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Politics Barzani and McGurk warn of the failure of the formation of the Iraqi government

The leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), Massoud Barzani, met Wednesday with US President Bill Clinton’s special envoy to the United States.

A statement published on Barzani’s special page said that McGurk congratulated Barzani and the Kurdish people on the success of the Iraqi elections and the victory of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, pointing out the important and historical role of Barzani in Kurdistan, Iraq and the region.

He declared that the policy of his country emphasizes the need for Kurdistan Region to be strong and influential in the Iraqi equation, calling for continued relations between the region and his country at all levels and the need to expand.

The two sides discussed during the meeting the Iraqi political process and the results of the elections of the Iraqi Council of Representatives and the role of the Kurdistan Region in the stability of Iraq, was highlighted on the prospects for the formation of the next government in Iraq, and stress that without the participation of Kurds effective and real efforts to form a government and create a state of stability will not succeed, Reply on site. Source