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Hanan al-Fatlawi “shocked everyone with a surprise”

The head of the movement of parliamentary will Hanan al-Fatlawi, on Thursday, a shocking surprise of the decision of the Federal Court.  Al-Fatlawi on the health of social networking [Facebook] today said that “contrary to the story of the media and everyone that the decision of the court today included the approval of counting and manual counting altogether!!!”

She pointed out that “after reading the decision of the Federal Court carefully, specifically the last and last page of the resolution shows, it did not include counting and manual counting of all the centers and stations, but only the centers challenged or to be challenged!

It is noteworthy that the member of the Electoral Commission for elections Said Kakaee revealed in a press statement, the inclusion of all electoral stations in Iraq to the process of manual counting and sorting by the decision of the Federal Court on Thursday.

The Federal Court announced, on Thursday, the constitutionality of the decision of the House of Representatives in the Third Amendment to the Law of the elections of the Council of Representatives No. 45 of 2013 amended, and responses to the appeals filed. Source