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The Iraqi parliament demands the judiciary to remove 13 officials of the Electoral Commission

The Iraqi parliament demanded on Monday the judiciary and the executive authority to remove 13 senior officials in the Electoral Commission, before the start of manual counting and counting of polling results.

The judges, entrusted with the functions of the Council of the Electoral Commission in Iraq, decided on Sunday, the process of manual counting and counting of votes in centers that have allegations of “fraud” only; based on the decision of the Federal Supreme Court.

“There are 13 officials at the level of director general and head of department in the commission, accused of falsifying the results of the parliamentary elections, and these must be removed before the process of manual counting and results.”

“The removal of members of the Electoral Commission, an insufficient procedure, because with the presence of judges assigned to manage the process of counting and sorting by hand, the staff of the Commission accused of fraud can manipulate the results.”

He added that “the parliamentary fact-finding committee will meet with the judiciary and the government for the purpose of presenting the facts about the seriousness of the presence of these employees in the Commission.”

He pointed out that “the parliamentary fact-finding committee will remain in a state of permanent meeting until the completion of counting and manual counting.”

According to the announced results of the elections held on 12 May last, dissolved the alliance, “Saroon,” supported by the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr, ranked first with 54 seats out of 329, followed by the alliance, “Al-Fath,” consisting of political arms of the factions of ” Popular crowd “led by Hadi al-Ameri, with 47 seats.

Followed by the coalition of “victory”, led by Prime Minister Haider Abadi, with 42 seats, while the coalition of “State of Law” led by former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki 26 seats. Source