thing any of is could do about it!

Just look at what occurring across the globe, many countries are imploding Argentina, Turkey, Venezuela, Brazil, etc. Let the event take its course and be thankful you’re apart of it.

Stay positive, alert and keep praying.

GO RV! Truthseeker