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“Let’s Shift Gears – Post RV Plans” by Truthseeker – 10.24.17

In today’s post I would like to focus on something we should all be working on prior to the surfacing of our blessing, “post-RV plans”!

IMO having a solid post RV plan is probably one of the most important things we can work on and accomplish while we wait. Most of us have been in this investment for many, many years (I for one am in my 7th, headed into my 8th).

In today’s world things are quite challenging, especially on the financial end, because of that I feel it’s imperative that we have some sort of financial plan-of-action ready for implementation.

Our post RV goal should be to make the lives of our friends and families as easy as possible for as long as possible, but in order for that to happen we’ll need to have a solid financial plan-of-action.

Of course it’s a natural instinct to want buy everything (homes, vehicles, vacations, etc) the second the RV/GCR occurs, which is okay, as long as you have a plan.

Using a low percentage and/or portion of your blessing for items like this would be the best solution at least until our financial dust settles and we’re able to get a grasp of our true financial situation.

whatever you do, NEVER lose sight of what you went through to get to this point. IMO this is a once in a lifetime blessing. Just think how many millions of people will never experience a blessing like this, that alone should make your realize how blessed we are.

As far as how to retain your blessing; my recommendation is to try and lock a good portion of your funds into a fixed (as high as possible) interest rate account. I’m hoping our exchange banks will offer us opportunities/accounts like this, so we can lock our funds in for long periods of time (10, 20, or more years at around 8% interest paid either monthly or quarterly). This IMO is the safest way to retain your funds without watching the principle deplete right under your nose.

I do not recommend dabbling in the stock market and I would be extremely cautious going into any business (regardless of whether it’s family, friends or acquaintances’).

IMO I would look for something that carries some sort of guarantee and locks in your principle (the bulk of your funds) so your new nest-egg won’t deplete because its being tapped into daily like a beer tap!

Anyway, those are my thoughts and something that I feel we should all be working on prior to the RV/GCR surfacing.

Stay positive, alert and keep praying. . . .

GO RV! Truthseeker