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Abadi’s defines his vision of the new Iraqi government and hopes that parliament will not become “cells”

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Friday called on the political blocs to form a government “strong” away from sectarian, national and partisan quotas, expressing his hope that the House of Representatives will not be a new session “Khannat.”

The term “khanat” in the general local language means a place of rest for travelers.

“Our vision for the next stage is the need for cooperation among the political blocs that won the elections to form a government representing the country. This government must be a strong government that works to fight corruption and avoid sectarian, sectarian and partisan quotas,” Abadi wrote on his website in Twitter. , And we want this approach to be a work method. ”

He added that “there are those who want to form a Shiite bloc or a Sunni bloc, and we rejected this trend, because they want to continue their corruption and speak on behalf of the component or community.”

“We must continue to fight corruption and establish this success in forming the next government, and I hope that the House of Representatives will not turn into Khannat,” he said. Source