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Truth – Fiction – Reality

In today’s post I’d like to try and clarify some of the Intel that’s being shared with the Dinar community.

First off, I would disregard the comments being made by Intel provider’s-news hound’s or guru’s stating the RV has officially begun in certain areas of the world. IMO that is just not going to happen! IMO it’s an all or nothing scenario.

I want all Dinarian’s to think about this for a moment; does it make sense that the NPTB would rollout the RV/GCR in certain areas of the world on a piecemeal basis? Absolutely not! We live in a world of leaks . . . . to think the NPTB would implement the RV/GCR in piecemeal fashion, just doesn’t make any sense. IMO if that were to happen, it would be leaked worldwide in a matter of minutes, no matter what’s written in any of the signed NDA’s!

Let’s look at the information we Dinarian’s have been fed for years;

The prosperity packages have been released (we’ve been hearing this for years. looks like they need to find a new delivery system . . . .).

The rates are continuously rising (IMO there isn’t a sole on earth who knows the true rates, and anyone who believes the average currency holder will become a multimillionaire overnight is living in fantasyland.

I cannot envision any scenario where the average currency holder will receive high rates, in fact I expect the IQD rate to surface somewhere between .10 to .30 with an exchange time limit of 2-weeks to a month for all 3 zero notes outside the country of Iraq.

I would also expect the IQD to RV a 2nd time just after the 3-zero note expiration date expires. That would place the IQD on par with its neighbor Kuwait and eliminate the CBI or its funders from having to pay 30 million+ investors an insane amount of money. Just using common sense).

Black Friday-The PTB want us to influx the economy (the Dinar community has been told this for just about 5 years now, at some point you just feel like you’re being played . . . .).

The PTB want to implement the RV/GCR in the new fiscal year (once again we’ve been hearing this for years . . . .).

President Trump has signed off on the gold standard-RV-GCR (we’ve been hearing this since Trump took office . . . . ).

Trump has signed resignation papers (IMO this is just a rumor, as Ray would say, “Time will tell”).

The NPTB are cleansing out the cabal (although I would love to believe this, I/we have no way to verify this information. Heck IMO Hillary and the Clinton Foundation are guilty of many felonies but no matter what evidence seems to surface, nothing ever happens. So like everything else, we’ll just have to wait and see . . . .).

For me the scariest part of this investment is the awareness that it woke up inside of me. I always felt there was some sort of corruption when it comes to politics, but I never imaged it was at such an extreme level within the U.S and across the globe.

For this reason I believe the NPTB continuously put out misinformation with a goal of trying to catch the thieves deep in the cookie jar.

Do I believe the RV/GCR will someday happen? I do, but I doubt it will roll-out the way many Intel providers are being led to believe. IMO there are just too many investors involved in the RV/GCR and because of that the NPTB are being exceptionally cautious with the information they put out and when they put it out.

All we Dinarian’s can do is stay alert, be positive and pray!

I for one am looking forward to giving it forward!

So “GO RV”!