In Truthseeker 


It’s Tuesday morning September 26, 2017 and there has been no RV and no GCR. After reading some very encouraging posts throughout the previous week (and weekend), we find ourselves being strapped back into the Currency Coaster for another week’s worth of twists, turns and drops. I urge all currency holders to take a deep breath and try to look at the positives. So what are the positives?

• After years of wondering whether the RV/GCR will occur, there is absolutely NO information to state otherwise – Positive

• There are signs in many places indicating a gold backed system is coming and imminent – Positive

• The U.S. economy and most global economies are so deep in debt there seems to be no other solution other than a complete reset (a switch-over from fiat based to a gold backed) – Positive

• Speculative currency rates appear to be rising (although we seem to be hearing this from most Intel providers, we Dinarians have no way of truly verifying this) – Kind of Positive

• The NPTB appear to be removing and/or neutering the cabal’s leadership (this based on information we are reading daily from most Intel providers, once again we Dinarians have no way of verifying this) – Kind of Positive

So we do have some positive things taking place. However, I do advise all currency holders to remain grounded, because no one knows the timeline and/or end result and no one will until something happens.

Just a footnote: Last week Bruce stated on his call that by Monday morning the RV/GCR would have taken place and any country that was not compliant by this time would no longer have a tradable currency on the Forex. Everything remains the same and all countries are still tradable on the Forex system!

Let’s see what this week brings forward….

Try to remain positive and grounded

GO RV   Truthseeker