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Announces new details of salaries of employees

The Minister of Finance and Economy of the Kurdistan Regional Government Ribaz Halaman, said that the amendment of the system of savings for salaries of employees is dependent on the ratification of the draft law on reform in retirement by the Kurdistan Parliament.

“If the implementation of the draft law, which is still in the parliament of Kurdistan as it is transmitted without any amendment causes the return of large expenses are wasted,” he said in an interview published by the Kurdistan Regional Government.

He added that the project in accordance with Law No. 9 of 2014 and was sent to the Parliament of Kurdistan in a way will not benefit from retirement each person less than 15 years of service and age less than 50 years and a lot of justice, adding that they are now demanding the ratification of the legal project and work and standardize the salaries of people Who receive more salaries according to the law, but because of article (3) on salaries and senior-level retirement, the legal project was returned to Parliament.

“The bank will open a bank account for each employee and if he has any material rights will be placed on his bank account and can be used in many areas, especially in the relationship between the government and the employee,” the minister said. Source