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The Iranian currency is down a record

The Iranian parliament on Sunday held a closed session to discuss the continuing decline of the Iranian currency, and the resulting damage to the Iranian economy, today the decline reached its lowest levels.

Iranian parliamentarians will also discuss the worsening economic situation in the country amid calls for the resignation of President Hassan Rowhani and the holding of early elections.

Iranian activists have organized a wide-ranging campaign of popular demands, including President Hassan Rowhani, demanding the change of his economic team as soon as possible and the search for solutions to emerge from the crisis that began to appear and reflect on the living reality of the public.

The sharp fall of the Iranian currency against the dollar and other foreign currencies has led to a significant rise in the prices of cars, real estate and commodities, especially imported ones.

The exchange rate of the Iranian Toman today amounted to 8900 per US dollar, one of the lowest level. According to RT TV. Source